Reverend Insanity
1983 You Have A Problem With Me?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1983 You Have A Problem With Me?

"Even though these variant human Gu Immortals have rank eight cultivation level, their battle strength is not high. Only Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch is passable."

"As for Eastern Sea's Xia clan, even without a rank eight, they can rely on rank seven Immortal Gu Houses to put up a fight."

Wu Shuai stood near the door of Dragon Palace, he looked at the battlefield and observed the fight, he did not make a move.

Earlier, when attacking the three resource points, due to the difference in cultivation level, he could not tell. But in the current deadlock, he sensed many details.

Wu Shuai analyzed, he quickly realized the reason.

The variant humans were able to survive until today and develop well because of the help of heaven's will.

Heaven's will was disrupted by Star Constellation's will, it could not make fate Gu show the sign of variant human supremacy. But heaven's will could still influence calamities and tribulations.

Tribulations were the biggest obstacles in the rise of a Gu Immortal's cultivation level.

The more prosperous humanity was, the more help heaven's will would provide to the variant human grotto-heaven forces.

The difficulty of tribulations that these variant humans faced was many times simpler than normal human Gu Immortals! In fact, even for the human Gu Immortals in black and white heaven, because they were at odds with the five regions human forces, they were also given some special treatment. This was thanks to heaven's will.

There were clear historical records about this.

Back then, variant humans ruled the world as overlords. Heaven's will thus affected fate Gu and showed the revelation of humanity reigning supreme. On one hand, heaven's will aided Primordial Origin and helped him to become an Immortal Venerable, it also took care of the humans, helping humanity develop and grow. On the other hand, heaven's will also influenced the variant humans, dividing them and causing them to undergo intense internal conflict, they greatly weakened themselves.

"And because the two heavens are too huge, with each heaven having the total area of all five regions, there are so many rank eight Gu Immortals in black and white heaven. Other than the group I brought here, a small group are still left in the two heavens."

Wu Shuai thought about this as he started to move.

Dragon Palace slowly activated.

Xia Ying, who was inside Golden Star Tower, became anxious. It was very tough to deal with these rank eights now, she seemed to have the upper hand but she could not last long. Even if the battle tilted in the enemy's favor at the next second, it would not be surprising.

"Good, Lord Wu Shuai is making his move!"

"I'm looking forward to it."

"It is a pity that our grotto-heavens have no Immortal Gu Houses. Only after fighting can we see that they really are the foundation of a super force."

The rank eight Gu Immortals had excited expressions, they were anticipating his action.

But under everyone's gaze, Dragon Palace flew away from the battlefield.

The rank eight Gu Immortals were stunned.

What was going on?

At the next moment, Wu Shuai's icy voice could be heard: "If more than ten rank eights cannot deal with one rank seven immortal and a rank seven Immortal Gu House, what is the point of your existence?"

The rank eight Gu Immortals were tongue-tied, they could not respond.

Eventually, they could only watch as Dragon Palace flew away.

"Oh no, he is flying towards Human Sea!" Xia Ying saw this, her heart jumped.

Xia clan felt very suspicious: "How does Wu Shuai know that our Xia clan's base contains Human Sea? No, Human Sea is very deeply hidden, maybe he just wants to find some resources."

Wu Shuai left the battlefield, he went to the top of a certain lake, he stopped Dragon Palace's movement.

"Human Sea should be here." Wu Shuai's eyes shined with bright light, he activated his method.

A mystical light shot out from his palm, piercing hundreds of feet of lake water, reaching the bottom.

Next, the mystical light spread out towards the entire lake surface.

The water evaporated, turning into mist and dispersing, one could hear countless human voices from the dense white fog.

The voices of people became louder, the white fog turned into human silhouettes as they flew around in the sky.

At once, Dragon Palace was surrounded by white fog, countless silhouettes moved around Dragon Palace like ghost phantoms, there were tens of thousands of them.

"Come." Wu Shuai willed, the fog quickly gathered and condensed into white lake water that flowed into Dragon Palace.

The commotion created was huge, the two parties fighting in the battlefield could see it clearly.

"Wu Shuai actually went to collect loot while we are fighting with our full effort!"

"The fog is very special, it emitted dense human path aura. It must be a great treasure for Wu Shuai to retrieve it personally!"

"Don't fear, as the alliance leader, how can Wu Shuai not lead by example? How can he gain our acceptance otherwise? He will definitely give a portion of the white fog to us later."

The rank eight Gu Immortals conversed with each other.

Xia Ying's heart sank to rock bottom: "Wu Shuai actually knows about the existence of Human Sea! In fact, he has a method to take Human Sea away, how can this be possible?"

"The plan of constructing Human Sea was only known to us Xia clan Gu Immortals, we kept it as a secret all along. Even if Xia Zheng Qing and the rest were captured by Wu Shuai, only our first supreme elder knows how to retrieve Human Sea. How can he find an alternate method so quickly?"

"To think that the current Human Sea is still incomplete." Wu Shuai looked at the white fog in Dragon Palace, it was still showing human figures and shadows from time to time, it was creepy but quite amazing as well. Two different types of images had fused together in a natural way.

Wu Shuai smiled, he did not mind it.

To replenish Human Sea, he only needed to kill enough humans.

Because of the main body's information, Wu Shuai knew that Human Sea was the work of Xia clan for many years, they were attempting to create a human path secluded domain in secret.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, during the five regions chaotic war, Human Sea was dazzling and impressive, it helped Eastern Sea's Xia clan to rise up to the top.

But it was still far from an actual secluded domain after all.

In the future, Southern Border's Chai clan gained some key comprehension from Human Sea, they started to create a similar artificial secluded domain — Human Mountain.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals of that time had deduced that if Human Sea and Human Mountain were fused together into one, they could form an actual secluded domain of heaven and earth!

"Human Mountain and Sea is too far away, but just Human Sea alone is sufficiently helpful to my main body." Wu Shuai was quite happy.

The most important thing was Fang Yuan's main body after all.

The current biggest obstacle of Fang Yuan's main body was the restriction of heaven path. This was Red Lotus' scheme, Fang Yuan was trying to find a way to break out of this predicament.

He found that human path was a countermeasure, even though the thousand wish tree was a human path ancient desolate plant, it could not match the numerous heaven path dao marks.

Thus, Fang Yuan placed his sight on the Human Sea of Eastern Sea's Xia clan.

Because of Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, Fang Yuan did not need to go personally, his clone Wu Shuai was able to head there and retrieve Human Sea easily.

After Wu Shuai stored Human Sea away, the battle had also concluded at the other side.

Xia Ying was unable to escape in the end, but many of the rank eights were injured as well. The one who defeated Golden Star Tower was Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch.

"Lord Alliance Leader, you took the chance to take the human path treasure, that's not fair, right?" As the immortals gathered at the door of Dragon Palace, an anxious rank eight Gu Immortal questioned.

Wu Shuai glanced at him as Dragon Palace used its killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

The rank eight Gu Immortal who spoke was unguarded, the smoke easily swept him away into Dragon Palace before he was even able to say another word.

The immortals were stunned and fearful.

"Who else has a problem with me?" Wu Shuai crossed his arms, looking at the immortals.

He only had rank seven cultivation level, he was surrounded by a group of rank eights.

But the rank eight Gu Immortals looked at each other, they were pale and chose to keep silent, they did not dare to say a thing.


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