Reverend Insanity
1988 Wu Shuai Fights Qi Sea Ancestor
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1988 Wu Shuai Fights Qi Sea Ancestor


With a thunderous sound, intense tremors filled heaven and earth. Endless qi waves surged out, Dragon Palace shined with radiant lights as it retreated continuously.

Qi Sea Ancestor did not pursue it, many layers of qi waves stacked around his body, like an impenetrable fortress.

Both sides fought for an entire day and night, they exchanged blows but neither party could do anything to the other.

All around the battlefield, countless eyes were watching. Eastern Sea's righteous path, demonic path, and even lone immortals came here to watch the fight, naturally, there were also Gu Immortals of the two heavens.

"Senior Qi Sea Ancestor is truly powerful, his methods are grand and imposing, Wu Shuai's attacks all ended up useless." Hua clan first supreme elder Hua Cai Yun sighed to herself.

Beside her, Qing Yue An said: "But Wu Shuai is not to be underestimated, he merely has rank seven cultivation level but is able to evenly match Qi Sea Ancestor."

Hua Cai Yun sighed: "Wu Shuai was reborn, he is also an old monster. The Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace that he controls is really powerful, if not for it, he would not be Qi Sea Ancestor's match."

While the two conversed, a loud dragon roar resounded.

A huge demonic dragon that seemed like a mountain range appeared on the battlefield, it could be seen from a gigantic distance away.

"Oh heavens, such a terrifying giant dragon, this must be the number one immemorial desolate beast in the world?"

"This is Di Zang Sheng! I am shocked just by simply watching it fight, I cannot muster any battle intent against it. I can't imagine how the Gu Immortals fighting against it felt."

"Wu Shuai finally let out the Evil Dragon, this proves that Qi Sea Ancestor has forced him to his limit. The following fight is the crucial part."

All of the Gu Immortals watching this fight were shocked. Many of them had not participated in the fate war, they only watched it through the killer move everybody's vision. They saw the battle but did not experience it personally.

Their personal experience now was naturally creating a different feeling.

The Evil Dragon roared as it charged towards Qi Sea Ancestor.

Qi Sea Ancestor snorted coldly, his voice reverberating over the surroundings. He clapped both hands as an immortal killer move was unleashed, qi currents surged like a tsunami.

Di Zang Sheng charged forward but as it crashed into the qi currents, its movement halted.

Di Zang Sheng twisted its body and wanted to progress but the qi currents were endless, the great power could not be defied, it was forcefully suppressed on the ground!

Seeing this, the observing Gu Immortals gasped.

Qing Yue An, Hua Cai Yun, and Shen Cong Sheng cheered as expressions of joy appeared on their faces.

As for Zhou Xiong Xin and Jun Shen Guang who were sent here by Heavenly Court, they became stunned, quickly looking at each other.

"Thinking about the fate war, the two transformation path great experts of our Heavenly Court could not stop the rampaging Evil Dragon, they were suppressed by it. To think that Qi Sea Ancestor is able to stop it!" Jun Shen Guang was stunned.

Zhou Xiong Xin squinted, he assessed Qi Sea Ancestor from afar. His information path methods had been used already, seeking to collect information from the entire battlefield as the fight progressed.

Zhou Xiong Xin analyzed: "Qi Sea Ancestor is an expert who fought evenly with Lord Duke Long, it is not strange that he can resist Evil Dragon Di Zang Sheng. But his new killer move seems to have some elements of the primordial qi wall in it."

"Lord Duke Long once gave half of Primordial Origin's true inheritance to Qi Sea Ancestor. To think that he has already innovated upon it after the fate war had just ended to create a brand new qi wall killer move."

Jun Shen Guang blinked: "Does this mean that during the fate war, Qi Sea Ancestor was in closed cultivation to comprehend this new killer move?"

Zhou Xiong Xin could not deny it: "We cannot be sure yet. But at least for now, Qi Sea Ancestor's methods are very different from the qi path methods that Fang Yuan possesses."

