Reverend Insanity
1997 Both Sides Seek Reinforcements
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1997 Both Sides Seek Reinforcements

Days later, in the headquarters of Southern Border's Wu clan.

Wu Yong stood at the peak of a mountain, he slowly opened his eyes.

In front of him were three mortals. They were all tied on a wooden pole, they were all unconscious.

Immortal killer move — Farewell Friend Wind!

Wu Yong breathed in deeply, his preparations were completed, he unleashed this peculiar killer move.

Without the emergence of any unique wind, the three mortals in front of him started to disintegrate, their skin, flesh, and bones scattered with the natural breeze. In an instant, even the clothes of these mortals vanished, nothing was left.

Wu Yong showed a satisfied smile at last.

During this period, he had modified farewell friend wind, the results were quite good.

Farewell friend wind was a wind path killer move with human path effect, it originally needed the user to touch the target's body and say some parting words.

But now, these limitations were all modified by Wu Yong and removed successfully.

Even though the current farewell friend wind still needed the user to become friends with the target before usage, the range had greatly increased, it was much more usable now.

Wu Yong had lost a lot of his wind path dao marks during the fate war from using the killer move unlimited wind and his foundation fell.

But during this period of recuperation, he made some gains instead in terms of comprehension, his wind path attainment level rose to a new level. Because of that, he could modify farewell friend wind.

Wu Yong was not just satisfied with modifying farewell friend wind, the rise in his attainment level also meant a comprehensive rise in power.

Farewell friend wind was just one of the aspects.

"Next, I will modify the other killer moves, and even Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building! After modification, my battle strength will rise back to normal, it can even surpass my former level."

Right when Wu Yong thought about his future, an information path Gu worm flew towards him.

Wu Yong took it and read the information, his brows rose as he showed a surprised expression.

He was originally going to stay in closed cultivation for some time, but after receiving this information, he halted his plan.

Returning to his guest hall, he met with the two Gu Immortals that were looking for him.

These two Gu Immortals had the same clothing, they wore deep green short sleeve shirts and long black pants, they also had jade colored leg bindings.

Any Gu Immortal familiar with Southern Border's Gu Immortal world would know that this was Luo clan's signature attire.

Of the two Luo clan Gu Immortals who came, one was an old man with a bitter expression, another was a middle aged Gu Immortal with a pale face, he was evidently injured.

"Luo Zu (Luo Ran) pays respects to Lord Alliance Leader." Luo clan's two Gu Immortals saw Wu Yong and immediately paid respects.

The Southern Alliance was created long ago, Wu Yong was the leader of this alliance.

Of the two Luo clan immortals, Luo Ran was a general of Luo clan, he was a space path expert with peak rank seven battle strength, he was an arrogant person. As for Luo Zu, he was a person of authority, he was the current first supreme elder of Luo clan. These two were so respectful to Wu Yong now, it was clear that they needed his help.

Wu Yong nodded: "We can sit and talk."

After the two Luo clan Gu Immortals sat down, Wu Yong asked directly: "What is the matter with Qi Jue grotto-heaven?"

Luo Zu breathed in deeply before explaining the entire situation. In summary, when a Gu Immortal of Luo clan explored white heaven using an Immortal Gu House, he discovered Qi Jue grotto-heaven by chance. Luo clan had been exploring it for many years, finally, with the help of the qi tides, they made a breakthrough and entered the central area of Qi Jue grotto-heaven.

But when they were about to obtain Qi Jue's true inheritance, they were ambushed by variant human Gu Immortals. The three Luo clan Gu Immortals exploring it were caught off guard, the situation did not look good.

Thankfully, their leader was the space path expert Luo Ran, he used his trump card and escaped with the other two immortals.

The variant human Gu Immortals did not let them go, they pursued these three Luo clan immortals.

After Luo clan was informed, they immediately sent their Immortal Gu House to reinforce them, the two sides fought intensely at the heavenly wind qi wall. Even though those variant human Gu Immortals did not have high battle strength, their leader, the miniman Gu Immortal Xiao He Jian, was very outstanding. At the same time, the variant human Gu Immortals had an Immortal Gu House too, Luo clan was forced to escape back to Southern Border pitifully.

After passing the heavenly wind qi wall, the variant human Gu Immortals were afraid that Southern Border's Gu Immortal world would gang up on them, they gave up on the pursuit.

