Reverend Insanity
1961 So What If It Was Destroyed?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1961 So What If It Was Destroyed?

The moment fate Gu was destroyed, the whole battlefield returned to its previous state.

The white light formed by fate vanquish killer move disappeared completely.

Crack crack.

A series of crisp sounds echoed as countless cracks spread throughout Heaven Overseeing Tower. At the next moment, the whole of Heaven Overseeing Tower crumbled into pieces!

The grand Heavenly Court fell into deathly silence.

There was no trace of wind in the battlefield, but the immortals felt a hurricane blowing in their hearts!

Heaven Overseeing Tower turned into countless fragments that fell down along with Gu Immortal corpses. Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's painting path method turned into a ray of light that crossed the sky and flew far away.

Fang Yuan ignored it and quietly floated in the air, looking at Duke Long, Feng Jiu Ge, and the rest.

He had no expression and did not say anything, he only opened his palm slowly. Under everybody's vision killer move, everyone in the five regions saw — the fragments of the destroyed fate Gu!

"Fate Gu has been… destroyed?"

"We won?!"

The three regions' Gu Immortals looked at each other, seeing the astonishment and daze on each other's faces.

"Unbelievable, we really did it!"

"This battle will definitely be remembered by later generations."

After coming to their senses, the three regions' Gu Immortals cheered wildly!

On the contrary, Heavenly Court's remaining Gu Immortals had ashen expressions and were dazed like puppets.

Fate Gu was Heavenly Court's banner, their spiritual pillar.

It was more than a rank nine Gu worm, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable had relied on this Gu to create the rule of humanity, it gave humans the hope of freedom and courage to revolt.

After over three million years of inheritance and development, the significance of fate Gu was much greater to Heavenly Court. It was Heavenly Court's foundation, a symbol, and also an eternally fluttering banner.

But now, this banner was taken down and torn by Fang Yuan!

Heavenly Court's immortals felt that the pillar in their mind was taken away, their world had collapsed!

Even without the three regions' Gu Immortals attacking or any external stimulation, they were dazed and did not know what they should do.

Even Feng Jiu Ge was silent, his destiny song that had kept on resounding throughout the battlefield stopped at this moment.

Far away, Feng Jin Huang was hiding in a secret underground Immortal Gu House, she was weeping silently: "Fate Gu… has been destroyed! How did this happen? Everyone clearly put in so much effort, not even hesitating to sacrifice themselves!"

Qin Ding Ling's gaze was blank, she was like a lifeless statue.

The greatly damaged Demon Judgment Board rose to the sky, Fang Zheng who was inside looked at Fang Yuan with a highly complicated expression: "Fang Yuan, you actually accomplished it. In Heavenly Court, in front of the venerable methods, you destroyed fate Gu! So the gap between you and I is simply this big."

This gap made Fang Zheng feel despair, but a strange thing was Fang Zheng did not feel bitterness at this moment, instead he felt a trace of relief.

It was time to give up.

A person like Fang Yuan was different from everyone from the start. Thinking of rivaling him was wishful thinking from the start, a delirious thought even.

"Damn it, damn it…"

"We failed, fate Gu has been destroyed."

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals cried. They had used all their strength, given their everything, some crawled out of their graves to fight, some held on till the end, but they still failed.

"We have really failed our comrades who sacrificed themselves!"

"I am too ashamed to face my seniors!"

Shame surfaced on the Heavenly Court immortals' faces, many even had the impulse to kill themselves.

"Don't panic!" At this moment, Duke Long suddenly spoke, his voice spreading throughout the battlefield, shaking every Gu Immortal's mind.

Duke Long flew to the sky, his expression was solemn as he knew this was the crucial moment.

Fate Gu had been destroyed, Duke Long could not afford to be upset or blame himself. He was the leader of Heavenly Court, he needed to try his hardest to deal with this issue!

What made him anxious was that even the deeply experienced Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were shaken like this. What would the people all over the world think about this sight?

If Fang Yuan scheming and defeating Heavenly Court time and again earlier was like a heavy slap to Heavenly Court's face, then Fang Yuan destroying fate Gu was like shaking Heavenly Court's foundation completely, destroying the status and reputation Heavenly Court had accumulated for over three million years!

Duke Long had to restore their morale and fighting spirit.

