Reverend Insanity
1948 Restoration Halted
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1948 Restoration Halted

Heavenly Court's battlefield.

Immortal killer move — Finger Wind Dragon!

Wu Yong activated his killer move but was met with the joint attack of three Heavenly Court members.

"Die, Wu Yong!" Prince Feng Xian used inexhaustible flames that charged ahead while he stood behind, covered in flames. His offensive attack also had defensive properties, it was a stable choice of attack.

Zhou Xiong Xin attacked from behind, the killer move rumors become tigers roared, like a group of tigers that pounced towards Wu Yong.

And Ye Qiao Zi activated long range killer moves, vines grew out of thin air and spread towards Wu Yong, trying to bind him.

Wu Yong sighed internally, he had to retreat repeatedly. He moved back into Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building.

With the help of the Immortal Gu House, he resisted the fierce attacks of the three immortals.

But as such, his plan to approach Heaven Overseeing Tower was stopped.

"The amplification of the human path killer moves to Heavenly Court is too big….wait a moment, this is?!" Just as Wu Yong was getting a headache, specks of white lights appeared on Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and even entered his body.

Human path killer move — Hope of the People!

Human path killer move — Heroes Among People!

"Ahhhh." Inside the Immortal Gu House, other Southern Border Gu Immortals beside Wu Yong were roaring with vitality.

"This strength, this strength…." Old Treeman Ba De, who was fighting outside, looked at his own hands with shock.

Transformation path great expert Yi Hao Fang was similarly puzzled: "Why are Heavenly Court's human path killer moves helping us?"

This heavy doubt was pressing down on the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals' minds like a mountain.

"Shen Shang, you really didn't let down my expectations, great job." Fang Yuan laughed heartily, he had also received the amplification and his condition was improving rapidly.

Duke Long's face was ashen!

He was a dragonman, a variant human, he could not receive the amplification of heroes among people unlike Fang Yuan. When Fang Yuan returned to his human form, even if it was created with sovereign immortal fetus Gu, it was still a pure human!


Duke Long was sent flying by Fang Yuan.

"What in the world is going on?" Qin Ding Ling transmitted her voice to Old Man Zheng Yuan, asking him anxiously.

Old Man Zheng Yuan was not dead yet and had already moved out of Central Great Hall. He was all along responsible for activating the human path methods left behind by Central Continent's venerables.

The old man transmitted his panicked reply to Duke Long, Qin Ding Ling and the rest: "There is a problem in Emperor City. Someone is causing trouble, he poured in the human will of other four regions into Central Continent. Hope of the people and heroes among people distinguish allies based on human will. There was only Central Continent's human will previously, but now the human wills of all five regions are gathered, so everyone will receive amplification."

Duke Long warded off Fang Yuan's attacks while asking: "How can we resolve this issue?"

Old Man Zheng Yuan replied with a heavy voice: "I am giving it my all but I don't have any confidence in succeeding!"

Duke Long's heart sank further: "Who could have tampered with our venerable human path methods to this degree?"

He had never imagined the venerable human path killer moves to have such changes. The enemy did not break these two killer moves directly but instead expanded the effectiveness of the killer moves to everyone, this was no different from breaking them.

"Is it Shen Shang?" The soul sphere in Fairy Zi Wei's hands shook lightly as if it was laughing to itself.

Back then, the information Fairy Zi Wei had given to Duke Long contained details of Shen Shang's location. This action was made under Spectral Soul's influence.

Duke Long, however, had full trust in Fairy Zi Wei. Moreover, at that time, Fang Zheng had been detained by Shen Cong Sheng and had to be exchanged for urgently, thus there was the series of later events. In the end, Shen Shang left Dragon Whale Paradise, infiltrated Emperor City and achieved this accomplishment.

"Perhaps I should say, this is worthy of Paradise Earth." The soul sphere shook once again.

Fairy Zi Wei was holding the soul sphere and continuously using wisdom path methods to imitate soul path and heal the soul sphere.

