Reverend Insanity
2015 Sand Wolf City“s Huge Change
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2015 Sand Wolf City“s Huge Change

Western Desert.

Wind blew hard and sand flew everywhere. A merchant caravan pulled by camels was moving with difficulty through the barren desert.

"Oh heavens, we finally returned to Sand Wolf City." Inside the caravan, Peng Da spoke with deep emotions as he showed an exhausted expression.

Gu Master Mo Li was sitting on a camel to the side, he looked at Peng Da and laughed: "Kid, your words are quite different from when we moved out the first time."

Peng Da's face flushed a little. When Mo Li had just organized the merchant caravan, Peng Da had been extremely excited and thought the adventure would be amazing and fun.

But after a few caravan trips, Peng Da had already fully realized his former naivety. In this world, peddling was not only difficult and extremely dangerous, it was also extremely tiring. With even some slight carelessness, his fragile life would be lost in the vast and merciless desert.

However, Peng Da's emotions resonated with other Gu Masters in the merchant caravan.

"Yes, we are back home again."

"We did not encounter any danger in this journey, but it was truly exhausting. I am going to take a good bath after returning."

"I am already unable to control myself, I'll go drink my fill at the tavern, hahaha."

Mo Li smiled, he thought of his wife as well as his son, who had changed a lot recently. His son was selected and was heavily cultivated, his prodigal son had truly turned over a new leaf.

These beautiful wonders of life gave Mo Li brand new hope and motivation. Being a caravan merchant was difficult, but he found joy in his own way.

"Wait, something is going on!" The investigative Gu Master who was at the forefront of the caravan suddenly shouted.

Peng Da immediately tensed up while also feeling somewhat strange. According to common sense, this was near Sand Wolf City and there should be no danger here. So why was there the sudden warning?

Mo Li immediately activated his investigative Gu worm, his body slightly stiffened as he shouted: "The situation is strange, rush forward with full speed!"

Peng Da and the rest did not know the reason but seeing Mo Li take the lead, they naturally believed in the merchant caravan leader and followed quickly.

When they got close to Sand Wolf City, they did not even need to use Gu worms to discover the abnormalities.

Puffs of gray smoke curled upwards, there was also fire and a burnt smell in the air that all came from Sand Wolf City.

Everyone in the merchant caravan had a bad feeling as they moved even faster.

Finally, they arrived in front of Sand Wolf City's gate.


"What exactly is going on?!"

"Oh heavens, this is a dream, right? It must be a dream."

Some of the merchant caravan members simply knelt on the ground, some broke down and started crying, even the most stable, leader Mo Li, was standing in a daze.

Peng Da's eyes were wide open as he looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

The flouring Sand Wolf City had now become ruins. There were corpses everywhere, rubble and wreckage littered the roads, fire burned and smoke was everywhere, the scene was too horrible to look at.

Mo Li mumbled when he suddenly jolted, running towards the inner city.

His movement jolted many people, Gu Masters began rushing to their homes.

Peng Da did not have a home so he rode a camel and followed Mo Li.

Mo Li was fast, and with anxiety burning his heart, he directly left Peng Da far behind. Fortunately, Peng Da had returned to Sand Wolf City several times and knew the path to Mo Li's home.

When Peng Da reached Mo Li's home, he saw ruins. Mo Li was kneeling on the ground, silently looking at his wife's corpse that he had dug out.

Peng Da, however, sensed deep sadness from Mo Li's silence.

"How could this be? What exactly happened here?" While Peng Da was sad, even more so, he was bewildered.

As far as he was concerned, Sand Wolf City was a large city with many Gu Masters stationed here, but it was actually destroyed and turned into a city devoid of life!

What kind of strength could have the power to destroy the whole of Sand Wolf City?

Was it a qi tide disaster?

But it did not look like that at all from the traces.

"This world is truly too dangerous. People are living in danger, even Gu Masters are the same. There is simply no safe place." Peng Da felt his insignificance growing increasingly.

He looked at Mo Li who was kneeling like a statue and opened his mouth several times before finally saying: "Uncle, we need to pull ourselves together. Don't forget you still have a son."

These words shook Mo Li, his eyes lit up with some hope once again.

"Peng Da, thank you for your reminder! My son is still in the inner city area, he is a Gu Immortal seed and is heavily nurtured. He must be okay, he has to be guarded properly! Let's go find him!"

Mo Li carried his wife's corpse and rushed towards the inner city area with Peng Da.

The whole inner city area had turned into a huge crater.

The inner city area — was gone!

Several caravan members were standing at the edge of the crater, watching it blankly.

Mo Li walked towards them and looked at the huge crater in front of him, his face turned extremely pale and his lips trembled, unable to say anything.

Peng Da took in a sharp breath of air, he could see this huge crater was a beast's footprint. Such a large footprint meant this beast was unimaginably huge!

"This is not man-made."

"A beast calamity!"

"A mountain sized beast attacked Sand Wolf City and killed everyone!"

The caravan members analyzed and started weeping again.

Mo Li fell into deathly silence and Peng Da did not know how to console him. Mo Li once had a beautiful home and now it was all gone, only he himself was remaining.

