Reverend Insanity
2010 Influencing The Five Regions
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2010 Influencing The Five Regions

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

A tea ceremony was in session.

Old Immortal Hua Yu sat on the lower seat while he let Fang Yuan have the main seat.

Fang Yuan used Qi Sea Ancestor's identity to talk with the Gu Immortals, obtaining first hand information regarding the part of white heaven above Eastern Sea.

There were not just Profound Literature grotto-heaven's Gu Immortals who participated in the tea ceremony. After Qi Sea Ancestor repelled the enemies, Gu Immortals continued to arrive to reinforce them.

These Gu Immortals were from the surrounding forces and were late in reinforcing Profound Literature grotto-heaven, but Old Immortal Hua Yu asked them to stay and join this tea ceremony regardless.

Qi Sea Ancestor said frankly: He had already allied with Heavenly Court and wanted to recruit the human forces in the two heavens, to fight against Wu Shuai's variant human alliance and defend the righteous path of humanity.

Old Immortal Hua Yu was naturally the first to support it, the other forces also responded quite passionately. Many of the Gu Immortals even express their willingness to join Qi Sea Ancestor's faction to fight Wu Shuai's violent and lawless alliance.

Some Gu Immortals hesitated while many others had to report to their superiors to come to a decision.

The tea ceremony ended. Fang Yuan was quite satisfied with the result.

The first step was important if he wanted to interfere in the two heavens' grotto-heavens. With Wu Shuai's active cooperation, almost all the two heaven's Gu Immortals recognized Wu Shuai's might and felt insecure. Everyone realized they could not evade this calamity because even a powerful force like Profound Literature grotto-heaven was almost exterminated. If not for Qi Sea Ancestor lending a hand, Profound Literature grotto-heaven would have ceased to exist.

Chaotic times were coming and no one could stay out of it. Only by stepping on the waves of chaos could they survive and grow stronger.

Qi Sea Ancestor needed only slight effort to persuade five grotto-heaven forces. Of course, it would take some more effort to integrate them. And important details like profit distribution and other rules had yet to be finalized.

Even so, Qi Sea Ancestor's action had already caused a huge change in the two heavens' forces, even affecting the overall situation of the conflict between humanity and the variant human races.

Fang Yuan naturally would not conceal this news, the moment the tea ceremony ended, he spread this news in treasure yellow heaven.

In an instant, the Gu Immortal world of the five regions was shaken.

Some sighed at the changing state of the world and the impending chaos, some praised Qi Sea Ancestor's righteous move and felt he could shoulder the responsibility to lead humanity, some were guessing Wu Shuai's next move, and some were thinking of Eastern Sea's political situation. Qi Sea Ancestor was publicly recognized as the most powerful expert in Eastern Sea, now that he was so close with Heavenly Court, how would Eastern Sea's righteous path forces face this relationship?

The five regional walls were gone, the independent five regions merged into one, changes in any one side could change the whole situation of the five regions. Every move of an expert with an identity and status like Qi Sea Ancestor could deeply influence the whole world.

Eastern Sea, Shen clan.

"Are there still no clues on Ancestor Shen Shang's whereabouts?" Shen Cong Sheng sighed: "I don't blame you, qi tides are appearing everywhere, Divine Emperor City is a very tightly protected area."

A Shen clan Gu Immortal asked: "First supreme elder, Qi Sea Ancestor has already allied with Heavenly Court now, they even handed over the latter half of Primordial Origin's true inheritance. What should we do?"

Shen Cong Sheng replied: "I have already discussed this with Song Qi Yuan, Hua Cai Yun, and other first supreme elders. Qi Sea Ancestor is our Eastern Sea's expert, he cannot be recruited by Heavenly Court. Every clan will take out a portion of cultivation resources from their treasuries and gather them into a big gift to build a good relationship with Ancestor."

Shen clan's Gu Immortal nodded, not objecting to it.

Qi Sea Ancestor was the most valuable existence to rope in, besides his battle strength, it was also because he cultivated qi path.

Currently, Eastern Sea's super forces were thinking of developing qi path and they would have double the results if they could get Qi Sea Ancestor's help in this aspect.

