Reverend Insanity
1971 Struggle Between Feng and Zhao
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1971 Struggle Between Feng and Zhao

Central Continent, Lake Heart Mountain.

Spirit Affinity House's public blessed land headquarters was situated here.

Within the blessed land, there was an area called Quiet Rain Valley.

When Feng Jin Huang was strolling in the valley, it started to rain.

A drizzle.

The rain was mild and quiet.

Bathed in the rain, Feng Jin Huang slowed down subconsciously as she walked.

The air was fresh with the smell of grass, all around her was a faint field of greenery.

This rain did not feel cold, it was like jade, mild and calm.

Feng Jin Huang knew that this was called quiet rain. When it rains, all sounds would be absorbed and the surroundings would be silent. Heaven and earth would be soundless, one would be able to hear their own heartbeats and breathing.

Quiet rain was a rank six immortal material, this valley was the resource point that created quiet rain, this was why it was named Quiet Rain Valley.

After Feng Jiu Ge betrayed Heavenly Court and went missing, his wife, the mother of Feng Jin Huang, Fairy Bai Qing, requested to be transferred to Quiet Rain Valley to collect quiet rain, she said she would not leave this place.

Whenever there was quiet rain, the valley would have music that sounded like zither and flute, it was akin to Fairy Bai Qing's anguished cries of sadness.

Feng Jin Huang had heard of this rumor and felt worried, she came to the valley to visit her mother.

The quiet rain was drizzling, there was indeed the music of zither and flute being emitted.

The sound of the zither spread out all around, like white clouds in the sky, ancient, melodious and pleasant to the ear. The sound of the flute, however, was high pitched, fluctuating almost abruptly, like a fierce hawk flying across the sky, sharply piercing the wind, tearing the sky.

At first, the sound of the zither resounded and the sound of the flute reverberated, alternating with each other, as if both sides were speaking, one sentence after the other.

Then, the zither and the flute began to approach each other, and gradually merged into one another. The white clouds were misty, and the eagles were flying across the clouds. The two abrupt sounds of music merged together, creating an indescribable beauty.

In the end, the sound of the zither and the flute become one and the same, forming a kind of mix, with the melodious sound of the zither and the clarity of the flute, it was unique and beautiful!

Feng Jin Huang was enchanted by the beautiful sound of the music. She went deeper into the valley and managed to meet her mother.

Fairy Bai Qing was sitting in a bamboo pavilion, with two Gu flying around her like white jade pearls. They were sound path mortal Gu, zither Gu and flute Gu.

When Feng Jin Huang entered the pavilion, the music slowly stopped.

Fairy Bai Qing had already known of Feng Jin Huang's arrival, she turned around slowly: "This demonic immortal unification song was composed by your father when we fell in love, it is the symbol of our relationship. I still remember the first time your father played it for me, he told me: Immortals and demons are one to begin with, initially, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was known as Primordial Origin Demon Venerable by the variant humans as well. This song contains deep meaning and your father has been treasuring and not using it, but he played it during the fate war."

Saying so, Fairy Bai Qing's tone changed as she looked at Feng Jin Huang fixedly: "The list of names has been announced already."

Feng Jin Huang nodded: "I know. The last time the sect recommended me, there was no reply from Heavenly Court. This time, the sect put Sun Yao's name and it was quickly approved by Heavenly Court."

Fairy Bai Qing said plainly: "Originally, the sect still wanted to recommend you to go there, but Li Jun Ying and Xu Hao got in the way, they ended up promoting Sun Yao instead. How do you feel about such an outcome, my dear daughter?"

"Hehe." Feng Jin Huang smiled slightly, her smile brilliant as a flower, bringing a bright sunshine to the bamboo pavilion for a moment.

"Mother, why do you have to test me on this? Ever since father betrayed and turned against Heavenly Court, I've already prepared myself. Right now, the situation is already not bad, my dream path Immortal Gu was not taken." Feng Jin Huang said.

Fairy Bai Qing also smiled slightly at her words: "It's not like there isn't any forceful seizure in the righteous path, but it's just that the act is often cloaked in a layer of righteousness and morality. It's already good that you have come to this level of understanding. However, don't worry too much, your father left Heavenly Court but created destiny song, his outstanding battle strength is evident to the world, Heavenly Court and Spirit Affinity House will not dare to touch you."

Feng Jin Huang revealed a look of displeasure: "Mother, you don't need to make an explanation for father. Although I can understand father, I will not forgive him. For him to suddenly turn his back on Heavenly Court and not even telling us beforehand is simply abandoning his wife and daughter! One day, I will settle the score with him."

"Hehehe." Fairy Bai Qing laughed and shook her head, walking up to Feng Jin Huang and holding her hand: "You misunderstand your father. That demonic immortal unification song, which he kept as a symbol of our love, has never been used for anything other than singing in front of me. But he used it during the fate war to tell me that righteous immortals and demons are the same, his feelings for me had never changed, and even when he left the righteous path and returned to the demonic path, it wouldn't end the relationship of our family."

