Reverend Insanity
1949 Beheaded By One Slice!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1949 Beheaded By One Slice!

Immortal killer move — Five Rotational Destruction!

Five Elements Grandmaster shouted in fury, he faced the sky with his palms and pushed, a five colored ring appeared.

The ring flew to the sky and let out a powerful attraction force, absorbing all kinds of killer moves and even desolate beasts.

Heavenly Court's defensive line fell into chaos.

"Charge!" Southern Border's Gu Immortals grasped this chance and activated rank eight Immortal Gu House Great Space Temple to charge in through the gap.

Heavenly Court's Yu Zhu Zi gritted his teeth as he pointed at Great Space Temple and shouted: "Go!"

Most of the jade pearls floating around him flew out and struck Great Space Temple before detonating.

Bam bam bam…

The detonation of jade pearls resounded like thunder, jade fragments scattered everywhere and attached themselves onto Great Space Temple, actually slowing this rank eight Immortal Gu House by several times.

With this chance, Heavenly Court's members quickly reinforced and used all their strength to force Great Space Temple out.

But, although Great Space Temple was forced out, Wu Yong made his move on the other side.

Immortal killer move — Finger Wind Dragon!

Immortal killer move — Chaotic Shooting Blades!

Wu Yong flicked his fingers repeatedly, throwing out several dark jade worms.

The small worms grew larger as they flew in the sky, expanding to ten feet, fifty feet, a hundred and fifty feet!

In just a few breaths of time, they turned into vicious wind dragons that was two hundred and twenty feet long, baring their fangs as they attacked Heavenly Court's defensive line.

Wu Yong's eyes flashed with a green light, the wind dragons roared and turned into countless jade wind blades, shooting everywhere.

The wind blades were sharp, cutting everything in their path, Heavenly Court's main force could only grit their teeth and face the killer moves forcibly.

Using this chance when they were too occupied, Wu Yong turned around and infiltrated the defense line.

"Don't even think about it!" A delicate voice sounded, flower petals flew in the sky; Wan Zi Hong blocked Wu Yong.

She had been paying heavy attention towards Wu Yong without daring to be careless. The moment Wu Yong made the move, she went to fill the gap.

Wu Yong sighed and could only drop the plan.

The Southern Border Gu Immortals inside Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building were shouting towards the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal Hua Cai Yun: "Go in quickly!"

Previously, Wan Zi Hong had been fighting with Hua Cai Yun and Qing Yue An. Right now, Wan Zi Hong went to fill the defensive gap which left behind a hole, letting Hua Cai Yun and Qing Yue An infiltrate the defensive line.

Hua Cai Yun and Qing Yue An glanced at each other and sensed the other had no intention to charge in, so they both chose to battle in the same place without having any intention to invade.

The human wills influenced the Eastern Sea immortals' resoluteness, but the influence was limited. Right now, Hua Cai Yun and Qing Yue An were already feeling regret, how could they have joined the decisive battle in Heavenly Court because of a moment of hotheadedness?

Wasn't it quite good and satisfying to plunder immortal materials in Central Continent?

Why did they have to fight to the death here!

They were not fools, the first ones to invade the defensive line would definitely be met with fierce counterattacks from Heavenly Court's forces, they might even die if they were just a little bit careless.

Because she had seen through this, Wan Zi Hong boldly went to fill the defensive gap and block Wu Yong.

"The nature of Eastern Sea Gu Immortals is like this." Wan Zi Hong's eyes shone sharply, she had a deep understanding regarding Eastern Sea.

But at the next moment, Shi Miao suddenly charged into Heavenly Court's defensive line.

He was also an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, Heavenly Court's main force were barely able to maintain the defensive line and when they were forced, they would let the defensive gap appear in front of the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals. But Heavenly Court's main force would have never imagined that Shi Miao was already controlled by Dragon Palace and had become a dragon general, unafraid of death in battles.

Heavenly Court's main force was dazed and allowed Shi Miao to smoothly charge into the defensive line and near Heaven Overseeing Tower. Just as he was about to charge inside, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Shi Miao.

"In your dream!" Duke Long's voice resounded in Shi Miao's ears.

Shi Miao had already put up his defenses, his skin was like a layer of rocks, extremely firm. But his tough skin was immediately pierced by Duke Long's right hand and his neck was grabbed firmly.

Shi Miao immediately felt suffocation, an intense force spread from Duke Long's right hand and cracked the rock skin on his neck.

"What kind of strength is this!" Shi Miao was horrified, he struggled with all his might but it was fruitless.

