Reverend Insanity
1941 Contented Lifestyle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1941 Contented Lifestyle

Emperor City battlefield.

Rumble, dust clouds spread.

The earth cracked open, a large trench spread out and extended forward, swallowing everything in its path, approaching Emperor City.

Emperor City's destruction was about to occur!

At this moment, there were still several Central Continent Gu Immortals guarding Emperor City, but to save the lives of everyone in such a short time, none of the Gu Immortals could do it.

Earth Trenches were formed naturally, nobody could predict where the next Earth Trench would appear. But only Fang Yuan knew.

Because this Earth Trench appeared in his previous life and destroyed Emperor City.

Both Central Continent's and Western Desert's forces were caught off guard, the Earth Trench was truly a huge shock to them!

But Western Desert was shocked and happy while Central Continent was shocked and fearful.

Right when Emperor City was about to be destroyed, an Immortal Gu House emerged and turned into jade light as it flew into the sky rapidly.

It was Divine Bean Palace!

"Stop him!" Central Continent's Gu Immortals subconsciously shouted.

"What is Fang Di Chang doing?" Thousand Transformations Ancestor and the rest were quite surprised, Divine Bean Palace's action was not what they had planned.

Fang Di Chang was shocked at the moment, not only could he not connect to the outside world, his entire body was immobilized.

Divine Bean Palace shook intensely, a formless force was restraining him completely.

On the painting that surrounded the walls, a lump of will emerged.

The will quickly gathered into human form, he had the appearance of a young man with a gentlemanly air, wearing green clothes and a white headband, his long hair extended to his shoulders.

Seeing this will, Fang Di Chang's expression turned ashen, he shouted: "Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable!"

Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable… the venerable with the most abundant immortal essence in history, the third generation Immortal King of Heavenly Court, the creator of Heavenly Lotus Sect, he was the one who cleansed the demonic trend, he restored order to the world.

Indeed, this was Genesis Lotus' will!

"Damn it, he was hiding in the painting so I could not discover him?" Fang Di Chang understood at once, he had no understanding of painting path after all.

"But why did I lose control of Divine Bean Palace the moment Genesis Lotus' will appeared, I am restrained here without any freedom left?" Instantly, Fang Di Chang thought of Qing Chou.

His heart turned cold, he had once thought he completely refined Divine Bean Palace but the cruel truth was exposed here, Divine Bean Palace still continued secrets, its owner was still Genesis Lotus' will all along.

This method was a secret to both the real Fang Di Chang and Fang Yuan's clone, they were unaware of it.

How could a venerable's Immortal Gu House be taken so easily?

Boom, Divine Bean Palace landed on the ground, right in the center of Emperor City as if it was overseeing the situation.

An endless amount of green light spread out from Divine Bean Palace, the light was as warm as water, it was not glaring at all, radiating half the sky.

The whole of Emperor City was covered in green light. Within the light, paintings in all the corners of Emperor City started to surface and show themselves.

These were all paintings of the lives of people, they portrayed the scene of Emperor City at certain points in time.

There were marketplaces, crowded with people, vendors vied for attention while selling a wide variety of goods.

There were the silhouettes of courtyards of several houses, and on the tall trees in the courtyard, a few birds' nests had young chicks waiting to fly. Under the trees, there was a group of children playing and chasing each other, full of hope for the future.

There was a group going towards the bride's house, they traveled from the north with the groom riding on a large horse, behind him was a mortal Gu House carriage[1]. This kind of mortal Gu House was usually only used during marriage ceremonies in Central Continent, and the surface of the carriage was decorated with colorful blooming flowers. Behind the carriage was a group of servants carrying the bride's generous dowry.

There was a teahouse, the street in front of the entrance was crowded with pedestrians, and the upper level of the teahouse was filled with guests who were eating breakfast while looking through the windows, watching the street. The banners of the teahouse, used to attract customers, fluttered along with the slight morning breeze.

There was also a painting depicting dusk. At the corner of the street near the city gate, there was a stall where a blind old Gu Master, who perhaps owned a wisdom path Gu worm, was acting as a fortune teller, predicting the future prospects of a female customer.

Be it dusk or dawn, the city gates or the vibrant markets, the contented lifestyles of the people in Emperor City could be clearly seen in these respective paintings.