As far as Mo Li was concerned, as far as the surviving caravan members were concerned, fate was simply too cruel!


Just at this time, there was a sonic boom in the sky above everyone.

This sound immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"Could it be that the giant beast did not leave?" Peng Da quickly raised his head and saw two figures floating in the sky.

"Gu Immortals!" The other Gu Masters shouted.

"Disaster befell this place as well." The Gu Immortals in the sky talked, their voices echoing and spreading below, they did not conceal it.

"This damned beast, it has caused my Mo clan to suffer such disastrous losses. Wait until I capture it, I will pull out its tendons and flay its skin to ease my anger." Another Gu Immortal said in fury.

"Let's go, we will catch up to it soon." The two Gu Immortals quickly flew away.

The Gu Masters on the ground were silent for a while when someone suddenly started to cry out loud.

"Father, mother, you died so miserably. I, your son, cannot avenge you, but the immortals will uphold justice for you!"

Peng Da was silent, his mood was extremely heavy. At this moment, he suddenly had a realization: Even if one becomes a Gu Master, even if they are a rank five Gu Master, what use is it? Only by becoming a Gu Immortal could they have some sort of control over their own fate in this world.

"I want to follow them to take a look." Mo Li suddenly said with a resolute expression.

"Leader, are you crazy?" The surrounding Gu Masters quickly persuaded.

Mo Li's attitude was firm: "I am incompetent! I cannot avenge my wife and child, but I will stake all my strength to see the death of the culprit with my own two eyes! If I can't even grasp this chance, even if I live on, I will feel regret for the rest of my life!"

These words resonated with the remaining Gu Masters, they agreed and expressed that they wanted to move alongside Mo Li to see justice being upheld.

"Uncle, I also want to follow you." Peng Da said.

"You should stay behind, kid." Mo Li's expression softened somewhat as he looked at Peng Da.

Peng Da smiled bitterly: "Uncle, you have saved me time and time again, you are my closest person in this world. Since I followed you, I will definitely not separate with you at this crucial moment. Let me continue to follow you, uncle!"

Mo Li looked deeply at Peng Da for a good while before nodding and saying with a hoarse voice: "Then follow me, rascal."

The group of Gu Masters followed the direction the Gu Immortals flew towards and left the ruins of Sand Wolf City.

On the way, the footprints of the giant beast was exceptionally obvious, which kept them on the correct path.

They rushed like this for a day and a night when they suddenly heard thunder in the horizon.

"This is not thunder, it is the fight between the Gu Immortals and the giant beast!"

"Listen closely, you can vaguely hear a beast's howl."

The Gu Masters were excited as they sped up, wanting to get closer.

But at this time, a dark qi current sprayed out like a rainbow crossing the sky.

A thread of the qi current fell near the Gu Masters. A trace of the dark qi brushed past a Gu Master's shoulder.

That Gu Master suddenly cried out in terror, his skin and muscles started rotting and he soon melted into a white skeleton!

Everyone was horrified at this shocking change and quickly escaped in all directions.

Fortunately, the dark qi dispersed with the wind and did not linger.

"It is too dangerous to go closer!"

"This is only the aftereffect of the fight between the Gu Immortals and the giant beast, we have no strength to resist it."

"If we move in any closer, we will lose our lives."

Most of the Gu Masters stopped and turned back.

"I still want to try it. You can leave." Mo Li was the only remaining Gu Master.

Peng Da still wanted to follow him, but this time, Mo Li's attitude was firm, he drove him away.

Alone, Mo Li moved some distance with difficulty, when he climbed up a sand dune and looked, he could not help taking in a sharp breath at what he saw.

Far away in the horizon, dark fog covered everywhere.

The fog was clearly the dark qi current from earlier. In the dark fog, Mo Li could vaguely see a figure of a mountain-sized beast as well as the occasional lightning flashes.

Mo Li breathed in deeply and was about to continue moving forward when he was suddenly hugged from behind.

"Uncle, do you want to die? Don't go any forward, you will lose your life!" Peng Da shouted.

"Brat, why haven't you left yet?" Mo Li was furious.

Peng Da said with sincerity: "Uncle, you are my benefactor, how can I forget your kindness and watch you send yourself to death's door? I know you want to die, your condition is not right, I have been following you all the way but you were unable to discover me! Uncle, live on, don't kill yourself!"

But Mo Li was not persuaded: "Brat, get lost!"

"I won't!"

"Screw off——! This has nothing to do with you. You are still young and have a long life ahead of you, don't come here to die."

"Uncle, I will save you!"

"I don't need you to save me, even if I die, I will stake my life to take revenge. Even if it is an insignificant attack, as long as it lands on that damned beast, I will be satisfied!!"


Just as the two were bickering, a hurricane flew over from the battle on the horizon.

The hurricane was like a pillar that connected heaven and earth, it moved quickly towards the two.

"Damn it!" Peng Da and Mo Li simply did not have the time to dodge and were swept away by the hurricane.

The two insignificant figures disappeared into the violent hurricane in an instant.


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