Reverend Insanity
1932 Heavenly Court“s Grand Migh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1932 Heavenly Court“s Grand Migh

The white light that spread across the sky was like drifting snow, filling the heaven and earth of Central Continent.

The first to benefit was Emperor City's battlefield.

"So strong, such strong power!" Central Continent's Gu Immortals had an incredible feeling, their bodies were surging with new strength. This strength was so grand and vast, it felt like an endless tide, sweeping through their bodies and minds constantly.

All their fatigue was gone.

Their minds were clear, their fighting spirit also rose sharply.

Be it rank six, seven, or even rank eight, they felt the same.

"This is the foundation of my Central Continent's Heavenly Court!"

"My strength has at least doubled, and with such an increase, what enemies will I be afraid of?"

"Charge, kill them, we will defeat all the invaders! Let them know the might of Heavenly Court, the might of Central Continent!!"

The morale on Central Continent's side soared like a rainbow, setting off a ferocious frenzy of attacks.

Western Desert's side was retreating steadily.


"Quickly retreat!"

"Such an amplification is truly terrifying, what kind of killer move is this?"

"Let's avoid battle for now, such a powerful killer move cannot last long."

The Gu Immortals on Western Desert's side communicated in panic.

"It's useless. This is the method of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, the two human path killer moves are heroes among people and hope of the people respectively, they have no problem sustaining it throughout the entire battle." Fang Di Chang said.

The Western Desert side kept retreating, but Divine Bean Palace under Fang Di Chang's control always remained in place, as if it was their support pillar, with no intention of retreating.

Fang Di Chang had a cold look on his face.

He did not expect that Shen Shang's unraveling would actually cause the killer moves to activate in advance.

In the previous life, these two human path methods were a rather important trump card that changed the battle situation.

In this life, Fang Yuan had painstakingly plotted to ally with Shen Shang in order to resolve these two methods. But despite all of his efforts, the results were still unsatisfactory. As far as the current results were concerned, Shen Shang not only failed to restrain and get rid of the two killer moves, he even made the situation more troublesome.

Heroes among people targeted Gu Immortals themselves, causing their comprehensive battle strength to be amplified to at least double of the original!

The killer move had terrifying might, after gaining the amplification, the Gu Immortal's killer moves, including Immortal Gu Houses and immortal formations, would be powered up as well. In a certain aspect, it was even more useful than Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's perfect pair killer move.

The waves of attacks were like stormy waves, bombarding Divine Bean Palace incessantly.

Divine Bean Palace was created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, but it could not resist such impacts. The surface was cracked and damaged, a large number of Gu worms died quickly and miserably, facing destruction.

But the power of Divine Bean Palace was in recovery, it followed the cultivation style of Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable.

Although a lot of the Gu worms perished, they would be replenished quickly. Injured Gu worms that did not die would even recover quickly!

Divine Bean Palace was like a golden reef, steadily supporting itself on the front lines, silently enduring the endless bombardment of Central Continent's forces.

"As expected of Divine Bean Palace!"

"Fang clan's Fang Di Chang is really a worthy leader."

"Let's fight, since we've come this far, are we going to constantly run away?"

The morale of the Western Desert army was finally stabilized, their Gu Immortals no longer retreated and faced the Immortal Gu Houses of Central Continent.

At once, battle started between Immortal Gu Houses.

Canary Pavilion opened several bird cages, groups of birds flew freely, when they flew out of the bird cages, they swiftly grew and formed a flock of birds, like an overwhelming patch of moving dark clouds.

Western Desert's Chicken Dog Coop was not falling behind, releasing a flock of desolate beast chickens and dogs to fight against it.

After a few moments of contact between the two sides, it became clear that the chicken and dog desolate beasts could not resist, many were killed.

"I'll help you!" Dong clan's Gu Immortals steered Red River Wheel to go and support them.

Red River Wheel was like a waterwheel, it rolled forward as a huge red light shot out of the wheel, it seemed to resemble a ribbon that tangled the bird group.

