Reverend Insanity
2018 Impending Fatal Calamity
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2018 Impending Fatal Calamity

Central Continent, deep beneath a certain Earth Trench.

Calamity Luck Altar was floating in the air, there were tall cliffs on both sides, while below it was unfathomable darkness.

It was emitting soft light and did not conceal its aura, scaring away any beast that tried to approach it.

At the middle of the cliff was a giant cave that was dug by Fairy Zi Wei and the rest.

Purple light flickered in the cave and a wisdom path formation was already set up, Fairy Zi Wei sat at the center and Old Man Zheng Yuan sat at the assistant's position, on one hand, he was using human path methods to cooperate with Fairy Zi Wei, on the other hand, he was using a portion of the immortal formation to guard against Bing Sai Chuan.

After all, it was the first time these two sides were collaborating, they had to err on the side of caution.

There were several formation cores at the edges of the formation as well. Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, and Ying Wu Xie were sitting in these formation cores as the crucial clues.

Purple light swayed, rising and falling at times like tides.

After a long while, Fairy Zi Wei opened her eyes slowly and stopped this wisdom path immortal formation, the overflowing purple light dissipated slowly.

"How is it?" Bing Sai Chuan's question came from Calamity Luck Altar.

Fairy Zi Wei sighed and shook her head: "It is still not enough. But this method is absolutely effective. These three have set alliance agreements with Fang Yuan, their connections are extremely tight. As long as we capture even more Gu Immortals, we can deduce Fang Yuan's exact location."

The large formation was dismantled and the Gu worms flew back to Fairy Zi Wei's immortal aperture.

Ying Wu Xie and the others stood up.

Bai Ning Bing smiled: "This is not difficult. During the fate war, Fang Yuan had dispatched not only us but also a large number of transformation path Gu Immortals."

Hei Lou Lan added: "From what I know, these transformation path Gu Immortals were incorporated after Fang Yuan annexed an immemorial grotto-heaven. After the fate war, Fang Yuan disappeared without leaving behind any traces, these people should still be scattered around Central Continent."

Ying Wu Xie shook his head: "But these transformation path Gu Immortals don't have a close connection with Fang Yuan, it is better if we look for Lady White Rabbit and Fairy Miao Yin, these two are crucial characters that are only second to us."

Fairy Zi Wei had stored all the Gu worms by now, she did not have formation flag Gu or similar methods, it was rather time-consuming every time she dismantled the formation.

She looked towards Calamity Luck Altar which had been guarding from the side: "It is better if we split our forces to search for White Rabbit and Miao Yin. If we encounter Fang Yuan's transformation path Gu Immortal subordinates along the way, we can make the decision to make a move at our own discretion."

Shortly after, Bing Sai Chuan's response came from Calamity Luck Altar: "Of course. For our following plans, we will need more communication between us."

Fairy Zi Wei nodded: "Indeed."

Although the scale of this cooperation was small and duration was short, it had huge significance and both sides had begun to trust each other.

Calamity Luck Altar picked up Hei Lou Lan while Bai Ning Bing and Ying Wu Xie stayed with Fairy Zi Wei, both sides separated and departed on their own.

Immemorial two heavens.

Crescent Moon grotto-heaven.

"Fairy Crescent Moon, you won't surrender even if the alternative is death?" Xiao He Jian, Lady Cold Ash and the rest were looking down from high above, looking at the dying Gu Immortal in the ruins.

Fairy Crescent Moon had rank eight cultivation and was the owner of Crescent Moon grotto-heaven. She had the terrain advantage but she was completely outnumbered, she was only hanging on her last breath now.

She spat and said with hatred: "You bandits, my Crescent Moon grotto-heaven has no conflicts with the outside world and has never provoked you nor had any ambitious plans. I will never surrender to you!"

"Then die!" Lady Cold Ash was already impatient, she pointed her finger, a grey light shot out and struck Fairy Crescent Moon.

Lady Cold Ash put her hand inside her sleeve, Fairy Crescent Moon's soul was carried by the grey light and brought to her.

"This is a rank eight Gu Immortal's soul, devouring her soul will be much more effective and also much easier to absorb." Lady Cold Ash was Spectral Soul, but he was able to conceal it from the whole of Wu Shuai's alliance.

Xiao He Jian looked at her: "Lady Cold Ash, you battled in the front lines and slaughtered countless enemies, collecting a vast number of mortal souls and many Gu Immortal souls. Those are your battle spoils, but Lord Alliance Leader specially asked for this rank eight soul. You cannot take it."

