Reverend Insanity
2023 Inviting Qi Sea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2023 Inviting Qi Sea

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

Capital city, Su clan.

There was a book house erected inside a certain guest room's courtyard.

This book house was a mortal Gu House, it had the form of a tree house, covered with green leaves and branches.

Right now, Li Xiao Bai was sitting cross-legged inside the book house.

A beautiful girl was standing in front of him, she was Su Qi Han. Su Qi Han's expression was somewhat serious: "Xiao Bai, have you really thought it through? A vital Gu cannot be changed easily."

Li Xiao Bai nodded with a smile: "Qi Han, don't be too worried. I have thought it through properly, I am most interested in composing poems. So to me, poetry Gu is the most suitable vital Gu. It was just that I was not qualified to change my vital Gu before. But since this book house has extraordinary might and has the function of assisting me in changing vital Gu, how can I let go of such a chance?"

Su Qi Han sighed: "Since you have decided, I won't urge you anymore. I will guard you from outside."

"Mm." Li Xiao Bai did not stand on ceremony, directly closing his eyes.

After he obtained this Book House inheritance, he returned to the capital city and reunited with Su Qi Han. Although he lost in the poetry competition, he had already proven himself. Su Qi Han invited him to stay temporarily in Su clan, no one opposed to it, instead, this became a beautiful story.

Li Xiao Bai was not stingy, after staying in Su clan, he shared this Book House inheritance with Su Qi Han. The two spent almost every day in the book house, continuously cultivating, researching, and communicating intimately with each other.

Although the two had undergone intimate activities because of a coincidence, they did not have close feelings for each other. Su Qi Han's previous actions came from her own high moral character.

But over these days of contact, Su Qi Han increasingly appreciated Li Xiao Bai's talents and started to feel an attraction to him.

Li Xiao Bai obtained this fortuitous encounter but did not conceal it from Su Qi Han and shared it with her. From this, Su Qi Han saw that Li Xiao Bai's character was pure and kind, willing to give her anything, he was definitely not a heartless scholar.

Although the two had not been officially engaged, Su Qi Han had already treated Li Xiao Bai as her sole lifelong partner.

Su Qi Han walked out of the book house with worry: "This book house has high value and contains many branches of information path like verses, ditties, odes and songs. However, these branches are limited to Gu Master cultivation and there are no ways to advance to Gu Immortal. I have already hinted Xiao Bai many times that as long as he marries into and lives in my Su clan, he can obtain Su clan's Calligraphy Immortal cultivation technique. Unfortunately, he has no interest in calligraphy and is wholeheartedly focused on poems. Oh, since he likes it, I have no way to persuade him otherwise. If he accomplishes nothing in the future and stays as a Gu Master, I will work hard to become a Gu Immortal and an official of the Imperial Court. I will protect and take care of him for the rest of my life. I will watch him compose and recite poems, as long as he is happy, I am also happy."

Profound Literature grotto-heaven had an Imperial Court.

The high ranking officials of the Imperial Court were all Gu Immortals. Su Qi Han was Su clan's most beloved daughter and the apple of their eye, her aptitude and talents were astonishing as well, so it was natural for her to come in contact with Su clan's immortal cultivation technique.

"Young miss, you should take a rest, you will be tired if you keep on standing. With us here, Great Scholar Li's safety is guaranteed." The guards and the maids urged Su Qi Han.

Su Qi Han shook her head: "Stand guard outside the courtyard. I will personally guard him here."

The book house started shaking, gentle light spread from the inside to the outside through the windows.

A few minutes later, the book house turned silent, the leaves and the branches were no longer shaking.

Inside the book house, Li Xiao Bai opened his eyes slowly.

The process of changing vital Gu went smoothly, Li Xiao Bai looked inside his aperture and saw a Gu worm that looked like a heart; it had a red jade-like texture and was covered by a layer of light gold radiance.

It was his new vital Gu, rank five Gu worm — Poetry.

