Reverend Insanity
1979 Merman Court“s Vicious Gues
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1979 Merman Court“s Vicious Gues

Eastern Sea, Merman Imperial Court.

The sound of instruments was complemented with delicious wine and food.

At the grand banquet, the three female immortals leading the Merman Imperial Court sat on the main seats as they entertained an unexpected guest.

"Good wine, good music, and even better dance!" The guest drank his wine in one gulp as he slammed the cup on the table, laughing loudly.

He had a square face, he was muscular and strong, his skin was snow white, his eyes and hair were icy blue in color.

Rank eight aura permeated from his body.

He was a snowman Gu Immortal from black heaven's Ice Crystal grotto-heaven, it was the current generation Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch.

Ever since the last meeting of the black heaven forces, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord secretly contacted Central Continent's Heavenly Court, while Lady Cold Ash contacted the human experts like Granny Skeleton. Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch did not stay motionless, his target was not white heaven or black heaven, but the five regions instead. Thus, he went to Eastern Sea and approached the merman force.

Eastern Sea's merman force had three leaders, they were all mermaid immortals, they were called Lian Ke Xin, Yu Zi, and Xie Ning Si.

Even though this was the first time the three female immortals were seeing Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, seeing that he was a variant human rank eight Gu Immortal, they held this banquet to welcome him.

Upon hearing Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's praise, Lian Ke Xin smiled and replied: "Thank you for the praise. These dancing Gu Masters all are the hope of our merman tribe, our Gu Immortal seeds. It is their honor to be praised by you, Immortal Monarch."

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch laughed again: "Pardon my insolence, but if these merfolk are the hope of your tribe, I'm afraid you are going to be wiped from existence soon."

These words made many of the merfolk's expressions change.

The dancing merfolk even became disorganized for a moment.

Lian Ke Xin remained smiling: "We already understand your intention in coming here. We are not going to be provoked by your words. For countless years, mermen have lived in Eastern Sea peacefully and harmoniously, we have been neutral all along, we will not participate in any conflict outside."

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch shook his head: "Preposterous! Who does not want to live in peace? But in history, such peace can only be gained through conflict and war. The merman race received the help of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable back then, that is why you could live like this until now. In the entire five regions, only you are still a super force among the variant humans."

"But we have all seen the fate war already. Fate has been destroyed, the five regions have merged, the world is changing right in front of our very eyes. With disasters and calamities, conflict will ensue and last for a long time."

"Your Merman Imperial Court wants to stay out of this? Hehehe, how long has it been since Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable died? How much influence does he still have to protect you?"

Lian Ke Xin had a grim expression, she could not rebuke him.

Yu Zi snorted coldly beside her: "We have more than ten Gu Immortals and Immortal Gu House Floating Reputation Boat, how is it completely Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's credit that we are able to develop to today's scale?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch nodded: "I have heard of your Floating Reputation Boat long ago, but so what? It is just a rank seven Immortal Gu House. You have many Gu Immortals, but do you have a single rank eight Gu Immortal? Not a single one! Hehehe, forget about everything else, if I want to attack you now, can anyone stop me?"

The three mermaids had cold expressions, Xie Ning Si said: "Immortal Monarch, if you want to fight, you can attack now, we will show you the power of our merman race!"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch quickly waved his hand: "Don't misunderstand, I am not trying to become enemies with you. We are all variant humans, in the current world where humans dominate, I want us to cooperate. Variant humans are friends, not enemies. I am here to seek an alliance, how can I possibly fight you?"

"I understand why you do not want to cooperate. But think about this, as long as I spread the word that the three of you have invited me here and show signs of wanting to join up with black heaven's variant human forces to resist the humans, what will happen? Hehe."

The three mermaids looked at each other, they all had grim expressions.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch spoke gently but he had a tough tone, it was a forceful cooperation. If they rejected him, he would spread rumors and lie that the merfolk want to join him.

At this time, the fate war was known to everyone.

The things that Duke Long said to Fang Yuan exposed to the world that variant humans were going to rise up!

