Reverend Insanity
1966 Great Era!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1966 Great Era!

"Feng Jiu Ge!" Duke Long screamed, charging towards him.

Immortal killer move — Dragon Claw Strike!

Immortal killer move — Spiraling Dragon Fang!

Claw marks emerged, nearly ten feet long, cutting through the air with invincible might. Dragon fangs flew everywhere, like piercing sharp blades, circling and flying while emitting murderous aura.

Feng Jiu Ge retreated slowly as he continued to sing his destiny song.

Around him, there were several clones, they looked like him but had mystical powers.

Immortal killer move — Song Warrior!

Song warriors fought for Feng Jiu Ge, not only blocking the dragon claws and fangs but even fighting against Duke Long.

After several rounds, Duke Long destroyed a song warrior.

But next, a brand new song warrior appeared on the battlefield, engaging with Duke Long in combat.

Duke Long instantly understood that killing these clones was pointless, the true way to fight was to go after the source, to directly deal with Feng Jiu Ge.

Immortal killer move — Dragon Gate.

Duke Long crossed a large distance and approached Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge calmly activated yang pass tune as he pulled apart their distance once again.

Duke Long was unable to fight Feng Jiu Ge in close combat, he could only use qi path killer moves to attack at a distance.

Feng Jiu Ge showed no fear, his destiny song continued to weaken Duke Long while he used his hands to unleash the triple extreme sound killer move, with drum fist, bell palm, and finger whistle.

Feng Jiu Ge fought against Duke Long while exchanging many blows, they unexpectedly were evenly matched!

Rank eight future self brought a qualitative transformation to Feng Jiu Ge's battle strength.

While the three regions' Gu Immortals hesitated on whether to help Feng Jiu Ge, they were shocked to realize: Feng Jiu Ge did not need anyone's help!

The battle strength he displayed shocked everyone.

Duke Long was unable to take down Feng Jiu Ge, he was shocked and furious. At this point, he realized that even though Feng Jiu Ge was fighting earlier, he had been keeping his true strength hidden, he did not use his full power at all.

Right now, Duke Long wanted to destroy Red Lotus' scheme. But Fang Yuan was a tough enemy, Duke Long knew about his strength, so he chose to fight Feng Jiu Ge instead.

As long as Feng Jiu Ge was disrupted and destiny song failed to activate, then Fang Yuan and the others would not have the Immortal Gu recipe, they would not succeed.

But Feng Jiu Ge's strength far exceeded Duke Long's expectations, he could only attack more aggressively while trying to take down Feng Jiu Ge as soon as possible.

Duke Long was stalled by Feng Jiu Ge, while Wu Shuai controlled Dragon Palace to defend Fang Yuan's main body, Calamity Luck Altar was blocking Demon Judgment Board.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals unleashed a storm of attacks but the other three regions' Gu Immortals and Di Zang Sheng stopped them.

The battle situation was tilting in the favor of the three regions' Gu Immortals, but Fang Yuan was facing a problem now.

The sea of human wills was vast and turbulent.

Using the human wills as Gu material to refine destiny Gu was wishful thinking.

But it was a possible method.

Under the effect of destiny song, the human wills and flames merged, refined into a mystical Gu material that was formless and colorless.

Fang Yuan, who was controlling this Gu refinement session, had to endure the terrifying waves of human wills. He had to calm the human wills like subduing tides, sending them to the respective tributaries.

Fang Yuan's expression quickly turned dark, his veins were bulging on his forehead, thoughts collided endlessly in his mind, he could not keep up with this expenditure, his storage of thoughts was rapidly used up, about to be emptied!

At the periphery of the battlefield, Spectral Soul and his servants kept a close watch on the situation.

Fairy Zi Wei saw Fang Yuan's expression as she analyzed: "Oh no, Fang Yuan is not in good shape. I know about his wisdom path foundation, he is most skilled at blocking deductions and concealing his true location. But this refinement expends his thoughts and focuses on his cognitive ability. The sea of human will is truly terrifying, even I myself cannot last long in it."

