Reverend Insanity
1969 Black Heaven“s Gu Immortals
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1969 Black Heaven“s Gu Immortals


Within black heaven, an ancient soul beast was escaping in a hurry.

This soul beast resembled a horse but had a human face. On its face now was terror and fear.

The ancient soul beast was panicking and escaping in a random direction, soon, its movements slowed down as its anguished cries became softer and weaker.

After several breaths of time, it completely stopped in the sky, floating silently in the night sky.

Soundlessly, its colossal body disintegrated as a Gu Immortal appeared.

This Gu Immortal had a pale face and chest-length hair, he was Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul grabbed the soul core, which was the soul path essence of the ancient soul beast. But Spectral Soul was not satisfied, he placed this soul core into his mouth and ate it like a candy, swallowing it after a few seconds.

"Without using a soul path killer move, I need to wait a while to digest it completely." Spectral Soul said unhappily as he snorted.

After splitting up with Old Man Zheng Yuan and Fairy Zi Wei, he had been hunting soul beasts in black heaven.

But for some reason, maybe due to bad luck or the extermination of lifeforms due to the qi tides, he met very few soul beasts.

Until now, he had only met lone soul beasts or those that formed into groups of five or fewer. The quantity was so small that he even felt like he was not in black heaven!

"This efficiency is just too low!" Spectral Soul continued his journey.

"If my attainment level was still around, I can find the soul beast armies with just my instinct. Even Fang Yuan would not be able to escape my detection. It is a pity I need to start over!"

"However, fate Gu is finally destroyed. Heaven's will cannot obstruct my path to becoming venerable again, after I succeed, I want to see who dares to obstruct me, even if it is a venerable, I will kill them."

"Oh?" While Spectral Soul moved stealthily, a flash of joy suddenly appeared on his face.

He finally found an army of soul beasts.

He got closer and saw that this soul beast army had over three million members. The quantity was not small, and what made Spectral Soul happy was that they had high quality.

He had only taken a quick glance but he already saw six immemorial soul beasts and over thirty ancient soul beasts!

"Kill!" The desire to kill emerged in Spectral Soul's heart as he was about to charge over, but he noticed something.

This discovery was quite surprising: "Why are there soul path Gu Immortals?"

There were three Gu Immortals controlling the soul beast army.

Two males and one female immortal.

The female was at the center as the leader, she had a plain appearance and grey eyes, her rank eight aura was naturally emitted.

Of the two male immortals, one was tall and armored, with strong arms exposed and soul beast markings on his arms. The other was tall and thin, holding a bamboo staff.

The three immortals wore black robes of similar design, they were obviously from the same force.

"They are black heaven Gu Immortals." Spectral Soul soon discerned their aura, he snickered as he changed his earlier idea of charging in, he stealthily mixed in with the soul beast army.

The three immortals controlled the soul beast army with much difficulty, the two males were showing signs of tiredness, sweat gathered on their foreheads.

The rank eight female immortal seemed to have rested earlier, she spoke at this moment: "You two can stop, I will control the army now."

Hearing this, the two male immortals let out sighs of relief, the thin one started to boot-lick her: "Aunt, only you can control a soul beast army of such a size, even if the two of us cultivate for eight lifetimes, we would not even reach half of your strength."

The rank eight female immortal looked at the male immortal with displeasure: "If eight lifetimes are not enough to reach my level, you should just end your own life!"

"Ugh." The thin man knew that his boot-licking had backfired, he showed some awkwardness on his face.

The female immortal sighed: "You two are the most likely Gu Immortals in the clan to advance further besides me. Now that fate Gu has been destroyed, we are taking control of our own fate. The great era has arrived, the peaceful and quiet life of the past is long gone. You must have the spirit to work hard, if you do not have such an awareness, sooner or later our Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven will be drowned by the tides of the era!"

"Aunt, you have taught me a lesson." The tall and thin man nodded his head in succession.

As for the male immortal at the side, he remained silent.

The female immortal sighed again and continued: "The five regions were fused, the heaven and earth qi are merging, to the extent that qi tides swept across the whole world, even black heaven and white heaven are not exempted. Wherever the qi tide reaches, heaven and earth will shake, grotto-heavens can no longer be concealed, their positions will be exposed. This time, we as Gu Immortals of black heaven's grotto-heavens are meeting to discuss how to face this situation. At that time, the two of you will be representing yourselves as well as our Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven, don't forget this."

"Yes, aunt (madam), don't worry, we will remember this!" The two immortals responded respectfully.

The three immortals did not know that Spectral Soul had already gotten near them, he heard their entire conversation without missing anything.

"So that's it." Spectral Soul realized: "With the convergence of the heaven and earth qi, the grotto-heavens concealed in black heaven and white heaven are affected too. The reason is the same as why the five regions' Gu Immortals are forced to recuperate. but the five regions' Gu Immortals are more affected while the two heavens are not as troubled, the Gu Immortals are still able to move around with difficulty."

Within black and white heaven, many grotto-heavens were hidden.

