Reverend Insanity
2011 Divine Bean Soldier Calamity
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2011 Divine Bean Soldier Calamity

Divine Emperor City.

Inside the painting, Fang Di Chang waved his hand, immediately, a large amount of white sand flew out and scattered around.

The white sand fell on the ground and immediately melted into puddles of milk that seeped into the ground.

Blop blop….

Air bubbles rose from the ground, the beans buried under the ground devoured the milk and grew rapidly.

In three minutes, Fang Di Chang expended the small amount of rank eight immortal material milk sand he had. The barren land became extremely fertile and green bean sprouts broke out of the ground surface.

"Again." Fang Di Chang took out a snow path immortal material.

The immortal material was thrown to the air and was digested by Divine Emperor City, turning into broken lightning rays that covered the whole bean field.

The broken lightning slightly touched the tender bean sprouts and agitated their growth potential, the bean sprouts began growing with a visible speed.

"Continue." After the lightning rays dissipated, Fang Di Chang took out the third immortal material.

Time continued to pass, about three days and three nights later, Fang Di Chang slowly stopped his actions.

He looked at the field, the beans had already grown into divine bean soldiers. They were standing in rows, silent and still like statues as they waited for Fang Di Chang's orders.

Fang Di Chang sighed, thinking: "This is the last batch of divine bean soldiers. My immortal materials are basically all spent."

As a clone of Fang Yuan, after Fang Di Chang was schemed by Genesis Lotus' will, he had been trapped in the painting.

Over this period of time after the fate war, he had been waiting for his main body to rescue him while using all his strength to accumulate troops.

But even by now, the main body had not come to save him, Fang Di Chang could only prepare to save himself.

He was now trapped in the painting, unable to contact the main body and even unable to access treasure yellow heaven. But he had refined Divine Bean Palace, so he still held a portion of the authority. This was the reason Genesis Lotus' will was unable to do anything to him in a short period of time.

Fang Di Chang used this authority to borrow Divine Bean Palace's strength in cultivating divine bean soldiers.

He was constantly accumulating divine bean soldiers, and now, their size had already reached an enormous scale.

"It is time, move out, invade and seize control of all the paintings!" Fang Di Chang gave a command without any hesitation. The divine bean soldier army began to set out.

They split into countless divisions as they moved towards the edge of the painting and invaded other painting worlds.

Outside Emperor City was a large farmland, wheat billowed in the autumn wind and many farmers were harvesting them.

"This year is an abundant year!"

"Yes, every family has made good harvests."

"What is this noise?"

The farmers were talking happily when they suddenly heard strange sounds and were bewildered.

A group of over three hundred divine bean soldiers charged into this painting world.

They discovered these farmers and behaved like sharks that smelled blood, they moved extremely quickly and killed anyone they saw.


"There are monsters, run!"

"Spare me. Spare…."


Blood splattered everywhere, the last farmer's head and body were separated, falling into a pool of blood.

Divine bean soldiers killed all the humans and occupied this painting world.

At another painting outside of Emperor City.

It was spring and the scenery was beautiful.

A large group of scholars, students and young ladies went for an outing.

In the midst of their joyful talks, several divine bean soldiers appeared suddenly, causing the girls to scream.

"They dare to offend our young ladies!"

"What are these things?"

The scholars and students looked curiously as the guards surrounded the divine bean soldiers.

The divine bean soldiers began to attack, the guards were already on guard so the battle went to a standstill.

"These strange things have bad intentions!"

"Where did these things come out from?"

"Forget that, let's talk after killing them first."

The scholars and the students cooperated with the Gu Master guards and attacked, killing these divine bean soldiers without wasting much energy.

But soon, an army of a thousand divine bean soldiers arrived in this painting world.

This time, the guards, scholars and students were unable to resist, after a bitter struggle, most of them were killed and stepped on mercilessly by the divine bean soldiers, while a small portion retreated from this painting world and managed to survive.

Each divine bean soldier had extraordinary strength and was at least of desolate beast level, but in the painting world, they had to follow its rules, where the gap between immortal and mortal was minuscule.

Moreover, divine bean soldiers were transported to other painting worlds randomly, so their scales were not equal.

Fang Di Chang made a heavy attack but the divine bean soldier army was scattered everywhere and engaged in their respective invasions. Thus, some divine bean soldiers made good progress, some met strong resistance, while some were directly annihilated by the Gu Masters in the painting world.

Even so, Fang Di Chang soon revealed a satisfied smile.

"My guess was right."

"Divine Bean Palace's paintings are connected with Emperor City's paintings. Although I am sealed here, my divine bean soldiers originated from Divine Bean Palace and are of the same origin as the whole of Divine Emperor City, so they can move out."

"The more painting worlds these divine bean soldiers occupy, the more control I will have over Divine Emperor City. After gaining a certain amount of control, I can even go a step further and suppress Genesis Lotus' will, becoming the owner of Divine Emperor City!"

Fang Di Chang's huge move this time made the Gu Immortal seeds, sent by Heavenly Court into Divine Emperor City's painting world, gather and discuss a plan.

"What is going on with these divine bean soldiers?" Chen Da Jiang frowned.

Sun Yao's eyes were red: "I also don't know, these monsters appeared and began killing wantonly, they are extremely vicious. Those pitiful beggars and homeless people were all killed by these monsters."

"Maybe this is our fortuitous encounter or maybe it is a test?" Tang Ru Qi guessed.

Ying Sheng Ji frowned: "I killed many divine bean soldiers, but I have not made any gains until now."

Wei Wu Shang analyzed calmly: "Divine bean soldiers are a product of Divine Bean Palace, according to rumors, Gu Immortals can raise these wood path soldiers in a large scale in Divine Bean Palace. When it is time to battle, the Gu Immortal can release them to fight the enemies. Previously, when Divine Bean Palace was with Western Desert, they scattered a large number of divine bean soldiers to fight our Central Continent's ten great ancient sects."

"So what is the reason behind these divine bean soldiers' sudden appearance?" Zhao Shu Ye asked.

Wei Wu Shang shook his head: "I don't know, it has been some time since we arrived here but the painting world here is too vast and profound, we don't know a lot of its secrets."

"What is the point of trying to figure out the reason?" Right at this time, Xiao Qi Xing walked over.

"Ah, it is Brother Xiao."

"What information do you have? Or do you know the truth of the matter?"

These Gu Immortal seeds asked one after the other, they thought highly of Xiao Qi Xing because he had the best progress among them.

He mixed into the military faction and continued to advance in ranks and was already a junior officer now.

Xiao Qi Xing said: "I don't care about the reason behind these divine bean soldiers' appearance, I only know the higher-ups have sent the order to mobilize the army to exterminate these divine bean soldiers. This time, I am leading my troops alone and need assistance. We will cooperate and kill these divine bean soldiers. There will definitely be rewards after the battle."

"It is fine with me. These monsters should be killed!" Chen Da Jiang said.

Sun Yao nodded: "These divine bean soldiers are too vicious, they are simply disregarding human lives. I will take revenge for those pitiful beggars and homeless people."

"Count me in too." Zhao Shu Ye also expressed her stance.

Soon, all of these Gu Immortals agreed and temporarily joined Xiao Qi Xing as his subordinates.

Xiao Qi Xing laughed heartily, he was pleased and proud with this huge increase in strength and manpower: "Move out! Let us kill these divine bean soldiers."


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