Poetry Gu was classified in information path and belonged to a side-branch of information path cultivation. The most common form of information path cultivation were oaths and vows, like sea oath Gu, mountain pledge Gu, promise Gu, black and white paper Gu. Second was transmitting information like goose Gu, paper crane Gu, butterfly letter Gu, flying sword letter Gu, messenger dove Gu, and so on. Thirdly was watching, listening, reading, and writing, for example, water text Gu belonged to the writing category. Beast language Gu was related to reading and speaking.

Verses, ditties, odes, songs, and so on were simply not mainstream.

Li Xiao Bai had made such a decision, it was no wonder Su Qi Han was worried about his future prospects.

But she did not know Li Xiao Bai's true intention.

"This grotto-heaven's environment is special as it is under the effect of the killer move, assisting literary talents. As long as I create great poems, I can obtain rewards and advance quickly. The five regions chaotic war is drawing close, such a way that can quickly increase one's strength with no side-effect is priceless. Although Su Qi Han can get in contact with Gu Immortal cultivation methods, she does not know the outside world's situation."

"I have changed my vital gu to poetry Gu, next, I will practice poetic Gu and emotion poetry Gu, use gather poem Gu to gather poems externally and advance poem wall Gu. Additionally, I should also practice poem boundary Gu, this is an extremely outstanding Gu worm which effect is similar to a battlefield killer move."

Just as Li Xiao Bai was thinking, the door was opened slowly and Su Qi Han entered with a concerned look.

"Xiao Bai." Su Qi Han spoke softly.

Li Xiao Bai gave a light smile and nodded towards her: "Everything went smoothly."

Su Qi Han smiled, her beautiful watery eyes revealed delicate concern: "That's good."


Suddenly, the sky shook and an explosion resounded throughout the grotto heaven.

"What's going on?" Li Xiao Bai and Su Qi Han were alarmed and rushed out of the room, they looked at the sky but it was clear and blue. A gust of wind blew past them.

The wind only lasted for a very short period of time, and after it passed by, there was no other abnormality.

The mortals, Gu Masters, and even Gu Immortals living in the capital city sensed this suddenly appearing and disappearing abnormality. Most of the people were baffled, but a few Gu Immortal officials who knew the inside details were joyous.

"Success!" In a certain area of Profound Literature grotto-heaven, Old Immortal Hua Yu bowed deeply towards Qi Sea Ancestor in excitement: "Congratulations to Ancestor for successfully handling the qi harvest fruit calamity. Ancestor has saved the whole of Profound Literature grotto-heaven, this favor is the same as giving us new life! From now on, if you have any orders for me, I will undoubtedly use all my strength without question!"

Qi Sea Ancestor laughed heartily, lifting Old Immortal Hua Yu up: "No need to be so courteous."

The immortals standing at the side were extremely happy.

"Ancestor has divine might!"

"Wu Shuai's side tested repeatedly and destroyed so many grotto-heavens. Ancestor tried for the first time and succeeded, Wu Shuai can never match you."

"I wonder when Ancestor can resolve our qi harvest fruit problem?"

"Yes, our grotto-heavens' qi harvest fruits have already become extremely large and are getting closer to self-detonation."

Gu Immortals praised loudly while also urging Fang Yuan to continue his work.

Fang Yuan waved his hand: "This test was a success but I sensed some flaws in it. I need to be in closed cultivation for three days to solve this issue. At that time, I will clear up the danger for everyone, wouldn't that be even better?"

The immortals were exulted: "We shall listen to Ancestor's arrangements!"

Fang Yuan smiled, a sharp light flashing across his eyes.

Heavenly Court.

Soon, Qin Ding Ling received this news and immediately showed joy: "Good, good! My choice to cooperate with Qi Sea Ancestor was indeed correct."