Undeniably, this was a painting path method filled with the profundities of human path.

Immortal killer move — Contented Lifestyle!

"Emperor City actually has such a hidden method from Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable?"

"Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable had once lived in Emperor City as a mortal for some time… Don't tell me that these rumors were actually true?"

"Painting path is truly profound!"

Central Continent's Gu Immortals were joyful.

Western Desert's side felt that the situation was turning bad.

Divine Bean Palace was connected with Emperor City and formed a gigantic Immortal Gu House. The central area was Divine Bean Palace, while the periphery was the former Emperor City.

As the Earth Trench approached, the monstrous mouth opened, attempting to engulf Emperor City.

But Emperor City had transformed already, it floated in the sky without moving at all.

The countless people in the city cheered loudly.

They jumped in joy as they cheered and shouted, they had escaped a certain death situation!

A group of people were sobbing with joy, they knelt down on the ground and started to kowtow to the paintings.

Suddenly, many new paintings appeared all over the place, the content of the paintings were the scenes of these kowtowing people.

This killer move, contented lifestyle, was able to draw power from mortals to strengthen itself.

As the power of the paintings accumulated unceasingly, it was transmitted into Divine Bean Palace.

Genesis Lotus' will controlled this power, he had a form grasp of Divine Bean Palace, he looked towards Fang Di Chang with a seemingly smiling face: "Fang Yuan, I have to thank you for bringing Divine Bean Palace here, you prevented a catastrophe for the mortals."

This was Genesis Lotus's arrangement when he was alive! In the previous life, Divine Bean Palace was not brought here by Fang clan, thus Emperor City was destroyed. In this life, using Fang Yuan's clone as the tool, Divine Bean Palace appeared to save the mortals.

As his feeling of danger increased, Fang Di Chang struggled intensely.

But a profound power restrained him and directly sent him into the painting of Divine Bean Palace.

Fang Di Chang's vision changed, when he took a second look, he was already inside the painting.

The scene was quite familiar to him, he saw a grey-white land with deep pits in it, he had planted the immortal beans here back then.

Right now, most of the beans were used up in the fight, there were only some sprouts left here, slowly growing.

Fang Di Chang found that he could move again but it was useless, no matter how he tried, he could not escape from this painting.

"I am sealed within the painting!" Fang Di Chang thought about Flower Lady in his previous life, she had been suppressed in the painting that was in Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Fang Di Chang tried to connect to his main body but he found that he could not communicate with the outside world. He could not even sense treasure yellow heaven, all of his communicative methods were ineffective.

"Calm down, calm down, I still have my final hope!" Fang Di Chang pondered for a moment before activating the killer move karma divine tree.

Thankfully, this move had been modified already, once he activated it, Genesis Lotus' will, which was outside the painting, had a change of expression.

This method was truly the only way to resist, even Genesis Lotus' will could not stop him.

At this time, in Emperor City, the final competition of the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention was undergoing.

This great competition was finally at its last moment, the victor was about to be decided.

"I succeeded."


Hong Yi and Ye Fan spoke at the same time, they refined the Gu refinement at the same time.

To decide the victor, a time path Gu Master would need to inspect the specific timing of their completion.

But at this moment, jade light shined, the two were enveloped by it, dragged by it and flying far away.

This jade light was extremely fast, it brought Hong Yi and Ye Fan into Divine Bean Palace almost instantly.

Genesis Lotus' will in Divine Bean Palace gritted his teeth, seeing this, the two people brought by the jade light were extremely close to Fang Yuan, they were either his pawns or his capable subordinates!

Genesis Lotus' will quickly activated Divine Bean Palace, the light that carried Ye Fan and Hong Yi took a twist as it landed in a painting of Emperor City, both of them were sealed as well.

"What is going on?"

"Who won?"

Hong Yi and Ye Fan looked at each other with a dumbfounded expression, they were currently inside a painting created by the killer move contented lifestyle, all they saw was a peaceful and serene environment in front of them.

This made them feel extremely confused.

"Where in the world are we?"

"Aren't there Gu Immortals fighting outside Emperor City? Why can't we hear anything?"

"Am I dreaming?"

Hong Yi gave himself a hard pinch, he gritted his teeth as he felt a sharp pain!

[1] We call it a Chinese Sedan, otherwise known as Litter(Vehicle), google for image.


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