Reverend Insanity
2013 Survival Through Death
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2013 Survival Through Death

Xiao Qi Xing's group strolled along the streets.

The huge battle had just ended, the flourishing and bustling street had turned into a scene of desolation, with no pedestrians moving around. Even if there were, they were mostly injured ones.

"Fang Di Chang is not worthy of being in Western Desert's righteous path! He slaughtered innocents and caused many deaths. Letting him die like this is really letting him go easy." Chen Da Jiang said hatefully.

Ying Sheng Ji sighed as he added: "Yes, this was once a place filled with rich vitality."

"Hehehe. You guys are truly funny." Wei Wu Shang laughed: "This is only a painting world, it is Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's killer move. The people here are not real existences. No matter how many are dead or injured, after a few years, it will be restored back to normal."

"Yes. Compared to these things, I am more curious about the rewards the sects will give us!" Gu Ting said.

Xiao Qi Xing's eyes brightened: "We killed an immortal as mortals, and even got rid of the hidden disaster in Divine Emperor City. With such a huge contribution, not only our sects, even Heavenly Court should personally reward us, right? Hahaha!"

Xiao Qi Xing laughed heartily and was inwardly pleased.

He had the best performance and had contributed the most in putting down the divine bean soldiers and eliminating Fang Di Chang.

In terms of rewards based on contribution, he would be at the top!

In an alley which the group passed by, two beggars were sitting at a corner, looking at everything with indifference.

The behaviors of these ten great ancient sects' Gu Immortal seeds naturally fell into these two beggars' view.

"I owe my thanks to you, Brother Shen." One beggar transmitted his voice.

The other beggar laughed: "Should I address you as Fang Yuan, or Fang Di Chang?"

The other beggar replied: "I am only a clone, and strictly speaking, I can't even be considered a clone now, I am only a remnant will. So, you don't need to address me as Fang Yuan. As for Fang Di Chang, he is already dead, having died by self-detonation. I am a nameless person now, just a lowly beggar remains."

Shen Shang's eyes shone: "You are too modest. Even without me, you were already prepared to use death to escape."

The other beggar nodded, not denying it: "In my previous plan, if I could occupy and seize the painting worlds with the divine bean soldiers, it would have been the best result. But the chance for this was not high. By preempting the actions to take after defeat, I was naturally prepared for everything. Self-detonation destroyed my body and soul, but this will was secretly left behind."

Pausing for a moment, Fang Yuan's will continued: "I have to thank you for your help regardless. If I relied on just my methods, there is a high probability of Genesis Lotus' will discovering me. But with you shielding me, it is a completely different case. Shen Shang, your human path attainment continues to grow by the day."

Shen Shang chuckled: "That is true. Since the fate war, after I deciphered the venerable human path killer moves, my human path attainment rose quite a bit. And after I arrived in this painting world, I acted as a beggar, observing and experiencing life which gave me a lot of insight. A beggar has a beggar's advantage; beggars stand at the lowest level of society, they can observe the attitudes of people, experience kindness and harshness, feel hunger and fullness, warmth and cold."

Shen Shang then changed the topic, asking: "What do you plan to do now? Leave here or continue to stay?"

Fang Yuan's will did not hesitate: "I am unable to leave here. Even if only a will remains of me now, it has only temporarily escaped the observation of Genesis Lotus' will and has not grasped a way to leave. What about you?"

Shen Shang also shook his head: "I also haven't found the method to leave. I have already secretly checked those Gu Immortal seeds of the ten great ancient sects. They are able to enter and exit here because they have obtained the approval of Genesis Lotus' will. But I believe that as long as I continue to stay in hiding and research, my human path attainment will continue to accumulate and attain a qualitative change. By that time, I can find a method to leave this place."

Fang Yuan's will looked deeply at Shen Shang, he could see Shen Shang was happy to stay in here.

However, when Fang Yuan thought of it, it was also not strange.

Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable had made this huge move, he created a special small world to develop human path.

Over here, human path was supreme and other paths were secondary. Human path had the greatest development while other paths had little progress.

At the same time, this world followed the rules of the mortal world, there was an insignificant gap between immortals and mortals, which was more beneficial for the development of human path.

Moreover, the inside and outside were separated, when outsiders came here, they would be isolated from the five regions and could not even connect to treasure yellow heaven. This stopped information from spreading outside or entering and corrupting the people here. Thus, it created an isolated sacred land of human path.

Shen Shang primarily cultivated human path. In here, he was like a gluttonous monster that saw absolutely rare delicacies, he was like a fish in water and even felt deeply attached to this place.

Fang Yuan's will was currently possessing a body, it was created from Shen Shang's beggar Gu.

He had two choices in front of him now. One was to wait for the main body to rescue him, the other was to cultivate alongside Shen Shang and use Shen Shang's strength to get free.

All the information concerning the divine bean soldier calamity was gathered in Qin Ding Ling's hands.

