Reverend Insanity
1933 Arrival of Reinforcements!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1933 Arrival of Reinforcements!

"Get him!"

"Don't let him get away!!!"

There was already chaos in the venue of the final competition of the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention.

Several rank eight Gu Immortals charged down.

Shen Shang's face was pale, he suffered a serious injury instead of unraveling the venerable methods. However, looking at the Central Continent rank eights that pounced down, he still sneered: "Just the few of you want to catch me?"

Next, his body flickered as he vanished.

Central Continent's rank eight Gu Immortals lost sight of their target, they used all sorts of investigative killer moves but could not find any traces.

"Where did he go?"

"Who is he, he is actually able to move freely in Emperor City!"

"This place is under the effect of people's united hearts, he could actually sneak in."

"The five regions are huge, hidden experts are everywhere."

The rank eight Gu Immortals exchanged words and after discussing, they each dispersed to continue their search.

Even if they searched Emperor City completely, even if they demolished it, they still wanted to find Shen Shang.

Shen Shang was currently hiding in a corner of Emperor City, far away from the venue of the final competition.

He was panting, but the fighting spirit in his eyes was not extinguished, instead, like adding fuel to a fire, it was growing stronger and stronger!

"Worthy of venerables, their methods exceeded my expectations." He exclaimed in his head and immediately sent another message to Fang Yuan.

"Fang Yuan, hold on! Give me some more time and I will definitely be able to unravel this move!" Shen Shang spoke with certainty.

Fang Yuan sneered: "How can I believe you?"

Shen Shang then explained: "I've already found out that the various human path killer moves of Heavenly Court's venerables are based on a massive amount of human will. Without this foundation, no matter how powerful the human path killer moves are, they are useless without enough fuel."

Fang Yuan retorted: "But the human will is stored in Heavenly Court, it is too far from our reach."

Shen Shang smiled lightly: "Precisely so, I deduced another method, instead of eliminating the human will, we should help to develop it instead."

Fang Yuan gained some interest: "Tell me."

Shen Shang then said: "Heavenly Court collected the human will of Central Continent, so their people's united hearts killer move can distinguish between friend and enemy. But if I add the human will of the other four regions, how can they possibly still have united hearts? The Heavenly Court and Central Continent Gu Immortals are also amplified by the killer move heroes among people because of Central Continent's human will. If it contains the human will of the five regions, then heroes among people's effect would also work on the rest of us."

Fang Yuan asked again: "Then how do you do this, how will we channel the human will of the other four regions into it?"

Shen Shang replied calmly: "On one hand, I have already made arrangements in Emperor City. On the other hand, the five regional walls are close to disappearing, not only will the five regions be unified by the earth veins, but the human veins will also be linked. In a way, we have to thank Heavenly Court for their propaganda. Now that the five regions all know that the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention is being held, the will of all five regions is concentrated here, except that Heavenly Court only collected the central part of it."

Fang Yuan was silent for a moment and suddenly said: "Then do it, I can't maintain all of the battlefield, I can only try my best to stall for you. You have to fight for every second!"

"Of course." Shen Shang said without any hesitation.

Emperor City battlefield.

"Kill!" Combat Immortal Sect's Gu Immortals shouted in unison.

Under their maneuvering, the Immortal Gu House Edge Link Camp suddenly surged in speed and rushed towards Western Desert Fang clan's Inquiry Dock.

Inquiry Dock retreated sharply.

Edge Link Camp suddenly shined with a dazzling light, the light condensed into a giant horn that rushed into the sky.

It was Edge Link Camp's killer move — Giant Horn Rush.

Normally speaking, Inquiry Dock would not be afraid of this method, but after the amplification of human path killer move heroes among people, giant horn rush's power doubled!

Inquiry Dock was only an information path Immortal Gu House, it could not resist this fierce attack alone.

Fallen Flower Hall quickly tried to help it and moved closer to Inquiry Dock, but Wind Sweeping Building restrained it.

"We cannot lose Inquiry Dock, our Fang clan's three Immortal Gu Houses can use the battlefield killer move peach blossom maze!" Fang Di Chang quickly gave orders to save it.

Peach blossom maze was able to trap rank eight Gu Immortals, and back then it was even able to trap Divine Bean Palace.