The soul sphere was becoming increasingly solid under her healing.

On the other side, Central Heaven Gate was still open, bringing in Gu Immortals from the outside world into Heavenly Court.

"Hahaha, bring all those people in, let them kill, let them die! The more they kill the better it is, the more deaths there are the better this is, hahaha." The soul sphere laughed madly.

The first batch who came were the Southern Border immortals in Hairy Foot Mountain, as well as Wu Shuai, Zhan Bu Du, and others.

Right now, the second batch of Gu Immortals was teleported over. They were Northern Plains' reinforcements who allied with Southern Border's group in the previous life.

The leader was an old man with a walking stick, Yao Huang.

As well as Heavenly Lord Bai Zu who was walking forward proudly.

Behind the two great rank eight Gu Immortals were Domination Immortal Chu Du who was famous throughout the five regions, Black Extremity Sun Ming Lu who schemed against Old Ancestor Xue Hu, as well as other Gu Immortal experts.

"Rank seven Gu Immortals will enter Immortal Gu Houses." Yao Huang swept his gaze around the battlefield and gave the command.

Even Chu Du had to listen obediently.

He was shaken by the fierce battle in front, this battle was not something rank sevens could interfere in.

Northern Plains had few Immortal Gu Houses, but they brought over three this time!

"Follow me, we will reinforce Calamity Luck Altar." Heavenly Lord Bai Zu took the lead to charge forward.

Yao Huang and the three Immortal Gu Houses followed closely behind.

Bing Sai Chuan cheered loudly inside Calamity Luck Altar, his attacks towards the refinement path formation were obstructed by the golden pearls left by Golden Pearl Immortal King. And now, he was being besieged from all directions by Heavenly Court's main force.

Bing Sai Chuan was attacking the refinement path formation while repairing Calamity Luck Altar, he needed help and this batch of reinforcements came at a perfect timing.

"Kill!" Heavenly Lord Bai Zu shouted. His figure shook and split into countless clones that fought against the soldiers formed from the golden pearls.

Yao Huang did not want to appear weak, he waved his cane, a strong medicinal fragrance pervaded the battlefield immediately.

The three Immortal Gu Houses also arrived and defended Calamity Luck Altar.

Heavenly Court's main force was immediately divided.

"Don't even dream of leaving." Wu Yong used killer moves one after another, wishful wind whip, soft vajra wind chief, yin wind rope and many others were used alternatively to tie down the enemies.

Ba De, Yi Hao Fang and others also mimicked this.

"Damn it!" Most of Heavenly Court's main force could only curse inwardly as they were pinned down.

If it were before, the Southern Border immortals would never have been able to pose such troubles, but with heroes among people's support now, Wu Yong and others were amplified. Overall, they were still weaker than Heavenly Court's members, after all, the latter were elites in rank eight, but it was still enough for them to become a threat.

"Charge!" Dragon Palace crashed through the battlefield, Wu Shuai and Zhan Bu Du were controlling it from inside.

Feng Jiu Ge had to avoid the collision, destiny song slowed down.

Fang Yuan immediately felt the suppression on him receding sharply, and adding on the amplification from heroes among people, he sent Duke Long flying once again.

Dragon tattoos wriggled around Duke Long, dragon fangs flew around and obstructed the incoming attacks.

Suddenly, a huge figure appeared.

"This is?!" Duke Long's pupils shrank rapidly as he saw the giant figure.

Evil Dragon — Di Zang Sheng had taken the stage!

"Duke Long!!!" Di Zang Sheng spoke human voice, its roar gave rise to endless shock waves. It slammed down its claws on Duke Long like he was a ball.

Di Zang Sheng's claws were cut by the dragon fangs and dripped with blood, while Duke Long collided into the ground, creating a hundred feet deep crater.

Di Zang Sheng's enormous body pressed down.


The entirety of Heavenly Court shook violently, smoke and dust flew, covering the whole battlefield.

