Reverend Insanity
2021 Blue Heaven Shatters
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2021 Blue Heaven Shatters

Soon, Xiao He Jian received the reply. He personally flew underground and faced Forest Lightning Grotto Lord: "Alliance Leader has said that he can let you go, but Forest Lightning grotto-heaven must belong to the alliance. Of course, the alliance will not carry out any risky attempts on the qi harvest fruit in the grotto-heaven."

"No!" Forest Lightning Grotto Lord's attitude was extremely firm: "This grotto-heaven is my home, I will not give it up! It won't change owners, this is my territory, what qualifications does the alliance have to seize it? I will look after the lightning Gu for the moment, retreat and don't try to invade again from now on. I can set an agreement with the alliance to never seek lightning Gu. If the alliance wants rank nine lightning Gu, you can provide the resources to raise it in the lightning forest here."

Xiao He Jian did not respond and only reported Forest Lightning Grotto Lord's request to Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai mumbled for a while, unable to come to a decision.

He then sent this information to the main body through secret methods and let the main body decide.

Fang Yuan fell into deep thought.

"Rank nine Immortal Gu have supreme might, it is indeed worth yielding a step. But this lightning Gu is only rank eight currently. To raise it to rank nine, who knows how many resources and how big of a price we have to pay. And there could be many unexpected mishaps during this process!"

"Another crucial point is that lightning Gu's information cannot be concealed, this news will definitely lead to chaos. Be they Heavenly Court, Longevity Heaven, or other forces, they will all interfere. Wu Shuai's and Qi Sea Ancestor's forces must have an all-out battle in the end."

Fang Yuan's wisdom path attainment was deep and immediately deduced the future changes.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord concealed the secret of lightning Gu because he wanted to keep it for himself. But now that he could not keep it, he could only use this chip to negotiate.

Since he could secretly contact the enemy, he would not just negotiate with Wu Shuai's alliance, he was sure to contact Qi Sea Ancestor.

Fang Yuan's Qi Sea Ancestor disguise protected humanity and had allied with Heavenly Court, he could never let a variant human force like Wu Shuai's alliance obtain rank nine lightning Gu!

Thus, Qi Sea Ancestor would have to send troops.

At that time, Forest Lightning Grotto Lord would surely curry favor with both sides and strive to win some respite. This Forest Lightning Grotto Lord truly had high astuteness and was deeply aware of the way of survival of the weak.

But like this, it was bound to increase the friction between Qi Sea Ancestor and Wu Shuai. This was exactly what Fang Yuan had been trying to avoid.

And at that time, Heavenly Court would definitely add fuel to the fire, even Longevity Heaven, Demon Immortal Qi Jue, and the five regions' forces would stir up the situation from the dark.

Although Fang Yuan was the leader of both sides, he was unable to restrict every subordinate. In the fight between these subordinates, if anyone died, Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor would need to take some action to preserve their side's benefit and prestige. The situation would escalate and continue being irremediable until it finally leads to an all-out battle.

But if Fang Yuan suppressed the situation, this would not fit the attitudes of Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor. It would definitely be filled with giant loopholes in the eyes of wisdom path Gu Immortals. Heavenly Court would start to have doubts and the whole situation would turn even more dangerous.

Thus, this situation was not as simple as just a lightning Gu.

This would implicate many things, it would involve variant humans, humans, and even the overall situation of the two heavens and five regions!

Fang Yuan was unable to come to a decision immediately for such a huge matter.

After all, he had to think of many factors, the important thing was that his current strength had fallen. He was at his weakest state and now was the time when he needed to rest and recuperate.

"I remember lightning Gu is recorded in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, the power it showed was quite strong…"

Fang Yuan browsed through \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e.

\u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, chapter four, section thirty —

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance and Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence were sent flying away by fate Gu and were forced to leave Ren Zu, arriving at immemorial blue heaven.


Thunder rumbled unceasingly here. Lightning flashed, imprinting the sky and forming a forest of lightning.

"I am angry! I am angry!" The source of this lightning forest was a lightning Gu, it was roaring continuously.

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance and Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence were extremely afraid. The lightning was too strong, so long as a lightning bolt struck them, they would be heavily injured or even die.

They did not move at all, afraid of lightning Gu discovering them and bombarding them to death.

They waited patiently for lightning Gu's anger to dissipate. They would move once it calmed down.

But lightning Gu was extremely angry and its anger did not show any signs of decreasing. The lightning forest kept on growing in size.

"What should we do?" Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence was worried: "How can we return to father? Brother, do you have any good suggestions?"

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance shook his head, his brows furrowed: "It is all fate Gu's fault! It forcefully separated us from father, I am definitely going to take revenge in the future. Argh, my heart hurts every time I think of fate Gu."

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance held his chest, he found his heart aching more and more.

How could this be?

He quickly opened up his chest and looked at the depths of his heart.

"Oh, why is there a Gu in my heart?" Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance was astonished: "It is no wonder my heart is in constant pain, this Gu was biting on my heart."

