Reverend Insanity
1981 I Will Be The Alliance Leader!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1981 I Will Be The Alliance Leader!

Because of Wu Shuai's interference, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had to admit defeat. He had originally thought that his plan to ally with the mermen had failed, but to think that Wu Shuai had the same intention as him.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and the Merman Imperial Court made a bet, the loser won while the winner lost.

After the battle, Wu Shuai used the Merman Imperial Court to hold a talk with Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, their discussion got more animated, the three mermaids' expressions turned grimmer.

Wu Shuai heard that Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had already gathered the grotto-heavens for a meeting, he immediately requested to join them and even urged Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch to gather the remaining forces for a second meeting.

In Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's plan, the second meeting was going to happen much later, but Wu Shuai was urging him, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch thought: "With Wu Shuai's reputation, I can use it to my advantage, it is possible to push the meeting forward without issues."

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch knew that even if they gathered the grotto-heaven forces in black and white heaven, there would still be a huge internal threat. Among these forces, there was a small group of human forces.

He wanted variant humans to lead the alliance, thus, he had been looking for allies aggressively during this period. He had already contacted all of the variant human forces that he knew. Even the Merman Imperial Court in Eastern Sea was visited after all.

If he knew that Gu tribe was at the bottom of the sea, he would visit them too.

"But with this dragonman great expert Wu Shuai that everyone knows, even if the human faction gathers more people, they cannot match his influence, right?"

Wu Shuai attacked Heavenly Court as a dragonman and ended up as the victor, this result gave him huge prestige and reputation.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch thus held the second meeting in Ice Crystal grotto-heaven, the group was even bigger now.

"Golden Fur Immortal Monarch has arrived!"

"Blitz Cloud Heavenly Immortal has arrived!"

"Great Wisdom Immortal Mother has arrived!"

"Green Forest Great Sage has arrived!"

Many rank eight great experts of the variant humans came.

Golden Fur Immortal Monarch was a hairy man, he was covered in thick golden fur. Blitz Cloud Heavenly Immortal was a featherman, he had the appearance of a handsome young man. Great Wisdom Immortal Mother was an old female inkman. Green Forest Great Sage was a miniman, his entire body was covered in a green light.

This was the first time these four variant human Gu Immortals had attended the meeting.

As for the human rank eight Gu Immortals, other than Night Heavenly Wolf Lord and Lady Cold Ash, there were also newcomers, light path cultivator Crossing Heaven Immortal Monarch, wood path cultivator Black Locust and earth path female immortal Rainbow Rock Immortal Concubine.

There were only five human rank eights but almost ten variant human rank eights. Even though Lady Cold Ash tried to get more people to join, they were still unable to match the variant humans, in fact this gap was widening.

After a long discussion, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch announced: "We invited everyone here today, other than to discuss the matters of the world, there is also another important matter. Let me introduce you to a senior great expert!"

Everyone followed Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's hand gesture and looked towards the person.

Wu Shuai walked out from behind the veil, under everyone's supervision, he sat down on the main seat.

"This is?" The immortals were shocked.

"So it is Wu Shuai." A variant human rank eight who was close with Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch quickly said.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch showed a look of displeasure: "Call him Senior Wu Shuai!"

The variant human rank eight had an embarrassed expression, under Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's gaze, he changed his sentence: "Junior greets senior."

With this adjustment, all the other immortals had to call Wu Shuai senior.

"Good." Wu Shuai nodded in satisfaction: "Seniority is important, but I would rather everyone call me Alliance Leader instead!"

"Alliance Leader?" The immortals looked at each other.

Wu Shuai laughed: "Indeed, now that grotto-heavens are exposed, the five regions' Gu Immortals will attack us. They have not done anything now because of the qi tide, they cannot move around yet. We need to strengthen and help ourselves, we can only form an alliance to have any hopes of resisting the five regions!"

"Since ancient times, the most capable person will become the alliance leader. I have observed that nobody here can match me, if anyone does not agree, you can challenge me."

Before anyone could respond to Wu Shuai's words, they heard a dragon roar.

Di Zang Sheng's colossal body was exposed to everyone, blocking out the sun.

Next, an Immortal Gu House flew out of Wu Shuai's immortal aperture, it was small and delicate, it floated in his palm while shining with radiance.

It was a miniature Dragon Palace!

Wu Shuai looked at the Dragon Palace in his palm before turning to the immortals, threat was clearly shown in his eyes.

The immortals' expressions turned ugly, some went silent, they were furious but did not dare to say anything.

Even though Wu Shuai had rank seven cultivation level, everyone knew about the might of Dragon Palace and Evil Dragon. If everyone cooperated, they might have a chance against him. But the grotto-heavens were not close with each other, this was unlike the five regions where super forces interacted and conflicted with each other, they were familiar with one another. The black and white heavens were huge and dangerous, forces rarely met with each other, not to mention any cooperation.

"Hahaha!" Seeing no objection, Wu Shuai laughed loudly as he called out: "You are still not accepting your alliance leader?"

The immortals were silent, the atmosphere was heavy.

A moment later, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch stood up and cupped his fist at Wu Shuai: "Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch greets Alliance Leader!"

"Good, good." Wu Shuai pointed at him: "You will be the vice alliance leader."

