Reverend Insanity
1990 Wu Shuai“s Healing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1990 Wu Shuai“s Healing

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother's words shocked all of the present variant human Gu Immortals.

Soon, they reacted to the news.

"We need to save them, these are our headquarters."

"Great Wisdom, do you know who invaded your grotto-heaven?"

"Heavenly Court!" Great Wisdom Immortal Mother had a dark expression, gritting her teeth in hatred: "The invading Gu Immortals used Demon Judgment Board, it is a Heavenly Court rank eight Immortal Gu House, this cannot be faked."

"Hmph, so it is Heavenly Court!"

"Heavenly Court is simply too shameless, they actually attacked without a proper declaration of war."

"Heavenly Court is an organization made by demons to begin with. The past Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was the biggest demon in the world, far beyond Fang Yuan in fact. These are the records that our races have clearly left behind."

While the immortals berated Heavenly Court, there was a sudden sound as Great Wisdom Immortal Mother directly knelt on the ground, kowtowing to Wu Shuai as she called: "Lord Alliance Leader, please help us uphold justice."

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother knew in her heart that she had no ability to save it. Just that rank eight Immortal Gu House Demon Judgment Board alone was an obstacle. That was not including the hidden Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals in Demon Judgment Board.

Wu Shuai acknowledged her words: "Great Wisdom, no need to worry, stand up first!"

He seemed to have a livid expression but he did not find this strange at all. Heavenly Court's actions were within his expectations, during the five hundred years of his previous life, Heavenly Court had similarly done such an invasion.

Wu Shuai said resolutely and solemnly: "Great Wisdom is one of us, now that Great Wisdom grotto-heaven is attacked by Heavenly Court, we need to save it. Not only that, we need to take revenge for the damage that Heavenly Court has caused to Great Wisdom grotto-heaven, we will not let this go!"

"Thank you Lord Alliance Leader!" Great Wisdom Immortal Mother felt relieved, she stood up shakily, she already had the appearance of an old woman, at this moment, she looked even more pitiful as she asked: "When will we set off?"

Wu Shuai pondered: "This is a huge matter, we need to make plans first, we cannot panic and lose our rationality. We need to save Great Wisdom grotto-heaven, but we also need to defend our Eastern Sea Xia clan territory. Even though I fought evenly against Qi Sea Ancestor this time, Eastern Sea's righteous path will not let this go, they will retaliate. We worked hard to gain this territory, we must defend the fruits of our labor. Thankfully, we did not use any mermen earlier, in the following battle, the Merman Imperial Court can support us secretly as spies."

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch stood up from the crowd at this moment: "Reporting to Lord Alliance Leader, I am willing to defend Xia clan's headquarters. If the Eastern Sea righteous path attacks, I will do my best to defend this place, they will not pass until I die!"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's words were very heroic and grand, but in his heart, he was trying to avoid conflicting with Heavenly Court. There were many variant human Gu Immortals with similar thoughts, they all sighed now, they had been too slow, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch made a move before them.

Among them, some of the variant human Gu Immortals who were close to Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch felt happy internally, if Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch defended the base, they would definitely be chosen to stay with him, after all, he could not defend the location alone.

"Very good." Wu Shuai nodded, he looked at Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch with admiration: "Ice Crystal, you are very strong and have a vigilant nature, you are a powerful general in our alliance, I will be assured if you are defending it. After I recover from my injuries, you will defend Xia clan's territory for me."

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother heard this and became anxious, you all are talking so much but why is nobody talking about the departure timing?

She started to urge again: "Lord Alliance Leader, fellow allies, there is no time, Great Wisdom grotto-heaven's crisis is at hand, we need to save it immediately!"

Wu Shuai sighed: "After this battle against Qi Sea Ancestor, not only are my injuries severe, the healing is very troublesome. I need a lot of immortal materials to heal my physical body. The reason is because my dragonman body is different from Duke Long, I modified it and innovated upon the original version. When refining this body, I used a lot of rare immortal materials and paid a huge price. My healing will also require the same cost, regrettably, I lack a lot of immortal materials now, I need to make purchases in treasure yellow heaven."

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother had also heard rumors regarding the humans alike dragons method, she did not suspect his words as she asked: "May I ask Lord Alliance Leader how many immortal materials you require to heal your injuries? We can provide it."

Wu Shuai listed out the materials for her.

After hearing his words, all the variant human Gu Immortals took in sharp breaths.

The price was too huge!

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother was tongue tied as she gasped: "To think that Lord Alliance Leader's body is so valuable and expensive!"

Wu Shuai smiled but did not speak, he only glanced towards Gu tribe's leader.

Gu tribe's leader immediately said: "I can testify for this, many of my people have turned into dragonmen, we expended far more immortal materials than this!"

This was a lie, but Gu tribe's leader and Wu Shuai were very close, because he was an Eastern Sea rank eight, his words carried huge trustworthiness.

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother had naturally suspected that Wu Shuai was extorting them, but she did not dare to question him, the situation was not within her control.

After hesitating for a while, Great Wisdom Immortal Mother gritted her teeth as she said with difficulty: "Lord Alliance Leader, I am willing to fund and contribute the immortal materials to help you recover quickly."

The variant human Gu Immortals quickly took action, gathering the immortal materials.

