Reverend Insanity
2016 Dazzling Smile
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2016 Dazzling Smile

Western Desert.

Dark clouds covered the sky and thunder rumbled as the fierce fight of the Mo clan Gu Immortals with the mysterious giant beast continued.

"Die, beast!"

"I will tear out your bones and tendons as resources to compensate for the losses my Mo clan suffered."

The two Mo clan Gu Immortals were furious, the giant beast brought disaster to Mo clan, causing heavy losses. The areas these two were responsible for suffered even more severe damage.

"You want to kill me?" During the battle, the mysterious giant beast suddenly spoke human words.

Mo clan's two immortals were shocked and their hearts jumped wildly.

At the same moment, the giant beast opened its mouth and shot out its long purple-red tongue.

The long tongue moved with astonishing speed and pierced through a Mo clan Gu Immortal's body. Almost instantaneously, this Mo clan Gu Immortal was corroded by the strong poison and turned into nothingness.

Only the immortal aperture turned into an indistinct light speck and fell to the ground.

"You are a legendary immemorial beast!?" The remaining Mo clan Gu Immortal was horrified and retreated in panic.

But it was already late.

The mysterious giant beast was Qing Chou. It laughed coldly as ghost qi started surging around it. The dense layers of ghost qi turned into ghostly figures which blocked the Mo clan Gu Immortal.

Qing Chou closed in slowly: "Didn't you want to kill me and pull out my bones and tendons?"

Mo clan's Gu Immortal shouted in fear: "Spare me, I belong to Mo clan. Spare me and Mo clan won't pursue you any further."

"Pursue me?" Hearing this, a trace of anger flashed past Qing Chou's face: "You two idiots do not even know you are being used by others. Go and die!"

"Ahhh—!" The Mo clan Gu Immortal let out a painful shriek as ghostly figures pounced on and killed them.

After killing these two Gu Immortals, Qing Chou looked towards the desert.

Sand flew wildly on the ground, turning into a giant monster, it was an immemorial sand monster. This was the assistance brought by the Mo clan Gu Immortals, they were able to restrain Qing Chou by using it.

But the Mo clan Gu Immortals had not expected Qing Chou to be a legendary immemorial desolate beast with wisdom that surpassed ordinary humans. Qing Chou took advantage of this point, pretending to be an ordinary immemorial desolate beast, which made the Mo clan immortals complacent and relax their guard. Then with Qing Chou's fierce counterattack, the immortals died.

With the death of the Mo clan immortals, this immemorial sand monster was no longer controlled; its movement began to slow down and it stood on the ground while looking at Qing Chou.

Qing Chou stared at the immemorial sand monster: "Get lost!"

The immemorial sand monster shook with fear and immediately turned around, plunging into the desert and escaping.

Qing Chou scared away the monster but the surrounding ghost qi intensified further, it looked at a certain area in the sky and sneered: "Two despicable worms, are you still not coming out?"

The moment its words came out, Heavenly Court's two immortals, Nine Spiritual Fairy and Red Heart Traveler, slowly showed themselves. They were floating in the sky side by side and were looking down at Qing Chou.

Previously, when Red Heart Traveler was searching for the Blood Sea true inheritance, he was obstructed by Demon Immortal Qi Jue. After realizing Demon Immortal Qi Jue's goal, Red Heart Traveler resolutely gave up on the Blood Sea true inheritance and continued to chase Qing Chou with Nine Spiritual Fairy.

After all, Qing Chou's matter concerned Heavenly Court's plan. And, even if he got the Blood Sea true inheritance, it would only raise Red Heart Traveler's strength. The more important thing was clear with one glance.

Nine Spiritual Fairy and Red Heart Traveler possessed Heavenly Court's secret method, so they continued to trace and soon discovered Qing Chou.

But the two did not dare to make a move rashly.

This was Western Desert, enemies were all around them, and it was not the territory of these two immortals. If they rashly started a fight, with the other being a legendary immemorial desolate beast, once the fight entered a stalemate, Western Desert's native Gu Immortals would interfere and the situation would become too unstable.

After some discussion, Nine Spiritual Fairy transformed into an immemorial desolate beast and destroyed the surrounding resource points, attracting some Mo clan Gu Immortals.

The two Mo clan immortals brought an immemorial sand monster but they were not even able to make Qing Chou expend its energy, instead, Qing Chou discovered traces of the two Heavenly Court immortals.

With their plan failing and Qing Chou exposing their position, the two Heavenly Court immortals showed themselves and attacked.

Boom boom boom!

The two immortals were both rank eight and were extraordinary indeed. Their moves were violent and their attacks were like unceasing waves.

Qing Chou immediately fell into a disadvantage.

But Qing Chou was an immemorial desolate beast, its body was extremely tough and thick, there was no injury even after getting hit by several rank eight killer moves.

