Reverend Insanity
1980 Admitting Defea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1980 Admitting Defea

Eastern Sea, Gu tribe's blessed land.

A grand palace was stationed here.

The whole palace shined with slight orange-gold light and was richly decorated, the pavilions and terraces were all grand and beautiful. It was the rank eight Immortal Gu House — Dragon Palace.

Within Dragon Palace, dream realms were spread out. In other Immortal Gu Houses, nobody would dare to do this. But although Dragon Palace was an enslavement path Immortal Gu House, it had dream path Immortal Gu and was not at risk of the dream realm corroding it.

In front of the dream realm, Fang Yuan's clone, Wu Shuai, had his eyes shut.

His body was here, but his soul was inside the dream realm, continuously exploring it.

Within the dream realm, Wu Shuai was the disciple of a medical clinic, he was trying to learn their skill.

A young man with broad shoulders and a thin waist stepped into the clinic with a valiant aura.

The young man had quite the status, the old doctor who owned the clinic had to attend to him personally.

"Doctor, ever since I won the fight last time, I have been feeling that my body has some lingering issues." The young man said.

The old doctor chuckled: "Come, I will check your pulse."

"Check my pulse?" The young man frowned, having a perplexed expression.

The old doctor said slowly: "This is a unique investigative method from my hometown, it can inspect illnesses. As a person's heart continues to beat, their blood will flow through their veins and create pulses. Through my specially created healing Gu worm, I can inspect your pulse and find out the cause of your illness."

The young man had a surge of admiration: "Worthy of an experienced doctor. I've heard that heaven has heaven veins, earth has earth veins, and humans have human veins. Does this method to inspect the pulse make use of a human vein to target the cause of the problem?"

"Hahaha, that is precisely so, extend your hand." The old doctor smiled.

The young man extended his hand, the old doctor placed his finger on his wrist, closing his eyes to inspect it.

A moment later, the old doctor opened his eyes: "This is indeed an illness but it is not obvious on the outside, this is quite vicious. You were hit by a phantom path method."

The young man nodded: "Senior is completely right, my opponent was a Gu Master specializing in phantom path. I was hit by his attack and although I did not suffer injuries, it still felt weird. Usually at night, I could undergo activities with more than ten of my concubines, but now, I get extremely tired after engaging with one. Also, my waist often aches and my body feels hot, I perspire a lot when I sleep, I even feel dizziness at times."

The old doctor nodded: "This phantom path method is quite wicked, it targets your kidney. In other words, you have kidney deficiency[1]."

"Phantom path is troublesome indeed, what should I do now?" The young man asked.

The old doctor replied: "I will prescribe you some medicine, take it for a month, during this month, you should not engage in bedroom activities."

The young man had a difficult expression: "Senior, can you use Gu worms to heal me directly? If I have to hold it for a month, I'll go crazy."

The old doctor shook his head: "Phantom path methods alternate between reality and illusion, we need ample time to deal with it. Even though my medicine is not a healing Gu worm, it is not far from an actual Gu recipe, it can definitely treat your problem. Other than this method, it will be hard to cure you. Unless you can find a doctor who has greater skill than me, he might be able to resolve your issue."

The young man sighed: "Senior is the greatest healer I know, I will follow your prescription."

The dream faded away, the exploration was successful.

"Human vein…" Wu Shuai's soul returned to his body, he was still savoring the true meaning in this dream.

This dream realm gave him the true meaning of two paths, phantom path and human path.

Fang Yuan's human path attainment level was at grandmaster but phantom path was only at ordinary. His main body still had the corpses of many Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, they had phantom apertures. But earlier, his phantom path attainment level was too low, even with wisdom Gu, he could not deduce the profundity of phantom path.

After the fate war, all of the dream realms were given to Wu Shuai to explore.

These dreams were all obtained from Yi Tian Mountain by Fang Yuan, even though a portion were used in the fate war, a large amount was still left.

After Wu Shuai left Heavenly Court, he returned to Eastern Sea and stayed in Gu tribe's blessed land. Other than opening his immortal aperture's entrance to draw in heaven and earth qi, he kept in closed cultivation, exploring dream realms to gain more true meaning, to raise the attainment levels of his main body's many paths.

"Currently, my main body needs human path attainment level. After this exploration, even though we did not gain much human path attainment level and are still at grandmaster, it should be of some help to my main body."

Wu Shuai started to rest, preparing for his next dream realm exploration.

"Hmm?" He saw that there was an information path mortal Gu from Gu tribe's leader in the hall.

"Gu tribe's leader would not bother me with trivial matters, something important must have happened." Wu Shuai retrieved the information path mortal Gu and checked it.

"Oh, a rank eight snowman Gu Immortal called Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch is finding problems with the Merman Imperial Court?"

In the letter, the three mermaids promised that as long as Wu Shuai taught this evil visitor a lesson and forced him away, they would thank him with rewards. Gu tribe's leader also used a polite tone to subtly request for Wu Shuai's help.

"Of course I will help." Wu Shuai smiled lightly.

He had a portion of Fang Yuan's five hundred years of memories.

Wu Shuai learned that in the previous life, when the regional walls vanished and the five regions united, there were qi tides too.

The five regions' Gu Immortals were forced to recuperate, during this period, the forces in the two heavens came out and acted arrogantly for some time.

