Reverend Insanity
1937 Rod Transformation!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1937 Rod Transformation!

Eastern Sea's eight Gu Immortals had already arrived in white heaven, they destroyed many stars.

Their ambition was not as large as Southern Border, Northern Plains, and Western Desert, they only wanted to plunder some Central Continent resources and expend its foundation.

Because they were worried that Heavenly Court would send reinforcements to stop them, they targeted the stars in white heaven instead.

Their strategy had coincidentally become the most crucial point in the entire battle right now!

Among them were Zhang Yin, Granny Rong, and the other dragon generals, Wu Shuai did not recall them, they were left in this group, to try to destroy the stars.

Wu Shuai made a wise decision.

If only Shen Cong Sheng, Qing Yue An, Hua Cai Yun, and Song Qi Yuan were left, they might not have enough guts to destroy the stars.

Eastern Sea's eight immortals were quite efficient in destroying the stars.

The eight of them arrived in front of a giant sized star.

The star was so huge that these eight immortals felt very minute.

Heavenly Court scattered countless stars in white heaven, they were mutually connected, creating a web that had its own arrangements.

Each area had a giant star as the formation core, around the giant star were many large sized stars.

And around the large sized stars were countless mid and small sized stars, flying around casually, they did not have fixed locations.

Song Qi Yuan first flew onto the giant star as he shut his eyes, quietly sensing the connection between the stars.

More than ten breaths later, he shut his eyes, activating a light path killer move as he pointed far away.

Each time he pointed, a sharp profound light would shoot out of his finger at lightning speed, vanishing into the horizon.

Far away, mid and small sized stars exploded into smithereens.

This light path killer move was very special, it could trace the source of any light and attack it. It could even target gazes.

In the previous life, Song Qi Yuan used this move to destroy a star that Fang Yuan refined, causing his star eyes Immortal Gu to fail.

In this life, Song Qi Yuan used this move against Heavenly Court, the effect was immediate as well.

After Song Qi Yuan destroyed all of the stars he could sense, he stopped and nodded at Qing Yue An.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Mountain Ranges!

Qing Yue An gave a cry as the phantom image of countless mountains appeared, the entire mountain range crashed into the giant star.

The giant star was huge but it was just an immortal material, under the attack of the rank eight killer move, it shattered and was destroyed, breaking into countless star fragments.

Almost at the same time the giant star was destroyed, Fairy Zi Wei, who was within Heavenly Court's transportation formation, sensed it.

Her expression changed.

The destruction of one giant star was not an issue. Heavenly Court scattered many stars in white heaven, the loss of one was insignificant.

But in this situation, it had a different implication.

Currently, Northern Plains' immortals and Fang Yuan's clones were attacking all the important areas of Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei had to activate the formation to transport them away.

The formation was constantly activated, it was like a person running while keeping a dangerous balance. If the person steps on a rock, no matter how small it is, they would lose their balance and fall, getting injured. The faster they are running, the heavier their injuries when they fall.

The transportation formation was being used so intensely now, if any errors happen when the destroyed star is needed for the process, the transportation formation would be severely damaged by its own backlash, it might get destroyed.

Fairy Zi Wei had thought that these Eastern Sea immortals held the lowest threat to them, but to think that in this situation and time, the eight Eastern Sea immortals were her most fatal threat!

She had to be careful now, any suspicious stars could not be used now.

Fang Yuan acutely sensed the changes in the formation, he attacked wildly while activating myriad self, and also transmitting information to Shen Cong Sheng.

Shen Cong Sheng received Fang Yuan's message and understood Heavenly Court's situation, he became very excited.

He urged the seven immortals: "Now is our best chance, Fang Yuan has already made his move, Heavenly Court cannot divert its attention. The more stars we destroy, the more problems Heavenly Court will face. Heavenly Court's main forces are restrained in Hairy Foot Mountain, while Heavenly Court itself is being attacked by Longevity Heaven and Fang Yuan. If we do well here, we might have a chance of destroying Heavenly Court!"

Shen Cong Sheng's words raised the morale of the other seven immortals, their efficiency went up at once.

Hairy Foot Mountain battlefield.

The sharp sound of phoenix chirping pierced the eardrums and ran through the battlefield.

The source of the sound was Prince Feng Xian's killer move — Phoenix Chirping Divine Flame!

The flames burned with raging intensity, coiling around Di Zang Sheng's body as it was set ablaze.

At the other side, Bai Cang Shui also used her killer move, countless water waves rushed towards Di Zang Sheng's body without stopping even for a moment.

Di Zang Sheng was attacked by more than just these two people, it was just too large, Heavenly Court's immortals had their own area to target and attack.

Di Zang Sheng roared continuously, it was attacked by flames and water, lightning and poison, but it still rushed towards the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, the attacks of the Heavenly Court immortals did not distract it successfully.

Its performance did not fit historical records, back then, Di Zang Sheng caused chaos and attacked everything in its sight, it was easily drawn away, it had never shown such a clear objective.

"Oh no! This legendary immemorial beast has likely been enslaved." Zhou Xiong Xin shouted.

Heavenly Court's main forces did not have wisdom path Gu Immortals, but Zhou Xiong Xin cultivated information path, he was most skilled at collecting information and clues.

He even had information path killer moves that could mimic wisdom path effects.

After fighting for some time, Zhou Xiong Xin immediately deduced the truth behind Di Zang Sheng.

Di Zang Sheng was attacked by the Heavenly Court immortals, it was covered in injuries. In terms of defense, it was inferior to Duke Long, it also had no wild Immortal Gu, it was fighting with its own innate abilities.