"Fang Yuan, you really think you destroyed fate Gu?" Duke Long suddenly laughed with no trace of listlessness, one could not sense any form of wavering in his tone.

Fang Yuan did not reply and only slightly raised his hand as he looked at Duke Long.

Immediately, the three regions' Gu Immortals ridiculed: "Duke Long, have you gone blind? You can't see the fragments of fate Gu?"

Some of the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals looked with bright gazes, a spark of hope rising in their hearts: "Is the fate Gu that Fang Yuan destroyed a replica?"

But Duke Long shook his head, still laughing: "Hehehe, the destroyed fate Gu is the real one. But Fang Yuan, even though fate Gu is destroyed, has it really been destroyed forever, can we not refine it once again?"

"Huh?" The immortals were stupefied.

Immortal Gu were unique, this was an irrefutable truth of the world. If I had an Immortal Gu, others could not possess the same one.

But when this Immortal Gu was destroyed, others would have the chance to possess it.

Fate Gu was destroyed by Fang Yuan now, this was an ironclad truth. But this was not a genuine ending because Heavenly Court could refine it again!

"Does Heavenly Court have fate Gu's recipe?" Shen Cong Sheng's expression was grim as he asked.

"Heavenly Court has held fate Gu for over three million years, we had countless refinement path great experts and three Immortal Venerables in this period. Take a guess if our Heavenly Court has fate Gu's recipe or not?" Duke Long smiled, his entire body letting out confidence and calmness.

"Damn it!" The three regions' Gu Immortals were exasperated.

Duke Long laughed: "However, even if Heavenly Court did not have fate Gu's Immortal Gu recipe, so what? Everyone, let me ask you, was the fate Gu in the Immemorial Antiquity Era refined by Ren Zu?"

"Of course not." Qin Ding Ling replied, she understood Duke Long's intention and her eyes shone with life again: "Fate Gu was born from heaven and earth itself."

Duke Long nodded: "That's right, Immortal Gu are born from nature which is why there are many wild Immortal Gu. Even if we cannot refine it, heaven and earth will refine fate Gu. The new fate Gu might be rank six or even rank nine directly. Who can say for sure?"

This time, the three regions' Gu Immortals looked at each other.

After Duke Long mentioned this point, they suddenly realized that destroying fate Gu might not be a big deal!

If fate Gu was destroyed, so be it, it could be refined again.

"Even if it is refined, we can destroy it again!" A Gu Immortal shouted angrily, but even he himself did not have much confidence.

To destroy fate Gu this time, they had paid a huge price! Could such success really be replicated? Forget about anything else, just the point that only an otherworldly demon could destroy fate Gu blocked the path of many heroes and conquerors. Didn't even three Demon Venerables fail?

"Damn it, how could we have failed to notice this?" A Gu Immortal was vexed, but thinking about it, he could blame himself for not considering everything properly.

After all, invading Heavenly Court and destroying fate Gu was already an enormous goal and could even be said to be wishful thinking. To realize this goal, the Gu Immortals had already exhausted their minds and energy. This was an impossible mission akin to a mortal ascending to heaven, even if they used all their strength and had inexhaustible will, it was still difficult to achieve.

Under such circumstances, who could afford to think of the matter after ascending to heaven?

In fact, when Central Continent held the Refinement Path Convention and four regions' Gu Immortals invaded, who could say for sure that they could destroy fate Gu?

No one!

Even Fang Yuan, even venerables did not have such confidence.

Everyone was giving it a try.

After the attempt succeeded, the Gu Immortals were exulted. But what happens after realizing this goal?

Duke Long's words were also the truth. The three regions' Gu Immortals suddenly discovered that the price they paid, the battles and the effort they invested were all in vain, was it just an empty victory?

The three regions' Gu Immortals were silent, their expressions gradually turning unsightly.

Wu Yong was sharp and sensed the change in people's hearts and the fallen morale, he immediately refuted coldly: "Lord Duke Long, you have a sharp tongue. However, Heavenly Court's failure is still a failure, you took great pain to defend and even hide fate Gu in Heavenly Court, yet we were still able to destroy it. In the future, even if you obtain fate Gu again, so what?"