Saying this, Zhou Xiong Xin sighed: "Qi Sea Ancestor's origin is too mysterious, he is too deeply concealed. We have not even found any past details about him. Beforehand, we could use the River of Time to trace his origin and find out his past identity. But after fate Gu's destruction, the River of Time has become extremely dangerous, it is filled with vicious waves, even if a time path great expert enters, they will be in great danger, we cannot enter it anymore."

Other than time path, there was still wisdom path.

But regrettably, Fang Yuan destroyed the majority of the immortal graveyard while Fairy Zi Wei defected to Spectral Soul, Heavenly Court faced an unprecedented lack of wisdom path experts.


An overwhelming amount of qi waves crashed down with heaven shaking might.

The Evil Dragon roared, it tried to move its mountain-like body, but Qi Sea Ancestor continued to suppress it from above.

Qi Sea Ancestor's moves gave an unrivaled atmosphere, his every action contained the power to overturn mountains and seas, the great Evil Dragon was not his match.

The human Gu Immortals cheered to themselves.

At this moment, Qi Sea Ancestor's reputation rose greatly in the five regions.

When the five regions' Gu Immortals could not fight, when humanity was at its weakest, Qi Sea Ancestor had emerged to resist and defeat the variant humans, this was really satisfying to all the human Gu Immortals.

"This is the action of a true man!" Even though Xi clan's first supreme elder did not come personally, he had sent a Xi clan Gu Immortal to witness this battle themselves.

Wu Yong was in Southern Border, upon seeing this, his heart sank as he pondered: "When we attack Eastern Sea in the future, this Qi Sea Ancestor will be a huge obstacle."

Qin Ding Ling was guarding Heavenly Court with a complex emotion. In the past, Heavenly Court would be the one standing up during such situations, fighting on the front lines, but this time, Qi Sea Ancestor took Heavenly Court's place and shouldered the expectations of the human race.

Even though Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were still suspicious about Qi Sea Ancestor's identity and his connection to Fang Yuan, after this battle, their impression towards him had undoubtedly improved greatly.

While the human Gu Immortals were feeling happy, the two heavens alliance felt solemn, all the Gu Immortals were fearful.

"How can this be! Even after using Di Zang Sheng, we cannot turn the situation around?"

"The humans are really strong! This is the foundation of the five regions, we chose to invade them so abruptly, we were simply too hasty."

"Hmph, even if we do not take action, these humans will still go after us. For the last few million years, they have been treating us variant humans like so."

"Indeed, we can only have any hope of surviving by taking the initiative."

"We cannot interfere in a battle of such a level, sigh, we can only hope that Lord Wu Shuai can claim victory!"

The variant human Gu Immortals continued to converse, their expressions were grim as their gazes turned uncertain.

There were many rank eight Gu Immortals among them, they had high cultivation and generally were characters of ancestor level in their respective grotto-heavens. But after witnessing this terrifying battle, nobody dared to participate.

"Qi Sea Ancestor, you have been arrogant for too long!" Right at this moment, Dragon Palace rose up, Wu Shuai's voice came from within.

The immortals watched as Dragon Palace flew towards Qi Sea Ancestor like an orange-gold meteor.

Qi Sea Ancestor's qi currents surged and blocked it but the effect was mild.

Dragon Palace rode the waves and advanced further, charging with great momentum. A dream path killer move was used, a trace of smoke shot towards Qi Sea Ancestor.

"Be careful!" Seeing this, many human Gu Immortals shouted while feeling very anxious, despite knowing their voices could not reach the battlefield.

Right now, dream path was invincible in the world. Qi Sea Ancestor had to dodge the attack as he retreated.

This time, Wu Shuai gained the upper hand.

The variant humans quickly became overjoyed while the human Gu Immortals let out sighs of relief, Qi Sea Ancestor was not hit by the dream path killer move, that was an ideal outcome!