The molten flame birds were immediately suppressed, they were captured by the red light and were all subdued within Red River Wheel.

"Thanks for the molten flame birds!" Dong clan's Gu Immortals laughed loudly, the power of Red River Wheel rose by twenty percent because of this!

Although Western Desert's side gained a small profit, Chicken Dog Coop still had to cooperate with Red River Wheel to resist Canary Pavilion.

This was common sense.

In the battlefield, Western Desert's Immortal Gu Houses often had to team up against one enemy.

The Immortal Gu Houses on Central Continent's side all had great power. Yue Yang Palace shot out grand profound light, piercing the skies, Frost Dragon Manor emitted dragon soul and frost energy, Wind Sweeping Building rampaged with tornadoes, sweeping the battlefield.

From the first contact, Western Desert's group was pressured and could barely resist.

"This cannot go on." Fang Di Chang observed the battlefield, he was a little worried.

Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated.

Fang Di Chang knew about Central Continent's strength but he was even clearer regarding the strength of his forces. Western Desert's Gu Immortals would not fight to the death, this group that he brought was already the result of Fang Di Chang's maximum effort.

With such intense battles, once any deaths occurred on Western Desert's side, they would want to retreat.

Once someone retreats, others would follow.

In other words, this was not a real army, it was a gathering of dispersed forces, their morale could not be sustained.

Fang Di Chang led these people at such a crucial time, he had to be at the front lines, to ensure that they would remain in formation.

"I wanted to save this for the end… there is no choice." Fang Di Chang sighed, he sent out the divine bean soldiers that he had saved within Divine Bean Palace.

The quantity of yellow bean soldiers was the highest, they were the basic troops that were treated as cannon fodder.

Next were green bean soldiers that could shoot flying arrows, red bean soldiers could self-detonate, while black bean soldiers had the greatest defense.

As for blue and white bean soldiers, they had the lowest quantity, the former could reflect killer moves to an extent while the latter could heal bean soldiers.

Once the bean army was sent out, they stabilized the situation, causing a deadlock to occur. But the price to pay was that these soldiers were rapidly being expended.

Once the casualties hit a certain level, Western Desert's side would be pressured once again. By then, Fang Di Chang would be out of trump cards, he would need to wait for reinforcements.

Hairy Foot Mountain battlefield.

Immortal killer move — Rumors Become Tigers!

Zhou Xiong Xin used his information path killer move as tigers formed into groups, roaring and attacking Wu Yong.

Wu Yong waved his hands repeatedly, and used countless wind blades to stop the tigers from pouncing at him.

To the side, Zhu Que Er and Ye Qiao Zi joined forces to attack him.

Wu Yong sighed and wisely retreated.

If now was earlier, he might have been able to fight them head on, but now after the amplification from human path killer moves, Wu Yong could only retreat.

Speaking of which, he had repeatedly tried to use the killer move unlimited wind, but he was always obstructed by Heavenly Court, unable to gain the precious time he needed to unleash this killer move.

"Fortunately, our side has Immortal Gu Houses which can act as fortresses for us to rest and recover. Oh no!" Wu Yong had just returned to rest in Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building when his expression suddenly changed dramatically.

His departure had made Chi Qu Yu's position slightly more eye-catching.

Gu Immortals of other regions might not be able to make use of this, but Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were all experienced experts.

"Chi Qu You, quickly retreat!" Wu Yong transmitted.

Even without his warning, Chi Qu You already sensed something amiss, he quickly retreated.

"Where are you going?" Wan Zi Hong restrained Chi Qu You.

Wu Yong had to stop resting as he flew out.

Zhou Xiong Xin suddenly appeared above Chi Qu You, his five fingers spread out as he grasped.

Immortal battlefield killer move — Rumor Cage!

This was the fastest battlefield killer move in the world, the speed of setting it up was number one in the five regions.

Chi Qu You could not dodge in time, he was trapped in the battlefield.