Fang Yuan put on a great show before, everyone in Gu Immortal world thought Qi Sea Ancestor liked to give guidance and support the younger generation. This made Eastern Sea's super forces feel there was a high possibility in this matter.

Western Desert, Fang clan's headquarters.

Fang Gong's expression was dark: "We are willing to pay such a huge price but Heavenly Court still doesn't want to release Fang Di Chang?"

One of the gathered Fang clan Gu Immortals said: "First supreme elder, in my opinion, Heavenly Court is not sincere at all, they are just stalling for time and fooling us."

"Hmph!" Fang Gong slammed his right fist on the table.

He was furious but helpless.

In the fate war, Fang clan's losses were the largest. Not only did they lose Divine Bean Palace, even their strategist Fang Di Chang was captured by the enemy and there was no news of him until now.

Fang clan naturally thought Fang Di Chang was captured by Heavenly Court. Thereupon, they secretly contacted Heavenly Court and wanted to pay a huge price to redeem Fang Di Chang.

But Heavenly Court had all along been stalling their request.

Fang Di Chang was extremely important to Fang clan, without him, Fang clan would be without a strategist.

After Fang clan refined Divine Bean Palace, they had the possibility of raising their status and becoming the leader of Western Desert's righteous path. But Divine Bean Palace and Fang Di Chang were gone, destroying Fang clan's dream of becoming the leader.

Fang Gong was in a very bad mood, especially after hearing of Qi Sea Ancestor's actions.

"Qi Sea Ancestor has already begun to lead Eastern Sea, but me? Fang clan? We are just stagnating at the same spot! Sigh…" Fang Gong felt helpless.

The only thing that gave him some joy was that Fang Di Chang had already prepared for the future and had passed on Fang clan's wisdom path inheritance to Fang Yun.

"Since Heavenly Court is not willing to release Fang Di Chang, we can only prioritize on cultivating Fang Yun." Fang Gong made the decision.

They could not wait any longer.

Time waits for no one!

Cultivating a Gu Immortal, especially a competent wisdom path Gu Immortal, required a long time.

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

Qin Ding Ling looked at the intel and smiled, muttering to herself: "Fang clan is actually willing to pay such a huge price to buy back Fang Di Chang. If they knew Fang Di Chang was already replaced and is now Fang Yuan's clone, what would they feel?"

Heavenly Court already knew of Fang Di Chang's identity.

The current Divine Emperor City was guarded by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's will. He had already informed Qin Ding Ling of this.

Although Fang Di Chang was sealed in Divine Bean Palace's painting, he had a portion of the authority and was resisting stubbornly, even Genesis Lotus' will could do nothing about it.

"But it will be over soon." Qin Ding Ling smiled: "That earlier batch of Gu Immortal seeds we sent in are developing extremely well, they already possess strength to defeat Fang Di Chang. As long as we capture him, we can use the close connection between him and Fang Yuan to search for the location of Fang Yuan's main body."

Spectral Soul was secretly searching for Fang Yuan's main body, Heavenly Court was doing the same as well.

Qin Ding Ling knew Fang Yuan was in a poor state currently and it was the best time to kill Fang Yuan. If they could kill Fang Yuan, not only would it restore Heavenly Court's reputation, there would even be enormous spoils of war. Be it the various inheritances on Fang Yuan, his Gu worms, his sovereign immortal aperture, secluded domains of heaven and earth, and so on, they were all things Heavenly Court wanted.

Qin Ding Ling was taking control of Heavenly Court in place of Fairy Zi Wei, although she was only a luck path Gu Immortal, she tried her best and was busy everyday, her hard work was showing results.

Internally, Heavenly Court was leading the ten great ancient sects, actively cultivating talents and recovering their strength.

Externally, Heavenly Court was allying with Eastern Sea, they roped in Qi Sea Ancestor first but the price was half of Primordial Origin's true inheritance. They would soon capture Fang Di Chang, and their hopes of capturing Fang Yuan's main body were even higher than Spectral Soul!

"Everything will get better."

"My Heavenly Court is and will continue to be the supreme leader of humanity!"


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