After dozens of exchanges, it became familiar with the techniques of the Heavenly Court immortals and began to slowly turn around the situation.

However, this did not last long, a qi tide began to appear.

It was because the immortal apertures of the dead Mo clan immortals had opened the entrance and started to absorb heaven and earth qi to stabilize themselves.

There was a difference in the heaven and earth qi in these two immortal apertures and the outside world, and along with the accumulated impact from the fights between the Gu Immortals and Qing Chou, a giant qi tide was formed.

Qing Chou suffered heavy restriction in the qi tide, its strength fell sharply. On the contrary, the two Heavenly Court immortals had offered their immortal apertures and only had phantom apertures, thus they were not affected too much in the qi tide.

Qing Chou roared and struggled but it was all in vain.

It then realized that the two Heavenly Court immortals still had another layer of planning. They did not just use the two Western Desert immortals, they even calculated their immortal apertures in their plan!

Just as Qing Chou was fighting bitterly, Peng Da shook his head and opened his eyes.

"Where am I?" After a moment of daze, he discovered he was being carried by Mo Li and they were moving on a huge sand dune.

"Uncle, you saved me again." Peng Da sighed.

"You are awake." Mo Li smiled.

"Uncle, you can put me down."

But Mo Li shook his head: "Your injuries are severe, although I healed you, you should not move within a short period of time."

Peng Da smiled bitterly: "I have troubled uncle again. Where is this?"

Mo Li replied: "Sigh, we were swept away for over ten thousand li by the hurricane, we are now going back."

Mo Li had lived many years in the desert, he naturally had a method to distinguish the directions.

Peng Da was immediately worried after hearing Mo Li's words: "Uncle, you still want to return? You want to go back and die?!"

Mo Li was silent for a while, his voice was low and deep, containing resolution: "I also know returning is risky, but if I don't even see the appearance of the killer of my wife and son, I will never be able to rest easy!"

"Uncle…" Peng Da did not know what to say. He understood the sadness and hatred Mo Li was feeling right now, and it was because of this, he was unable to persuade him further.

Mo Li continued: "Brat, I am thankful for your concern. After we travel a bit further, I will drop you off with enough water and food. It won't be an issue for you to cross the desert and get to the nearest city."

"Uncle, I won't leave, I can't leave you alone."

"Don't make a scene!"

"I am not making a scene, you are the one who is irrational!"

Just as the two were quarreling, the sand below Mo Li began to move and formed a huge whirlpool that sucked both of them inside.

Mo Li quickly used his Gu worms but it was of no use.

He was pale with shock: "What is going on? My Gu worms actually have no effect!"

Peng Da also tried with no result, his face was extremely pale: "Is this quicksand? We are going to be sucked in!"

This quicksand was too strange, their methods were useless on it.

The two were getting closer and closer to the center of the quicksand, their bodies were slowly buried under the sand and their faces were ashen.

"Am I going to die?" Peng Da mumbled.

Mo Li heaved a deep sigh: "I implicated you, Peng Da."

"I, I don't blame you uncle. It was all my choice." Peng Da felt his heart beating wildly and his throat parched, he did not know what to express.

The feeling before impending death was really the worst!

But soon, Peng Da's attention was caught by another thing.

He found that uncle Mo Li who usually had great mental fortitude was actually crying.

Mo Li sobbed: "I am going to die but my revenge has yet to be done! I did not even see the killer's true appearance. I am too weak, too weak! I don't even have the qualifications to approach the enemy. The gap between immortals and mortals is too big, I am only a mortal, I am like an ant!"

Peng Da opened his mouth to console Mo Li, but he did not know what to say.

At the next moment, the hot sand poured into his mouth as Peng Da quickly closed it. His whole body was buried and his sight was filled with darkness.

"Am I going to die?"

"I am dying like this?!"

"Hehehehe, I am truly pitiful, to think that my journey in this new world is going to end like this."

"I really don't want to die, I really don't want to die!"

Suddenly, in his dark vision, there were specks of starlight.

"Huh? I didn't die?" Peng Da sat up and looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

He was now at the bottom of a dry well, the quicksand whirlpool continued to rotate in the entrance of the well, but the strange thing was that the sand did not fall down.

There was a mysterious force here that stopped the quicksand whirlpool and only allowed Peng Da and Mo Li to enter it.

"Uncle, uncle?" Peng Da immediately saw Mo Li and shouted twice before he got a reaction.

"Kid, you are awake? This is an immortal opportunity, we have struck gold!" Mo Li turned around, saying with excitement and shock: "This is very likely an inheritance left by a Gu Immortal."

"Uncle, you are certain?" Peng Da's eyes opened in incredulity, this was too dreamlike, the ups and downs of life came too suddenly.

