Reverend Insanity
1972 Fang Yuan“s Disaster Relief
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1972 Fang Yuan“s Disaster Relief

"Wake up, wake up, kid!"

Peng Da groaned and barely opened his eyes to see a bearded uncle, slapping him in the face with a rough palm.

Peng Da was in a trance, and it was only then that he recognized the man in front of him.

"Uncle Mo Li." He called out: "Wasn't I sleeping on the camel?"

Peng Da looked around, he could not help but be stunned once more.

There was sand everywhere, the caravan was nowhere to be seen, leaving only him and Mo Li, both were in a messy state.

"Ouch." Peng Da groaned as he realized he had bruises all over his body.

Uncle Mo Li looked at Peng Da and sighed: "You kid, I don't know what to say about you, you are so lucky! Many Gu Masters fled desperately, they all died. You were deeply asleep but survived. However, if I hadn't discovered your faint breath in time and dug you out, I'm afraid you would have been buried alive."

"Uncle Mo Li, you've saved me once again." Peng Da grabbed both of Mo Li's hands, saying gratefully: "But what in the world had happened?"

"It's a natural disaster, I've never seen it before." Uncle Mo Li let out a heavy sigh.

"So… what about our caravan?"

"Sigh, it's just the two of us now."

What?! Peng Da could not help but stare with wide eyes and scream in his heart: "How can this world be so vicious, there was a natural disaster with no warning! I just slept for a bit and almost died again! My lord, what kind of world have I come to. It is simply a brutal and terrible place to live!"

"At least we're still alive." Mo Li knocked Peng Da on the head: "Kid, you don't look satisfied? To be alive after a natural disaster like that is the greatest of all blessings!"

"Look at me." Mo Li pointed his finger at his chest: "I've worked hard most of my life to own such a caravan. And now it's all gone! Look on the bright side, otherwise we won't survive until tomorrow. Sigh, it would be great if I could become an immortal!"

"Immortal? There are immortals in this world?"

Mo Li looked at Peng Da: "Did you forget everything?! You forgot even immortals? Sigh, I'll explain in the future, let's leave first."

Peng Da followed Mo Li as they left, heading towards the closest oasis.

Peng Da followed behind Mo Li and asked with caution: "Are there many disasters like this?"

"Of course!" Mo Li said in a vicarious tone: "It's not easy for us to make a living in the desert. Sandstorms are the killers that visit often. Sometimes there are also flying blade hurricanes, and each gust of wind can condense into a huge wind blade that cuts everything wherever it goes. In addition to natural disasters, there are also vicious beasts. For example, we are in wolf desert, desert wolves are most plentiful here."


As Mo Li was saying that, a group of desert wolves suddenly emerged from under the desert.

"Wolves, wolves!" Peng Da jumped up in fright: "Oh heaven, they're coming out from under the sand! So many heads, what do we do, uncle?!"

Mo Li looked pale and cursed out loud: "Damn it! Why weren't these desert wolves wiped out by the natural disaster?"

It was not strange.

The qi tides were the phenomenon of fusing heaven and earth qi, it originated from the Heavenly Dao. But the Heavenly Dao would not wipe out all life, there was a chance of survival in every situation. Mo Li and Peng Da were able to survive, other lifeforms naturally had such an opportunity as well.

The desert wolves emerged from everywhere, but strangely enough, although they spotted Peng Da and Mo Li, they did not come to attack, instead they quickly assembled, howling and staring at the desert ground.

Rustle rustle….

With a series of moving sand sounds, golden scorpions emerged from the ground. These golden scorpions were all the size of a millstone, Peng Da watched with chills in his heart.

The golden scorpion group and the desert wolf group were engaged in a brutal fight.

Whenever a desert wolf was stung by a golden scorpion's needle, it would immediately foam saliva at the mouth, fall to the ground, and eventually die. On the other hand, the golden scorpions could not fight against the desert wolves' claws and teeth, and were often torn apart by the wolves' claws.

The two groups of beasts fought, because they were weak in intelligence, they paid no attention to Mo Li and Peng Da who were close by.

Peng Da looked frightened and pale. This world was too dangerous, no matter which beast group won, they would surely still end up attacking the humans.

"We must break out!" Mo Li gritted his teeth with a firm expression.