Di Zang Sheng flew up slowly, the ground that its stomach pressed on had already formed a shallow trench that spanned from the east to west of Heavenly Court. All the buildings, mountains and rivers in its path were turned into waste.

"He is above!" Zhan Bu Du suddenly pointed.

Duke Long was floating in the air, looking down at Di Zang Sheng. The dragon gate behind him disappeared slowly.

At the crucial moment, he had escaped the dangerous situation by using dragon gate.

"This Evil Dragon!" Duke Long clenched his teeth, his sunken chest bulged up rapidly and soon recovered to its previous state. Clearly, Di Zang Sheng's attack had not been without effect.

On the other side, Myriad Year Flying Warship flew back and took in Fang Yuan again.

Fang Yuan looked at Duke Long and sneered, he directly ignored him and charged towards Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Duke Long's eyelids twitched at this sight.

The force at Heaven Overseeing Tower's side was barely resisting Calamity Luck Altar and was on the verge of collapse. If Fang Yuan and Myriad Year Flying Warship joined, the situation would directly collapse.

"Fang Yuan, don't even think about it! Everyone gather and protect Heaven Overseeing Tower!" Duke Long sent his command, he himself was the first to move as he used dragon gate and blocked the path of Myriad Year Flying Warship.

"Get lost!" Dragon Palace came to reinforce, its owner Wu Shuai was resolute and direct, he released the suppressed Jun Shen Guang and Vortex Space Boy, and thus could activate the killer move dreamy light smoke again.

Dreamy light smoke engulfed Duke Long.

Duke Long's heart pounded crazily, he had no choice but to dodge, leaving behind a path through which Fang Yuan moved forward.

"Damn it, this is a dream path killer move, my methods are useless." In a corner far away, Feng Jin Huang was hiding in an inconspicuous Immortal Gu House, stomping her feet in anxiety.

Right at this time, destiny song reverberated through the battlefield once again.

Heavenly Court's condition rose rapidly and Duke Long also received great benefits, while Fang Yuan and the group's offenses immediately weakened.

"Unbelievable, we entered Heavenly Court!" Eight Eastern Sea immortals joined the battlefield through Central Heaven Gate.

"Heavenly Court's side is being besieged!" The eight immortals' eyes brightened, especially when they saw Fang Yuan, Di Zang Sheng, Myriad Year Flying Warship, and Dragon Palace forcing back Duke Long and Feng Jiu Ge.

"Good, we will join and deal the final blow to them!!" The eight immortals' morale soared as they joined the chaotic battle.

"How did they come here?" Fang Yuan was slightly surprised.

Zhang Yin, Granny Rong and the other dragon generals joining the battle was a given, but Qing Yue An and the rest were very conservative, why would they take risk in joining the battle?

"Hehehe, this is the side effect of heroes among people. When they received the amplification, they also received the influence of the four regions' human will and hate Heavenly Court even more now." Shen Shang's voice transmitted over: "A pity that Western Desert's side is still in a stalemate against Central Continent's Immortal Gu Houses and cannot participate in this battle."

"Shen Shang, well done." Fang Yuan did not hesitate to praise.

Shen Shang laughed heartily: "Naturally. But then again, you being able to control Central Heaven Gate was truly beyond my expectation. This move was truly spectacular. Ah, I can also feel Central Heaven Gate's transportation power, we will join in a while and flip Heavenly Court upside-down, hahaha!"

Fang Yuan only smiled: "Then come fast!"

Central Heaven Gate's change was beyond Fang Yuan's expectations, but why would he cut himself short at this time? Even if someone was scheming from the dark, Fang Yuan would only follow the tides and prioritize in defeating Heavenly Court as well as destroying fate Gu.

"Damn it, why at this time…" Just as Shen Shang was about to accept the transportation, black fire appeared on his body. His internal threat had erupted again.

