Reverend Insanity
1363 Biggest Traitor in Southern Border“s Righteous Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1363 Biggest Traitor in Southern Border“s Righteous Path


Hearing Fang Yuan's suggestion, a complex expression appeared on Ying Wu Xie's face uncontrollably.

Fang Yuan's and Shadow Sect's relationship was very intertwined and complex.

As a half otherworldly demon, Fang Yuan was once heaven's will's tool, sent back to destroy Shadow Sect's plan in a last ditch attempt.

Fang Yuan, who successfully obtained the sovereign immortal aperture, was enemies with Shadow Sect, they were at a complete conflict.

During the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Shadow Sect lost entirely, they wanted to tear Fang Yuan to pieces.

But Fang Yuan made good use of his time, and the advantage of the sovereign immortal body to get stronger, he started to hunt Ying Wu Xie and gang.

If Ying Wu Xie and the others did not have a good grasp of time or excellent methods to escape, they would have died at Fang Yuan's hands already.

After the battle of Reverse Flow River, Fang Yuan was already able to match rank eight Gu Immortals.

Shadow Sect was now led by Purple Mountain True Monarch, they changed their tactics, seeking cooperation with Fang Yuan. This was a crucial turning point in their relationship.

Precisely because of this, at this moment, when Fang Yuan initiated the cooperation, Ying Wu Xie nodded, replying: "Then let's work together."

Ying Wu Xie was not against working together.

Or rather, he was once against and hated the idea when Purple Mountain True Monarch mentioned it, he did not understand why.

But people change.

If this was during the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Ying Wu Xie was new to life, he knew nothing, he would not consider working with his enemy.

When Shadow Sect was strong, Fang Yuan was weak as an ant, Ying Wu Xie would never work with Fang Yuan.

After losing in Yi Tian Mountain, Ying Wu Xie hated Fang Yuan, there was no way for them to cooperate. Ying Wu Xie only wanted to regain Shadow Sect's former glory.

But as Fang Yuan grew stronger and went after Ying Wu Xie multiple times, Ying Wu Xie started to feel deep wariness in his heart. Recently, when Fang Yuan chased them to Northern Plains, other than wariness, Ying Wu Xie also felt fear towards Fang Yuan.

After the battle of Reverse Flow River, Ying Wu Xie developed a new emotion towards Fang Yuan.

That was — admiration.

Fang Yuan did what Ying Wu Xie was unable to do, he was truly worthy of being chosen by heaven's will to return to the past and disrupt Shadow Sect's plans.

"It is not that I am not strong, but that my enemy is Fang Yuan!" Ying Wu Xie had such a thought and realized that his losses were not that unacceptable.

"How are we going to cooperate? I can't hang on anymore." Ying Wu Xie said directly.

Fang Yuan frowned, Ying Wu Xie had a very direct attitude, Fang Yuan was slightly surprised.

"Of course I will help you people first, Heavenly Court is too strong, there is only hope if we work together." Fang Yuan sighed, transmitting to the Xia clan Gu Immortal who was fighting Ying Wu Xie.

"Retreat? Why must I retreat? I already know about my enemy's weaknesses, I can win this." The Xia clan Gu Immortal was very confused.

"A Yao clan Gu Immortal is in great danger, you need to help him. Quickly go, I am overseeing the entire battlefield, how can you understand the big picture like me?" Fang Yuan said without politeness.

The Xia clan Gu Immortal was very unhappy, but because of Wu Yi Hai's status, and the fact that he was in control of the super Gu formation, he snorted in his mind before leaving.

"How are you going to help me? Quickly do something!" Ying Wu Xie urged, but suddenly, his eyes widened as he looked at his opponent in shock, he retreated while having a discontent gaze at Ying Wu Xie, rapidly flying away.

"Stop making a fuss, I already helped you." Fang Yuan said at an appropriate timing.

Ying Wu Xie heart shook, asking: "Didn't you say that was not you?! Is he one of your subordinates?"

"Enough pointless chatter, tell me, what is Shadow Sect's plan? Don't tell me you have no backup plans." Fang Yuan immediately asked.

Ying Wu Xie smiled bitterly, replying: "Of course we do, our backup is me."


An intense explosion occurred, from the raging air currents, Purple Mountain True Monarch flew out of the endless profound lights as he charged down.

"Why are you escaping? Fight me!" Behind him, Duke Long chased.

His long hair was fluttering, his muscular body had changed, not only were his dragon horns sharper and longer now, his hands had turned into dragon claws, his dragon tail was waving behind him, his skin was covered with a layer of dragon scales.

Purple Mountain True Monarch looked pathetic, but his gaze was clear like water.

"Duke Long, history states that he cultivated qi path primarily, but because of his lacking lifespan, he also cultivated transformation path." Purple Mountain True Monarch analyzed in his mind.

"Just his transformation path methods are already so powerful, as expected of someone on par with Bo Qing."