Zhou Xiong Xin, Zhang Fei Xiong, and Zhu Que Er entered the battlefield, the other Gu Immortals stayed outside, blocking the reinforcement of Wu Yong, Yi Hao Fang, and Ba De.

"Chi Qu You is in danger!"

"Quick, we need to destroy this battlefield."

Wu Yong and the rest were anxious.

However, the rumor cage battlefield had already shrunk to a dot, it vanished. To find it, a lot of effort would be needed, and there were Heavenly Court Gu Immortals around obstructing them.

Immortal killer move — Sitting and Eating the Mountain Empty!

While the Southern Border immortals were trying to save him, Zhao Shan He and Yu Zhu Zi worked together again, using their killer move to heavily damage the Southern Border Immortal Gu Houses.

The Southern Border Gu Immortals suffered a great loss while their attention was diverted away.

And within rumor cage, Chi Qu You was in danger, at the brink of life and death.

This was an information path battlefield, Zhou Xiong Xin was the main attacker, while Zhang Fei Xiong and Zhu Que Er had transformation path attainment, they turned into information path immemorial desolate beasts to help with the battle.

Suddenly, Wu Shuang also entered the battlefield.

Human path killer move — Peerless!

This killer move was once used on Duke Long, it was very helpful. This time, it was used on Zhou Xiong Xin who was already amplified by a human path killer move, with this additional boost, his killer moves became even stronger.

Chi Qu You stared with furious eyes but he could not resist them, he was devoured by the information path tigers.

Rumor cage battlefield dissipated, Zhou Xiong Xin and the rest returned to the outside battlefield. Wu Yong and the rest could only see the torn and dismembered remains of Chi Qu You.

A formation path great grandmaster and first supreme elder of Chi clan had died!

Southern Border's Gu Immortals were shaken, such a terrifying sacrifice had happened before their eyes.

"First supreme elder Chi Qu You!"

"He died in battle."

"Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals killed him…"

The morale of Southern Border was rapidly declining.

"Oh no!" Wu Yong had an ugly expression, Chi Qu You's reputation was very high, his death was worse than if they lost Yi Hao Fang or Ba De, it was a huge blow to the Southern Border Gu Immortals' morale.

However, Wu Yong could not do anything.

Even though he had the killer move unlimited wind, Heavenly Court did not let him use it. His special move farewell friend wind could also not be used, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals had all been sleeping in the immortal graveyard, he had no opportunity to become 'friends' with them.

"Our situation was tough to begin with, now that Chi Qu You is dead, it is even worse now!"

"What do I do?"

Wu Yong had already tried his best but the situation still left his control gradually.

"Persevere!" The light of determination flashed in his eyes.

"Heavenly Court must not be allowed to repair fate Gu, this is the consensus of all four regions. Western Desert has attacked Emperor City now, Eastern Sea and Northern Plains' Gu Immortals will definitely also take action."

"And Fang Yuan…"

"I'll wait for reinforcements!"

"That's the only way now."

The Emperor City battlefield and Hairy Foot Mountain battlefield were completely suppressed and in a dangerous position, so was the battlefield in Heavenly Court.

Even though Duke Long was unaffected by the human path killer moves' amplification, he was still overwhelming, his strength alone suppressed all of Longevity Heaven's members.

And worse was that he had reinforcements.

"Qin Ding Ling!" Within Calamity Luck Altar, Qi Ci Lang looked at Qin Ding Ling while gritting his teeth.

Qin Ding Ling had recovered with the help of the human path killer moves, she joined the battlefield to assist Duke Long.

She had incredibly strong luck path attainment, she could target Calamity Luck Altar well, Qi Ci Lang and the rest were getting into a tight spot.

With a loud crash, Duke Long's fist defeated another Northern Plains' expert.

He looked at the phantom River of Time as he laughed loudly: "So what if you summon more people?"

"Longevity Heaven!"

"This time, none of you shall escape, you will all die!"

"No matter how many reinforcements you have, it will not change the situation."

Qin Ding Ling raised her head high as she snickered: "Exactly, how can the grand Heavenly Court be defiled by the likes of you!"


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