Qi Sea Ancestor did not let down their expectations, not only creating a method to resolve the qi harvest fruit problem, but even succeeding after using it once. According to the information, Profound Literature grotto-heaven's qi harvest fruit was not only safely removed, the fruit also burst and formed a harmless qi tide that swept past the whole grotto-heaven and raised the grotto-heaven's foundation by a good amount.

Qin Ding Ling was in a great mood.

Over this period of time, Heavenly Court had already walked out of the shadow of defeat in the fate war. With Qin Ding Ling and the other Heavenly Court immortals' schemes and efforts, good news came one after another.

Firstly, the variant human forces were restrained, secondly, Qing Chou was captured, and now, the qi harvest fruit's danger was eliminated.

"But now, should we get rid of the qi harvest fruit in Heavenly Court first or try to fight for lightning Gu?"

Qin Ding Ling could not come to a decision by herself and gathered the Heavenly Court immortals for a meeting.

"Qi Sea Ancestor is worthy of being a qi path great expert, with this method, his force will be stable and in an impregnable position."

"Wu Shuai's alliance is still experimenting with various methods, their qi path attainment is too shallow."

"As long as Qi Sea Ancestor defers for some time, there might not even be a need to start a fight and Wu Shuai's alliance will break apart by itself."

Qin Ding Ling shook her head at this optimistic plan: "Wu Shuai is a formidable person. Even a rabbit will bite if it is forced to a corner, let alone this dragonman. Once he obtains this news, he might immediately lead his troops to fight Qi Sea Ancestor."

"That's right. Qi Sea Ancestor can safely remove the qi harvest fruits, but Wu Shuai cannot. The longer their fight is delayed, the more unfavorable it is to Wu Shuai. It is very likely for Wu Shuai to send his troops."

"In that case, we have to move ahead of time and ask Qi Sea Ancestor to resolve the qi harvest fruit in Heavenly Court."

"You are right. Once the battle starts, Qi Sea Ancestor will not be able to deal with too many matters, he will definitely have to bear the full force attack from Wu Shuai. The situation is already like a conflict between fire and water, the fight won't be stopped easily once it starts, and it might really be a life and death battle."

Qin Ding Ling looked at Nine Spiritual Fairy: "How is the refinement of hatred Gu going?"

Nine Spiritual Fairy shook her head: "There has been a breakthrough just recently. Hatred Gu's condition is extremely strange, it has already merged into Qing Chou. We found a method to refine hatred Gu just recently. It will take quite long to refine hatred Gu. But the good news is that if we succeed, we can manipulate Qing Chou as well."

Qin Ding Ling nodded: "Since hatred Gu has yet to be obtained completely, there is no need to hurry in seizing lightning Gu. We will conceal this news as much as possible and invite Qi Sea Ancestor to come to Heavenly Court secretly and deal with the qi harvest fruit. After finishing this matter, we will then fight with Wu Shuai."

The immortals did not have any objections.

"But how should we reward Qi Sea Ancestor?" A Gu Immortal asked.

"This is not difficult. Qi Sea Ancestor is very interested in the qi path Immortal Gu in my Heavenly Court's treasury. In the previous letters, he had repeatedly asked to borrow these qi path Immortal Gu, but I did not agree and kept on making excuses." Qin Ding Ling smiled.

Another Gu Immortal added: "We also need to be on guard against another person, Demon Immortal Qi Jue!"

Qin Ding Ling nodded: "I have also considered it. This demon is also a qi path great expert, if he collaborates with Wu Shuai, it will balance the situation of both sides again, he is a huge threat."

"It is difficult to track Demon Immortal Qi Jue, who knows where he has gone now. He has just revived and is not familiar with the various paths of the present age. He is currently purchasing qi path immortal materials in treasure yellow heaven and exchanging for inheritances of every path, he is taking even Gu Master inheritances. Wu Shuai has chips to transact with him!"

Qin Ding Ling stressed once again: "So the current plan is to immediately invite Qi Sea Ancestor to Heavenly Court while hiding the information and striving for every second we can get!"


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