Reverend Insanity
1328 Fang Yuan“s Shamelessness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1328 Fang Yuan“s Shamelessness

Chi Shang felt he was humiliated.

Yes, humiliated!

At present, in the entire Southern Border Gu Immortal world, who did not know of Wu Yi Hai's identity? Who was not aware he cultivated transformation path? But now, Fang Yuan did not use his primary cultivation to trouble Chi Shang, but instead picked Chi Shang's most proficient domain.

This was like saying: I don't need to use transformation path to trouble you, because you simply can't compare to me!

The disdain overflowed in this challenge.

He could not take it!

This could not be endured!

Chi Shang's eyes were wide open as he pinched Fang Yuan's information path Gu worm and mumbled: "Let me see what problem you brought out."

"Eh? This is quite something…"

Soon, a trace of solemness appeared on Chi Shang's face.

As far as he was concerned, Fang Yuan's question was quite challenging.

But soon, Chi Shang settled himself: "No wonder he is confident of using formation path to harass me. This problem is slightly difficult."

"He made this problem? That should not be possible! His main cultivation is transformation path, it should be a Wu clan formation path Gu Immortal behind him who created this problem. Hmph, with his identity as Wu Yong's brother, how could Wu clan's Gu Immortals not help him?"

Although Wu clan was not specialized in formation path, as long as it was a super force, they would have some involvement in formation path.

Because super forces needed to guard their resource points, and had a large scale demand for Gu formations.

"But even if a Wu clan Gu Immortal helped you, so what? In terms of the clan's strength, my Chi clan is indeed slightly inferior. But if just comparing formation path attainment, my Chi clan is undoubtedly in first place in Southern Border!"

Chi Shang felt intense pride towards his clan.

He gathered all his senses and dived into Fang Yuan's problem.

The more he pondered, the more he lost himself.

With his analysis, he had divided the problem into dozens of segments.

"Normal methods cannot be used to solve the issue of water and fire opposing each other."

"The whole Gu formation demands a circular formation, a square formation can be discarded…"

"How to solve this difficulty?"

"Hiss… this is slightly difficult."

"But this can't defeat me!"

Chi Shang's fighting spirit soared high like he had been injected with adrenaline, he inwardly told himself that he had to teach Fang Yuan a fierce lesson!

Let him know that he, Chi Shang, could not be humiliated!

"Lord, the evening banquet that Luo clan's Gu Immortals invited you to is going to start soon. We should be on our way." At this time, a rank six Gu Immortal of Chi clan, Chi Liu, reminded Chi Shang from outside the door.

"Not going, not going!" Chi Shang did not even raise his head, he refused while continuing to deduce the problems in his mind.

"But, we already agreed…" Chi Liu hesitated.

"I said I am not going. Leave." Chi Shang impatiently replied.

Chi Liu could only helplessly leave.

Chi Shang took in a deep breath, looking at the formation path problem Fang Yuan sent him, his eyes brightened as he mumbled: "What good is there in a banquet? The important thing is to defeat him! The faster I can solve this problem, the better it is. You, you dare to humiliate me!"

The night passed like this.

Chi Shang had not slept the whole time, his eyes were bloodshot, his hair was in a mess and he was extremely tired.

With a Gu Immortal's physique, it did not matter if they stayed up all night. But Chi Shang was rather exhausted, he had not rested even a moment during this night, and had put in all his effort to deduce and plan, taxing both his mind and energy.

"This problem is indeed slightly difficult. But… I have already solved it. Hahaha, you dare to mess with me! I will let you taste my awesomeness!"

Despite being exhausted, Chi Shang was extremely excited and laughed heartily.

He could not wait to see how Fang Yuan would respond.

"I will go right now and enjoy your expression!"

Chi Shang walked to the entrance when he suddenly stopped.

"Hmm? No! I am standing against Wu Yi Hai right now, we are like generals, how could I take the initiative to visit him? My reputation will be lost! I need to send a subordinate…"

Soon after, Chi clan rank six Gu Immortal Chi Liu arrived in Chi Shang's study.

"Little Liu, send this to Wu Yi Hai. Haha, I want to teach him a lesson!" Chi Shang instructed.

Chi Liu quickly agreed.

His cultivation level was lower than Chi Shang, and he knew Chi Shang was the hope of Chi clan in formation path. Chi clan's first supreme elder, Chi Qu You, had said a few times in the past that Chi Shang would inherit his legacy.

The significance of these words was huge.

Chi Qu You was a formation path great grandmaster, him acknowledging Chi Shang meant Chi Shang was very likely to become a formation path great grandmaster as well.

Chi Shang also did not let down the clan.

He had displayed his talents and aptitude in formation path since a young age, and with the clan's resources being poured into him, he cultivated hard all year round and did not slack. After receiving Chi clan's nurturing, his current formation path attainment was not to be underestimated.

"Hmm… relaxing." Fang Yuan slowly woke up and stretched out his arms.

Although his soul had the protection of guts Gu, it would become agitated when used too much.

Guts Gu was not able to resolve this, but sleep could restore the soul's calmness.

After Fang Yuan had a night's sleep, his exhausted state was swept away, and his mind was vigorous again.

Chi Shang's information path mortal Gu had already been delivered while he was asleep.