But Spectral Soul smiled lightly, saying calmly: "Don't worry, a certain venerable has already prepared for this. Fang Yuan should know what to do."

Spectral Soul could not help but recall the past.

When he was still alive, exploring Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

There, he found wisdom Gu, he also saw Giant Sun's special will left behind by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Back then, he wanted to immediately take wisdom Gu for himself.

"Spectral Soul, I would like you to let wisdom Gu remain here." Giant Sun's special will had to show up and stop him.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable smiled coldly: "You can't stop me."

Giant Sun's special will nodded: "Of course, you are the current Demon Venerable, invincible in the world, I have no way of stopping you. But I am sure you have made a deal with Red Lotus Demon Venerable already?"

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's expression changed, before coming here, he had obtained one Red Lotus true inheritance, he made a deal with Red Lotus Demon Venerable.

"You mean to say?" Spectral Soul Demon Venerable hesitated.

"That's right, my main body has made arrangements in this wisdom Gu. When the crucial person arrives, he will destroy Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, this wisdom Gu will go along with him." Giant Sun's special will said openly.

"So that's it." Spectral Soul Demon Venerable looked at wisdom Gu deeply but did not take it.

At this moment.

"I've already given it my best effort… it seems I need to use wisdom Gu after all." Fang Yuan sighed.

By now, he had already guessed many of the venerable arrangements.

Wisdom Gu was Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangement, but unlike those of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable and Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, it had activated long ago. Back then, Fang Yuan was unaware of this.

Fang Yuan had just opened his immortal aperture's entrance when wisdom Gu flew out by itself, floating above Fang Yuan as it emitted a divine radiance.

Fang Yuan instantly felt relaxed as his expression went back to normal, he felt a sense of ease.

"So that's it." He inspected it closely, realizing: "Wisdom Gu is one of the Gu materials, no wonder it is so effective. With the addition of wisdom Gu, my thoughts are expended more slowly, but my immortal essence expenditure is huge. This rate of consumption is not something I can sustain."

Even though the sovereign immortal aperture's rate of time was very fast and could accumulate immortal essence rapidly, Fang Yuan had undergone many intense battles, the expenditure was high as well.

Once he fails to keep up with the expenditure, the Gu refinement would be forced to stop, Fang Yuan would suffer an overwhelmingly terrifying backlash!

But Fang Yuan was not flustered, he was cool as ice.

He knew clearly, at this point in time, the venerables were not going to watch by the side.

As long as he still had a trace of value, he was irreplaceable, the venerables could not allow him to die at this moment.

"Next, it should be your turn to take action, Giant Sun…"

Far away in black heaven, a dark gold palace floated quietly in the sky.

In the palace, immortal zombie Giant Sun slowly opened his eyes.

He looked towards the south, the scenes in Heavenly Court were reflected in his eyes.

"We have finally reached this moment." Immortal zombie Giant Sun smiled before sighing to himself lightly: "Red Lotus, it was your scheme that worked after all."

Certain memories in his life started to surface.

On the stone lotus island, Gu Immortal Giant Sun who had yet to become venerable received Red Lotus' gift.

At the same time, they also made a transaction.

"This is the incomplete Immortal Gu recipe of destiny Gu?" Giant Sun received this incomplete recipe and was immediately drawn to it. He was the creator of luck path, it had never failed him, but from this incomplete recipe, he saw a whole new world!

"Red Lotus, you are the one who damaged fate Gu, giving me the chance to create luck path. Now, you are gifting this incomplete recipe of destiny Gu to me, I owe you an immense favor!" Gu Immortal Giant Sun said solemnly.

"I will make the arrangements according to our agreement. I will leave wisdom Gu behind and create responsive luck Immortal Gu to help that unparalleled genius who will create destiny song. Furthermore, I will retain my final attack, as long as the situation advances to reach that stage, I will take action and help your million year plan succeed!"

Red Lotus' will smiled: "I will thank you in advance. If my plan fails, please follow our agreement and try your best to refine destiny Gu yourself."