Luo clan's immortals were defeated, they returned to recuperate in their headquarters, feeling angry and helpless. After discussing for some time, they felt that they could not obtain Qi Jue grotto-heaven themselves, they should get the help of other forces.

After hearing their explanation, Wu Yong understood the situation.

"Due to the rampant qi tides, the grotto-heavens in the two heavens are exposed, this created the two heavens alliance. The alliance mainly comprises variant humans, they have Wu Shuai as their leader."

"This group of variant human Gu Immortals that defeated Luo clan must have a close relationship with the two heavens alliance."

"The two heavens alliance first occupied an area in Eastern Sea, Wu Shuai fought with Qi Sea Ancestor. After that, Heavenly Court attacked them, their vice alliance leader Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch forced Demon Judgment Board to retreat, creating a huge commotion."

"If Luo clan looks for Hou clan or Yao clan, even though they are super forces, they cannot deal with the colossal two heavens alliance. When the situation aggravates, they will still have to look for me in the end. Thus, they came to me from the start."

Thinking so, Wu Yong smiled, promising them: "Our Southern Border's righteous path is united, now that Luo clan has faced a setback, as long as you are part of the Southern Alliance, we will help you out. As the leader of the Southern Alliance, I, Wu Yong, will lend my strength as well!"

Luo clan's immortals quickly responded: "Alliance Leader is righteous and mighty."

But there was no joy on their faces.

This concerned a huge treasure like Qi Jue's true inheritance, Wu Yong was sure to agree to help without doubt.

The important things were how to get true inheritance of Qi Jue, how would Luo clan and Wu clan cooperate, if they obtained the true inheritance, how would they split it?

Those were the true details to discuss.

While Luo clan's immortals and Wu Yong were negotiating, Wu Shuai also received the audience of a Gu Immortal.

"The one asking to see me is a miniman Gu Immortal named Xiao He Jian?" Wu Shuai squinted.

"Yes." The reporting Gu Immortal explained: "This immortal has extraordinary strength, his reputation is long established, even though the Gu Immortals of the two heavens do not interact much with each other, we have all heard of this Xiao He Jian. His strength is likely on par with vice alliance leader."

The vice alliance leader was naturally Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch.

This time, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch used his immortal sealing coffin killer move to defeat Heavenly Court, his reputation surged, everyone in the two heavens alliance knew about it.

"What is the reason for his request to meet me?" Wu Shuai asked purposely.

"This subordinate… does not know." The reporting Gu Immortal lowered his head: "He says that he has a huge fortune to give to Lord Alliance Leader, he wants to join our two heavens alliance."

Wu Shuai smiled.

In the past, he did not know, but after the main body sent him some information of the previous life, he learned about this person.

This Xiao He Jian was quite a formidable figure in the five hundred years of his previous life, he was indeed an expert among the variant human rank eight Gu Immortals, he was able to contest Heavenly Court's members evenly.

Speaking of which, in the five hundred years of his previous life, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch did not have much reputation.

In terms of battle strength, Xiao He Jian and Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch were on the same level. Even though the two heaven's Gu Immortals were not very outstanding, they still had several incredible experts. If not for this, they would not have caused problems to the five regions in the previous life.

"Xiao He Jian explored Qi Jue grotto-heaven, he probably got into a conflict with Luo clan. Now that the Southern Alliance was created in advance and Luo clan suffered a loss, they would definitely find their allies, they might approach Wu Yong."

"Xiao He Jian has several grotto-heaven forces allied with him, but how can he resist the great Southern Alliance? Thus, he came to me, by joining my two heavens alliance, not only can he protect himself, he can also use my strength to resist the Southern Alliance and obtain Qi Jue's true inheritance."

"But this Qi Jue grotto-heaven is a dangerous area, in my previous life, Qi Jue grotto-heaven self-detonated, killing countless Gu Immortals in the process. The two heavens alliance also suffered a huge setback from this, the losses were so severe they never recovered."

Wu Shuai guessed that Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch died during this Qi Jue grotto-heaven explosion, otherwise, with his strength, he would not have stayed so low profile the entire time.

Considering this, Wu Shuai smiled coldly, thinking: "This Xiao He Jian is crafty, he wants to borrow our strength and use us to kill his enemies, since he wants my help, let's have a good negotiation with him."

"Go." Wu Shuai stopped thinking about it as he sat on his main seat, telling the Gu Immortal: "Tell Xiao He Jian to come in."


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