"But uncle, we're surrounded by golden scorpions and desert wolves." Peng Da wanted to cry.

"Do you want to wait to be eaten?" Mo Li said, about to move: "Kid, can you fight?"

"Huh? I, I can't, I have amnesia."

"These desert wolves and golden scorpions don't care if you have amnesia. Stay close to me and do your best to save yourself. There is at least hope for breaking out." Mo Li said and laughed, "If breaking out fails, you'll have to go fill the bellies of the beasts. But don't worry, you won't die alone, there's still me."

Peng Da could not help but roll his eyes, rather than dying like this, he would prefer to be buried alive!

Mo Li started to break out and Peng Da yelled: "Uncle, wait for me!"

He could only desperately follow behind Mo Li.

It was fine when they were still, but when they moved, they alerted the scorpion and wolf groups.

Almost at the same time, there were several golden scorpions and desert wolves, one left and one right, attacking them.

Mo Li grunted and activated his mortal Gu, but he only managed to repel two of the beasts before they got encircled by the groups.

"Breaking out has failed!" Mo Li sighed and gave up the fight.

Peng Da clutched his head and fell into despair, he stuttered: "Am… am I going to die?!"

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

At this moment, be they the mini five regions or the mini nine heavens, chaos was everywhere, the entire place was in a commotion.

Mini Southern Border's mountains collapsed, the terrain became disorganized, Mini Central Continent's river channels changed paths and caused torrential floods, Mini Western Desert had sandstorms everywhere that devoured cities and oases.

Mini Northern Plains.

An intense snowstorm was blowing, a pure white flame, fluttering in the blizzard, attached itself to wherever it burned.

This was the special fire immortal material — frost ice flame.

In places where the ice and snow path dao marks were dense, there would be a certain degree of probability that this special flame would be produced. Most of this flame was filled with ice and snow path dao marks, but the heart of the flame had dense fire path dao marks.

"We cannot let this frost ice flame spread everywhere!" Snowman Gu Immortal Xue Er was in charge of the situation, she tried to salvage it.

She was tasked by Fang Yuan to manage Triple Sacred Mountain, she controlled the snow crystal formation and focused on the growth of the snowman tribe's expansion.

Frost ice flames started to spread on triple sacred mountain, once the flames grew to a certain size, be they snowmen or snow monsters, they were burnt to death while crying in agony.

The snowmen were in chaos, they escaped and trampled on each other, causing unnecessary deaths.

Amidst the raging chaos, only a handful of snowman Gu Masters were trying to maintain order. But unfortunately, even with their cultivation, it was difficult to do anything against the immortal material frost ice flame.

"Oh no, the frost ice flame has reached the ice path crystal essence!" Xue Er's face turned pale, she became anxious.

She had just now tried to save more of the snowmen, and as a result, she had lost sight of this, allowing the frost ice flame to appear in the snow crystal formation.

The ice path crystal essence was the core of the snow crystal formation, Fang Yuan used the formation to spread out the frost energy created by the ice path crystal essence, that would constantly alter the environment inch by inch, creating a living habitat that suited the snowmen.

Xue Er felt deep regret as she watched the frost ice flame burn the ice path crystal essence, while being helpless against it.

Xue Er could not help but tear up and blame herself. The snow crystal formation was entrusted to her by Fang Yuan, it was the foundation for the snowman tribe's growth, but it was actually going to be destroyed because of her mistake.

She felt that she had let down the snowmen, she had let down Fang Yuan.

But at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared.

"Fang Yuan!" Xue Er was stunned before happiness appeared on her face.

Fang Yuan grabbed the empty space in front of him, all of the frost ice flames within the formation were drawn away.

Fang Yuan suddenly grunted as his body shook, pale white traces appeared around his body all of a sudden.

From these pale white traces, Xue Er felt a vast power that surged in heaven and earth!

"These are… heaven path dao marks! Oh heavens, there are so many heaven path dao marks, he must have at least a thousand!" Xue Er covered her mouth in surprise.

"I will leave the rest to you." Fang Yuan smiled at Xue Er as he brought the frost ice flame away with him and vanished on the spot.

Xue Er felt relaxed but worry soon appeared in her heart: "My dear fiance has so many heaven path dao marks, no wonder he went into seclusion after the fate war and rarely fought. Sigh, I am so useless, I could not help him at all. I could not even defend this snow crystal formation!"