When Fang Yuan glanced at it, a look of pleasant surprise flashed past his eyes: "Oh? He indeed solved it!"

"This speed is quite fast."

Fang Yuan sighed as he then immersed himself into the information and started studying it.

His eyes shined repeatedly as he gained great enlightenment from Chi Shang's solution.

"So it was like this!" Fang Yuan rubbed his chin, this was a completely new thought process and it opened a new window to him.

"According to this thought process, this answer is still not suitable for my entire Gu formation, I need to make slight adjustments in some areas."

Fang Yuan inwardly pondered.

He did not give the whole Gu formation to Chi Shang, and only took out parts of it for Chi Shang to solve.

Chi Shang's answers had no errors, but there would still be deviations when the entire Gu formation was arranged.

However, Fang Yuan's formation path attainment level was already at quasi-grandmaster, and using the foundation of these answers, he fully could make some adjustments.

Chi Shang was a grandmaster, and Fang Yuan a quasi-grandmaster, there was not a huge difference between the two. If the difference was too high, it would be impossible to modify the formation.

It was just like how Fang Yuan currently saw this super Gu formation that covered the dream realm, it was still a mystery to him, he could not understand a thing.

Fang Yuan made huge gains by receiving the answer to the issue that was troubling him.

"Indeed worthy of being Southern Border's Chi clan." He mumbled, praising Chi Shang's formation path attainment.

With this problem solved, Fang Yuan could continue his plan to modify the Gu formation.

His mind was calm and serene, as he began deducing once again.

A few days passed like this.

Chi Shang was very anxious.

After he sent the answer, he had been waiting for Fang Yuan's reply. But, even after some days, he had not received a response, he did not even feel he could taste his food and drinks properly.

"What is Wu Yi Hai playing at?" Chi Shang mumbled.

"Chi Shang, what did you say?" In the banquet, a Luo clan Gu Immortal asked in confusion.

Chi Shang slowly came to his senses, only then realizing he was still in the banquet.

He had refused a banquet invitation from Luo clan before, but after solving Fang Yuan's problem, he came to attend one.

He had to attend it, otherwise, was it not the same as not giving face to Luo clan?

Gu Immortal Chi Gui, who was sitting at the side, quickly mediated: "Forgive us, Chi Shang has always been like this. His mind often wanders, sometimes he even forgets to eat when he is thinking of a formation path problem. He would stand still all of a sudden, and it can happen even while he is walking."

Chi Gui had rank seven cultivation, and was the leader of the Chi clansmen stationed here.

The Luo clan Gu Immortal laughed loudly: "I have heard about Chi Shang's behavior. He is indeed a formation path genius. Sigh, if my Luo clan could produce one or two geniuses with just twenty or thirty percent of Chi Shang's talents, I would be content."

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan's brows were tightly furrowed.

He ran into another problem.

"It seems modifying this Gu formation is already beyond my limits."

Fang Yuan had encountered a new problem, and this one was much more difficult than the previous one.

He could still make an attempt for the previous one, but this time, he did not even think to attempt it as his ideas were too unreliable.

"Since that is the case, let's hand it to Chi Shang." Fang Yuan smiled.

"It's here, it's here." When Chi Shang returned to Chi clan's station, he soon got Fang Yuan's information path mortal Gu.

His eyes brightened in excitement.

"Do you think it was easy for me!"

"Even I was getting impatient from waiting."

Chi Shang sneered while feeling proud. Right now, he was like a winner picking up his battle spoils.

However, after his consciousness entered and he learned of the contents in the information path mortal Gu, his eyes opened wide in anger.

"What is Wu Yi Hai saying!"

"He is actually acting so shamelessly?!"

Chi Shang immediately cursed.

In the letter, Fang Yuan did not mention a single word about the previous challenge letter, instead, he casually admitted Chi Shang had some ability. Naturally, it could also be Chi Shang getting lucky.

"If you can solve this problem, I will admit you have the qualifications to pursue Fairy Si Liu." This was what was written in the letter.

At the mention of Qiao Si Liu, Chi Shang was even more unable to endure it.

"Are my qualifications up to you to decide?"

"Wu Yi Hai, I misjudged you. You shameless guy!"

Chi Shang felt like Fang Yuan was standing in front of him, sneering in disdain and looking down on him.

He suddenly had a strong impulse to rip apart Fang Yuan!

"Still mentioning going on a sightseeing tour with Si Liu. Even I have only traveled once with Si Liu. Damn this guy…"

Chi Shang paced around the study, gritting his teeth in resentment.

He almost crushed the information path mortal Gu in his hand.

But he thought for a moment and withstood this impulse.

"If I crush this Gu, wouldn't it be satisfying Wu Yi Hai's wish?"

"Hmph, he was not able to create difficulties for me, he is definitely afraid of me now, so he is intentionally saying this."

"Right! Me giving up is probably what he wants to see."

"I can't let that happen, I will continue to win and make him completely admit his defeat. Make him fully realize my strength!"

"Of course, to prevent him from acting shamelessly again, I must make this matter public, the more people that know of it, the better."

Chi Shang learned from his mistake.

The origin of this matter was a dispute about a girl, Chi Shang had also found it slightly embarrassing, but now, he was willing to throw caution to the wind against Fang Yuan!


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