Reverend Insanity
1947 Paradise Earth Takes Action
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1947 Paradise Earth Takes Action

"Come, come, take a look, this is high grade silk!"

"Candied fruits, candied fruits, buy three sticks and get one free."

"Sir, what do you need?" Inside a store that sold Gu worms, a clerk welcomed Hong Yi passionately.

Hong Yi first fixed his gaze on this clerk before carefully scanning the layout and decoration of the store. He frowned on the inside: "Everything here is so lifelike, what is going on?"

"I heard you have scholar Gu for sale?" Hong Yi asked.

"Oh, yes. But lord, this scholar Gu is a rank five Gu worm." The clerk was somewhat hesitant.

Hong Yi smiled lightly and released his rank five Gu Master aura, immediately causing a huge disturbance in the store.

The clerk's face was filled with shock, the store manager was also drawn in by the aura. He cupped his hands and greeted Hong Yi respectfully, personally taking out a scholar Gu for him to observe.

"It is indeed scholar Gu." Hong Yi examined it carefully for a while, the doubts in his heart growing deeper, "May I test it?"

"Go ahead, sir." The store manager immediately gave scholar Gu to Hong Yi.

Hong Yi poured his primeval essence into scholar Gu. This scholar Gu immediately flew out from Hong Yi's finger and landed on the ground, turning into a young handsome scholar.

The young scholar bowed respectfully towards Hong Yi with cupped fists: "Student greets teacher."

Hong Yi nodded in excitement. Scholar Gu was extremely rare, it was a human path Gu worm, and Hong Yi had only heard of it in rumors.

Hong Yi took out a wisdom path mortal Gu and an information path mortal Gu from his aperture, throwing them to the scholar: "Use them."

The scholar received these two Gu worms and used them without any need for gaining familiarity, and he used them rather proficiently at that. In particular, some small habits during the activation were the same as Hong Yi's.

"What do you think, sir?" The store manager asked with a smile.

Hong Yi nodded repeatedly: "Great, I want this Gu."

The store manager was exulted: "Great, it will be six hundred thousand primeval stones."

Hong Yi's brows furrowed.

This price was not expensive, in fact, it was too cheap. The price for a rank five mortal Gu ranged from one hundred thousand to one million primeval stones, but this scholar Gu was a rare top quality rank five Gu, its price was definitely above one million. Moreover, there was no market for it, so it was difficult to get even with sufficient funds.

But it was being sold for only six hundred thousand primeval stones here!

Hong Yi had many fortuitous encounters and was wealthy, he immediately paid the sum and received this scholar Gu.

Coming outside the store, Hong Yi's heart was fluctuating with waves: "This place is like Emperor City, but weren't there immortal battles going on around Emperor City? But this place is peaceful. What is going on?"

"Also, there doesn't seem to be any difference between here and reality, but looking carefully, there are a large number of human path Gu worms here. Scholar Gu is only one of them. Moreover, there are so many human path Gu worms here that it can even be called overflowing, but it is commonplace to these people. And the common fire path, water path, and other paths' Gu worms are instead rare here. It seems like human path is the main cultivation path here."

"Really strange! I wonder what Brother Ye found on his end? I better go join him quickly."

After Ye Fan and Hong Yi were sent to the painting by Genesis Lotus's will, they split up to explore the area after discussing with each other.

Hong Yi's discovery was also discovered by Ye Fan.

But at this moment, in the corner of a street, Ye Fan saw an unexpected person.

"Master!" Ye Fan was astonished.

He had also bought a rank five human path Gu worm from a store, it was called hero Gu. He had just come to a corner to activate it, and the situation became different from when he activated it in the store.

Hero Gu actually transformed into his master's appearance!

"No need to be shocked, my disciple. This is our chance encounter." Lu Wei Yin smiled.

Ye Fan immediately understood the meaning behind the words and was joyous: "Master, you know the oddity of this place? What place is this? Why did we suddenly end up in this place?"

Lu Wei Yin smiled lightly: "I need to explain from the beginning. Three hundred thousand years ago, in the Medieval Antiquity Era, Central Continent gave birth to an Immortal Venerable named Genesis Lotus. He created the killer move karma divine tree, and when he roamed Western Desert, he refused a child's request to resurrect his parents, as a result, he saw a certain scene in the future where Emperor City was destroyed by an earth trench and all lives were extinguished."

"Therefore, he placed Divine Bean Palace in Western Desert. When he returned to Central Continent later, he used the painting path killer move contented lifestyle on Emperor City, forming a painting world. You two have your luck connected to Fang Yuan tightly, Genesis Lotus's will was wary and thus it locked you in here."

Ye Fan was dumbstruck, the wealth of information made him unable to react for a while.

He was extremely shaken: "This matter is actually related to Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable? Also master, when did I connect luck with Fang Yuan?"

"That was done by Fang Yuan secretly, he wanted to accomplish something with the help of your luck. The upper extreme heavenly eagle was also his immemorial desolate beast." Lu Wei Yin replied calmly.