Every time it waved its claws, it could create a gale. The Heavenly Court immortals avoided them, none of them wanting to try the feeling of being caught by Di Zang Sheng.

Each of its roars could set off shocking waves of sound, violently impacting everyone's eardrums and hearts.

Its size was too large, even if it suffered countless blows, it was not a big deal to its entire body.

It endured the furious attacks of the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, it persevered towards the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation as it began to cause destruction.

Heavenly Court's immortals felt a sense of helplessness, against Di Zang Sheng, even if they used their full strength, they were like rats trying to topple an elephant.

"What do I do?"

"At this rate, the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation cannot sustain itself."

"Attacking the enemy will save it, we have to face offense with offense!"

Heavenly Court's immortals had rich experience, they quickly found a countermeasure.

Vortex Space Boy and Jun Shen Guang moved ahead while Zhu Que Er and Zhu Que Er became the middle group, they all moved towards the five regional limit formation.

At this moment, Di Zang Sheng opened its mouth, an Immortal Gu House flew out.

This Immortal Gu House was shining in orange-gold light, it was grand and overbearing, this was the rank eight Immortal Gu House — Dragon Palace.

A wave of smoke flew out of Dragon Palace like an illusory dream.

"Dream path killer move?!" Heavenly Court's immortals recognized it, they were shocked and fearful, quickly dodging.

Wherever dreamy light smoke went, Heavenly Court's immortals dodged and gave way.

The light smoke covered the five regional limit formation and quickly retrieved it.

Heavenly Court's immortals tried to use methods to attack dreamy light smoke but dream path killer moves were unstoppable in this era, all of their hard work ended up in vain.

The five regional limit formation was brought into Dragon Palace, Zhan Bu Du stored it away, after landing inside Dragon Palace, he met with Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai used Dragon Palace's methods to immediately heal him.

Heavenly Court was a strong foe, even though they were in a disadvantage, they could still retaliate. Heavenly Court's main forces used the best tactic, forcing Zhan Bu Du to store the five regional limit formation.

This formation had already been attacked countless times, it was at its limits already.

Not only did Zhan Bu Du need healing, this five regional limit formation also needed to be repaired.

Without the formation, even though there was still five colored smoke in the battlefield, it lost its source and quickly dwindled.

Wu Shuai drove Dragon Palace directly into the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation with Di Zang Sheng, without tangling with Heavenly Court's members.

"Hold on! We need to hold on!" The Gu Immortals controlling the formation shouted, the atmosphere was tense and solemn.

In order to protect Hairy Foot Mountain and Infallible blessed land, they had to keep the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation up.

However, be it the five colored smoke or Di Zang Sheng, they were fatally dangerous to the formation.

After entering the formation, Di Zang Sheng's strength rose greatly.

It was restricted in the five colored smoke earlier, after all, it was a Central Continent legendary immemorial beast, it was not from the nine heavens.

Immortal killer move — Unlimited Wind!

While Heavenly Court's main forces retreated, Wu Yong found a chance and permanently expended wind path dao marks to unleash the unceasing tornado.

The tornado rampaged, suppressing the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation from the outside, adding an additional problem to Heavenly Court.

Emperor City battlefield.

Myriad Statue Palace and Divine Bean Palace helped each other, firmly holding Western Desert's ground.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor charged into the battle alone, using all sorts of powerful transformation path killer moves to force back Yue Yang Palace and Frost Dragon Manor.

Like Zhang Fei Xiong and Flesh Whip Immortal, Thousand Transformations Ancestor also had the ability to fight Immortal Gu Houses with his body!

But the overall situation was, Central Continent still had the upper hand.

They were all affected by heroes among people, this human path killer move was indeed a venerable method, it could not be assessed with common sense.

Within Emperor City, the competition was also at a crucial stage.

Hong Yi stared at the fire with his full concentration. No matter how the immortals fought outside, they could not disturb him.

Ye Fan was the same, he wholeheartedly wanted to compete with Hong Yi. But different from Hong Yi, he was using a light path refinement method, aurora lights constantly moved vividly, reflecting off his face.

In the competition ground, one by one, Gu Masters failed, success dao marks were sent to Infallible blessed land by batches.

Next, the success dao marks in Infallible blessed land were extracted by Heavenly Court and sent to Yuan Qiong Du.

Yuan Qiong Du controlled the refinement path Gu formation, he continued to repair fate Gu, he was making quick progress.

Within this refinement path Gu formation, there were Cong Yan and Che Wei defending the place with their full strength.

As Northern Plains' Gu Immortals got near the formation, starlight would land on them, they would be teleported out without resistance.

"As expected of Lady Zi Wei."

"She is so dependable."

Che Wei and Cong Yan sighed.

"Persevere, persevere!" Fairy Zi Wei was covered in sweat now, her face was pale and her head was emitting steam from overheating.

She encouraged herself continuously: "The situation is still within my grasp, persistence will lead to victory!"

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan, who was on Myriad Year Flying Warship, laughed loudly.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Beings Assimilation Transformation.

Immortal killer move — Falling Star Rod Transformation!

He suddenly turned into a huge rod, black and thick.

Next, he used a star path killer move — Leading Countless Stars!

"Oh no!" Fairy Zi Wei's expression changed, she felt like she was sitting on a wild horse carriage that could not stop.

The horse pulling it was rampaging, even if she held the reins, she could not stop this horse carriage anymore.


At the next moment, the entire transportation formation self-detonated, starlight specks faded away, no longer shining down.

Fairy Zi Wei suffered an immense backlash, she was at the point of near death, falling unconscious.


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