Reverend Insanity
2008 All Destroyed!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2008 All Destroyed!

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

"Xiao Bai, here will do." In the small path between mountains, Teacher Jiang stopped and spoke to Li Xiao Bai.

Li Xiao Bai showed sadness and reluctance: "I was able to survive in the capital city all thanks to teacher's guidance and help. I will engrave this kindness in my heart and never forget it. But after this separation, I wonder when I can see teacher again!"

"You." Teacher Jiang sighed and patted Li Xiao Bai's shoulder, encouraging him: "Although you lost in this world poetry competition, your poems have already spread far and wide. Everyone knows your talent is worthy of the title of a great scholar. Moreover, Su Qi Han has already returned, the capital city is the arena for you to display your talents. Go back, teacher will look forward to your performance."

Li Xiao Bai bid farewell to Teacher Jiang with eyes full of tears.

Li Xiao Bai rode a horse through the mountain path that was covered with trees while pondering about his future.

He lost in the world poetry competition, although his earlier performances were exceptional.

Like he had expected, he ran into Teacher Jiang in the later stage. This made Li Xiao Bai fall into an awkward situation — if he won against his teacher, his morals and character would be criticized and there would definitely be a tide of hateful remarks.

Li Xiao Bai had wanted to use his next chance to continue passing through the stages. But he kept on running into his teacher again and again.

Teacher Jiang was also helpless, in fact, he also did not want to succeed by stepping on his own student. But he had to grab onto every chance because he had also probed the biggest meaning behind the world poetry competition.

Li Xiao Bai ran into Teacher Jiang time and again, his hands were tied and he eventually lost the competition.

Although he felt pity about this, Li Xiao Bai felt thankful as well: "My previous performances were too exceptional and even excessive. If I were to succeed like this, there would definitely be a detailed investigation done on me. Even if I passed the investigation, because I don't have a good background and am not a renowned person, I am very likely to be schemed against. Many people are coveting this opportunity to become an immortal, how could they let it fall into a minor character's hand?"

The world poetry competition's selections looked extremely fair, but in fact, where there were people, there would be conflicts of interests and many deals going on behind the scenes.

Just look at the list of candidates that passed the world poetry competition's selection, they were either influential officials or renowned people, even the so-called dark horses have extraordinary roots and background.

"It doesn't matter that I am not selected in this world poetry competition, there will be a second selection in the future."

"Even if there is no second world poetry competition, don't tell me I cannot become an immortal by relying on myself?"

"Hmm, what smell is this, it is so fragrant!"

Just as Li Xiao Bai was thinking, a delicate fragrance broke his train of thoughts.

This fragrance was really pleasing and smelled like the inky fragrance of a book.

Li Xiao Bai was immediately curious, how could there be such a fragrance in this mountain's forest?

He rode the horse and followed the fragrance to its source.

After riding for a while, dense bush blocked the path ahead, Li Xiao Bai had no choice but to get off the horse and continue on his feet.

The fragrance became increasingly strong as Li Xiao Bai moved deep into the forest, he knew he was going in the right direction and was getting closer to the source of the fragrance.

Finally, he brushed aside some leaves and found a pine tree.

This pine tree was covered with pine cones and these pine cones were releasing the dense book fragrance. And on the branch of the tree, there was an exquisite and unique brown tree-house.

"Is someone living here? A mountain hermit?" Li Xiao Bai carefully approached and called out: "I am Student Li Xiao Bai, I accidentally passed through here and took the liberty to pay a visit. Please don't blame me, sage in the mountain."

But there was no sound from the treehouse.

Li Xiao Bai called out several times but there was still no reply. Seeing that there seemed to be no one in the treehouse, he walked towards the pine tree.

When he reached the pine tree, Li Xiao Bai made another discovery. The treehouse was not constructed on the tree, but was integrated into the tree, like it had directly grown from the tree.

Li Xiao Bai wanted to enter the treehouse to probe, but after circling around the tree, he found that the treehouse was completely integrated, with only windows but no doors.

"What do I do?" Li Xiao Bai thought and subconsciously placed his hand on the tree trunk.

Suddenly, the bark let out crisp sounds as it transformed. In an instant, a spiral staircase appeared around the tree trunk that moved towards the treehouse.

And a door appeared on the treehouse as well.

Li Xiao Bai only hesitated for a bit before stepping on the stairs and walking to the treehouse.

There were three rows of bookcases in the treehouse that were standing against the three walls. In the compartments of the bookcases were many Gu worms.

"Book fragrance spreads, talented scholars smell. Book house inheritance shall be left to the fated." At this time, information was transmitted to Li Xiao Bai's mind.

Li Xiao Bai inspected it and felt joyous.

"So this is an information path inheritance."

"Although it is only a Gu Master inheritance with no Immortal Gu, there are various rank four and many rank five Gu worms. There is also detailed cultivation instruction, forming a complete system which suits me."

"Speaking of which, my luck has been improving recently. Looks like my main body has already stabilized the situation."

This inheritance was a peak level Gu Master inheritance, not only did it have many Gu worms, the pine tree itself was an exceptional mortal Gu House — Book House.