"To think that I would have a chance to interact with these grotto-heaven forces. This is a great opportunity! For my main body's plans, I should do my best."


The door of Dragon Palace opened, Wu Shuai came out of his closed cultivation.

At the banquet, the fragrance of wine spread but the atmosphere was very grim.

The three mermaids had cold expressions while Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch smiled at them.

The song and dance had ended, the hall was silent.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch drank a mouthful of wine as he asked: "I wonder if you have already decided on who to send for the final round?"

The three mermaids' expressions turned darker but at this time, they received a letter, their faces glowed with joy.

Xie Ning Si said: "Since Immortal Monarch is eager, let's start the third fight."

"Good." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch placed down his wine cup: "How will we do this final fight, do tell me."

"We have invited someone to go against Immortal Monarch." Lian Ke Xin said.

"This lord has arrived already, prepare yourself, Immortal Monarch!" Yu Zi smiled coldly.

After a few breaths of time, following the mermaid immortals, Wu Shuai stepped into the hall.

"Who wants to fight me?" Wu Shuai asked, his voice reverberating in the hall.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch saw Wu Shuai and his expression changed, his casual and carefree attitude was no more, he said in shock: "You?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch had gained a lot of information about the fate war, Wu Shuai was one of the stars that shined, everyone in the world knew about him now.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch understood at once why the three mermaids had such confidence.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's heart sank, he knew about Wu Shuai's strength, there was little hope in beating him.

But in this situation, he had no choice but to ask: "Greetings, Wu Shuai, to think that you are in the Merman Imperial Court. I wonder where Fang Yuan is?"

Fang Yuan snorted coldly: "I gained Fang Yuan's help to revive, we were merely working together to resist Heavenly Court earlier. You are my opponent? Go ahead and attack."

Wu Shuai had a lofty expression, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch was angry, his expression turned cold: "Wu Shuai, you have rank seven cultivation level, but your tone is very arrogant."

Wu Shuai smiled: "Whose tone is more arrogant? In terms of seniority, I am someone from Red Lotus Demon Venerable's era! When I died of old age, your grandfather was not even born yet."

"You…" Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch stared with wide eyes.

"What? You came to look for problems with the mermen, let's not waste time." Wu Shuai stared: "Not attacking? Then I will make my move!"

Saying so, he waved his hand, an Immortal Gu House flew out.

"Dragon Palace!" Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's pupils shrunk, he watched as the Immortal Gu House came crashing towards him.

He was not a transformation path great expert, he could not resist this famous Immortal Gu House head-on, he quickly dodged.

The three mermaids did not expect Wu Shuai to act so quickly, he attacked with no warning.

Xie Ning Si quickly urged: "Senior Wu Shuai, this is the merman hall, if you are going to fight, it would be better to do it outside…"


Dragon Palace expanded again, the entire merman hall was blown apart.

As dust clouds rumbled, the mermaids and Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch flew out pitifully.

Dragon Palace rose to the sky as Wu Shuai stood at the door, looking down at Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch: "Don't run, little fellow."

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's heart was pounding from the sudden assault, his throat felt dry: "Wu Shuai, you are a senior! Don't rely on the power of the Immortal Gu House if you have guts."

"Oh, is that so?" Wu Shuai snickered.

The three mermaids felt something amiss, Yu Zi quickly shouted: "Senior Wu Shuai! These are the headquarters of merfolk, if you are going to fight, please do it outside…"

Before she ended her sentence, with a loud sound, Di Zang Sheng was released from Dragon Palace by Wu Shuai.


The Evil Dragon roared, creating colossal waves. Its body was like a huge mountain, squeezed within the blessed land. Its dragon tail waved as several mountains and valleys were flattened.

Countless merfolk scrambled and ran away, screaming in chaos.

The three mermaids were stunned, they did not know what to do.

"Come, fight." Wu Shuai crossed his arms as he said to Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch with a plain tone.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch looked at the grand palace and the huge vicious Evil Dragon, he felt that he was very insignificant.

Even as a snowman who was extremely resistant to cold, at this moment, he felt a deep chill flowing down his spine.

After being quiet for some time, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch cupped his fists and said: "Senior, you are very powerful, junior admits defeat. Senior has won this battle."

The three mermaids were silent.

Wu Shuai only had rank seven cultivation level now, but nobody felt strange that Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch was admitting defeat to him.

Even without Dragon Palace, just the Evil Dragon alone could slaughter Heavenly Court's two transformation path experts and survive the attack of countless Gu Immortals.

During the fate war, Di Zang Sheng had only lost to Feng Jiu Ge and Duke Long!

"Hmph, little fellow, you are quite smart." Wu Shuai chuckled as he stored away Di Zang Sheng and Dragon Palace.

"Next, let's talk about the alliance." Wu Shuai descended and said this.

"Senior Wu Shuai!" The three mermaids were shocked.

"What? You still think you can isolate yourselves from everything?" Wu Shuai's eyebrows were raised, he spoke in displeasure.

The three immortals did not dare to rebuke him.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch was overjoyed, to think that there would be a turn of events, he stammered: "Se… senior, you mean to say?"

Wu Shuai patted his shoulder: "Come, let's talk in the hall."

[1] The character for deficiency here is the same as phantom.


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