"Let him try this move."

Thinking of this, Purple Mountain True Monarch's body shook, he turned around agilely, flying upwards.

At the same time, his ten fingers fluttered like he was playing a zither.

Swish swish swish…

And endless stream of purple starlight specks shot out of his fingers, piercing through space and attacking Duke Long.

These starlight specks were extremely dazzling, not only were they fast, they flew in the air with a trail of light behind them, it was extremely beautiful.

Duke Long grunted, he felt that these purple starlight specks were not simple.

He quickly used his attacking methods against them.

But these purple starlight specks were very agile, they quickly dodged Duke Long's attacks as they aimed directly at him.

Duke Long saw this and praised in his mind: "As expected of a wisdom path cultivator, his immortal killer moves are agile and nimble, especially this move, it is extremely refined. I cannot compare to him in this aspect."

Wisdom path Gu Immortals had endless thoughts, they were most skilled in controlling immortal killer moves, and creating attacks of varying styles.

"Why must I get bogged down? It is wiser to make use of my advantages." Duke Long ignored these purple starlight specks, using his powerful defense to take on the starlight specks and charging ahead fearlessly.

Seeing this, mysterious light shined in Purple Mountain True Monarch's eyes.

"He finally fell into my trap."

It turned out that his move had a hidden effect. Upon contact with any immortal killer move, it would transmit some fragmented information to Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Countless fragmented pieces of information would combine and expose the secrets of the immortal killer move.

With enough information, Purple Mountain True Monarch would be able to target Duke Long's defensive method and retaliate against it.

Duke Long's offensive approach after confirming the power of the purple starlight specks suited Purple Mountain True Monarch's tactic.

Purple Mountain True Monarch had always been feeling troubled by Duke Long's defense. After getting enough information, Purple Mountain True Monarch used a new immortal killer move.

He pushed with both palms as large amounts of cloud mist appeared, blocking Duke Long from advancing.

Duke Long's dragon eyes flickered with sharp light, after looking at it, he instantly saw the power of this immortal killer move.

He laughed heartily as he charged into the purple mist.

Instantly, he lost his sense of direction entirely.

Duke Long immediately stopped, staying motionless as he opened his mouth, emitting a loud dragon roar.

The dragon roar reverberated in the entire area, the purple mist became thinner until it faded away.

Duke Long saw Purple Mountain True Monarch again, he was still retreating, attempting to pull away from Duke Long.

Duke Long laughed, his figure vanished and appeared before Purple Mountain True Monarch instantly!

"Eat my fist." Duke Long shouted loudly, striking with his right fist directly.

This was not an immortal killer move.

In such a short time, Duke Long had to maintain his concentration on his various defensive killer moves, he did not activate any other immortal killer moves.

But with his physical toughness, his normal fist had incredible offensive power.


Purple Mountain True Monarch could not dodge in time, he was directly hit by Duke Long's fist.

But his chest that was punched flickered with profound light, his body was basically unharmed.

Purple Mountain True Monarch had incredible defensive methods too.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was uninjured from Duke Long's punch, he even used the force of the fist to accelerate his retreat backwards.

But at the next moment, Duke Long appeared beside Purple Mountain True Monarch again, punching.


The same scene appeared again, but Duke Long chased relentlessly, no matter where Purple Mountain True Monarch flew to, he could instantly teleport over and punch with his fists.

Duke Long's punches rained down endlessly, countless fist shadows enshrouded Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was like a rubber ball, thrown around by Duke Long constantly, he was taking a beating without being able to retaliate.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was flickering with profound light, defending against Duke Long's fists.

Soon, Duke Long's punches were no longer so simple.

Chaotic dragon fist!

An immortal killer move was activated.

But the effect was low.

Duke Long thought: "My chaotic dragon fist will cause the thoughts in my enemy's mind to become chaotic if it hits. With a flurry of punches, my opponents will not be able to think, they will only take hits passively. But this effect does not appear on him at all."

At Duke Long's level, he can already achieve the traits of other paths. Duke Long's transformation path killer move had wisdom path effects.

But when it was used on a wisdom path Gu Immortal, Purple Mountain True Monarch, it was simply child's play.

Duke Long could punch his other enemies with death with chaotic dragon fist, but against Purple Mountain True Monarch, he only had the upper hand.

While Duke Long was probing Purple Mountain True Monarch's wisdom path attainment, Purple Mountain True Monarch was also analyzing Duke Long.

Even though he was taking hits, he was calm in his mind, with no hint of panic.

Wisdom path had three aspects, thoughts, wills, and emotions. Purple Mountain True Monarch had methods to eliminate his negative emotions in battle.

"Duke Long's movement is evidently an immortal killer move, allowing him to teleport continuously."

"Inside his dragon eyes, there is another immortal killer move with powerful investigative effects."

"With my initial deduction, his teleportation does not depend on where he looks. Don't tell me…"


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