This killer move was famous and all the Western Desert Gu Immortals knew about it. It was just that since the battle started, Central Continent's side had taken the initiative and did not allow Western Desert to set it up, so there was no time to activate peach blossom maze.

Several Western Desert Immortal Gu Houses supported Inquiry Dock at the same time, but at the next moment, Central Continent's lineup changed and formed a large encirclement, separating Inquiry Dock from the reinforcements.

"Damn it!" Fang Di Chang's expression sank, he had to move Divine Bean Palace to help it.

Divine Bean Palace was the support pillar of Western Desert's troops, it should not be moved lightly. Once it was moved, it would cause Western Desert's entire arrangement to change, which would result in a gap to form and allow Central Continent's side to seize the opportunity.

But at this moment, there was nothing that Fang Di Chang could do.

At the sight of Divine Bean Palace moving, the Central Continent Gu Immortals were excited.

"Fang Di Chang fell for it!"

"He is a wisdom path Gu Immortal but the situation is forcing his hand after all."

"Attack, Western Desert's battle arrangement has gone chaotic, if we grab onto this opportunity, we will claim victory!"


Central Continent's Immortal Gu Houses erupted with a frenzy of attacks, it was like a tsunami that crashed towards Western Desert's forces.

"Oh no." This scene was so devastating that even Fang Di Chang's expression changed.

Western Desert's defeat was right before his eyes!


With a loud explosion, a grand Immortal Gu House entered the battlefield.

It was larger than Divine Bean Palace, with giant red-gold bricks and black-gold tiles around its walls, countless statues were embedded on the surface of the palace, each one of them was lifelike and full of brilliance.

"This is?!"

"Rank eight Immortal Gu House — Myriad Statue Palace!"

Central Continent's attacks froze for a moment.

At the next moment, from within Myriad Statue Palace came the voice of Thousand Transformations Ancestor: "Central Continent's Heavenly Court is simply going overboard! This time, I, Thousand Transformations Ancestor, will make you pay with your blood!!!"

At the crucial moment, Thousand Transformations came to the rescue and finally salvaged the battle at Emperor City.

Fang Di Chang let out a long breath and muttered softly: "There's still some hope left in this fight."

Hairy Foot Mountain battlefield.


With a loud bang, a corner of the five regional limit formation broke again, it was like a pavilion that was see-through on all sides, the inside was visible to all.

The Formation Spirit was so weak that it was nearly transparent, Zhan Bu Du was heavily injured, he only manipulated the formation while kneeling, his seven orifices were bleeding, blood had gathered into a pool below him.

"Once we destroy this formation, there will be no obstacles left."

"Hmph, if you want to find trouble with Heavenly Court, you're all not qualified enough!"

"Mere rats, all of you will become prisoners of our Heavenly Court."

As always, the main forces of Heavenly Court fought fiercely and furiously, their attacks were unceasing and increasingly coordinated, while Southern Border lost the rank eight pillar Chi Qu You, they could barely sustain the fight, they could not protect the five regional limit formation.

"It seems that my life ends here. But I am not going to let you guys have it easy either!" Zhan Bu Du gritted his teeth and decided to use one final move to self-detonate the entire formation.


Just before Zhan Bu Du was about to self-detonate, the loud roar of a dragon could suddenly be heard.

The sound of the dragon resounded throughout heaven and earth, shaking the entire battlefield.

Next, the five-colored smoke swirled violently and was brutally pushed apart by a huge object!

At this moment, Heavenly Court and the Southern Border immortals stared at the newcomer in shock.

It was a giant dragon, unimaginably huge, the dragon head alone was like a chain of hills, and the dragon's body stretched endlessly!

A Gu Immortal's body could not even compare to a piece of the dragon's scales.

"Evil Dragon!"

"It is Di Zang Sheng!"

"Why is it here?"

Di Zang Sheng's dragon eyes swept over the five regional limit formation and the Southern Border immortals, quickly fixing on the main Heavenly Court forces.

Heavenly Court's immortals suddenly felt an extremely strong sense of danger that threatened their lives!


Di Zang Sheng roared again and rushed towards the Heavenly Court immortals.

"It's our reinforcements!" The morale of the Southern Border immortals was boosted.

Wu Yong's eyes narrowed, "Doesn't Di Zang Sheng hate all humans? How can it be manipulated and be an enemy of Heavenly Court? Who's controlling it? Who can manipulate it?"