Fang Yuan appeared to help Xue Er alleviate the crisis of the snowmen in Mini Northern Plains, he immediately went back to his secret room to continue his closed cultivation.

When he was refining fate Gu, Fang Yuan had the best position, because he was doing his best to absorb the heaven path dao marks, he had more than three thousand heaven path dao marks on his body, they were all complete and intact dao marks!

One could say that he was the biggest winner in this plan that Red Lotus created.

But this benefit was too great, he could not process it in the meantime. The sovereign immortal body had non-conflicting dao marks, with the addition of heaven path dao marks, that also meant that Sovereign grotto-heaven gained three thousand heaven path dao marks all of a sudden.

These heaven path dao marks created a huge impact on Sovereign grotto-heaven.

The impact was in many different aspects and had varying effects. They could be as large as mountains and rivers shifting, but also small like a changing tributary channel.

"The way of heaven is to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits. It focuses on the balance of living beings, they limit each other. Even in an extreme environment like the snow crystal formation, the Heavenly Dao could alter it and create fire path dao marks within the ice and snow path dao marks, once the frost ice flame spreads its destruction, Mini Northern Plains would be completely altered beyond recognition."

"Of course, if we ignore it, my Sovereign grotto-heaven will benefit from this, we will create a complete ecosystem that has balance and good prospects in the future.

"However, this method consumes too much of my foundation, it is also what Red Lotus Demon Venerable wants to see!"

Fang Yuan smiled coldly.

Fate Gu was destroyed, Red Lotus Demon Venerable's plan succeeded, Fang Yuan no longer had any value to him. Thus, Red Lotus Demon Venerable schemed and used the heaven path dao marks to restrict Fang Yuan, to limit his growth speed.

However, even though Fang Yuan saw through this, he had to take the bait. It was because Fang Yuan noticed that sovereign immortal fetus Gu was tampered by Spectral Soul, he needed the heaven path dao marks to counter Spectral Soul's arrangements.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable had been making use of Fang Yuan, it was evident from the rank seven future self killer move. But Fang Yuan also made use of Red Lotus, he used this Demon Venerable's plan to destroy fate Gu, which was his biggest problem, he used Red Lotus' million year plan to escape from the clutches of Spectral Soul's arrangement.

Zhao Lian Yun allowed the heaven path dao marks to make the alterations but Fang Yuan decided to interfere with them.

The heaven path dao marks altered the sovereign immortal aperture, he actively participated, resisting and cooperating with the alterations to preserve his immortal aperture's foundation.

This cooperation and resistance gave Fang Yuan a lot of insight.

Heaven path was merciless and impartial, human path was putting up a resistance, these two intertwined in Fang Yuan's heart, shining in different radiance.

"Time is about right." A while later, Fang Yuan moved again.

This time, he stored the sovereign immortal aperture, his main body arrived in the world of the five regions.

He stood in Western Desert as he looked at a tree in front of him.

This tree was not even eight feet tall, the branches were short, thin and twisted like monstrous claws, making it look extremely ugly. But the strange thing was, it had an enormous shadow of light. This shadow of light was extremely large, reaching five or six hundred feet. The shadow of light was like a flourishing tree with many branches and leaves. The tree branches were white as snow, the flowers were pink like cherries. There were clusters of small fruits among the floral leaves that had yet to ripen, with all sorts of colors.

It was the thousand wish tree.

Around the thousand wish tree was Fang Yuan's immortal formation.

Right now, he stored the immortal formation and took the thousand wish tree along with him, they were all sent into the sovereign immortal aperture.

This action caused a storm to surge, a vast air current spread out to the surroundings.

Fang Yuan did not care about this, he turned into a flash of light and flew into the sky.

The air currents rampaged in the surrounding deserts, causing loud sounds to be emitted.

Peng Da and Mo Li failed to breakout, they were surrounded by desert wolves, right when they were about to die, the air currents arrived.

The desert wolf group went into chaos as they scattered and escaped.

Peng Da jolted: "Another disaster!"

Mo Li stared with wide eyes as he looked and laughed: "Haha, we are saved! This is not a disaster, it is merely a normal hurricane. Let's go!"


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