"Fang Yuan took the initiative to connect luck with me to get help from my luck?" Ye Fan was even more shocked.

Ye Fan had acknowledged Lu Wei Yin as his master and was thus half a step into the Gu Immortal world, and knew much more secrets than Hong Yi. He was extremely clear on what kind of big shot Fang Yuan was! Fang Yuan was an unparalleled demon, a powerful character that even Heavenly Court was without options against. He was actually connected to him, this was simply like a fairytale!

Lu Wei Yin shook his head: "Disciple, don't look down on yourself. You are a person favored by the Heavenly Dao, you possess an innately strong luck. Although you are insignificant at the start, you will definitely make huge accomplishments in the future. In the entire five regions, there are not even ten people with luck like yours. It is not strange for Fang Yuan to want to get help from your luck."

"However, the Heavenly Dao balances everything, he once used your luck and obtained great benefits, now, you are also using him to obtain an enormous immortal fortune. The upper extreme heavenly eagle was only one of them, in front of you now is Genesis Lotus' true inheritance!"

"Genesis Lotus' true inheritance?!" Ye Fan exclaimed in shock once again, he suddenly understood and his gaze towards Lu Wei Yin changed: "Master, you know all this like the back of your hand. Does this mean this was all your plan?"

"Haha, my disciple, you overestimate me. This was all Lord Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's arrangement, I am only his inheritor."

When Ye Fan heard the great name of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, he realized he had also become a follower of Paradise Earth, but he did not feel exulted as he was already numb from the shock.

Lu Wei Yin waved at Ye Fan: "We don't have much time, we will talk as we move."

Ye Fan quickly followed, the two followed the crowd in the street and walked towards the front.

Lu Wei Yin explained in detail: "This Genesis Lotus true inheritance has extremely high value, it is divided into three parts. The first part is this contented lifestyle killer move, the second part is the luck of being the child of humanity, and the third part is the rank eight Immortal Gu House formed from Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City — Divine Emperor Palace!"

Lu Wei Yin continued after a slight pause: "We will first take the second part and make you the child of humanity."

Ye Fan questioned: "Master, what is the child of humanity? What should I do?"

Lu Wei Yin replied: "Central Continent is different from the other four regions, it uses the sect system and human path is most prosperous here with the deepest foundation. Emperor City is the greatest congregation of Central Continent's human vein. Why do countless geniuses emerge here? It is because of the human vein. As long as you absorb the strength within the human vein, your luck will get a huge boost and you will gain the favor of human path, becoming the child of humanity. And to achieve this, we need Hong Yi's help."

"Hong Yi? He is my sworn brother, how is this connected to him?" Ye Fan continued to be shocked.

Lu Wei Yin replied: "Fang Yuan connected luck with him as well, but his luck is different from yours, you are the favored child of the Heavenly Dao while he is one of the children of humanity of Central Continent, he is favored by human path. With his help, you can smoothly make use of Shen Shang's actions and quietly obtain the recognition of the human vein. With the status of a child of humanity, we can then borrow Fang Yuan's strength to attempt to get the first part of the true inheritance, or even the third part as well."

Divine Bean Palace, painting world.

"Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan…" A voice was heard intermittently in Fang Di Chang's ears.

Fang Di Chang had already stopped using karma divine tree and was using wisdom path killer moves to think of how to get rid of this predicament when he heard this voice.

"It is Shen Shang's voice! He learned of my identity from the main body?" Fang Di Chang hesitated, he had some guesses in his mind but he did not respond immediately.

Sure enough, Shen Shang's voice continued to transmit: "Fang Di Chang, I already learned of your true identity from your main body. Who could have thought Fang Yuan had such an arrangement, he actually placed his clone inside a Western Desert super force. I am going to help you escape."

"Hmm? How are you going to help me?" Fang Di Chang was puzzled.

Shen Shang laughed: "You should know that I have been trying to decipher the venerable human path methods and I have already found the key to them."

"I know." Fang Di Chang nodded.

Shen Shang continued: "Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City have merged into one, I have all along been hiding myself and haven't let Genesis Lotus' will discover me, so I am still deciphering human path killer moves."

Fang Di Chang asked: "And what about them?"

Shen Shang explained patiently: "This is a perfect opportunity! I have been constantly transferring the four regions' human will inside here. Originally, I had been unable to involve myself with Emperor City and disrupt the venerable methods from inside so I had to infiltrate it quietly. But now, Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City have merged. You previously refined Divine Bean Palace, it is just that your authority is lower than Genesis Lotus' will. Use your karma divine tree killer move to shake the whole Immortal Gu House and coordinate with me to spread out the venerable methods so that everyone's power is amplified."

"You want me to cooperate with you to break the venerable human path methods?" Fang Di Chang got to the point.

Shen Shang laughed: "We are helping each other!"

"Alright, I'll work with you." Fang Di Chang did not hesitate, agreeing directly.


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