Reverend Insanity
2007 Target — Profound Literature Grotto-heaven
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2007 Target — Profound Literature Grotto-heaven


A huge, mountain-like immemorial soul beast with two horns on its head was howling.

But it was not showing its might and dominance, but madly struggling to flee.

Its tail was grabbed by an ordinary hand.

Then, an extremely terrifying absorption force spread out from the palm. There was a whirring sound resembling a wild hurricane as the immemorial soul beast was absorbed completely by the hand within a few breaths of time.

The owner of that hand let out a burp.

It was the rank eight soul path expert, owner of Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven — Lady Cold Ash.

Her eyes were pitch-black and threads of black smoke coiled around her body. After a while, she stopped the killer move, the black smoke around her whole body were restrained, and nothing looked out of place from the outside.

But in fact, her body was already possessed by Spectral Soul and her soul had been devoured.

Spectral Soul sighed: "I am full again."

He got much more freedom with Lady Cold Ash's identity. Over these days, he was actively devouring immemorial soul beasts, increasing and recovering his strength rapidly.

But Spectral Soul was not satisfied.

Devouring immemorial soul beasts was not like consuming guts Gu after all, Spectral Soul needed to digest them. Otherwise, the immemorial soul beasts would corrode his soul, make him lose his rationality and finally turn into a deformed soul monster.

The first choice in strengthening the soul was of course the guts Gu from Dang Hun Mountain, there was no need to digest them and they could be absorbed almost instantly.

The more Spectral Soul yearned for Dang Hun Mountain, the more he wanted to find Fang Yuan and kill him!

"Where exactly did this rascal Fang Yuan go to?" Spectral Soul thought of Fang Yuan and could not help but narrow his eyes.

Fairy Zi Wei had already informed Spectral Soul of the information she had gained from Bai Ning Bing.

This was great news to Spectral Soul.

Fairy Zi Wei had found clues of Ying Wu Xie, as long as they got hold of Fang Yuan's subordinates, they would have enough clues to deduce Fang Yuan's location.

"Fang Yuan obtained so many heaven path dao marks and has been missing since the fate war, his situation must be dismal. This is the best chance to capture him."

Spectral Soul had been a venerable, he queried himself and got the conclusion that even when he was at his peak, it would have been a difficult task to refine so many heaven path dao marks. Let alone the current Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was strong, but he was not a venerable after all and had a limited understanding of the heaven path dao marks.

"But I can no longer count on the arrangements I left in the sovereign immortal aperture."

Spectral Soul understood that heaven path dao marks developed naturally, the hidden arrangements he left behind were essentially dao marks and were certain to be transformed by the heaven path dao marks.

His methods would not be effective after they were transformed.

If they were effective, why would Spectral Soul have to go through such trouble to search and capture Fang Yuan's subordinates, he would have already gone to kill Fang Yuan.

"After half a month, I can devour an immemorial soul beast again to recover my strength… hmm?" Just as Spectral Soul was planning, he suddenly received a message.

Spectral Soul immediately revealed joy: "Wu Shuai is convening rank eight Gu Immortals of the two heavens alliance to discuss an important event, Lady Cold Ash is also summoned. Great, Wu Shuai is acquainted with Fang Yuan, he might even be Fang Yuan's clone. I might be able to lure out Fang Yuan's main body if I enslave him."

Spectral Soul immediately moved out of Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven under Lady Cold Ash's identity and rushed towards the headquarters of Eastern Sea's Xia clan.

In the public blessed land, he smoothly entered Dragon Palace and saw Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai was sitting on the main seat while the other people were divided into two rows. On his immediate left was vice alliance leader Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch; on his right was the recent addition, rank eight expert Xiao He Jian.

Below them were leaders of various variant human forces.

The human grotto-heaven owners were arranged further back. For instance, Lady Cold Ash's position was almost close to Dragon Palace's door.

The political state of the two heavens alliance was clear from these seating arrangements. Variant humans were dominant and had most of the authority, while human Gu Immortals were firmly at a disadvantage. It was not that they did not resist, but they were helpless. After all, Wu Shuai had a dragonman identity and it was natural for him to be closer to other variant humans.

'If I kill all of them, how much of my strength can I recover?' Spectral Soul looked around with killing intent surging in his heart.

Sensing her gaze, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord who was standing opposite her nodded slightly, showing goodwill.

