Reverend Insanity
1946 Zi Wei“s Eerie Change
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1946 Zi Wei“s Eerie Change

How many combat systems did Fang Yuan have?

Form what Duke Long saw, Fang Yuan only had two mature combat systems.

One was time path, and the other was sword path.

The time path system was the most comprehensive; three breaths future vision, year beast summoning, Myriad Year Flying Warship, spring scissors, winter coat, autumn perception, summer fan, as well as spring ploughing, summer hoeing, autumn harvest, winter storage, and so on covered the two main domains of battle and immortal aperture management. There were two trump cards; time cutting edge that was combined with shrink time, and the other was spring autumn success, the core of which was Spring Autumn Cicada!

Sword path had immemorial sword dragon transformation, triple layered sword wave, golden thread sword, dark assassination, myriad thought sword waterfall, swordsman, and other methods. Its trump card was five finger fist heart sword. This combat system took offense to the extreme, being even more powerful than time path style in this aspect, especially five finger fist heart sword which was modified by Fang Yuan. But there was nothing to commend about it in other fields, Duke Long's combat systems were much superior in terms of movement, healing and other aspects. This formed shortcomings. In front of an enemy with extremely rich battle experience like Duke Long, these shortcomings turned into weaknesses which held back the offensive prowess of the sword path system.

Besides these two systems, Fang Yuan had many qi path methods as well, but as far as Duke Long was concerned, it was incomplete. Unlimited qi sea was clearly a trump card with a power that could break the primordial qi wall, but it had not been used after the first time, and it looked like the possibility of it being used again was low.

In the soul path aspect, Duke Long knew Fang Yuan had plenty of methods and the trump card killer move was no doubt Luo Po seal. But Heavenly Court and Duke Long had already made sufficient preparations for this. Fang Yuan not using any soul path methods from the start was a wise move.

Besides these, reverse flow protection seal was of rule path, myriad self was human path, strength path giant hand belonged to strength path, familiar face was transformation path, lead soul into dream, Pure Dream Reality Seeker Transformation, and switch soul in dream were dream path killer moves. These methods were terrifying, but they were all independent moves resembling large pearls, while a mature combat system was a pearl necklace formed from methods that complemented each other. This necklace formed from small pearls was more valuable than the large pearls.

Against most Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan could rely on the large pearls to change the situation and determine victory. But in front of Duke Long, the weaknesses of Fang Yuan's combat systems became conspicuous.

"Fang Yuan, what you lack is time and I believe you have already felt it, it is such a pity, a mature combat system needs at least a few hundred years of accumulation!" Duke Long looked at Fang Yuan, his gaze sharp as blade: "Even if you used the inheritances left by predecessors to hasten your growth, it is still not perfect enough."

He activated spiraling dragon fangs to attack Fang Yuan from a distance but they were blocked by reverse flow protection seal.

Duke Long was not discouraged, reverse flow protection seal was quite powerful but it lacked a mature style to support it and make up for its weakness. Reverse flow protection seal's greatest weakness was that it expended Reverse Flow River, despite Fang Yuan conserving it as much as possible after his rebirth, how could it endure such intense expenditure?

Reverse flow protection seal was an immortal killer move that used Reverse Flow River as the core, its defensive strength was terrifying and could reflect almost all external attacks. This move was created by Fang Yuan, from which one could see his astonishing talents. Unfortunately, Fang Yuan lacked a stable combat system for this trump card. For instance, supplementary defensive killer moves to defend and reduce external attacks, or a killer move to increase the power of reverse flow protection seal, or methods to restore Reverse Flow River itself.

Suppose reverse flow protection seal was a fish with exquisite flavor. Although it would be a delicacy even if it was eaten raw, if it was seasoned with salt, it could be turned into salted fish that could be stored for a long time. If it was accompanied with other ingredients like sugar, ginger, spring onion, or garlic, it could turn into all kinds of delicious meals, providing much more flavors.

Compared to Heavenly Court and Duke Long, Fang Yuan's accumulation was still insufficient.

He could not avoid falling into a predicament.

Duke Long attacked again and again while enduring reverse flow protection seal's backlash, forcefully expending Reverse Flow River. His healing methods were also extraordinary.

Feng Jiu Ge's destiny song was shrouding over Fang Yuan all the time. Destiny song interchanged between strong and weak, triggering counterattacks from reverse flow protection seal. The profundities of the song actually weakened Fang Yuan even with reverse flow protection seal activated, but the weakening was much smaller.

What was even worse was that destiny song weakened Fang Yuan while amplifying Duke Long's strength. Duke Long's battle strength soared, growing increasingly stronger, he had the complete upper hand and his attacks were like tidal waves, showing extreme power!

Fang Yuan canceled immemorial sword dragon transformation and returned to his human form. The sword dragon's body was enormous, using reverse flow protection seal on it expended Reverse Flow River much faster, it was much more steady with a human body.

Fang Yuan counterattacked continuously using Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies.

But soon, these Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies were also targeted, they detonated and turned into dream realms. The dream realms then transformed back into new Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies which fought for Heavenly Court.

It was Feng Jin Huang!

Fairy Zi Wei had not only recalled Feng Jiu Ge through Central Heaven Gate, she had also recalled Feng Jin Huang. With her here, Fang Yuan's dream path methods would be highly restrained.

