Reverend Insanity
1986 Heavenly Court“s Tactic
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1986 Heavenly Court“s Tactic

Heavenly Court.

The damage caused during the fate war was starting to recover. Having collated their losses, they really had suffered a huge setback.

Discussion hall.

Qin Ding Ling sat at the main seat as she looked around, observing the Gu Immortals and their wills.

Most of the Heavenly Court members had gone back to hibernating in the immortal graveyard. More than half of the immortal graveyard was destroyed by Fang Yuan, but Heavenly Court still had sufficient members left.

These members had little lifespan remaining, rather than dying of old age, they could display greater value by hibernating in the immortal graveyard.

What worried Qin Ding Ling was that even though these Gu Immortals went back into slumber, she did not receive any sort of message from Star Constellation's will.

It was as if the fate war caused Star Constellation's will to suffer a huge loss.

This made already become Qin Ding Ling's greatest worry. Star Constellation's will could interfere with heaven's will but heaven's will was also able to assimilate Star Constellation's will. If she lacked support and got assimilated by heaven's will, it would be a huge nightmare to humanity and Heavenly Court.

But Qin Ding Ling came here and gathered the immortals for a meeting, it was not because of Star Constellation's will.

"Qi tides are rampaging, the two heavens are making a move. Wu Shuai is leading an allied army of the two heavens and has already taken down Eastern Sea's Xia clan. Now, Xia clan has requested for Qi Sea Ancestor's help, the two sides are opposing each other. What do you think we should do at this key moment?"

Qin Ding Ling asked.

She was a luck path Gu Immortal, she did not cultivate wisdom path like Fairy Zi Wei. Thus, when faced with this matter, Qin Ding Ling could not make a resolute decision, she needed to discuss it with the other Gu Immortals.

"Undeniably, the allied army of the two heavens is made up of variant humans, enemies of our Heavenly Court, we need to exterminate them!"

"In this aspect, Qi Sea Ancestor is quite a responsible person."

"Right now, the conflict between Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor is akin to the conflict between humans and variant humans. But the truth is, whoever wins between them is not the key, the most important element is someone else — Fang Yuan!"

"Indeed, be it Wu Shuai or Qi Sea Ancestor, they are both related to Fang Yuan. Wu Shuai claims that he has only cooperated with Fang Yuan, he has revived after a million years, aspiring to grow the dragonman race once again. As for Qi Sea Ancestor, he had once made an agreement with Fang Yuan, he went against Heavenly Court but changed his mind later when Lord Duke Long gave him half of the qi path true inheritance. During the fate war, Qi Sea Ancestor did not show up at all, it showed that Lord Duke Long had made a wise decision."

"I have a different opinion! Qi Sea Ancestor can likely be Fang Yuan's disguise. In the past, we did not think of this because Fang Yuan only had rank seven cultivation level, but now that we know about the secret of the sovereign immortal body, it is likely that Fang Yuan had rank eight cultivation level then and disguised himself as Qi Sea Ancestor. Don't forget that during the fate war, Fang Yuan destroyed the qi wall with a qi path method."

"His qi path method is called unlimited qi sea, it is the signature method of Qi Xiang of the Heaven Surveying Five Xiangs in the past. But the qi path methods that Qi Sea Ancestor used against Duke Long were very different from unlimited qi sea. It is quite unlikely that the two of them are the same person."

"But we cannot rule out this possibility."

"Speaking of which, Wu Shuai is much more suspicious than Qi Sea Ancestor. He might not be a disguised Fang Yuan, he could simply be Fang Yuan's clone. As the leader of Shadow Sect, Fang Yuan definitely has a portion of Spectral Soul's foundation. And a method Spectral Soul excels in is creating split souls. That was how he created Shadow Sect singlehandedly."

The immortals discussed among themselves.

Qin Ding Ling was hesitant, she felt a huge headache.

The immortals had their own viewpoints, nobody could convince the other. In the end, Qin Ding Ling had to make the decision after all.

Qin Ding Ling thought about it for a while before sighing: "Everyone, listen to me. Fang Yuan has familiar face, he can disguise as different people. Even though we need to be wary of this, we cannot ignore other possibilities just because of our suspicions. Wu Shuai might be Fang Yuan's clone, Qi Sea Ancestor might be Fang Yuan's disguise, these are possible truths."

"But at the same time, there is also the possibility that they are not that closely related to Fang Yuan. We cannot create enemies everywhere just because of this, forget about Wu Shuai, but for Qi Sea Ancestor, we cannot give up on winning over Qi Sea Ancestor just because of this possibility, can't we try to make him an ally of Heavenly Court?"

Fang Zheng heard this as he hesitated and asked: "Senior Qin wants to recruit Qi Sea Ancestor?"

Qin Ding Ling nodded: "Lord Duke Long has passed away while Feng Jiu Ge betrayed us, our Heavenly Court desperately needs a pseudo venerable capable of holding the situation. In the past, Senior Duke Long used Primordial Origin's true inheritance to gain Qi Sea Ancestor's friendship. Even though he did not agree to join us, he had not shown up during the fate war either."

The immortals fell into silence.

Qin Ding Ling's current plan was Duke Long's former plan.

In the past, in order to repair fate Gu, Duke Long wanted Qi Sea Ancestor to stay out of the conflict. But now?

Heavenly Court needed someone with pseudo venerable battle strength to support them!

Currently, even though there was peace, the truth was that the rampaging qi tides and heaven path dao marks were forcing most Gu Immortals to stay inactive and recuperate from the damages caused, they could not take action.

But once the qi tides subside and Fang Yuan manages to refine the heaven path dao marks?

By then, the strongest person in Heavenly Court would be Qin Ding Ling, could she resist the Gu Immortals of the other four regions with ill intentions? Could she block Di Zang Sheng? Could she block Fang Yuan?

Heavenly Court knew about this threat, in history, they had also recruited Gu Immortals of the other four regions.

The obvious example was Wan Zi Hong, this female immortal was once a demoness of Western Desert, Heavenly Court had recruited her to join them. As long as one was a human, Heavenly Court could be magnanimous towards them.

"I am not against winning Qi Sea Ancestor over. But before that, we need to clarify his true relationship with Fang Yuan!"

"That's what you say, but right now, Qi Sea Ancestor might not even feel any threat from our Heavenly Court."

"Haha, I think that for him, the attraction of Primordial Origin's true inheritance surpasses everything."

Fang Zheng volunteered: "Currently, the conflict between Qi Sea Ancestor and Wu Shuai is our greatest opportunity. We can investigate and find out the truth from this. Of course, no matter the outcome, we cannot spare the Gu Immortals of the two heavens. Since we already have Night Heavenly Wolf Lord as our insider, I am willing to lead a group to Eastern Sea and exterminate these variant human Gu Immortals!"

Fang Zheng was the current owner of Demon Judgment Board, even though he had rank seven cultivation level, with this board, he could fight against most rank eight Gu Immortals.

Due to the influence of qi tides, the five regions' Gu Immortals could not move around. But Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were different.

Most of them had phantom apertures, they were not restricted by this.

Right as Fang Zheng spoke, another Gu Immortal volunteered to join the group and head to Eastern Sea, in order to kill these variant human Gu Immortals.

Even though Heavenly Court lost, their motives and actions still followed the basis of defending humanity.

Qin Ding Ling smiled: "I got it! Why must we go to Eastern Sea? Wu Shuai is there right now, we can use him to probe Qi Sea Ancestor's background. Let's go to the two heavens and exterminate those grotto-heaven forces, we will uproot the allied army of the two heavens from their bases!"


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