For some reason, the image of Fang Yuan surfaced in Wu Yong's heart.

"We're finally saved." Zhan Bu Du sprawled on the ground in exhaustion. With the help of Di Zang Sheng, he was saved from the brink of self-detonating.

Heavenly Court battlefield.

Calamity Luck Altar was at its wits' end.

Duke Long's constant bombardment caused a huge accumulation of damage, Calamity Luck Altar was in tatters, Bing Sai Chuan who was controlling it suffered heavy injuries, Qi Ci Lang had already fainted long ago.

What caused this was just not Duke Long's divine might, but also the help of Qin Ding Ling and Fairy Zi Wei.

Qin Ding Ling was able to use luck path to effectively disintegrate the defenses of Calamity Luck Altar. Fairy Zi Wei collected information from the battle and made deductions on the spot, telling Duke Long the best spots to attack.

With these three Gu Immortals working together, Longevity Heaven was in a precarious position. The destruction of Calamity Luck Altar was close at hand.

Once it completely breaks apart, Longevity Heaven will suffer a devastating blow, and the result of the battle in Heavenly Court will be decided!

Far away from Central Great Hall, at the peak of Star Zone Mountain, the two chess players' figures playing against each other emerged at some point in the Imperfection Regret Pavilion.

No matter from any angle, one could only see a side of the faces of these two figures at most.

The woman had peerless beauty, while the man looked as cold as ice.

It was a contest between two venerables!

"It seems that our side has won this game by a little again." Star Constellation Immortal Venerable smiled slightly.

Limitless Demon Venerable nodded: "Heavenly Court awakened so many Gu Immortals in advance this time, aren't you afraid of getting completely assimilated by heaven's will?"

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable grasped a chess piece: "I still have some time. It seems that the person you are waiting for will not appear. Even if he arrives, it is too late."

Limitless Demon Venerable was silent but suddenly, his eyes shined with mysterious light, he seemed to have sensed something as he stood up and turned around to look at the Heavenly Court battlefield far away.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable was stunned, she followed Limitless Demon Venerable's direction and saw that white profound light started to appear in the battlefield, with a shrill sound, a tunnel was opened.

Myriad Year Flying Warship flew in through the tunnel, a Gu Immortal was standing on it.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had a deep gaze as she analyzed, this Gu Immortal was dressed in a white robe, his sleeves were fluttering and his black hair was hanging down to his waist like a waterfall. His face was extremely handsome, almost delicate like a beauty, and what attracted people's attention most were his eyes, which were pitch-black as if they were connected to the ninth layer of the deepest abyss, devouring all light that approached it.

Fairy Zi Wei's body shook as she said uncontrollably: "Fang Yuan!"

"So this is Fang Yuan." Qin Ding Ling coldly smiled.

"Regardless of who comes here, you cannot do anything!" Duke Long did not raise his head, he still stared at Calamity Luck Altar as he tried to deal the fatal blow.

"Is that so?" On Myriad Year Flying Warship, Fang Yuan smiled lightly as he observed the battlefield.

He raised his hand slowly, his fingers outstretched as he aimed at the battlefield.

At the next moment, the killer move that he prepared for a long time burst out, grand qi surged as heaven and earth shook intensely.


The colossal qi wall that enveloped Heavenly Court lasted for a few breaths of time before shattering into countless qi currents, they were all drawn by a formless force into Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

At once, the entire place went silent!

Fairy Zi Wei and Qin Ding Ling stared in a daze as they shouted in disbelief:

"Rank eight?!"

"Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's qi wall was actually…"

Duke Long slowly raised his head, he ignored Calamity Luck Altar as his gaze became fixed on Fang Yuan, his expression was completely different from before.

Next, they heard Fang Yuan's plain voice reverberate in their ears: "This unlimited qi sea killer move was modified by me, how is the power? Please do give me your honest opinion."

"Hahaha." Loud laughter was heard from within Imperfection Regret Pavilion.

Limitless Demon Venerable raised his head as he laughed in joy and satisfaction.

"Look." He pointed at Fang Yuan, turning around to face Star Constellation Immortal Venerable: "The person I am waiting for is here!"

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable sighed deeply, she had a complex expression: "Indeed, he… has arrived."

At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan appeared in the battlefield personally, charging into Heavenly Court!


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