Just as his neck was about to snap, a sword light arrived.

Duke Long dodged immediately, but this was predicted, the sword light struck his waist, then passed through behind like a ray of light.

Duke Long's body was almost cut apart by this sword light, an enormous wound appeared on his stomach from where blood flowed out without stopping.

The sword light continued with its momentum and struck Heaven Overseeing Tower. Fortunately, defensive measures were already activated around Heaven Overseeing Tower, it was not unprepared like when Bo Qing's sword light cut it, a white barrier flickered around the tower before finally stopping the sword light.

"Fang Yuan!" Duke Long turned his head towards where the attack came from, at that direction was Fang Yuan who had once again transformed into an immemorial sword dragon.

The sword dragon's claws were clenched into a fist, the attack just now was five finger fist heart sword!

This killer move had terrifying might, Duke Long absolutely could not sit idly and watch Fang Yuan use it casually. He immediately gave up on Shi Miao and used dragon gate to approach Fang Yuan.

But at this time, Shi Miao suddenly revealed a strange smile, his whole body melted and rapidly covered Duke Long's body.

This change caught Duke Long off guard, and Fang Yuan was able to activate five finger fist heart sword again!

Second sword, third sword, fourth sword!

Every sword light struck Duke Long and passed through his body, the remaining force struck Heaven Overseeing Tower till it shook.

"Lord Duke Long!!!" This unexpected situation caused Heavenly Court's immortals to pale in fright.

Even Duke Long had never expected Shi Miao to willingly give up his life to pin him down! Fang Yuan's five finger fist heart sword struck him but Shi Miao was also struck.

There were three terrifyingly large sword wounds on Duke Long's body, he was dripping with blood but he still had a breath of life left in him.

Shi Miao, however, could not be anymore dead. His form was a severed corpse, he died with a smile on his face.

"Duke Long, your life shall end here." Fang Yuan said softly before pointing the fifth sword of five finger fist heart sword!

The sword light seemed to pierce through time and space, no one could block its speed.

Heavenly Court's immortals watched the sword light strike Duke Long with a horrified gaze.

At the moment of death, Duke Long's eyes lost their light as he fell into a whirlpool of memories.


Duke Long was lying on the bed and crying: "Father, mother, don't die, don't leave me behind!"

"Child." Duke Long's father rubbed his head and showed a carefree smile even when death was impending: "Don't cry and don't grieve. We suffered these fatal wounds to stop Di Zang Sheng's rampage, this is our responsibility as members of Heavenly Court, and it is also something we are willing to do."

"Death is the final destination of life,the crucial thing is whether we died a worthy death."

"You will understand this when you grow up, my child." Duke Long's mother spoke: "You will understand what our sacrifices signify. Although this leads to separation, it is also our honor and duty to protect humanity. The stronger one is, the greater their responsibilities. Protecting our people is the noble task that has been inherited by us and countless seniors. When you grow up, you will also continue to walk our path. We will be looking forward to your growth in the other world. You need to work hard and persevere."


Young Duke Long was breathing heavily, he was knocked down by a puppet and was lying down on the ground.

A Gu Master laughed loudly from the side and clapped: "Little Long, your performance is already great. Get up, rest for a while."

"No, I can still continue to fight!" Young Duke Long used all his strength and stood up unsteadily: "I will double my efforts, work hard in cultivation and keep on growing stronger. This puppet in front of me is nothing. There will be a day when I will become an expert like my parents, I will become a Gu Immortal of Heavenly Court and follow their path!"

"Hahaha, such aspirations, I am really looking forward to your future." The Gu Master praised sincerely.


"This is how it feels to be a Gu Immortal?" Duke Long passed the ascension tribulation and became a rank six Gu Immortal.

"Amazing, kid. You have become an immortal at such a young age. Thinking back to when I was your age, I was still competing with my rival in love, hahaha." A Heavenly Court Gu Immortal laughed.

"Thank you for guarding me during this period." The adult Duke Long bowed towards the Gu Immortal and said with great sincerity.

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal waved his hand: "You should have realized it by now, your identity is special. You are the Dao Guardian of the future Immortal Venerable, so your cultivation path will always be smooth, even if there are setbacks, it will only signify that you are going to reap even greater harvests later."

"Heavenly Court needs you, the future Immortal Venerable needs you, humanity needs you. Kid, becoming an immortal is not your end point, it is just your starting point. You can't get complacent, you can't stop moving forward. We all need you."