"Do you believe me? As long as I give out the slightest hint of inclination to leave Spirit Affinity House, he will definitely take the initiative to bring me away. He understands me well and knows that I do not want to become a demonic path member. Therefore, he gave us both the opportunity to choose our side freely. He didn't want his ideals to become a burden on us."

Feng Jinhuang snorted coldly: "Father would rather help Fang Yuan, the great demon, than help my master. It's true that master was stubborn and was always nagging about fate and all that, but he was ultimately kind to us and truly had my best interests in mind. Father was simply too cold and heartless."

"Mother, since you are fine now, I'll be leaving."

"Oh you." Fairy Bai Qing sighed, but did not ask her daughter to stay.

When Feng Jin Huang left Quiet Rain Valley, she met with two female Gu Masters.

One was beautiful while the other was cute, they were acquaintances of Feng Jin Huang, they were anxiously waiting outside the valley.

After seeing Feng Jin Huang, they showed joy on their faces as they went to her.

"Senior sister, we heard you came here so we rushed over to find you!" The beautiful woman was Qin Juan.

"Senior sister, sorry, I… I did not want to snatch your opportunity…" Sun Yao had a cute and round face, she was very anxious now.

Qin Juan and Sun Yao were good friends with Feng Jin Huang, they had always followed behind her.

But in the recent years, Feng Jin Huang followed Duke Long and went away to cultivate dream path, they did not meet much during this period.

Feng Jin Huang laughed aloud and stretched out her hand to nudge Sun Yao's forehead: "Oh, you've done well this time, so why are you apologizing. The nomination quota is just a small matter, am I unable to become immortal without this funding? For me, becoming a Gu Immortal is by no means an obstacle. It's just that I have to consider the kind of Gu Immortal I want to become. But for you, this is a rare opportunity, so seize it well."

After speaking to Sun Yao, Feng Jin Huang looked at Qin Juan: "You've always been quite active and have good perseverance, but this time, when fusing with the dao marks, why did you faint? If not, the nomination would have been yours this time."

Qin Juan did not dare to retort: "Senior sister, you are right, I have slacked off on my cultivation."

"No, that is not so, senior sister. Sister Qin Juan was injured at that time, she could not endure the ordeal and fainted." Sun Yao quickly clarified.

"So that's how it was." Feng Jin Huang nodded her head and said regrettably: "It is indeed a great loss. Fang Yuan destroyed fate Gu and refined it into countless heaven path dao marks, which were dispersed to the people in the world. The more heaven path dao marks you absorb, the more beneficial it will be in the future. Be it cultivation or developing the immortal aperture, it will benefit with no harm. But there's no harm in not having any, at best it's just an opportunity. What determines your achievements in life will still depend on your own talents and efforts."

"Yes, Qin Juan will listen to senior sister's teachings." Qin Juan bowed.

Feng Jin Huang smiled again: "Let's go, I will give you two some guidance."

Qin Juan and Sun Yao revealed joyful expressions, the latter jumped around cheering: "That's great, we haven't been together for such a long time."

The three of them walked together, gradually leaving Quiet Rain Valley.

Within the valley, Fairy Bai Qing retracted her investigative method.

"Daughter, you've grown up." Fairy Bai Qing had a relieved expression.

Feng Jin Huang was very clear about her own circumstances, as well as Heavenly Court and the ten great ancient sects. Towards Feng Jiu Ge's actions, she had her own opinion, but she was able to put it aside and make a clear judgment, she had a solid foundation of skills.

"Maybe, your betrayal has hastened our daughter's maturity. We should let her walk on her own path."

"As a mother, all I can do is to wish the best for her."

"Of course, if some people in the sect do not know what is good for them and go overboard, I will not avoid conflict either." Fairy Bai Qing's expression turned cold.

At the same time, on another mountain, Affection Peak.

Spirit Affinity House's Li Jun Ying and Xu Hao went to visit Zhao Lian Yun.

Zhao Lian Yun had already become an immortal, she was assigned by Spirit Affinity House recently and became the Affection Peak Lord.

She was able to achieve what she had today thanks to the support of Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying, in addition to her own efforts. Zhao Lian Yun was also guided by the two immortals during her Gu Immortal cultivation journey and the management of her immortal aperture, so she was able to avoid many pitfalls.

Zhao Lian Yun remembered these debts in her heart, so when Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying visited her, she quickly came out of cultivation and attended to them personally.

But hearing their request, Zhao Lian Yun felt troubled.

"Seniors, you want me to use my status as the current generation fairy to deal with Feng Jin Huang and Fairy Bai Qing?"

