Reverend Insanity
2020 Rank Nine Lightning Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2020 Rank Nine Lightning Gu

Forest Lightning grotto-heaven.

"Forest Lightning Grotto Lord, you betrayed the two heavens alliance and actually colluded with Qi Sea Ancestor, this is an unforgivable sin and you will be executed for it." Xiao He Jian looked down from above.

Behind him were a large number of Gu Immortals from the two heavens alliance. They were all standing silently and expressionlessly, showing the numerical superiority.

On the contrary, Forest Lightning Grotto Lord was facing the enemies alone, his strength paled in comparison.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord gave a bitter smile: "Since you found out, I don't have anything to say. But do you think I am willing to collude with the enemy? The alliance wants to experiment on the qi harvest fruit in my Forest Lightning grotto-heaven. None of the alliance's previous attempts have succeeded and all the grotto-heavens they have tested on have detonated. I sided with the two heavens alliance for self-protection. But now, you want to sacrifice my home? Since that is the case, it is better to surrender to the enemy, I might even have some new hope."

Xiao He Jian frowned, snorting coldly: "You have no confidence in our two heavens alliance and Lord Alliance Leader Wu Shuai. Perhaps this time will succeed."

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord chuckled: "If alliance leader Wu Shuai had a fair disposition, I would have nothing to say. But he is clearly protecting variant humans while sacrificing humans. The grotto-heavens the alliance has experimented on are all human grotto-heavens. Wu Shuai is a dragonman after all, I have seen through this alliance's farce! Human Gu Immortals present here, watch carefully, this will be your outcome in the future. After me, it will be your turn."

Hearing this, the human Gu Immortals clearly had a slight change in expressions. Forest Lightning Grotto Lord had no doubt spoken of what they were worried about.

Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor were the same person, they naturally had a tacit agreement. They looked to be confronting each other on the surface, but were secretly dividing the two heavens' forces. By now, there were no neutral grotto-heavens in the two heavens. The grotto-heavens in the two heavens were either destroyed or had joined Wu Shuai or Qi Sea Ancestor.

After the two sides divided the two heavens, they ceased fighting and began to find a way to solve the qi harvest fruit problem.

Compared to Qi Sea Ancestor who was researching in closed cultivation, Wu Shuai's qi path attainment was clearly much weaker. So, Wu Shuai's two heavens alliance had no choice but to experiment and be very rough with their actions to pursue efficiency. The experiments to eliminate the qi harvest fruits had failed many times and destroyed many grotto-heavens as a result.

When it was Forest Lightning grotto-heaven's turn, Forest Lightning Grotto Lord was not willing to bet his home, so for self-protection and survival, he secretly contacted Qi Sea Ancestor.

He was truly an unfortunate guy, Qi Sea Ancestor and Wu Shuai were in essence the same person.

Qi Sea Ancestor was Fang Yuan's main body and he informed Wu Shuai directly.

Wu Shuai thus sent the command to Xiao He Jian to gather some Gu Immortals to punish the traitor.

Looking at Forest Lightning Grotto Lord, Xiao He Jian sneered silently and said with impatience: "Who is going to get this criminal?"

Lady Cold Ash stepped forward like she wanted to be the vanguard: "Let me."

Xiao He Jian nodded: "Good."

Lady Cold Ash directly charged towards Forest Lightning Grotto Lord, Xiao He Jian was inwardly happy and thought: "Cold Ash is perceptive and has a lot of capability. My efforts to win her over were not a waste."

Lady Cold Ash fought with Forest Lightning Grotto Lord, both were at rank eight and went at each other, neither yielding a step.

The other Gu Immortals of the two heavens alliance were watching the battle from atop the clouds. In a fight between Gu Immortals, for a group attack to work, they would have paid attention to cooperation. Different paths would cause conflicts between dao marks, if there was no skillful cooperation, it might instead waste their efforts.

Naturally, this did not hinder the observing Gu Immortals from accumulating their energy and attacking when there was a chance.

But the two heavens alliance's Gu Immortals did not find any opportunity to sneak attack.

Lady Cold Ash gradually gained the upper hand and control of the battle. Forest Lightning Grotto Lord saw the situation was bad and immediately escaped below ground.

Lady Cold Ash was Spectral Soul's disguise after all, how could Forest Lightning Grotto Lord be her match? The deadlock earlier was only a deception, it was nothing more than Spectral Soul's act.

Xiao He Jian saw Forest Lightning Grotto Lord fleeing and laughed heartily: "Chase!"

The immortals gave chase.

They did not care about the large Forest Lightning grotto-heaven and only targeted Forest Lightning Grotto Lord. As long as they got rid of this sole rank eight, other resistances would not be an issue.

They even took the initiative to maintain the safety of Forest Lightning grotto-heaven, after all, this grotto-heaven needed to be tested on and they would have a share in the distribution of the resources inside it.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord kept on moving deep underground.

Lady Cold Ash did not give chase and stayed beside Xiao He Jian.

Soon, the first group of Gu Immortals who had entered deep underground returned with soot covering them.

When he obtained their report, Xiao He Jian was slightly stunned: "There is such a thing? There is a lightning forest deep underground?"

The returning Gu Immortals naturally brought evidence.