Even Spectral Soul could not precisely count the number of grotto-heavens here.

This current change in the world was unprecedented, all of the grotto-heavens were unable to hide anymore, they were like fish forced out of the water.

Spectral Soul felt that this was a perfect opportunity, he immediately continued to hide, following the three immortals.

After spending half a day, the three immortals controlled the army of soul beasts and finally arrived at their destination.

This was also a grotto-heaven.

The grotto-heaven's entrance was open, many people were already waiting outside, the commotion was not small.

The soul beast army of millions that the three Soul Pacifying immortals brought here was not exceptional at all, they were only superior to the norm.

"So our friends from Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven have arrived." Seeing the three immortals, a Gu Immortal flew out from a pack of night heavenly wolves.

This Gu Immortal had rank eight cultivation level, he had a pair of sharp eagle eyes and had an appearance of a resolute character.

"Night Heavenly Wolf Lord, you arrived early." The rank eight female immortal from Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven replied while smiling.

"Actually, we were late, Lady Cold Ash." Night Heavenly Wolf Lord smiled bitterly, pointing at the grotto-heaven entrance: "Those variant human Gu Immortals have entered already. I waited for you to enter together, otherwise, as lone rank eight Gu Immortals, we will be pushed aside."

Lady Cold Ash nodded with a grim expression: "We have gathered here today because of Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's request. He is a snowman Gu Immortal to begin with, he opened up his Ice Crystal grotto-heaven as well, this will definitely be dominated by variant human Gu Immortals. Let's go in and see first."

Lady Cold Ash quickly arranged for the two rank sevens to stay behind and look after the soul beast army.

She only brought some immemorial soul beasts with her into the grotto-heaven.

Unknown to her, Spectral Soul had already possessed one of her immemorial soul beasts, he followed after them.

Once they entered the grotto-heaven, the temperature fell drastically, it was an icy world.

Looking at the ground it was all white. The mountain stood tall, made entirely of frost crystals, this was very rare.

At the peak of the frost crystal mountain, there was a palace made of ice and snow.

Lady Cold Ash and Night Heavenly Wolf Lord arrived in front of the palace hall, they left their accompanying immemorial soul beasts and immemorial night heavenly wolves outside, entering themselves.

After Spectral Soul looked for a while, he successfully saw through the foundation of this icy palace, he immediately found a loophole and entered the hall.

There was a snowman Gu Immortal sitting at the main seat, he had a squarish face and dignified demeanor, he was Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch.

Other than that, there were three rank eight variant humans, they were rockman, hairy man, and eggman respectively.

"To think that in black heaven, variant humans are the superior force, they actually have four rank eights while the humans only have two." Spectral Soul thought about it for a moment before understanding why.

After humans dominated the world, variant humans could not live in the five regions anymore, they were chased into the peripheries of the world to live pitiful lives.

Black and white heaven became their top choices to relocate and live.

This place was extremely huge, once their grotto-heavens were concealed, even venerables would not be able to find them without sufficient clues.

Thus, black and white heaven became the foundation of the variant humans, they developed here.

Even though human Gu Immortals also explored both heavens, they only explored them to seek resources. Few rank eight Gu Immortals would place their grotto-heavens within the black and white heavens.

Human grotto-heavens were different from variant human grotto-heavens, the latter were taken care of by heaven's will, their tribulations were weaker, but the former were different.

As time passed, more and more human grotto-heavens that were placed were destroyed, few could develop successfully. Meanwhile, the variant human grotto-heavens were able to last a long time, their forces grew stealthily.

The six rank eight Gu Immortals discussed for a long time.

"The five regions have become one, qi tides rampage the heavens. Our grotto-heavens will be exposed, I propose that we unite ourselves and resist the enemies of the five regions together!"

"How will we resist them? Even though our grotto-heavens are doing well, how can our resources compare to the five regions? Even if we all work together, we are not the match of the five regions' humans!"

"Moreover, we cannot cooperate sincerely with each other, we are of different identities after all."

"Everyone, don't worry, even though we are humans, our Soul Pacifying Ancestor was forced to live in black heaven, we have already broken all ties with the five regions."

"I'll be more straightforward, my Night Wolf grotto-heaven does not want to expose ourselves. After all, we have an immense enmity with Northern Plains' Longevity Heaven!"

"Friends." Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch spoke: "Do you all only want to go on the defensive, do you not want to progress further? Now that fate Gu has been destroyed, the reign of humanity has been disrupted. The five regions' Gu Immortals need to recuperate now, this is the best chance for us to take action!"

"Because we were in black heaven, we became the least affected ones, we can move around with difficulty. If we don't make use of this chance, we will regret it in the future."

"Immortal Monarch, what plan do you have?"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch sighed as he said with a grim expression: "The five regions are huge, they have abundant resources, even if our grotto-heavens are added together, we cannot compare to them. The world will definitely go into chaos, if we do not try to improve ourselves, when the five regions settle down, they will find a chance to eliminate us all. Only by taking this lead can we have a hope of survival."


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