"Indeed, now is the best opportunity! Feng Jiu Ge betrayed us and caused Heavenly Court to lose and Fate to be destroyed. If we target them now, we will definitely win." Xu Hao had a fierce expression.

The hatred between him and Feng Jiu Ge had a long history. In the past, he had hated Feng Jiu Ge so much that he held back key information and intelligence, almost causing him to die. Feng Jiu Ge had a very strong stance in his political manipulation, ostracizing the couple to the fringe of Spirit Affinity House in this power struggle. Most of the time, the two immortals were at a disadvantage against Feng Jiu Ge, they could only support each other with difficulty.

For them, Feng Jiu Ge's betrayal was great news, it was worth celebrating.

"This…" Zhao Lian Yun hesitated: "Feng Jiu Ge has already betrayed Heavenly Court, seniors, I know that you have grudges with him, but why do you want to implicate his family?"

"Oh Lian Yun, we cannot be too kindhearted sometimes. Think about it, think about the time you competed with Feng Jin Huang over the fairy position." Li Jun Ying urged: "If we do not use this chance, we will regret it in the future. You do not need to worry about it, I will tell you something, our sect's nominee was originally Feng Jin Huang but now she has been removed from the list."

"Seniors, people should let others off when possible." Zhao Lian Yun explained, she was not willing to do that. Conflicts should be resolved and not deepened, back then, when competing for the fairy position, both of them had used above board methods, Feng Jin Huang had a deep background but did not use any unscrupulous ways to deal with her as well.

Even though Zhao Lian Yun and Feng Jin Huang were competitors, Zhao Lian Yun admired Feng Jin Huang's personality, she had no ill feelings towards her.

Xu Hao did not listen to her words: "Back then, did the demon Feng Jiu Ge spare us?"

"You are too kind for your own good, Lian Yun." Li Jun Ying frowned.

Zhao Lian Yun sighed to herself, she changed her words and explained: "Seniors, we need to analyze this situation deeply. Even though the sect nominated someone else, Heavenly Court did not directly take away Feng Jin Huang's status. From that, we can see the attitude of Heavenly Court is still unclear towards her."

"Precisely because they are uncertain now, we need to deal the fatal blow and affirm their decision! The fight over authority will never cease, only when a true victor is decided can there be peace." Li Jun Ying said with deep meaning.

Zhao Lian Yun sighed again, she could only accept their request.

There was no choice, she owed them a big favor after all. Even though she was unwilling, people had to do some things that they did not want to in this world. They had helped her greatly, if she rejected them, what would others think?

Zhao Lian Yun was half an otherworldly demon, even though she was the current generation fairy, Spirit Affinity House still ostracized her. If she lost her relationship with Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying, she would truly become a loner.

The two immortals saw that Zhao Lian Yun agreed, they were overjoyed, they promised her a huge reward.

Zhao Lian Yun was not interested in the reward, after the two of them left, she continued her closed cultivation.

The destruction of Fate was actually great news to Zhao Lian Yun. With this, Ma Hong Yun's revival would be much easier and less troublesome.

But Ma Hong Yun's soul was still in Fang Yuan's hands.

Thus, Zhao Lian Yun had to cultivate and raise her strength, to make preparations to save her beloved.

In the secret room, Zhao Lian Yun calmed down and inspected her own immortal aperture.

Lian Yun blessed land had 5700km2 of land, the rate of time was one-to-thirteen. The terrain was mostly grassland and plains.

But after the heaven path dao marks were absorbed, Lian Yun blessed land started to change in many aspects.

Firstly, the ground cracked to form huge trenches, next, there was torrential rain as huge rivers were formed. The rivers overflowed and floods plagued the surroundings.

After three days and three nights, the floods receded, leaving behind vast expanses of fertile mud. Small ditches and rivers connected to the main channel of the giant river, forming an elaborate and dense network of rivers.

Zhao Lian Yun witnessed the transformation of her immortal aperture the entire time, she was dazed and greatly shocked internally.

"With heaven path dao marks, the immortal aperture will transform and become closer to a truly balanced environment. Even though there are temporary losses, the potential and prospects will rise by many times."

Zhao Lian Yun had divine concealment from Thieving Heaven's true inheritance. She did not face calamities and tribulations, this was beneficial and also detrimental, her immortal aperture development had always been a problem. But with the addition of heaven path dao marks, this problem was reduced greatly.

"If only I had more heaven path dao marks!"

"Sigh, what a pity that I only obtained six and a half heaven path dao marks, and they are all segmented too, I do not have a single complete heaven path dao mark."

"How many heaven path dao marks did Fang Yuan get? He was the person refining the Gu, he was the closest to these heaven path dao marks."

Zhao Lian Yun sighed.

She could not imagine it or find the answer, but she knew that the difference between her and Fang Yuan had been greatly increased again.


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