"Of course!" Gu Immortal Giant Sun said resolutely.

Within Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace, immortal zombie Giant Sun slowly raised his right hand.


An enormous beam of light flew through the sky and shot towards Heavenly Court's direction at an extreme speed.

This beam of light was so gigantic, like a large river that spanned across heaven and earth.

Wherever it went, it pushed aside all the air, the beam's movement was accompanied by a deafening and majestic sound.

Such a grand and powerful killer move shocked everyone and sent them into a daze.

Even Duke Long, Feng Jiu Ge, and Fang Yuan felt incredibly small and insignificant upon seeing this move.

The beam of light started from black heaven above Northern Plains, piercing through the regional wall and directly bombarding Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court shook intensely, the world seemed to tremble as countless Immortal Gu Houses cracked and broke.

Within Imperfection Regret Pavilion, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's silhouette gritted her teeth.

She watched as Giant Sun's attack approached, but Limitless' silhouette was drawing her attention, forcing her to have no time to deal with it.

Giant Sun's attack landed with unstoppable might, instilling itself into the sea of human wills and flames.

The three sources gathered and instantly formed a golden ball of light that was the size of a mountain.

Within the ball of light, flames flicked, human wills shined with rainbow light, incredibly dazzling. Fang Yuan remained unmoved at the center, he was controlling the situation.

Traces of pale white light started to spread out from his tightly grasped hands.

These traces of light were so familiar, Fang Yuan had a deep impression of them.

He was internally shaken: "Heaven path dao marks!"

Tens or hundreds of heaven path dao marks slipped out from the cracks between his fingers.

Fang Yuan opened his hands wide at this moment, with a loud sound, countless heaven path dao marks flew into the sky, entangling with each other.

Traces of dao marks went towards Fang Yuan's body.

Fang Yuan grunted, intense pain assaulted him, causing his body and mind to shake!

"These are newly added heaven path dao marks on my body? Wait no, not just me…" Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light, he acutely sensed that many of the heaven path dao marks vanished all of a sudden, following the sources of the human wills.

"As expected." At this moment, Fang Yuan was finally certain about Red Lotus Demon Venerable's plan.

He wanted to refine destiny Gu but he was not truly trying to refine a Gu.

Fang Yuan grasped this chance, doing his best to collect these heaven path dao marks.

With every single heaven path dao mark carved in his body, his sovereign immortal aperture's foundation would rise by a level.

This was an unprecedented and huge fortuitous encounter!

Each complete heaven path dao mark would cause a small qualitative change in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture world.

After his trip to Crazed Demon Cave, Fang Yuan became even clearer of the immense value of this opportunity.

But the fusing of heaven path dao marks was very painful, even someone with a firm mind like Fang Yuan started to feel dizzy after gaining ten complete heaven path dao marks.

But he was the main person refining this Gu, he could not use other methods, otherwise, he would disrupt the Gu refinement and fail the process, that would be a huge problem.

Fang Yuan relied on his determination as he gritted his teeth and held on.

He was not the only Gu Immortal enduring pain, he was just one of countless people.

At the same time, in the vast five regions, countless mortals screamed in pain, the heaven path dao marks found their way to the sources of the human wills and carved themselves into these people's bodies.

Each of these mortals could not endure even one ten-thousandth of a complete heaven path dao mark, many of them fainted at the first moment.

Those who could remain awake were fortunate, they were able to absorb more heaven path dao marks.


Intense pain, pain that went beyond words.

Fang Yuan soon tore the skin of his lips as his eyes opened wide, even the corners of his eyes were torn, blood flowed out.

His entire body was shaking and covered in sweat, he still tried his best to continue fusing with each additional heaven path dao mark.

Soon, the Gu Immortals scattered across the five regions also started to endure this process.

Heavenly Court's fighting came to a stop, all of the Gu Immortals' expressions changed, they gritted their teeth as their faces turned red. With the addition of heaven path dao marks that automatically went to them, they were caught off guard and could barely endure this.

"No—!" Duke Long screamed in agony, at this moment, he finally realized what Red Lotus' plan was.