"I used all my strength to decipher the venerable killer moves and my injuries were left unattended…" This was Shen Shang's last clear thought before he sank into madness and chaos.

The moment Shen Shang turned mad, Old Man Zheng Yuan sensed it.

The old man's spirit was roused: "The enemy's strength has disappeared! Regardless of the reason, I can use this chance to take control again and there is even a chance to turn around the situation. Hmm? Who is it?!"

Old Man Zheng Yuan suddenly shouted, Fairy Zi Wei appeared in front of him with empty hands and a smile on her face.

"Zi Wei? No, you are not normal!" The old man's eyes shone sharply as he quickly retreated.

But at the next moment, a solid pitch-black soul sphere appeared behind him and entered his body.

"No!" Old Man Zheng Yuan seemed to have suffered a heavy attack as he collapsed on the ground, his eyes rolled and saliva foamed from his mouth while his body quivered continuously.

The twitching lasted for a while before Old Man Zheng Yuan became still all of a sudden, his eyes were the same as Fairy Zi Wei, turning completely black.

He stood up silently and wiped off the saliva, he lowered his hands and greeted the floating soul sphere respectfully: "This old servant pays respects to master!"

Spectral Soul let out a light grunt of agreement, he did not have any Immortal Gu currently but he was not without methods. The soul beast modification killer move he developed in the past had already become a type of innate ability of his soul. This innate ability could let him modify any soul and make the target offer their complete loyalty.

"Now, we should subdue Feng Jin Huang, I know her location as well and can also cut off that Immortal Gu House's teleportation ability." Fairy Zi Wei said of her own initiative.

"No hurry." Spectral Soul, however, rejected her suggestion: "Feng Jin Huang is not only favored by the Heavenly Dao, she also receives the adoration of humanity itself, her luck is strong enough to be second only to Red Lotus Demon Venerable. Don't think she is alone right now, the moment we make an attempt on her, we will be met with obstructions. Forget others, just Feng Jiu Ge alone is a huge problem. This person is strong enough to match Duke Long right now! We will observe the changes in the battlefield, let these people kill each other as their luck dissipates, then we will see if there is a chance to make a move on Feng Jin Huang."

Spectral Soul and the two servants walked out of the Immortal Gu House and observed the battlefield from far away.

Right now, Heavenly Court's side was gathered around Heaven Overseeing Tower and defended with all their strength. Their situation had become extremely perilous.

The other immortals' attacks were unusually fierce, they were under the amplification from heroes among people, but also the weakening from destiny song. With Fang Yuan and Di Zang Sheng at the lead, every minute action made Heavenly Court's side nervous.

Duke Long and Feng Jiu Ge were like main pillars, one person blocked Fang Yuan while the other suppressed Di Zang Sheng, but both were disadvantaged since they had to defend Heaven Overseeing Tower as well.

Demon Judgment Board was struggling to defend against Myriad Year Flying Warship and Dragon Palace's joint attacks.

Golden pearl soldiers were completely destroyed, Heavenly Court's main force was on a constant retreat and the defensive line continued to pull back.

"Heavenly Court's defeat is imminent." Fairy Zi Wei commented, the eerie light in her eyes flickered.

Only Yuan Qiong Du was standing on the top floor of Heaven Overseeing Tower. Cong Yan and Che Wei were lying on the floor, on the verge of death, there was no one to heal them and Heavenly Court also did not have the ability to spare manpower.

Originally, Qi Ci Lang was resisting the jade green light, but when Heavenly Court's main force arrived, they easily handled him. Qi Ci Lang was still bound and could not resist at all, he was directly beheaded and died with grievance.

The refinement path Gu formation was already destroyed, Yuan Qiong Du could only continue restoring fate Gu by himself.

"Almost there, almost there!" Yuan Qiong Du mumbled, a fire was burning in his palm.


Heaven Overseeing Tower suffered a heavy attack and shook violently. Yuan Qiong Du's refinement was disturbed, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Fate Gu's restoration was forcefully halted!


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