Sure enough, Fang Yuan's dream path methods were all targeted and dealt with.

"Feng Jin Huang!" Fang Yuan frowned inwardly: 'In the previous life, she used the immortal Gu formation to activate immortal level dream path killer move and spoiled my plan. And now, she is using immortal formation or an Immortal Gu House to target me once again?'

Fang Yuan really wanted to find her precise location and deal with her, but he did not have the freedom to do so at this moment.

He was not even able to approach Heaven Overseeing Tower, becoming further and further away from it.

The reason was that his opponents were Duke Long and Feng Jiu Ge!

The current and previous Dao Guardians had joined hands!

As for Fang Zheng and Qin Ding Ling in Demon Judgment Board, they were no longer able to interfere and began to deal with the year beasts and swordsmen that were all over Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court's main force also started returning to Heavenly Court from Hairy Foot Mountain through Central Heaven Gate and joined in the clearing up work.

Year beasts and swordsmen were not their opponents and were defeated again and again.

Calamity Luck Altar was the focus of the joint attacks of Heavenly Court's main force, some even entered Heaven Overseeing Tower; Qi Ci Lang could not move properly, his situation turning perilous.

"Not good! Heavenly Court's main force has returned, doesn't this mean Infallible blessed land has lost its purpose? Heavenly Court possesses enough success dao marks and can restore Fate completely." Fang Yuan's face was grim, bad news was coming one after the other, and the situation was turning extremely disadvantageous and dangerous.

"Fairy Zi Wei, use benevolent equality quickly, his reverse flow protection seal will shatter soon!" Duke Long transmitted his voice.

"Yes!" At this moment, Fairy Zi Wei had already stabilized her injuries and could battle again. She activated an Immortal Gu House and flew to the sky, her sight contained Duke Long, Fang Yuan, as well as Feng Jiu Ge and the rest.

Immortal killer move — Benevolent Equality.

"Benevolent equality activated successfully, Fang Yuan won't be able to escape this time!" Fairy Zi Wei transmitted her voice.

"Good job, Zi Wei." Duke Long laughed heartily and his attacks became more violent.

Fang Yuan was forced to retreat again and again.

"It is useless now, Fang Yuan, no matter how you persist, you will still be defeated." Fairy Zi Wei smiled.

But at the next moment, she heard a female voice: "Is that so?"

"Who said that?" Fairy Zi Wei was shocked, this voice was familiar and yet strange, what made her shocked was she had never detected any Gu Immortal existences near her.

"What are you looking for? I am you." Fairy Zi Wei was horrified to discover that she was actually replying to herself.

What is going on?

My body is actually out of control!

Soul, there is an issue with my soul!

Suddenly, the eerie light in her pupils grew and spread rapidly. The white part of her eyes were completely covered and turned pitch-black.

Fairy Zi Wei struggled and resisted with all her strength, but it was all in vain. In her last moment of clarity, she suddenly realized: She was controlled by Spectral Soul, every time she soul searched Spectral Soul, her soul had actually been tampered with slowly. Spectral Soul's methods were too advanced, she had not been able to detect it at all. She had already been corroded and infiltrated by Spectral Soul's power, the various decisions she made before Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention also had Spectral Soul's influence in them.

It was just that Spectral Soul's interference was small at the start. But later on, this secret influence kept on growing. And now, he could even cause Fairy Zi Wei to be under an illusion.

Just earlier, Fairy Zi Wei had not used benevolent equality but she thought she had already successfully activated it and even informed Duke Long!

"Maybe in the previous life too, I was taken over like this by Spectral Soul. Although I have benevolent equality, I did not truly use it." This was the last clear thought of Fairy Zi Wei.

At the next moment, she slowly raised her head and looked at the battlefield quietly with a black light in her eyes. Her lips curled up to form an extremely sinister smile.

She maintained the opening of Central Heaven Gate while approaching Soul Suppression Hall quietly.

She had the clearest picture of the locations here.

She quickly cleared all kinds of shackles and restored Spectral Soul's freedom.

"Zi Wei pays respects to master!" She knelt down and prostrated before Spectral Soul with not even a trace of pride of a Heavenly Court member.

Spectral Soul was extremely weak, he turned into a translucent soul sphere which slowly floated towards Fairy Zi Wei: "Let's go watch the show first."

Fairy Zi Wei held the soul sphere in both hands and walked out of Soul Suppression Hall.

At this moment, Wu Yong, Wu Shuai, and others also appeared in Heavenly Court's battlefield.

"What's going on? Fairy Zi Wei!" Duke Long roared, Central Heaven Gate was still being activated and actually brought these enemies as well.

Duke Long was unable to contact Fairy Zi Wei, his heart sank and he wanted to directly destroy Central Heaven Gate. But at this moment, Fang Yuan charged towards Heaven Overseeing Tower again.

Duke Long was seething with anger, but he was forced to intercept Fang Yuan and give up on his previous plan.

Gu Immortals entered one by one through Central Heaven Gate.

"Follow Lord Wu Yong!"

"So Heavenly Court actually looks like this."

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Heaven Overseeing Tower is there, follow me!"

The final decisive battle unfolded in Heavenly Court.


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