Reverend Insanity
1996 Big or Small, Qi Harvest Frui
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1996 Big or Small, Qi Harvest Frui

The grand qi tide soon filled up the whole of Ice Crystal grotto-heaven.

Spectral Soul sighed deeply, this was really a pity. he wanted the two sides to fight to their deaths before he reaped the rewards, devouring Gu Immortal souls was much more helpful than absorbing soul cores after all.

But his scheme was ruined by this qi tide.

"I do not have Dang Hun Mountain, I lack guts Gu, I can only devour soul beasts and soul cores. But this takes time to digest, it is not like guts Gu which can directly raise my soul foundation."

"Why the coincidence? Not long ago, when Qi Sea Ancestor and Wu Shuai fought, a qi tide appeared. This time, another qi tide showed up."

Thinking about this, Spectral Soul had a realization: "Don't tell me that fighting between Gu Immortals will attract qi tides?"

Spectral Soul was only making a guess, he was not certain.

"It is a pity that my qi path attainment level is just ordinary. Otherwise, I will be able to come to a conclusion."

He had soul search and soul devouring methods, but these methods could not directly raise attainment levels. The only way to instantly raise one's attainment level was through absorbing true meaning. The attainment levels that Spectral Soul had at his peak were all gained through actual cultivation from the memories he had soul searched, it was not easy to reach that level.

"Forget it."

"An Xun performed well this time, with such achievements, he might likely receive Wu Shuai's audience."

"By staying in his body, I can get closer to Wu Shuai. There might even be a chance to enslave Wu Shuai and take Dragon Palace!"

Spectral Soul's current plan failed, he quickly came up with a new plan.

He had a deep desire towards Dragon Palace which contained dream path Immortal Gu!

Amidst the surging qi tides, frost lights gathered into Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's aura was weak, his face was pale, the price to activate extreme ice crystal light immortal suppression coffin was very high.

But he had almost singlehandedly sealed Demon Judgment Board, he was the biggest contributor to this victory.

The two heavens' Gu Immortals came to visit him, their gaze was different from before.

Strength was the determining factor towards one's status. Undeniably, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch who had extreme ice crystal light immortal suppression coffin killer move far surpassed the other rank eight Gu Immortals of the two heavens in battle strength.

"Even though I saved Ice Crystal grotto-heaven, our race's unique killer move was exposed." Even though he forced Heavenly Court to retreat, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch was not happy.

Right now, he could only console himself that this move was very hard to counter, it could still be his trump card for the time being.

"Friends, I am not injured, I only need to rest. I hope everyone can help to protect my grotto-heaven." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch said.

"Sure, sure."

"We are all part of the two heavens alliance, this is not a problem."

"Everyone, we will do our best to defend Ice Crystal grotto-heaven!"

The Gu Immortals of the two heavens resisted the surging qi tides in the grotto-heaven while Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch focused on repairing the hole created in the grotto-heaven's aperture wall.

Even though the qi tides were powerful, with the cooperation of all the Gu Immortals, they soon settled down.

Because they had taken action swiftly, the qi tides did not cause much losses to Ice Crystal grotto-heaven.

"Vice alliance leader, take a look, we found something!" Great Wisdom Immortal Mother flew over to Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch with some unexpected news.

A moment later, the immortals of the two heavens also arrived at the area.

They saw a fruit that was the size of a hill floating in the air. This fruit was translucent, it was completely formed from heaven and earth qi, it was shaped like a gourd, or a peanut.

"This is a qi harvest fruit?"

"After the qi tides appeared, people often found these qi harvest fruits produced. If Gu Immortals get them and use them in the immortal aperture, they can rapidly soothe the heaven and earth qi and hasten the progress of the heaven and earth qi fusion."

"But ordinary qi harvest fruits are just as large as a horse carriage. Why is this qi harvesting fruit so huge?"

The two heavens' immortals discussed but could not come up with an answer.

"Master, is this really a qi harvest fruit?" An Xun asked Spectral Soul: "If it is, isn't this Ice Crystal grotto-heaven benefiting from a disaster? As long as it absorbs this huge qi harvest fruit, will Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's immortal aperture be modified completely, he will no longer be affected by the qi tides?"

"This is a qi harvest fruit indeed, but whether it is a blessing or a disaster is unknown for now." Spectral Soul chuckled to himself.

As expected, when Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch tried to take this qi harvest fruit, he was shocked to find a deeper secret.

"Oh no!" Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's expression turned even more pale: "This qi harvest fruit is still growing, it is absorbing my grotto-heaven's heaven and earth qi to grow further. If I take it away now, it will cause a huge commotion in the grotto-heaven, living beings will die, and an even more turbulent qi tide will appear."

The immortals gasped, after getting Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's permission, they quickly used investigative methods.

"We cannot let this qi harvest fruit continue to grow, who can help me get rid of this hidden threat? I will not be stingy on rewards." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had a solemn expression.

But the Gu Immortals looked at each other, they were all helpless.

Almost everyone could pull out the qi harvest fruit by force, but that was harmful to Ice Crystal grotto-heaven, its foundation would be affected.