Spectral Soul had already obtained all of Lady Cold Ash's memories: "This Night Heavenly Wolf Lord, maybe I can make a move against him first. This human rank eight Gu Immortal's soul is much more suitable for my recovery."

Night Heavenly Wolf Lord thought: "This Lady Cold Ash can be used. My contribution regarding Granny Skeleton came from her. After this discussion, I should find her to drink tea and probe her intention. If I can rope her into Heavenly Court's side, my contribution will be even bigger."

Night Heavenly Wolf Lord's thoughts were normal.

In his opinion, the previous Lady Cold Ash did not lose hope and wanted to unite other human forces to counter the current alliance situation, raising the human forces' position in the alliance. But right now, her plan was already useless, Granny Skeleton did not come at all. And with Heavenly Court already proceeding to the next plan, that was, to split up the whole two heavens alliance, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord saw his chance to make much more contributions!

Just as Night Heavenly Wolf Lord and Lady Cold Ash were scheming, Wu Shuai spoke: "I think you should all know why I convened everyone this time. That's right, it is about the qi harvest fruit disaster."

"Qi harvest fruits have appeared in most of your grotto-heavens. These qi harvest fruits absorb the heaven and earth qi in the grotto-heaven to strengthen themselves, directly harming the grotto-heaven's foundation. But ordinary methods cannot get rid of these qi harvest fruits, a rash move will only harm the grotto-heaven's foundation."

"Today, I gathered everyone to try to collectively think of a good solution."

After Wu Shuai spoke, the immortals began to offer their suggestions.

Over this period of time, most of them had racked their minds and were completely focused on this problem.

These immortals might lack combat proficiency, but their foundations were instead stable and solid. Thus, they suggested many methods.

However, although there were many methods suggested, which were truly effective?

No one could guarantee or be certain!

None of them cultivated qi path as their main path, there were a few who cultivated qi path on the side but their attainment was low and could not be counted upon.

"There are many methods, let's try them one by one, there should be a way to resolve this issue. So, what we need to do is to try these methods continuously. Who is willing to try it first?" Wu Shuai summarized and asked.

Dragon Palace immediately fell into silence.

No one wanted to be the guinea pig!

It was extremely crucial to clear up the qi harvest fruits. It was like a heart surgery, a slight mistake and it would be the end of the grotto-heaven. Even if they were fortunate and the grotto-heaven survived, its foundation would be heavily damaged and there would be massive losses.

"These Gu Immortals are really pitiful, fortunately I have already sided with Heavenly Court." Although Night Heavenly Wolf Lord showed a worried expression, he was calm.

He had been informed by Heavenly Court that they had already found the solution to the qi harvest fruit issue. So he was not the least bit worried.

But in fact, Qin Ding Ling only said that to stabilize Night Heavenly Wolf Lord and make him more loyal.

"It is both hard and easy to resolve the qi harvest fruit." Spectral Soul naturally knew some methods but he did not mention them.

His current thoughts were filled with how to attack Wu Shuai.

He could not make a move now with so many people present.

But how could he find a chance to be alone with Wu Shuai?

"The biggest obstacle is still this Dragon Palace." Spectral Soul was somewhat wary. Dragon Palace, in essence, was an enslavement path Immortal Gu House, Spectral Soul was not afraid about this. What he was worried about were the dream path methods of Dragon Palace.

Even Spectral Soul had to be vigilant regarding this, once he was captured by dreamy light smoke, he would immediately be defeated.

Wu Shuai saw the immortals becoming silent for a long while, he already knew their thoughts.

He smiled: "Since no one is willing to give it a try, we should find other people to try. There are many grotto-heavens in the two heavens, there are still people who have not joined us and are harboring unfathomable thoughts."

The Gu Immortals' eyes brightened, they felt the alliance leader's idea was simply too great!

Thereupon, the immortals resounded in agreement, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and others even boot-licked Wu Shuai.

"Which grotto-heaven do you think is suitable?" Wu Shuai asked.

At the next moment, various opinions emerged and a large number of targets were mentioned.

The one which was mentioned the most was Profound Literature grotto-heaven!

Old Immortal Hua Yu was a human with powerful strength as well as high prestige that allowed him to influence many of the surrounding grotto-heaven forces. If Wu Shuai could get rid of him and incorporate Profound Literature grotto-heaven into the two heavens alliance, there would be countless benefits.


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