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence also saw this Gu worm: "Isn't this love Gu? I heard father mentioning it before."

"No, I am hatred Gu." The Gu worm spoke: "Although I look similar to love Gu on the surface."

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence urged: "Hatred Gu, why are you gnawing on my brother's heart, please stop quickly."

But hatred Gu said: "I won't! I am building my home here, I am changing your brother's heart into a heart of hatred."

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance was furious: "Who allowed you to build your home in my heart? Get out quickly, I don't welcome you. If you don't get out, I will crush you to death!"

Hatred Gu laughed loudly: "I was attracted by lightning Gu's anger, but unexpectedly discovered that your heart is more suitable for my home. I won't leave."

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance was furious, he actually put his hand inside his heart and grabbed hatred Gu.

Hatred Gu was like a curved blade without a handle, Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance's hand was pierced and bled as he grabbed it.

He clenched his teeth and exerted strength, crushing hatred Gu to death.

But at the next moment, hatred Gu resurrected from the blood and became even bigger.

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance crushed it to death again, hatred Gu revived once again, its size becoming slightly bigger again.

"It is useless." Hatred Gu said: "Hatred cannot be killed, vengeance only breeds more hatred and grudges, the more you treat me like this, the more your hatred will increase."

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence was somewhat stunned and helpless against hatred Gu.

"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!" Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance covered his chest, his face pale from the pain.

Hatred Gu was drilling in and out of his heart, creating holes after holes, transforming his heart into a heart of hatred.

The current Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance hated fate Gu even more.

"If I was not sent flying here by fate Gu, how could I have encountered hatred Gu? How could my heart be pierced by hatred Gu?"

"I will definitely destroy fate Gu, I will definitely take revenge."

The more Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance thought, the more he hated. He was no longer afraid of angering lightning Gu, he stood up suddenly.

"Sister, let's go, I don't want to stay here." Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance held Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence's hand.

But Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence hesitated: "Brother, there is lightning all around us, we don't know when it will strike, it is too dangerous."

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance said: "Sister, don't be afraid. The hatred in my heart has shown me a path, that is the path of revenge. There is no lightning on this path, as long as I follow it, I can find fate Gu and take revenge against it. Quick, follow me!"

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance dragged Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence.

The strange thing was that despite lightning bolts crackling around them, not a single one struck Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance and Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence.

The two ran and ran when they suddenly collided into something.

"What is ahead?" Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence touched the air in front of her and found it was like a transparent wall.

"This is the heavenly wind qi wall, the border of the immemorial nine heavens." Hatred Gu explained.

"Brother, there is a wall ahead, we cannot leave." Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence said helplessly.

But Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance had a different perspective: "Where is the wall? I only see the path ahead, as long as we follow along this trail, we can definitely leave and find fate Gu!"

Time and again, Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance got up and rushed forward before colliding into the heavenly wind qi wall, his head bled as he fell to the ground. Then, he climbed up and charged forward again.

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence wanted to stop him, but Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance did not listen.

Hatred Gu laughed: "It is useless. I have already built my home in his heart, although his eyes are open, he can only see the path that I point towards, he cannot see any other thing. Hahaha."

Right at this time, lightning Gu sensed Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance and Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence, the terrifying lightning forest began to quickly spread towards them.

There was no road to advance or retreat, Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence was extremely anxious but did not have any ideas: "It would have been great if we still had wealth Gu!"

Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance did not listen to her, he continued to collide into the heavenly wind qi wall. Blood filled the ground.

Lightning Gu finally reached closer, Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence cried: "Am I going to die here?"

But Lightning Gu restrained its power and approached slowly, it let out a rumbling sound: "Don't worry, oh humans, I won't harm you or injure you. On the contrary, I want your help."

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence stopped crying and asked curiously: "Lightning Gu, you are so strong, how can we possibly help you?"

Lightning Gu: "I have been trapped here all along, immemorial blue heaven is large but I am already sick of it. I want to go out but I am unable to find a path that leads to the outside, thus I am angry. Anger often leads to hatred, so hatred Gu was attracted here."

"But from your brother, I can see the path to exit. Therefore, humans, let us cooperate. I will help you break the heavenly wind qi wall and you will bring me out of here, alright?" Lightning Gu proposed.

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence and Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance were very happy at this suggestion.

"I agree to it. Your help will be great." Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance replied.

Thereupon, lightning Gu landed on Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance's hand and started to emit a terrifying radiance.

Hatred Gu laughed loudly: "Let me lend you a hand."

Lightning Gu obtained hatred Gu's strength and became extremely powerful.

Rumble rumble…

Lightning Gu erupted with fierce strength, not only destroying the heavenly wind qi wall but even shattering the whole of immemorial blue heaven!

"Quickly leave!" Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance was greatly shocked and knew that they had created a huge disaster, he quickly grabbed his sister and left with lightning Gu and hatred Gu.


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