"Hehehe, in fact, you need to be careful. Otherwise, when heaven and earth gives birth to the new fate Gu, you won't be able to refine it yourselves. At that time, fate Gu will become a wild Immortal Gu, anyone will be able to possess it, it might not necessarily be obtained by your Heavenly Court anymore."

The three regions' immortals' eyes brightened and their morale soared.

Duke Long was smiling calmly: "Wu Yong, you are not wrong about it at all. Let's say fate Gu becomes a wild Immortal Gu and is obtained by one of you, so what? Can you all… use it? Do you know how to use it?"

Even Wu Yong could not reply to this question.

Duke Long smiled proudly: "Fate Gu can never be used by Gu Immortals! Before the Remote Antiquity Era, it was held by variant humans but they could not use it. Over three million years, my Heavenly Court had several Immortal Venerables, but no one could directly use this Gu. Countless geniuses racked their minds and then conceptualized Heaven Overseeing Tower, it took three million years for us to research a killer move that could make use of fate Gu, and that is fate vanquish!"

"Do you understand the killer move fate vanquish? Do you know how to construct Heaven Overseeing Tower?"

The three regions' Gu Immortals fell into silence.

Duke Long continued: "Only heaven's will can use fate Gu. Back then, for the sake of humanity, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable did not hesitate to sacrifice herself and merged with heaven's will, disturbing and influencing heaven's will. Which is why, humanity that rose three million years ago is still flourishing now, we remained as the rulers of the world."

"And my Heavenly Court built the immortal graveyard to support Star Constellation's will. Heavenly Court members all chose to hibernate in the immortal graveyard to provide constant help for Star Constellation's will. Only then are we able to influence fate Gu and thus influence the position of humanity in the whole world!"

"Among you, who can achieve this?"

Duke Long swept his gaze throughout the battlefield, the three regions' Gu Immortals were silent while Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals stood proudly, someone even added arrogantly: "No one! In the vast five regions, only Heavenly Court can accomplish this!"

"No, you are wrong, Duke Long." Bing Sai Chuan's retort came from inside Calamity Luck Altar: "Even if we are unable to use fate Gu, we can use it as a Gu refinement material to refine destiny Gu! Fate Gu cannot be controlled by others, but destiny Gu can. This is the plan of our Lord Giant Sun Immortal Venerable."

Duke Long looked towards Calamity Luck Altar and gave a disdainful smile: "Even if you refine destiny Gu, does it mean fate Gu won't exist?"

Bing Sai Chuan was unable to reply.

If fate Gu was used as a Gu material, when Longevity Heaven refined destiny Gu, fate Gu would be used up. In the future, there could still be a new fate Gu.

Duke Long sighed: "No matter what you do, fate Gu will still exist. Even if it destroyed now, it will appear again in the future. As long as it appears, will your efforts today have any meaning?"

The three regions' Gu Immortals were silent.

"Of course there is meaning!" Duke Long answered himself with solemness and hatred: "The meaning of this is to give a chance for variant humans to rise up, for them to create an unimaginably bad influence on humanity."

"You cannot use fate Gu and how long will it take for you to refine destiny Gu? You don't even have an incomplete Gu recipe of fate Gu! Once fate Gu reappears, it will be controlled by heaven's will. Humanity will decline and variant humans will rise."

"And the one who led to this is all of you!" Duke Long berated and suddenly pointed towards Fang Yuan: "Especially you! You are the greatest evil! You destroyed the immortal graveyard, Star Constellation's will won't be able to interfere with heaven's will like before. If humanity is exterminated in the future, you will be the main culprit behind everything!!"

"Fang Yuan, oh Fang Yuan, you think you obtained victory by destroying fate Gu?"

"Hehehe, at best, this is only a giant joke."

"My Heavenly Court thinks for humanity in all aspects, we offered our blood and sweat for the benefits of humanity, even sacrificing ourselves. And you people, for your own selfish interests, destroyed the great position that my Heavenly Court had maintained meticulously for millions of years."

"My Heavenly Court can refine fate Gu again in the future, we can refine it secretly! We won't let the five regions know of fate Gu's refinement, will you find out about it?"

"Can you all stop us in time?"

"Even if you stop us the second or the third time. What about after that? Who can guarantee you can stop us from refining it again and again?"

"We will only refine rank six fate Gu, it is far easier than restoring it to rank nine!"