Next, he looked at the other Gu Immortals with a vicious gaze.

The Evil Dragon shook its body outside, causing winds to form and clouds to scatter.

Seeing this, and with Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's initiative, all the immortals had to acknowledge Wu Shuai's status with a cold tone.

Wu Shuai sat at the main seat and looked at the Gu Immortals: "I know what you think, your acknowledge my alliance leader position because of the situation, but I am really not trying to force you."

"This is a very rare opportunity for us all, it is likely our only chance to resist the five regions. If we do not use this chance, when the five regions go after us and our grotto-heavens get encircled, regret will do us no good."

"However, at the rate your discussion is going, when can you take action? By the time you come to an agreement, the qi tides will be over already. Without a strong leader like myself to unify the grotto-heavens, how can we take action swiftly?"

Wu Shuai spoke with a harsh tone but he made good sense, the Gu Immortals' expressions became less hostile.

"Alright, enough of the useless talk, let's discuss our next target to attack." Wu Shuai continued.

This time, even Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch felt surprised: "Lord Alliance Leader, isn't it too early to attack now? Black and white heaven are too huge, there are still many grotto-heaven forces that we have not gathered yet."

"We can't wait anymore. As long as we succeed in our attack and create a commotion, these people will approach us themselves. This is how the hearts of the people work." Wu Shuai waved his hand and said.

The immortals fell into silence.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had to continue asking: "Then in Lord Alliance Leader's opinion, which place is most suitable for us to attack?"

"Heavenly Court of course!" Wu Shuai answered without hesitation.

"Heavenly Court?!" The Gu Immortals shouted in astonishment.

"Heavenly Court is weak now, we did not retreat of our own accord earlier. As long as we take down Heavenly Court, the five regions will be shaken, who would dare to target us?" Wu Shuai laughed loudly.

"This is not wise!"

"Heavenly Court has immense foundations, it is not a place we can target."

"Lord Alliance Leader, please reconsider."

The immortals shook their heads, nobody agreed.

"Hmph, cowards!" Wu Shuai smiled coldly in displeasure: "Then we will go after Divine Emperor City."

"This Immortal Gu House is known as the largest Immortal Gu House, it is made from combining Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City. It has a huge significance to Heavenly Court, it is the gathering spot of the human vein, it is the land-based Heavenly Court. If we can obtain it, it will be a huge blow to Central Continent, we can even gain a rank eight Immortal Gu House, and also Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's true inheritance."

Lady Cold Ash pondered: "Since Divine Emperor City is so important, if we attack it, we will infuriate Heavenly Court, the whole of Central Continent will resist and attack us. Since we are going after them as well, what difference is there compared to attacking Heavenly Court directly?"

"Of course there is a difference! If these people are all lured to Divine Emperor City, we can send another group to attack Heavenly Court." Wu Shuai raised his eyebrows.

The immortals heard this and broke out in cold sweat.

"He still wants to attack Heavenly Court after all."

"Doesn't this mean that the group attacking Divine Emperor City will end up as cannon fodder?"

"Senior Wu Shuai is too aggressive, he wants to go against Heavenly Court no matter what!"

Wu Shuai had a look of displeasure: "What? You do not dare to attack Divine Emperor City?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had an ugly expression, he spoke like he had constipation: "Please reconsider, Lord Alliance Leader, we…"

Wu Shuai waved his hand, saying unhappily: "Enough, I don't want to hear more excuses. How about this, let's get rid of Eastern Sea's Xia clan first."

Wu Shuai finally exposed his true motive.

Southern Border had Xia clan, Eastern Sea also had Xia clan, these Xia clans were not the same but they were similarly super forces.

Wu Shuai had a huge appetite, his first target was a super force.

If he mentioned this earlier, he would face the objection of the immortals. But his first two targets were Heavenly Court and Divine Emperor City, the immortals found that compared to them, they could accept this target, Eastern Sea's Xia clan, more easily!

Wu Shuai continued to analyze: "Eastern Sea's Xia clan has the weakest foundation of all the super forces, they are at the bottom of Eastern Sea's righteous path forces. Not just that, Xia clan is at the eastern most part of Eastern Sea, the location is remote, it suits our needs as a base."

"And even better, the territories of Xia clan and the Merman Imperial Court border each other, the Merman Imperial Court is our ally now, they can provide us a lot of help."

Saying this, Wu Shuai did not give anyone the chance to speak: "I have decided! Our target will be Xia clan."

Faced with such a domineering alliance leader, the immortals were quite displeased. But under the pressure of the Evil Dragon and Dragon Palace, they had no choice.

And most importantly, they were forced by the situation, they knew that if they did not use this opportunity well, if they did not gain an advantage now, the five regions would not let them off in the future.

"Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, this alliance leader position should have been yours. Are you really going to let him have it?" After this meeting, some Gu Immortals were not satisfied, they hinted towards Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch smiled coldly to himself, he replied: "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down, the winds howl around the highest peaks. This Lord Wu Shuai is helping us charge forward as the vanguard, so what if I give him the alliance leader position? We have now gained the help of both the Evil Dragon and Dragon Palace."

"If our plan fails in the future and the five regions' Gu Immortals come after us, we can put the blame on Wu Shuai and get away ourselves."


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