Reverend Insanity
1945 Combat System
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1945 Combat System

Fang Yuan's immemorial sword dragon form similarly possessed an advantage in speed. Duke Long tried his best in chasing but found that he could not shorten the distance easily.

Immortal killer move — Dragon Gate!

A dragon gate appeared, there were two red pillars by the side with a dragon coiling around each of them, their upper body left the pillars and gathered in the middle, forming the top of the gate. The dragon mouths were open with a radiant dragon pearl in each of them, forming a scene of two dragons and two pearls.

Two dragon gates appeared simultaneously, one appeared in front of Duke Long while the other appeared behind Fang Yuan.

Duke Long disappeared into the dragon gate in front of him and appeared from the dragon gate behind Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's mind rang with warning signals as he dodged immediately, but Duke Long used qi engulfing mountains and rivers to delay his speed.

Immortal killer move — Chaotic Dragon Fist!

At the next moment, Duke Long's fists smashed upon immemorial sword dragon's head and kept on punching it, forcefully knocking Fang Yuan down to the immortal graveyard.


The immemorial sword dragon crashed fiercely on the ground, dust, soil and stones flew everywhere.

Although the immemorial sword dragon struggled to raise its head, its claws were still intact and it continued to shoot the second sword light.

Five finger fist heart sword, second sword!

Duke Long was already on maximum alert. The moment Fang Yuan moved, he immediately dodged and appeared on Fang Yuan's dragon back.

The second sword struck air, brushing past the dragon body and piercing the sky, forming a vacuum along the way.

Five finger fist heart sword's sword lights were extremely fast but they could not curve. Duke Long might not be able to ward off the sword light but he could dodge. It was somewhat difficult to dodge the sword light, but he could observe Fang Yuan's movement and judge when he was going to use the sword light, and thereby, dodge in advance.

Undoubtedly, five finger fist heart sword was an extremely powerful killer move and it had a huge advantage compared to time cutting edge — it would not be forgotten.

But because of Duke Long's proper battle tactic, five finger fist heart sword became useless, Fang Yuan's immemorial sword dragon had to face Duke Long in close combat.

In just a dozen or so breaths of time, Fang Yuan had already received many heavy strikes from Duke Long's dragon fists.

There had never been a strongest Immortal Gu or killer move, only Gu Immortal!

Five finger fist heart sword's most ideal environment was when the first sword was released. Fang Yuan was quite far from Duke Long and could use it for long-range attack while he was in an invulnerable position. Even if Duke Long's reaction was extremely keen, he would be hard-pressed to defend against them and every sword could push him to a near-death state.

But when Duke Long closed in the distance and forced close combat, Fang Yuan's dragon body instead became the obstacle for the sword lights and even became a cover for Duke Long.

Looking over the battle, Duke Long could be said to have restrained Fang Yuan's five finger fist heart sword by using dragon gate. Without some distance, there was no space to effectively use five finger fist heart sword.

So, after the second sword, Fang Yuan immediately stopped using five finger fist heart sword and turned to golden thread sword.

Duke Long saw Fang Yuan's dragon scales beginning to flicker with yellow light, he immediately chose to retreat far away with dragon gate.

Countless golden threads covered every inch around Fang Yuan, but Duke Long had already retreated.

But there was no issue, Fang Yuan once again pulled apart some distance between him and Duke Long, he could continue using five finger fist heart sword.

Duke Long's situation turned dangerous, he had no choice but to get near Fang Yuan again and attempt close combat.

When he approached Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan would need to cancel five finger fist heart sword and change to other methods to fight Duke Long.

"This demon has modified five finger fist heart sword to this degree! He can casually cancel the killer move with no backlash. Or should I say that he has modified every sword strike into an individual move." Duke Long's thoughts moved rapidly.

Five finger fist heart sword was Bo Qing's trump card, how could Heavenly Court not know of it?

Duke Long knew a lot of information and it would have been easily countered if Fang Yuan had not modified it.

Duke Long's dao marks were lower than Fang Yuan's so he could not use defensive killer moves to ward off Fang Yuan's various sword path methods, his best option was to dodge.

Fortunately, he had much more battle experience than Fang Yuan.

More importantly, as long as he did not die, he would continue to grow stronger along with his shrinking lifespan!

"Although I modified five finger fist heart sword and am able to cancel it freely, the amount of thoughts required have increased sharply, which makes me unable to use other offensive methods at the same time… the other problem is that Duke Long is getting stronger!" Fang Yuan was feeling anxious.

Previously, he could suppress Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi, mostly because of his battle tactic — Fang Yuan attacked the immortal graveyard, Heavenly Court had no choice but to defend with all their strength and take a beating passively.

Now, the immortal graveyard was destroyed by Fang Yuan. There might be some hibernating Gu Immortals still alive in there somewhere, but Duke Long no longer was burdened.

Duke Long could now advance or retreat, he immediately showed his true strength and aura in battle.

Fang Yuan battled Duke Long, both were in a stalemate.

Duke Long was happy to see this, but Fang Yuan was not.

So, he turned his head and spat out a waterfall.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Thought Sword Waterfall.

The sword waterfall crashed down with a huge momentum, every drop of water was a sword thought.

Immortal killer move — Swordsman!

Sword thoughts surged and collided, forming human shaped warriors. They had the appearance of Fang Yuan and were wielding long swords. Countless swordsmen charged forward.

Fang Yuan created this move after becoming a human path grandmaster, it contained the profundities of sword path and human path.

The moment Duke Long saw this killer move, he retreated.