"Yes, I will persevere till I die. I will contribute every bit of my strength and every drop of my blood and sweat for Heavenly Court, for humanity, and for the future!" Duke Long swore.

Middle age…

"Rank eight cultivation, unimaginable… you actually accomplished this at your age!" Duke Tong said with a moved voice.

"Perhaps we should say, worthy of a Dao Guardian? Hahaha, with you, Heavenly Court can be even more prosperous." Duke Mei laughed brightly.

"I am flattered, seniors." The middle-aged Duke Long spoke modestly.

Duke Mei and Duke Tong glanced at each other, the former said: "So, have you considered our suggestion? Become one of us, lead Heavenly Court and guide the future Immortal Venerable seed."

Duke Long nodded with no hesitation: "Yes, I have already prepared myself!"

"Hahaha, then from today onwards, you are Duke Long."

"One of the three dukes of Heavenly Court, and also the most important one. Heavenly Court's heavy responsibility will mainly rest on your shoulders."

Duke Long nodded his head slowly and said with a solemn expression: "This is the path I have been pursuing. This is the expectation that my parents and the countless seniors I have met in life hold, it is the result that Heavenly Court and humanity needs! This responsibility… I, Duke Long, will undertake it with no hesitation!"

Old age…

"Come back, Hong Ting, you can still turn around!" Duke Long called.

"Master, I failed to live up to your teachings and expectations, I am sorry, but I must revive them!" Red Lotus did not turn around, disappearing into the night.

Duke Long closed his eyes in pain, his body on the verge of collapsing. The disciple he had taught with all his heart for so many years chose to walk on such a path.

"I guided an Immortal Venerable to become a Demon Venerable, I have sinned!" Duke Long knelt before Duke Tong and Duke Mei.

"Get up, get up quickly." Duke Tong and Duke Mei held Duke Long's arms and consoled him.

"You need to have faith, Duke Long, we still have hope."

"It is not your fault, Duke Long, we have all seen the efforts you have put in. It is Hong Ting who has disappointed us, not you."

"No." Duke Long shook off the two's hands and said with an extremely solemn expression: "He is my disciple, if he is walking on the wrong path now, it is my mistake! It is my sin! I must pay for this, I will stake all my strength to make up for this mistake!! For Heavenly Court and for humanity, even if I have to give up everything, I will pull Red Lotus back to the righteous path!!!"

And finally, in his twilight years…

Duke Long was sitting cross-legged in the hall, his head lowered and his hair was disheveled.

Two trails of tears quietly trickled down his face.

In front of him on the cold floor were the corpses of people he was familiar with, these were dragonman corpses.

The pain in his heart submerged everything and roared like a tsunami, threatening to drown Duke Long.

He was originally blessed with the joys of familial bonds, but who could have thought he would have to suffer such an impact in his twilight years. What was even more sad was that the killer of his children and grandchildren was he himself!

This was the tragedy that he singlehandedly created.

"It is my fault, back then I should not have…" Duke Long's voice was choked with emotions. He slowly raised his head, his gaze seemed to be under extreme weight as he slowly looked at each corpse. Joyful conversations and laughter along with blissful scenes of him with his grandchildren surfaced in his mind.

"It is not your fault, my children! Everything is my fault!" Duke Long's back bent down, he used his powerless fist to pound his chest, light thumping sounds echoed in the hall.

"I was negligent in my care towards you, I did not guide you well, you ended up walking on the wrong path. I was wrong, I am not a good master, I am also not a good ancestor. But for the prosperity of humanity, for Heavenly Court, I had to sacrifice you."

"Believe me, I never wanted this outcome. But I have no choice, I might be a dragonman but my heart has always stood with humanity. I cannot let you disrupt the rule of humanity, that is the result gained after countless generations sacrificed themselves. And most importantly, your roots also lie in humanity!"

"If you want to blame someone, then blame me, I cannot beg for your forgiveness neither do I dare to do that. Let me bear all the sins, let me pay for them!"

"My children… I cannot bring myself to separate with you. You will merge with me, we will never be apart! As your ancestor, I have failed you and did not give you a beautiful life and stable environment to live in. But this is all I can do."

"I, Duke Long, am just a dying old man."


The fifth sword flew towards Duke Long so fast that it was already in front of Duke Long!


There was a soft sound, time seemed to have been slowed down by countless times.

Duke Long's head lightly separated from his neck.

Blood flowed out slowly and spurted out just as slowly.

He was beheaded by Fang Yuan with one slice!


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