Through methods similar to shadow image Gu, the two heavens alliance's immortals saw a vast lightning forest.

In the pitch-black underground, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled every moment.

The flashes of lightning formed a tall silver tree. The tall tree only lasted for a moment, but it had large thunder leaves, many silver lightning branches and so on, they were materialized and tempted all the immortals.

"Heaven, these are all priceless lightning path rank eight immortal materials!"

"This is only the superficial wealth of the lightning forest. According to the records in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, the source of lightning forest is lightning Gu. The size of this lightning forest is enough to prove there is a rank eight lightning Gu here!"

"Forest Lightning Grotto Lord wants to resist by relying on lightning Gu?"

"Hmph, wishful thinking. How could a mere rank eight Immortal Gu oppose our two heavens alliance?"

The immortals discussed but no one was willing to enter the forest.

After all, the lightning forest was a dangerous area and Forest Lightning Grotto Lord possessed an enormous terrain advantage here. If they rashly invaded, it was very likely to be an unrewarding venture.

Xiao He Jian frowned: "Who will go capture Forest Lightning Grotto Lord?"

Lady Cold Ash stood up once again without hesitation.

Xiao He Jian showed a pleased smile: "Cold Ash, if you win, your contribution will be at the top for this battle."

"Thank you." Lady Cold Ash was about to move.

"Wait." Night Heavenly Wolf Lord also walked out: "The Lightning forest is a dangerous region, let me accompany Cold Ash. If there is any unexpected mishap, I can be of some assistance."

"Let's do it that way then." Xiao He Jian agreed to Night Heavenly Wolf Lord's request.

Thereupon, the two immortals charged towards the depths of the underground. Other Gu Immortals along with Xiao He Jian were floating in the air, watching the battle as well as waiting patiently.

Lady Cold Ash charged to the bottom and arrived in front of the lightning forest. She directly opened her immortal aperture and let out countless soul beasts.

The soul beasts charged towards the lightning forest like a violent tide.


Lightning struck continuously and explosions resounded unendingly. There were severe losses to the soul beasts, they used their lives to forcibly pave open a path.

Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord smoothly entered the depths of the lightning forest.

"I didn't think Lady Cold Ash would actually deal with the lightning forest like this."

"She is really resolved to suck up to Xiao He Jian regardless of the cost."

"There have been many rumors recently about the alliance leader wanting to make Xiao He Jian a vice alliance leader?"

"The alliance only has one vice alliance leader, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, currently. It is not strange for Lord Wu Shuai to make this arrangement to keep the balance between his subordinates."

"Lady Cold Ash might be a human Gu Immortal but she doesn't want to have the same outcome as Forest Lightning Grotto Lord's. So she wholeheartedly wants to climb ranks in the alliance, she is doing her best to protect her grotto-heaven."

Gu Immortals observed the battle while conversing secretly.

After a while of effort, Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord fought their way to the center of the lightning forest and saw Forest Lightning Grotto Lord once again.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord was refining rank eight lightning Gu and quickly stopped the refinement when he saw the two immortals. He shouted in anger: "Stop! If you take one more stop, I will destroy this lightning Gu!"

The immortals were surprised.

"So this lightning Gu is still a wild Immortal Gu and Forest Lightning Grotto Lord has not actually refined it?"

"What is going on?"

"Haha, I understand! Forest Lightning Grotto Lord's ambition is not small."

"Oh, please explain."

"If I am not wrong, this lightning forest should have been just an ordinary lightning path resource point at the start. But at a certain point, it gave birth to a wild lightning Gu. Because of this lightning Gu, the lightning path resource point gradually transformed into a small lightning forest. Forest Lightning Grotto Lord did not refine this wild lightning Gu, instead he added resources to grow this lightning forest. The larger the scale of the lightning forest, the lightning Gu, which is the source, will also keep on advancing further. Forest Lightning Grotto Lord kept on investing resources and finally advanced this wild lightning Gu to rank eight!"

The two heavens alliance's Gu Immortals saw through the ambitions of Forest Lightning Grotto Lord.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord was a lightning path Gu Immortal and was not proficient in refinement path. But this lightning forest was created naturally, it was simply nature refining Gu itself!

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord cleverly borrowed the power of nature and added momentum to the original foundation, his goal was to advance lightning Gu to rank nine level!

And during this process, if he refined this wild Immortal Gu, the process of nature refining Gu would be interrupted and could not be recovered.

Thus, Forest Lightning Grotto Lord had left this wild lightning Gu in its state and did not refine it.

It was extremely difficult to seize other's Gu worms. But wild Immortal Gu were different.

A rank eight wild Immortal Gu, the crucial thing was that it even had the possibility of advancing to rank nine! This discovery was extremely huge, Xiao He Jian and the rest opened their eyes wide, revealing greed and wariness.

"This is of vital importance, we cannot be rash." Xiao He Jian quickly transmitted his voice to Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord.

Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord paused their attacks.

Forest Lightning Grotto Lord spoke conditions: "As long as you spare me and my Forest Lightning grotto-heaven, I will offer this lightning Gu to you."

Xiao He Jian quickly contacted Wu Shuai and reported this matter.

The matter concerned a future rank nine lightning Gu, Xiao He Jian did not dare to decide by himself.


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