And according to their deductions, directly destroying the qi harvest fruit would create a new qi tide that would create a second qi harvest fruit later.

This way, to get rid of this threat permanently without harming Ice Crystal grotto-heaven, the difficulty was very high.

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother suggested: "We can't do it because we do not cultivate qi path, but what about Lord Alliance Leader?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had a look of worry, he sighed deeply: "Right now, we can only ask Lord Alliance Leader for help."

Wu Shuai soon received Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's request for help.

"My memories are limited, I did not know that the qi harvest fruit would become like this. Maybe the main body knows more things."

Wu Shuai quickly reported the information that Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch gave him to Fang Yuan's main body.

"Oh? The hidden threat of the two heavens' grotto-heavens have been found, this is much earlier than in my previous life." Fang Yuan's main body naturally knew about this.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, the two heavens' Gu Immortals had also worked together, they attacked many places and caused a lot of trouble for the five regions.

Due to the qi tides, the five regions' Gu Immortals were greatly restricted. But the two heavens' Gu Immortals were able to move around, they were less affected by the qi tides.

Furthermore, when Gu Immortal battles reach a certain level, qi tides would occur.

Even though the two heavens' Gu Immortals had low battle strength, with the help of the qi tides, they could defeat the five regions' Gu Immortals.

But good times did not last long, soon, the two heaven's Gu Immortals found that qi harvest fruits started to appear in their own grotto-heaven headquarters.

These qi harvest fruits used the grotto-heaven's heaven and earth qi to grow, they were like stubborn pests, if left unattended, they would grow endlessly and eventually destroy the entire grotto-heaven world.

"Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch fought against Heavenly Court and caused the qi tides to appear in his grotto-heaven, that is the reason why qi harvest fruits appeared earlier than the previous life."

Fang Yuan sent the information to Wu Shuai, suddenly, he had a thought as he gained a burst of inspiration.


"Maybe I can use these qi tides to deal with heaven's will."

His situation was really bad now.

The main problem was the heaven path dao marks, he could not refine them in the short time, while these dao marks generated heaven's will.

The heaven path dao marks had no ill intentions towards Fang Yuan but heaven's will wanted to kill him, it tried all sorts of ways to destroy his sovereign immortal aperture.

And worse was that if Fang Yuan did not get rid of the heaven's will, after accumulating to a certain level, even if the sovereign immortal aperture remained shut, the grotto-heaven's heaven's will could resonate with the five regions' heaven's will and expose his identity.

Once Fang Yuan's location was exposed, if he stayed in qi sea, his cover as Qi Sea Ancestor would be blown.

However, it was difficult for Fang Yuan to get rid of heaven's will.

The sovereign immortal aperture was too huge, Fang Yuan did not know where to start. He could not predict the natural developments of the Heavenly Dao, he could not know where heaven's will would be created.

"I should try to let the qi tides rampage in my sovereign immortal aperture. Like a washing machine, they might be able to cleanse all of the heaven's will away."

As Fang Yuan thought about it, he found that this was a very possible idea to execute.

It seemed dangerous but it was possible to use the two threats against each other, with his qi path and wisdom path foundation, it was a realistic solution.

Of course, whether this method could succeed or not, until it was used, Fang Yuan could not know for sure.

"If only I still had wisdom Gu, that would be great."

Wisdom Gu provided unlimited inspiration, with the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan could quickly and efficiently develop a killer move that could make use of the qi tides.

At the same time, in Qi Jue grotto-heaven.

"This is the center of the grotto-heaven!" Luo clan's three Gu Immortals were all injured, they reached this place after much difficulty.

"What… what an incredible qi harvest fruit…" Luo Mu Zi was lost for words, the other two immortals were filled with shock.

According to the three immortals' deductions, the center of Qi Jue grotto-heaven should contain the most valuable thing in the entire grotto-heaven.

At this moment, the three immortals saw that there was a tiny and exquisite qi harvest fruit here, it was extremely vivid, the surface had flowing lights that flickered dazzlingly.

It was the size of a gourd but it contained genuine rank nine immortal material aura. It had surging waves of vitality resembling the ocean, it pressed down on the hearts of the Luo clan Gu Immortals.

"This qi harvest fruit is not ordinary at all, it contains deep secrets, we need to research upon it."

"Strange, qi harvest fruits are produced by the qi tides, why is it hidden by Demon Immortal Qi Jue and kept here?"

"Unless he predicted that in the future, there would be disasters like the qi tides?"

"Take action!" Luo clan's three immortals were talking when suddenly, they heard a shout, several variant human Gu Immortals showed up and attacked.

Luo clan's three immortals were caught off guard, they were swept into a battlefield killer move instantly.

"Oh no, an ambush!"

"Someone else found Qi Jue grotto-heaven?"

"Who are you?"

Luo clan's three immortals shouted.

The leader of the variant human Gu Immortals was about the size of a thumb, there were translucent wings behind him, this was a miniman Gu Immortal.

"Hmph, Luo clan immortals, I, Xiao He Jian, found this place twenty years before any of you." The miniman Gu Immortal smiled coldly as he said: "Attack, kill them all!"


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