Reverend Insanity
2022 Heavenly Court Seeks To Figh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2022 Heavenly Court Seeks To Figh

"According to \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, hatred Gu and lightning Gu can cooperate and amplify each other's power to form a terrifying killer move that directly destroyed immemorial blue heaven?"

Fang Yuan read it carefully again as he wondered, did this mean that these two Gu worms could counter heaven path?

Where were heaven path dao marks most gathered in?

Undoubtedly, the immemorial nine heavens.

Besides them, there was Fang Yuan's body.

"This seems to be an avenue to resolve my current predicament." Fang Yuan pondered: "But only lightning Gu is here, it won't work without hatred Gu. Where is this Gu worm? Is there currently such an Immortal Gu in existence? If not, how do I refine it? If it exists, the situation is even more troublesome as I will need to scheme and plan to seize it."

"In fact, even if I have these two core Immortal Gu, it is still a mystery on how to form them into that killer move. \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e is too vague about it."

Just at this time, Qin Ding Ling personally sent a letter through treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan opened and read it, the letter Gu directly talked about Forest Lightning grotto-heaven's matter. Qin Ding Ling was very eager about lightning Gu, and even wanted Qi Sea Ancestor to stop researching the qi harvest fruits for the time being and lead his subordinates to cooperate with Heavenly Court in fighting for lightning Gu.

"Why is Heavenly Court so anxious?" Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light: "Also, they obtained the information too quickly. Looks like they have arranged some spies on Wu Shuai's side."

Qin Ding Ling was not Fairy Zi Wei after all, she was slightly hurried in doing things, which allowed Fang Yuan, who had deep wisdom path attainment to deduce some possibilities.

"Since that is the case…" Fang Yuan smiled bitterly, Heavenly Court's urgent letter made him come to a decision.

Forest Lightning grotto-heaven.

Xiao He Jian's expression changed slightly, he had received Wu Shuai's command.

His gaze turned cold as he shouted: "Alliance Leader sent the command to kill Forest Lightning Grotto Lord without worrying about lightning Gu. It is nothing to lose a mere rank eight Immortal Gu. We must execute all the Gu Immortals of Forest Lightning grotto-heaven and then attempt to get rid of the qi harvest fruit. Don't worry about the grotto-heaven's resources, use all your strength to complete the task in the shortest time possible!"

"What?!" Hearing these words, not only Forest Lightning Grotto Lord, even Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord were astonished.

This was a future rank nine Immortal Gu, Wu Shuai gave up on it so resolutely?

For an instant, none of the three immortals made a move due to the shock.

Night Heavenly Wolf Lord was Heavenly Court's mole, he naturally thought of helping to preserve Forest Lightning Grotto Lord to harm Wu Shuai's alliance.

And Lady Cold Ash was basically Spectral Soul, he also thought of preserving this point of conflict that would incite a fierce battle between Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor. As long as there was chaos, he could gain many chances to act.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord suddenly shouted: "Xiao He Jian, such audacity, you actually gave a false command. Wu Shuai is expanding his strength, how can he give up on the future rank nine Immortal Gu? As someone who joined recently, you truly have ill intentions!"

Xiao He Jian's expression turned cold from Forest Lightning Grotto Lord's incrimination.

He did not retort, instead glaring at Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord: "This is our alliance leader's command! Are you going to believe a traitor or me? Attack!"

Saying so, Xiao He Jian did not wait for the two and charged in by himself.

Bam bam bam…

Killer moves were let out, destroying a large portion of the lightning forest.

"Charge!" The alliance immortals who were above ground also received Xiao He Jian's order and came over, besieging this lightning forest.

Since the situation became like this, Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord could not care about their own schemes, they sighed and joined the group in attacking.

"Wu Shuai, you are really cruel! You are so narrow-minded, you will definitely die miserably!" Forest Lightning Grotto Lord knew he was going to die and let out a vicious curse while exerting strength to destroy lightning Gu.

"In your dreams." At the next moment, Lady Cold Ash suddenly appeared behind him.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord stiffened, Lady Cold Ash took the chance and actually seized lightning Gu from his hands!

"What method is this?" The immortals were astonished.

Although Spectral Soul's attainment levels had fallen to a miserable level, he still had plenty of methods. The accumulation of a venerable could not be estimated by ordinary rank eight Gu Immortals.

"Great job!" Xiao He Jian was exulted. He had held no hope in taking lightning Gu, but who could have thought it would truly be seized. This was Lady Cold Ash's merit and his as well. By now, his vice alliance leader position was already half confirmed. The remaining half would be by completing the task given by Wu Shuai!

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord counterattacked madly.

To preserve lightning Gu, Lady Cold Ash had forcibly endured his attacks and got injured.

"Retreat and guard lightning Gu!" Xiao He Jian quickly came to help, he blocked Forest Lightning Grotto Lord for Lady Cold Ash.

To prevent interference, other immortals began to plunder resources while watching Xiao He Jian fight Forest Lightning Grotto Lord alone.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord had already fought with Lady Cold Ash before, his condition was not optimal and almost all of his methods were exposed.

Based on the superficial strength shown, Xiao He Jian was stronger than Lady Cold Ash as well.

This battle held no suspense, and soon, Xiao He Jian defeated Forest Lightning Grotto Lord.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord was not resigned to being defeated and was still thinking of escaping.

But the surrounding Gu Immortals had been observing the battle and encircled Forest Lightning Grotto Lord with no way for him to flee.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord was beheaded and Forest Lightning grotto-heaven was destroyed. The alliance's experiment on the qi harvest fruit failed this time as well.

Moreover, because Wu Shuai asked for the battle to be finished as quickly as possible, most of the resources in Forest Lightning grotto-heaven were destroyed. The participating Gu Immortals could only collect very few resources.

The greatest gain was that wild rank eight lightning Gu. But it was clear this was going to be handed to Alliance Leader Wu Shuai.

Fang Yuan thought for a good while before finally deciding to deal with the problem directly, getting rid of Forest Lightning grotto-heaven so that the conflict could not grow.

Wu Shuai's fast decision not only astonished the alliance members, it even destroyed Heavenly Court's plan.

Qin Ding Ling had obtained first hand information from Night Heavenly Wolf Lord and immediately contacted Qi Sea Ancestor.

Fang Yuan received the letter; in the letter, Qin Ding Ling was still insisting on seizing lightning Gu even though it had already fallen into Wu Shuai's hands. Even if they could not seize lightning Gu, they had to destroy it!

"Looks like Heavenly Court is determined to get lightning Gu. Heavenly Court should have lightning Gu's Immortal Gu recipe, they can refine it themselves if this Gu is destroyed."

Fang Yuan was even more curious, why was Heavenly Court so anxious to get lightning Gu? Why did such the powerful Heavenly Court have such pressing needs for this Immortal Gu? Lightning Gu was not fate Gu after all!

Fang Yuan did not understand Heavenly Court's scheme, but Qin Ding Ling's attitude made Fang Yuan's previous plan fall through.

Fang Yuan made Wu Shuai destroy Forest Lightning grotto-heaven without any regards for the safety of lightning Gu to strangle the possible conflict to death and prevent a war between the two sides.

But Heavenly Court held an attitude akin to asking for battle, Fang Yuan also could not refuse it easily.

After all, Qi Sea Ancestor was allied with Heavenly Court.

How should he deal with this?


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