"Fang Di Chang died by self-detonation?" Qin Ding Ling frowned.

This result somewhat disappointed Qin Ding Ling, she had been hoping to capture this clone of Fang Yuan alive. And through him, deduce the location of Fang Yuan's main body.

"I did not expect Fang Yuan's clone to resolutely kill himself, but this also conforms to Fang Yuan's vicious personality." Qin Ding Ling did not hold much doubts.

"If we could capture him alive, that would have been better. In the painting world, the gap between immortals and mortals is not big. Unfortunately, these Gu Immortal seeds have not grown enough and were unable to grasp the opportunity." Qin Ding Ling sighed inwardly.

Xiao Qi Xing's group thought they made important contributions by slaughtering an immortal, but in her mind, Qin Ding Ling reviewed it poorly.

However, even so, Qin Ding Ling decided to reward these Gu Immortal seeds heavily. They were important cultivation targets after all.

After dealing with the matter of rewards, Qin Ding Ling put her attention on Eastern Sea's conflict once again.

Eastern Sea's conflict was the clash between humans and variant humans.

One side was led by Qi Sea Ancestor while the other was led by Wu Shuai. They had fought several times in the immemorial two heavens as well as sea areas of Eastern Sea, and the battles were becoming increasingly fierce.

After Qi Sea Ancestor saved Profound Literature grotto-heaven, he united several grotto-heaven forces in the two heavens.

Although Wu Shuai was defeated, he was not willing to show any weakness. On one hand, he gathered the forces of the two heavens that joined him, on the other hand, he ambushed and invaded those grotto-heaven forces that wanted to wait and see.

Wu Shuai's direction was extremely clear and blunt.

Before attacking the five regions, he must clean up the two heavens to stabilize their base.

On one hand, this was because the distance between the two heavens' grotto-heavens was short and they could dispatch troops easily. If Wu Shuai ignored this, when the main army was outside in the future, the grotto-heavens only needed to pose an attack and it could cause Wu Shuai's army to end up losing their home ground.

On the other hand, qi harvest fruits of various sizes had appeared in grotto-heavens of Wu Shuai's subordinates. Every time Wu Shuai attacked another grotto-heaven, he would test the variant human Gu Immortals' suggestions to get rid of the qi harvest fruits. Wu Shuai's side was in dire need of such trial and error.

Because of Wu Shuai's violent strategy, more and more human forces in the two heavens sought Qi Sea Ancestor's protection.

Qi Sea Ancestor defended the grotto-heavens while integrating various forces. But on the whole, they were still at a disadvantage.

Wu Shuai's two heavens alliance was strengthening at a much faster speed than Qi Sea Ancestor's.

He was actively protecting the variant humans' benefits, which caused increasingly more variant human grotto-heavens to join him. In the two heavens, variant human grotto-heavens were much larger in numbers than human grotto-heavens.

The final batch of variant human forces who adopted the thought of waiting and seeing took the initiative to side with Wu Shuai. On one hand, they were forced to because of the situation, on the other hand, if they did not surrender, there was no hope in resolving the hidden danger of the qi harvest fruits in their grotto-heavens.

Wu Shuai's prestige soared but the qi harvest fruit's issue was still troubling him. The two heavens alliance tested many methods but they had all failed in eliminating qi harvest fruits.

Over at Qi Sea Ancestor's side, the progress in researching the mysteries of qi harvest fruit was also quite slow.

Wu Shuai's and Qi Sea Ancestor's sides fought frequently, but there were not many casualties. It was because both sides were not focused on eliminating the other side, but on clearing up the danger of the qi harvest fruits.

"The one who knows the most about the mysteries of the qi harvest fruit is probably Demon Immortal Qi Jue. Unfortunately my strength is restrained at present and unable to deal with him." Fang Yuan sighed in pity.

He had already resolved the huge problem of heaven's will, but he still had no clue as to how to refine heaven path dao marks.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue, who Fang Yuan was thinking about, had currently arrived at Western Desert.

"It should be nearby." Demon Immortal Qi Jue flew low and searched everywhere.

He did not succeed in borrowing Gu from Qi Sea Ancestor, so he used qi path investigative methods to search for other qi path Immortal Gu.

And on this search, he found several qi path Immortal Gu.

These qi path Immortal Gu were mostly wild Immortal Gu, they were naturally born after enormous qi tides, as for the rest, they were looted from other Gu Immortals.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue did not go overboard, he only looted qi path Immortal Gu and spared the Gu Immortals.

Moving and stopping along the way, Demon Immortal Qi Jue gradually left Eastern Sea and arrived at Western Desert.

"I deduced that a qi path Immortal Gu is near here." Just as Demon Immortal Qi Jue was mumbling, a Gu Immortal suddenly appeared within his investigative range.

Rank eight Gu Immortal, Red Heart Traveler!


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