He was not a greenhorn who had just transmigrated, the current Peng Da had traveled with Mo Li's caravan many times and knew about the Gu world. Gu Immortals and Gu Immortal inheritances were always a topic of discussion among Gu Masters in their idle time, he did not expect the unreachable thing to appear in front of him now.

"Damn it, damn it!"

"Why is there no reaction?"

Mo Li attempted many things and was getting restless but the starlight showed no reaction.

"Uncle, this might not be a Gu Immortal inheritance, right? I feel like you are thinking too much." At this time, Peng Da finally stood up and walked towards Mo Li.

Mo Li did not retort, he also began to doubt his previous judgment.

But right at this time, the starlight suddenly made a movement. Like tidal waves, they passed by Mo Li and entered Peng Da's body.

The two were shocked.

This happened so fast that when they reacted the starlight had already entered Peng Da's body.

Without the starlight, the well fell into darkness.

Mo Li activated his Gu worm, creating a lump of fire in his hand that brightened the well once again.

Peng Da was standing on the spot in daze like a statue with his eye eyes wide open.

Mo Li quickly neared him: "Peng Da, Peng Da! Are you alright?"

Only then did Peng Da react: "Un… uncle, you were correct, this is truly a Gu Immortal inheritance and it is Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance!"

"What, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable?!" Mo Li was shaken, they had a lot of understanding regarding venerable existences as well. Due to the current time and situation, the Gu Immortal world's knowledge was no longer secret among mortals.

Mo Li's gaze turned slightly complicated: "This means to say, Peng Da, you are an otherworldly demon? No wonder the inheritance did not respond to me."

Peng Da felt ashamed: "Uncle, I didn't intentionally conceal it from you. It was just that…"

"Alright." Mo Li waved his hand: "So what if you are an otherworldly demon? You are still Peng Da, the person I know, isn't that so?"

Peng Da was extremely moved and nodded his head quickly: "Yes! Thank you for understanding, uncle."

Mo Li shook his hand: "Alright, alright, you really struck it big this time. Since you inherited the Demon Venerable's inheritance, then use the method to leave here quickly. Ordinary methods are useless here."

Peng Da felt ashamed: "The situation is like this, uncle, although I have many Gu worms, I cannot use them. This is the first time I am seeing these Gu worms and need a lot of practice. Moreover, according to the inheritance, I must use one of the killer moves to leave here."

"Then practise it quickly, ask anything you don't understand, uncle will guide you!"

"Yes, thank you uncle."

"Is there still a need for thanks between us?" Mo Li smiled: "Practise quickly, we don't have much water and food."

As the inheritor, it did not matter if Peng Da ate or drank in the well, but Mo Li could not share the same benefit.

Over the next few days, Peng Da practised without resting. He was only a mortal so the Gu worms he practised with were all mortal Gu.

This was the first time he was coming in contact with these Gu worms, although there were detailed explanations in the inheritance, he still needed to practise and master these Gu worms.

Mo Li helped Peng Da to study and learn, once they had some progress, Peng Da would hand the Gu worms to Mo Li for demonstration and guidance.

Mo Li was an experienced Gu Master, although he did not have the qualifications to inherit the Thieving Heaven true inheritance, he had much more efficient ways to probe these Gu worms.

Finally, Peng Da was barely able to master the usage of several Gu worms and found a way to use a killer move.

"Go on Peng Da, try to succeed in one attempt!" Mo Li encouraged Peng Da.

"Watch this, uncle." Peng Da used the killer move for the first time but it did not succeed.

The killer move activation failed and he suffered backlash, he coughed blood and fell on the ground.

"Peng Da, are you okay?" Mo Li quickly inspected Peng Da's body.

Peng Da squeezed words out through his mouth: "I have disappointed you, uncle. But rest assured, I will definitely… ah!"

Suddenly, his eyes opened wide.

He then looked at his chest with an incredulous expression.

His chest was pierced through by Mo Li's hand, his heart was destroyed because of this sneak attack!

"Un… uncle…" Even more blood started flowing out of Peng Da's mouth.

Mo Li raised his head slowly, his eyes were filled with tears and his expression was extremely twisted, unfamiliarity and fear filled Peng Da's mind.

Mo Li's voice was extremely hoarse: "I want revenge, I want revenge! But the true inheritance chose you, uncle had no other options, Peng Da! You are too young, you practised for so long but you could not even master a killer move. Uncle cannot wait any longer, uncle cannot depend on you."

Mo Li then took out his hand.

Peng Da powerlessly fell onto the ground, his eyes helplessly looking at the entrance of the well.

He was dead.

But Mo Li did not stop, he activated his Gu worms and captured Peng Da's soul.

"Alright, the Thieving Heaven true inheritance is mine now." Mo Li laughed. Peng Da's blood was splattered on his face, his bloodstained face had a dazzling smile.


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