Duke Long was unable to take down Feng Jiu Ge after so long, he could only turn around and hope for the best as he tried to attack Fang Yuan, but the intense pain also assaulted him.

Feng Jiu Ge persisted in using destiny song, seeing that Duke Long was leaving, he quickly attacked more intensely to stall for time instead.

With a loud sound, like splattering water, the mountain-like human wills vanished on the spot.


"People of this world, I have entrusted fate to you. All of you hold a portion of fate, from today onwards, there will no longer be fate in this world!" Red Lotus' will spoke through the human wills, his voice was transmitted into the minds of everyone in the five regions.

The five regions' humans were still in agony and indescribable pain.

Because of the intense and unbearable pain, there were many cases of suicide on the spot.

"Red Lotus—!" Duke Long shouted in anger, he finally got away from Feng Jiu Ge as he arrived in front of Fang Yuan.

But it was too late.

The last bit of Red Lotus' will managed to gather into human form as it blocked the ferocious Duke Long for Fang Yuan.

"Master." The young looking Red Lotus smiled: "I succeeded at long last. Fate Gu has been split into countless portions by me and distributed to everyone in this world. It still exists, it has not been destroyed, but because fate has been fused with luck, it can no longer be used by heaven's will."

Duke Long was furious, his eyes were red, his hair standing on end.

"Traitorous disciple!" He screamed, he charged even quicker now.

At the next moment, he completely destroyed Red Lotus' will as he arrived in front of Fang Yuan.

Duke Long's aura broke through its limit again, reaching an unprecedented level, his strength was so overwhelming that even Di Zang Sheng and Feng Jiu Ge felt a threat to their lives!

Fang Yuan did not move, he did not even put up a defense.

Duke Long charged with unparalleled might, but when he was still a step away from Fang Yuan, his expression changed.

His aura froze at once, his advancement stopped.

His lifespan — was exhausted!

It was slightly earlier than in the previous life.

Fang Yuan was not surprised, he had found the truth when he saw a bit of the scattered light earlier.

The truth was, back then in Eastern Sea, when his Qi Sea Ancestor identity used steal life on Duke Long, it was effective.

But the effect was low and not easily observable, Duke Long also had incredible concealment abilities.

Afterwards, in order to avoid fighting Qi Sea Ancestor, Duke Long even took out Primordial Origin's true inheritance to successfully deceive everyone. This was because Duke Long did not know that Fang Yuan's steal life killer move had a limited number of usages.

This also caused Duke Long to become even stronger than in the previous life at the same time period.

The hero of a generation, the pillar of Heavenly Court, the master of Red Lotus, and the creator of the dragonman race — Duke Long!

Finally, his life was over.

Before dying, he still charged at the forefront.

For Heavenly Court, for the sake of humanity, he had truly done everything that he could until his death.

During the intense war, he forgot the limit of his own lifespan. Thus, at the moment of his death, other than rage and killing intent, there was also confusion on his face.

"Lord Duke Long…"

"Damn it, you must be feeling very unwilling to die like this!"

"Senior Duke Long!!!"

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals cried out loud, their morale rose sharply, this was the will of the mourning troops!

Intense battle occurred again, the Gu Immortals of the three regions were actually suppressed by Heavenly Court which had fewer numbers.

Fang Yuan no longer participated in the fight.

He still endured intense pain as his gaze pierced past Heavenly Court, overlooking the entire five regions.

Earth shook as it produced waves of deep, rumbling noises.

At this moment, the regional walls that separated the five regions had completely disappeared. The earth veins were connected as the five separate regions merged into one!

Without the obstruction of the regional walls, people could freely move through the five regions with no obstructions. At the same time, the differences in heaven and earth qi also disappeared gradually.

The bloody cape on Fang Yuan's back slowly disintegrated, he raised his head slightly and took in a deep breath.

Ah, the air was filled with freedom.

From now on, there was finally a possibility of pursuing eternal life.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan's lips curled up as he revealed a faint smile.

"The great era… has finally arrived!"


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