Spectral Soul was slightly stunned before smiling and handing this rank eight soul to Xiao He Jian: "Since our alliance leader wants it, why would I dare to take it."

Inside her heart, however, she was snorting coldly: "I shall hand this to you for the time being, in the future, I will settle both our old and new grudges together!"

Xiao He Jian nodded with approval and took Fairy Crescent Moon's soul while consoling Lady Cold Ash: "Let's go, let the others clean up here. Follow me to see the alliance leader and report the battle."

"I can finally get close to Wu Shuai. This is a good chance!" Spectral Soul's mood lifted upon hearing that.

However, when the two arrived in Dragon Palace's hall, they only saw Wu Shuai's will sitting on the main seat.

Wu Shuai's will heard the report and praised: "Lady Cold Ash, you made the most contributions in this invasion of Crescent Moon grotto-heaven, well done."

"It is our duty to work for alliance leader." Lady Cold Ash was extremely disappointed but showed a smile on her face.

"Alright, you can leave. When we hand out the rewards based on contribution later, you will not be disappointed." Wu Shuai's will waved his hand.

The two left Dragon Palace, Spectral Soul, however, felt discontent inwardly: "It is really a pity that we were not able to see alliance leader."

Xiao He Jian glanced at her, feeling some disdain towards Lady Cold Ash's conduct in trying to flatter the alliance leader when they were not even in front of him: "How can Lord Alliance Leader be available whenever you want? He has been in closed cultivation to resolve the danger of the qi harvest fruits. We only need to follow his orders."


Xiao He Jian's expression softened as he patted Lady Cold Ash's shoulder: "Work well and follow me, you will be able to play a key role in the alliance one day!"

"Then I will depend on lord's guidance." Spectral Soul put up a performance while internally scheming on when to capture Xiao He Jian!

"It is good that you understand." Xiao He Jian smiled and walked forward.

He had joined the alliance because of Qi Jue's true inheritance, as a lone force, he was suppressed by Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and others. But Xiao He Jian's strength surpassed ordinary rank eights, he was slowly stabilizing his footing in the alliance and had won over some Gu Immortals under him.

Lady Cold Ash's performance had been extremely outstanding in the latest battle and she had displayed extraordinary battle strength, so despite her being a pure human, Xiao He Jian wanted to rope her in to his side.

On the other side.

"Granny Skeleton has arrived—!" The doorman shouted.

Granny Skeleton entered the hall and saw Qi Sea Ancestor on the main seat, she quickly cupped her hands and bowed, getting straight to the point: "Skeleton grotto-heaven is willing to come under Qi Sea Ancestor."

Qi Sea Ancestor nodded: "Hahaha, Granny Skeleton, you are wise. You will not regret joining my side."

Granny Skeleton sighed and asked: "I wonder when Lord Ancestor can get rid of the qi harvest fruit's problem?"

"I have already made good progress in this, you can rest assured." Fang Yuan changed the topic, "Skeleton grotto-heaven is the nearest to Crescent Moon grotto-heaven. Crescent Moon grotto-heaven has now already fallen to Wu Shuai's side, I am willing to send troops and station some Gu Immortals in Skeleton grotto-heaven, I hope you can cooperate."

Granny Skeleton sighed, although Fang Yuan did not show the ability to resolve the danger of qi harvest fruits, due to the outside world's condition, Granny Skeleton could only lower her head and join him.

"With the current situation, there is really nothing else I can do. Currently, there are almost no unaffiliated grotto-heavens left in the immemorial two heavens. They have either joined Wu Shuai or have been recruited by Qi Sea Ancestor. Sigh, I wonder what the future will be like." Granny Skeleton did not obtain the answer she wanted and left worriedly.

The pressure on Fang Yuan was also increasing.

"A wisdom path great expert was deducing about me just now, the strength is also quite high! It seems like Fairy Zi Wei."

Fairy Zi Wei was deducing the whereabouts of Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan naturally sensed it. This was the same as a contest of the two's wisdom path methods across space.

"According to my luck, this situation is not looking good. The fatal calamity is impending, danger is lurking everywhere, and there is only a trace of hope."

Fang Yuan's Cooking Luck Pot might only be at rank seven, but he could glance at a portion of his luck and deduce the entirety from it.

Fang Yuan had already made positive progress regarding the qi harvest fruits. But he was still at his wits' end on how to refine heaven path dao marks.

He was aware that this trace of hope fell on the heaven path dao marks. Only be refining the heaven path dao marks and recovering his strength could he get free from the incoming calamity. If he could not refine them or did not refine them in time, it would be dangerous.

"But where is this breakthrough point that I seek?"


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