The battle between Qi Sea Ancestor and Wu Shuai concerned all of the Gu Immortals in the world. Each clash shook people's souls, it would directly affect the future of the five regions.

As the two sides continued to fight, the immortals heard loud noises from the west.

The loud sound came imposingly, with an unstoppable aura like a torrential flood.

The Gu Immortals heard this and quickly shifted their gazes, they saw that qi tides were approaching the battlefield from far in the horizons.

"During this crucial battle, the qi tides actually came to wreak havoc!"

"Quickly retreat, if we get hit by the qi tides, our immortal apertures will tremor and result in lots of losses."

"What about this battle?"

The Gu Immortals were stunned, this was an unexpected development.

Jun Shen Guang's expression sank: "Oh no! Qi Sea Ancestor is an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, he is restricted by the qi tides, the situation will be severe. But Wu Shuai is a new dragonman Gu Immortal, after the refinement path modification, he is less affected."

This information came from Duke Long.

During the fate war, Duke Long secretly used dragonman extermination but could not end Wu Shuai's life. Back then, he specially told them about this.

Humans alike dragons was the Gu refinement method created by Duke Long, it could turn humans into dragonmen. The first generation dragonmen were created by this method.

Heavenly Court had Duke Long's information and also the method humans alike dragons, they could easily deduce a portion of Wu Shuai's foundation. Thus, when they learned that Wu Shuai was leading the two heavens alliance to invade Eastern Sea, they were not surprised that he could fight.

Zhou Xiong Xin gritted his teeth: "Qi tides are a qi tide catastrophe, Qi Sea Ancestor is a qi path great expert, he definitely has an advantage in dealing with it compared to us! Now, let's see how he deals with this change, it will be the turning point of this battle."

"Qi Sea Ancestor, even heaven is not helping you. Let's see how long you can last in the qi tide!" Wu Shuai shouted excitedly, he moved Dragon Palace to assist the Evil Dragon as they attacked ferociously.

This sight made the human Gu Immortals grit their teeth as they retreated, many prayed in their hearts: "Senior Qi Sea Ancestor, you must persevere."

At the next moment, Qi Sea Ancestor laughed loudly: "Wu Shuai, you fell for it, I was waiting for you to fall for the bait."

As he said that, the qi waves turned around, like a blossoming flower returning to a bud, they encased Qi Sea Ancestor and Dragon Palace before condensing into a dot, vanishing.

In the battlefield, only Evil Dragon Di Zang Sheng was left growling and roaring.

"What battlefield killer move is this?"

"At the crucial moment, Senior Qi Sea Ancestor actually trapped Wu Shuai in a battlefield killer move. This is too amazing!"

"So Qi Sea Ancestor had been plotting all along."

"Wu Shuai is trapped in a qi path battlefield, isolated from the Evil Dragon, he is at a disadvantage now."

"That might not be true, Qi Sea Ancestor's qi path battlefield is going to face the rushing qi tides, if the battlefield is destroyed, Qi Sea Ancestor will suffer backlash, he might end up in a disadvantage too."

"Now, it will depend on whether Qi Sea Ancestor is able to break into Dragon Palace first. If not, when his qi path battlefield is destroyed, Wu Shuai will gather with the Evil Dragon, Qi Sea Ancestor will be in huge danger."

The Gu Immortals on both sides were very worried.

They could not personally watch such a crucial battle. Not only that, they had to retreat away from the qi tides, otherwise, their losses in the immortal aperture would be huge.

Right as everyone was thinking about the qi path battlefield and how intense the battle would be, Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor were relaxing and drinking wine in Dragon Palace.

Other than wine, there was also food.

Fang Yuan's clone and his main body were in harmony, the atmosphere was relaxed.

Wu Shuai clone gave the incomplete Human Sea to Fang Yuan's main body.

After receiving it, Fang Yuan's main body and Wu Shuai clone started to discuss their plans for the future.


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