Fang Yuan took the chance to get free and charged towards Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Outside Heaven Overseeing Tower, Calamity Luck Altar was destroying the refinement path formation with ease. And inside the tower, Qi Ci Lang was struggling against the remaining jade light on his body.

Duke Long paled with fright when he saw Fang Yuan's movement.

Demon Judgment Board went forward to block the path but was sent flying by one strike from Fang Yuan.

Right at this crucial moment, the sound of singing suddenly appeared in the battlefield and coiled around the immemorial sword dragon's body.

Fang Yuan suddenly felt his condition slipping rapidly, like he had returned to the low point of his life where his actions were controlled by others, his talents and ambitions unable to be expressed, his freedom was lost and his future was dark.

The immemorial sword dragon's speed fell sharply.

Duke Long quickly caught up and blocked Fang Yuan: "Great job, Feng Jiu Ge! Fairy Zi Wei!"

At the crucial moment, Feng Jiu Ge's destiny song successfully obstructed Fang Yuan.

And the one who had guided him in time was Fairy Zi Wei.

Fairy Zi Wei had opened Central Heaven Gate.

This Immortal Gu House was the gateway to Heavenly Court, it had the ability to transport people but it was far inferior to the enormous teleportation Gu formation and was only for convenience.

Destiny song continued, Fang Yuan's battle strength kept falling while Duke Long strength's kept increasing.

Boom boom boom!

The immemorial sword dragon was beaten back repeatedly by Duke Long and had no way to approach Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Since the battle started, this was the first time Fang Yuan fell into such a disadvantage. With no other choice, he stopped all sword path killer moves and began preparing reverse flow protection seal.

Duke Long saw him retreating and his aura fluctuating, he immediately knew Fang Yuan was preparing some other killer move but why would he give him the chance?

Duke Long roared, the purple-gold dragon-shaped qi around him chased and attacked Fang Yuan like a storm.

Fang Yuan's immemorial sword dragon body was lacerated with scales and blood flying everywhere. What was even more terrifying was Duke Long's that chaotic dragon fist could disturb thoughts, causing Fang Yuan's killer moves to fail when activating.

At this difficult time, Fang Yuan opened his immortal aperture slightly and released the accumulated Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies.

Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies flew towards Duke Long and self-detonated.

Duke Long was extremely wary and dodged immediately, stopping his offenses. Fang Yuan got some time and successfully activated reverse flow protection seal.

Duke Long could not help but sigh when he saw this move. The timing just now was perfect but he did not grab it, he had exchanged many moves with Fang Yuan and saw through Fang Yuan's fighting style.

When Fang Yuan transformed into an immemorial beast or plant using the transformation path killer move, he could also transform all his dao marks into the same path. On such a basis, any killer move he used would have amplified strength. Even rank seven killer moves would be able to threaten rank eights.

Fang Yuan had many methods, it was very difficult to imagine that he had accumulated and cultivated them to such a degree in less than one hundred years. Even if he had venerable inheritances, it was still a shocking achievement.

Duke Long was certain: As long as Fang Yuan had enough time, he could reach an unprecedented height. Fortunately, fate Gu's recovery was the crucial point and Fang Yuan had no choice but to invade Heavenly Court in advance.

Fang Yuan might be able to rely on some profound and terrifying methods to win against most of the enemies in the world. But facing an existence like Duke Long, a few methods were far from enough, he also needed a combat system that was sufficiently powerful and stable, with ample trump cards.

Just like Duke Long, his transformation path and qi path methods formed two sets of combat systems.

Nine dragons protection formed powerful defense, clear dragon vision was used for scouting, dragon claw strike, chaotic dragon fist, spiraling dragon fangs, and world shaking dragon hammer were in charge of offense; these four methods covered close, mid-range, and long range combat. World shaking dragon hammer was even more powerful and had the strength to turn around a situation. Dragon roaring wave and body flicker were standard movement methods and there was also dragon gate for long distance movement. Dragon offspring made up for the lack of capability to fight a group. In this combat system, the strongest method was heavenly dragon's last stand.

As for his qi path system: there was qi wall and self-moving dragon qi wall as defensive methods; qi breath mountain, hidden dragon qi explosion, qi engulfing mountains and rivers, great qi hand explosion, and qi current scissors were offensive killer moves. Compared to his transformation path system, these offensive methods had much more obvious long range power. Purple-gold dragon-shaped qi was a jack of all trades, this killer move was so excellent that it provided help to Duke Long in all aspects. Naturally, its most important use was still for movement. Reverse worm dragon was a killer move that was specially prepared to target battlefield killer moves. The trump card of this qi path combat system was triple qi retraction.

Duke Long's two combat systems included all aspects like offense, defense, movement, and so on, they also did not have weaknesses or gaps in the various aspects. What was remarkable was these two battles styles could complement each other. For instance, transformation path's offensive methods were stronger in close and mid-range combat, while weak in long-range combat. Meanwhile, qi path's offensive methods were the exact opposite.

Comparatively, there was no need for many trump cards. One for each system, two methods were enough.

In a real battle, the most useful were still those standard killer moves. For example, Duke Long had triple qi retraction, but he had not used it once in the fight with Fang Yuan. The battle was extremely fierce and Fang Yuan was not stupid enough to give Duke Long the opportunity to use it.

Another example was Fang Yuan's five finger fist heart sword, this was a trump card method. But even though Fang Yuan used it, the effect was not decisive for the battle. Duke Long was still able to maintain the stalemate and it was essentially because his combat systems were even more comprehensive than Fang Yuan's.


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