Li Xiao Bai stored Book House and returned back the way he came. He smoothly found his horse and hurried back to the capital city.

At the peak of the mountain, two figures were standing.

One immortal and one mortal.

The immortal was Hua Song, the mortal was rank five Gu Master Teacher Jiang.

Teacher Jiang had witnessed the whole process of Li Xiao Bai obtaining the inheritance and was extremely grateful: "Teacher, many thanks for helping my student."

It turned out that Teacher Jiang's teacher was Hua Song.

Hua Song smiled: "He is your student, according to the relationship, he is my grand-disciple. He belongs to our faction, how can I ignore him? When the world poetry competition started, I already noticed him. He clearly had the strength to pass the stages, but because he ran into you, he chose to limit himself. I had been hoping for you two, teacher and disciple, to succeed in passing the competition, but his luck seems to be quite bad, he ran into you again and again during the crucial rounds and was finally eliminated."

"I am at fault." Teacher Jiang lowered his head.

"Hahaha." Hua Song patted Teacher Jiang's shoulder: "You are really outstanding for being able to teach such a superb student. If this Li Xiao Bai had disregarded his teacher for fame and defeated you in front of everyone, I would have punished this kid severely. But he prioritizes this teacher and student relationship, his character is excellent. Although he failed this time, there is no harm in it."

"It is this child's fortune to be noticed by teacher. Just that, teacher, why didn't you…." Teacher Jiang hesitated.

Hua Song sighed: "Although I am the host of the world poetry competition, if I were to act in favor of my personal gain, I would be criticized by other Gu Immortals and lose my reputation in front of Old Lord Hua Yu."

"Moreover, Li Xiao Bai is still too young, he lacks tempering. If he suddenly became an immortal, it might lead to misfortune because of this good fortune. He should still continue to accumulate experience in the mortal world, a jade stone is useless if it is not polished."

"Teacher is right, I was thinking too simplistically." Teacher Jiang wholeheartedly admired his teacher and said excitedly: "I understand teacher's effort. Teacher, you don't want me to bear the feeling of guilt, so you gave Li Xiao Bai such a great inheritance, right?"

"It is good that you know that." Hua Song smiled: "You are my student, you were selected this time and will be nurtured to become an immortal. You must concentrate wholeheartedly and not split your attention because of other matters. Concentrate on cultivation, don't ruin my reputation."

"Yes, teacher, I will definitely use all my strength!" Teacher Jiang cupped his hands and bowed solemnly.

Although Profound Literature grotto-heaven maintained neutrality and was not willing to participate in any fights, they understood chaotic times were coming so they did not hold back in cultivating Gu Immortals.

Teacher Jiang and others were handled and given plenty of resources with many Gu Immortals guiding them personally.

Teacher Jiang studied and practised hard everyday, using his time to the fullest.

Despite him using all his strength to study, his performance was still at low to mid level. This showed the talents of this batch's Gu Masters.

Even the teaching Gu Immortals were secretly pleased. This batch was indeed full of the elites of Profound Literature grotto-heaven and everyone was an excellent Gu Immortal seed.

Over half a month passed, Teacher Jiang and the rest welcomed the most crucial moment of their lives — immortal ascension.

"With several teachers protecting us, the success rate of immortal ascension is high. Once I become an immortal, my future will undergo a complete transformation and elevation!"

Teacher Jiang was looking forward to it and studied with even more effort.

However, just as the first among them was about to undergo tribulation, there was an explosion and the whole of Profound Literature grotto-heaven shook fiercely.

Following the explosion, an Evil Dragon with the length of mountain ranges descended, filling the sky of Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

Large numbers of enemy Gu Immortals appeared in all areas of Profound Literature grotto-heaven and attacked at the same time. The flames of war burned everywhere.

The place where Teacher Jiang's group was in was given considerable attention.

"Die!" Wu Shuai controlled Dragon Palace and slammed down.

"It is Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace, we can't block it! Retreat!" The Gu Immortals who were guarding this place were pale with fright as they retreated.


Earth quaked and mountains shook, dust and stones flew everywhere.

This learning palace that was arranged meticulously was completely destroyed. Teacher Jiang and the rest could not even dodge and were squashed into pulp, dying miserably.

The Gu Immortals who taught them felt their hearts bleeding at this scene. Their weeks of guidance were just about to show results, the greatest future potential of Profound Literature grotto-heaven was destroyed all at once by this attack.

Completely destroyed!

"Wu Shuai, my Profound Literature grotto-heaven has remained neutral and never created any difficulties for you. But you actually attacked my land and slaughtered innocents, you are too overbearing and sinful!" Old Immortal Hua Yu was alarmed and shouted in fury.

Wu Shuai laughed heartily inside Dragon Palace, suddenly, his laughter stopped: "Old Immortal Hua Yu, you don't know when to advance or retreat, you don't know what's good for you! I sent messages for you to join time and time again, but you actually made excuses to ignore them, you simply show no regard for me. Today, I will make you and the entire world realize what the outcome of defying my will is! Attack!"


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