"Also, every time we fight because of fate Gu, humanity will suffer heavy losses and greatly expend its foundation. This will give variant humans the opportunity to rise up against us!"

Duke Long lamented with deep emotions as he said this.

"Who is this old man? I did not know that Heavenly Court did so many things in consideration for our entire human race!"

"Why did they invade Heavenly Court, what were these Gu Immortals thinking?"

"These people are all demons, they disregarded the big picture for their own interests! They are accursed sinners!"

The five regions' mortals resonated with Duke Long.

Most of the mortals had extremely little understanding of the Gu Immortal world.

And the Gu Immortals scattered in the five regions were also silent when they heard Duke Long.

Heavenly Court was powerful, Heavenly Court was domineering, Heavenly Court occupied almost all the cultivation resources of Central Continent, Heavenly Court's ambition stretched extremely far and actively interfered in major events of the other four regions.

But no one was able to deny Heavenly Court's contribution in protecting humanity.

This was a fact!

"Ahhh, this is somewhat troublesome. Although it felt extremely satisfying to destroy fate Gu, there is some emptiness after the adrenaline rush, this is a bit of a problem." Inside the blood cape, Reckless Savage's will mumbled while holding his head.

"Hehe, Duke Long, are you done?" Fang Yuan's expression was indifferent, after destroying fate Gu, this was the first time he spoke and broke the silence.

Duke Long looked at Fang Yuan, his brows furrowed as he started feeling uneasy.

Fang Yuan was too calm! According to Fang Yuan's intelligence, how could he not see the crucial point? Duke Long tried to think from another perspective, if he were Fang Yuan, he would definitely use all his strength to attack and not give the enemies the chance to speak.

Because once Duke Long spoke, he would create this current situation.


Duke Long's words restored Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals' morale and also suppressed the enemies' spirit, he also raised Heavenly Court's prestige and it was simply turning the situation around!

Duke Long was worthy of being the leader of Heavenly Court, he not only possessed terrifying strength worthy of the main pillar, at the crucial time, he could even lead and boost morale, changing people's hearts.

How could Fang Yuan not see this?

But he did not stop Duke Long, Duke Long could even vaguely see a trace of anticipation in his eyes.

So what was Fang Yuan anticipating?

At the next moment, Fang Yuan chuckled: "Oh Duke Long, who told you that destroying fate Gu meant the end of this battle? You seem to have forgotten someone."

Duke Long's pupils shrank as he realized something.

He followed Fang Yuan's gaze and saw a river.

That was a phantom silhouette of the River of Time!

Calamity Luck Altar carried Red Lotus Demon Venerable's method — Call of the Ancient. From the start of the battle, this killer move's power had condensed into a phantom River of Time in Heavenly Court.

Northern Plains' past Gu Immortal experts walked out from this phantom river and created an extremely huge threat to Heavenly Court.

But as the battle continued, the phantom River of Time seemed to have gradually grown powerless as fewer and fewer of Northern Plains' experts were summoned.

At the late stage of the battle, this phantom River of Time seemed to be motionless and showed no traces of new figures emerging.

However, when Fang Yuan destroyed fate Gu, this phantom River of Time seemed like a beast that had broken free of its shackles, it started surging wildly and turbulently.

Swish swish swish…

The river water surged, raising astonishing waves.

A figure walked out slowly and naturally from the giant waves.

All the immortals present heard his voice:

"In my youth I shined in the light of spring, horses trampled on flowers as fragrance of wine spread.

Love and hatred came with the waves, summer cicadas sang as I woke up in the middle of the night.

Planting red lotuses in the River of Time, going back in time with my tears run dry.

Through the vicissitudes of life I return to this stage, the myriad beings anticipate a life unbound by fate!"

He had the appearance of a young man, his gaze seemed to have experienced countless vicissitudes, he wore a red robe, his face was pure as jade, his eyes were bright like stars, and his skin was white as snow.

He walked out from the phantom River of Time and stepped into Heavenly Court's battlefield.

Everyone watched, there was complete silence all around.

His gaze moved around before fixing on Duke Long's body.

Duke Long shook, his expression was extremely complicated as he opened his mouth, his lips moved but no words came out.

The young man smiled: "Master, have you been well?"


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