Wu Shuai accepted the immortal materials but shook his head: "Even with all the immortal materials I need at least three days and two nights to heal."

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother heard his words and almost fainted on the spot.

She was extremely anxious, she was about to speak but Wu Shuai waved his hand, she could not say anything.

Because at the next moment, Wu Shuai added: "As the alliance leader, no matter which of your headquarters get attacked, I will definitely save them. Heavenly Court is our common enemy! But the situation is indeed tough now, how about this… Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, as the vice alliance leader, lead a group of people to save them in black heaven first. Try your best to preserve the foundation of Great Wisdom grotto-heaven."

"What?" Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch stared with wide eyes, showing a difficult expression. to think that this matter still ended up being delegated to him, he quickly thought about it but found that he could not refuse, he gritted his teeth: "I… will go. But I am too weak and powerless, I do not want to ruin the expedition, I would like to borrow Lord Alliance Leader's Dragon Palace. With it, I can definitely complete my mission!"

But Wu Shuai shook his head: "I cannot lend Dragon Palace, I need it to heal my injuries."

"Is that so…" Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch wanted to speak.

But Wu Shuai's expression changed as he said grimly: "Everyone, the situation is urgent now, we cannot talk about it further. Great Wisdom grotto-heaven is only the first target, will your grotto-heavens remain untouched? You need to save yourselves! Were I not the alliance leader, when faced with this situation, would you surrender to them? Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, I order you to go save them immediately, you can choose five people here to go with you."

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch felt a strong pressure pressing down on him. He could only lower his head and accept the order.

He chose five Gu Immortals from among the people here, they were all rank eight Gu Immortals.

These were all leaders of forces close to him, there was no choice, resisting Heavenly Court to save Great Wisdom grotto-heaven was too dangerous, he did not want to get into trouble from internal strife.

However, right when they were about to move out, Great Wisdom Immortal Mother suddenly froze as she said dejectedly: "It's too late, my Great Wisdom grotto-heaven has been completely taken down by Heavenly Court!"

The Gu Immortals gasped in unison.

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother fell to the ground as she knelt before Wu Shuai, sobbing: "Please take revenge for me, Lord Alliance Leader. My tribe has been doing its best to collect the fragments of the Qian Kun Crystal Wall, we have more than fifty percent now! If we can find another ten percent, we will be able to excavate the racial inheritance of our inkman race!"

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother directly exposed the racial inheritance of her tribe, the intention was obvious, she was trying to use benefits to lure Wu Shuai!

After hearing about the racial inheritance, the other Gu Immortals' eyes started to shine.

At this moment, another Gu Immortal shouted in panic: "Oh no, my grotto-heaven is being attacked by Heavenly Court. Quick, quick! Go and save it!"

Wu Shuai looked at Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch imposingly: "This is an urgent matter, aren't you setting off?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch gritted his teeth, he brought a number of Gu Immortals to return to immemorial black heaven.

Great Wisdom Immortal Mother and another pitiful Gu Immortal went back to reinforce the invaded grotto-heaven, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and the rest also went there, within Dragon Palace, less than half the Gu Immortals were left.

The remaining Gu Immortals had ugly expressions, most of them were shell shocked, after all, they could be the next target at any time.

Wu Shuai ignored them, he ordered them to defend Xia clan's base as he shut the door of Dragon Palace, attending to his 'injuries'.

"These variant human Gu Immortals are truly not our match, hehe." Night Heavenly Wolf Lord was among the Gu Immortals, he was the only person here who had peace of mind.

"All these grotto-heaven Gu Immortals don't have any interaction during normal times, they even guard against each other and think that they should keep more secrets to themselves! With such precaution against each other, how can they make any change? Even if they work together, they are still a disunited bunch! My decision to join Heavenly Court was right after all."

After this matter, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord was even more sure of his intention to work for Heavenly Court.

After parting with the immortals, he secretly informed Heavenly Court of this expedition.

Wu Shuai had created the two heavens alliance agreement, there were restrictions upon it naturally. But the information path dao marks on Night Heavenly Wolf Lord had already been removed by Zhou Xiong Xin and the others, thus, even though he was a traitor, no backlash had occurred.

In Heavenly Court's Central Great Hall, Qin Ding Ling soon received news of this.

She thought about it but did not inform Eastern Sea's righteous path, instead she told Fang Zheng.

Fang Zheng was already about to take down the second grotto-heaven, the remaining Gu Immortals in the grotto-heaven were still well hidden, Fang Zheng was anxious to find them.

After thinking about it, he decided to ask Prince Feng Xian to stay here and clean up the situation. He would bring Demon Judgment Board to the third grotto-heaven and assault it!

At the same time.

Eastern Sea, qi sea.

Qi Sea Ancestor had a pale expression, he sat at the main seat as he looked at Xia Rui Zhi and the rest.

The representatives of Eastern Sea's righteous path forces were all here.

Qi Sea Ancestor looked at Xia Rui Zhi as he asked: "In this battle, I had the upper hand at first, but that Wu Shuai actually managed to use a human path method. This method was very powerful, it could create countless flying human figures. According to Wu Shuai, this is the foundation of your Xia clan, is it an artificial secluded domain of heaven and earth?"


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