Once this news was spread out regarding the Merman Imperial Court and the variant humans, it would raise the paranoia of the humans, they would become a public enemy.

By then, with the usual behavior of humans, they would form into an allied army and eliminate the Merman Imperial Court first!

The human forces had been wanting to take down the Merman Imperial Court long ago, they were only restricted by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's influence. If the mermen wanted to harm the humans, regardless of whether anyone believed this lie, they would use it to deal with the Merman Imperial Court.

The Merman Imperial Court would be forced to resist, they would only be able to survive if they worked with Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch or other equally powerful alliances.

Thus, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's objective had already been fulfilled.

The three mermaids were troubled, they knew about the trend of the world, they were actively choosing Gu Immortal seeds and nurturing them.

They were mermen, they were variant humans, this status placed them in an awkward spot all along throughout the eras. During the five regions chaotic war, they would be in an even worse position when everyone was paranoid.

Thus, the merman tribe felt a strong sense of danger.

The three mermaids did not have much ambition, they only wanted to preserve their members during this new era. Thus, they did not want to antagonize Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, but they did not want to side with this ambitious leader and wage war on the humans either.

Seeing that the mermaids were silent, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch smiled again: "How about this, we are all variant humans, I do not want to force you. Let's make a bet."

The three mermaids looked at each other, Yu Zi asked: "What bet?"

"We will have a three round competition, no matter what methods your tribe uses, as long as you can defeat me in one round, I will forget about the suggestion to make an alliance, I will leave without exposing anything about your tribe or spreading any rumors. But if I win all three rounds, it will mean that your merman tribe is just too weak, unable to even defeat a rank eight Gu Immortal like me, you will be in great danger anyway, you should work with me to ensure that your tribe survives the tides of time." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch said slowly.

The three mermaids had no choice, they nodded and agreed to this bet.

In the first round, the three mermaids went all out, gathering the Gu Immortals of the tribe and creating the battle formation, merman wave sacred spiritual formation.

"Good formation, it can actually trap enemies." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch took a look and praised it.

"Immortal Monarch, do you dare to enter?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch laughed loudly, he went into the formation and attacked several times, the tides turned into ice and shattered, allowing him to escape easily.

The merman Gu Immortals suffered backlash, they were either lightly or heavily injured, they all had grim expressions.

"It is a pity you do not have any rank eight expert controlling the formation." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch critiqued.

During the second round, the Merman Imperial Court used their Immortal Gu House Floating Reputation Boat.

After a hundred rounds of fighting, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch claimed victory again.

The three female mermen went into anxious discussions.

"Only the third round is left, what do we do?"

"If we lose again, we will need to cooperate with Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, what do we do?"

"Why don't we use that?" Xie Ning Si suggested.

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi were stunned, they shook their heads: "No, we cannot use that, the influence is too large. Even without Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's rumor, we will become the target of everyone, our tribe will be exterminated!"

"If we do not use that, what will we do? Do we request help from Eastern Sea's human forces?"

"No, we are all affected by the qi tides now, why would those humans come here to help us? Even if they come, the price will be too large."

"Oh? I thought of someone. Why don't we ask Gu tribe's leader for help?" Xie Ning Si asked.

Lian Ke Xin sighed, denying this possibility: "He is Gu tribe's leader, even though he has rank eight cultivation level, he is a beastman that is in seclusion. We have a good relationship with him but if we ask him for help, that will be making things difficult for him. Furthermore, he might not defeat this Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch."

Yu Zi's eyes suddenly brightened: "I thought of someone, this person might be able to help us, he might even win against Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch."


"Indeed, at this point in time, who can help us?"

Yu Zi blinked as she said: "Did you forget, there is currently a great expert at Gu tribe's headquarters."

"Oh, him." Lian Ke Xin suddenly realized.

"Brilliant, I will contact Gu tribe's leader now, we will ask Lord Wu Shuai for help!" Xie Ning Si said that as she rapidly got to action.


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