Reverend Insanity
1931 Shen Shang“s Solution
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1931 Shen Shang“s Solution

"This is Central Continent's Emperor City?" Ye Fan followed the main group as they walked into Emperor City, he looked around and assessed the place.

He was a Southern Border Gu Master, but he had heard of Emperor City's famous name long ago.

This was the largest mortal city in Central Continent, or rather, the entire five regions world. Here, rank three Gu Masters were very commonly seen, but in Southern Border, rank three Gu Masters were normally authoritative elders in their clans.

This was the first time Ye Fan visited Emperor City.

Emperor City lived up to its name, it was well guarded and had a grand structure, Ye Fan was not disappointed.

"However, compared to an Immortal Gu House, Emperor City is far inferior." Thinking of this, Ye Fan looked at the sky.

In the sky, there were several Immortal Gu Houses floating silently.

There was a pavilion, exquisite and small, there were countless bird cages hanging on it, birds chirped continuously. This was Heavenly Lotus Sect's Canary Pavilion.

There was a garden that was exquisitely built, it was grand with white jade tiles and oozing with cold air, there were faint dragon roars heard occasionally, this was Ancient Soul Sect's Immortal Gu House, Frost Dragon Manor.

There was also a seven-story tower, curtains were fluttering in the building, it was Wind Cloud Manor's rank seven Immortal Gu House, Wind Sweeping Building.

There was also Combat Immortal Sect's Edge Link Camp which had grand flags fluttering with the wind.

Other than those, Illusion Garden, Yue Yang Palace, and Sun and Moon Temple were there.

Ye Fan's master was Lu Wei Yin, he learned a lot of information regarding Gu Immortals from him, he could discern most of the famous Immortal Gu Houses.

These Immortal Gu Houses were not as large as Emperor City, but they were much more dazzling, they were the center of attention that all of the city people were talking about.

At this time, a youngster beside him sighed: "It seems that the rumors are correct. The world is going to change, immortals are going to battle. A chaotic great era is coming, the difference between mortal and immortal will shrink! This is our plan too, isn't that right, Brother Ye?"

Ye Fan looked at the youngster as he nodded: "You are correct, Brother Hong."

Similar to the previous life, Ye Fan and Hong Yi met in the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention and became sworn brothers after they interacted.

Hong Yi smiled: "This Refinement Path Convention is unprecedented, let those Gu Immortals fight in the sky, it is not something we can interfere in."

"Haha, that makes sense, let us have a true competition this time!" Ye Fan patted Hong Yi's shoulders.

The two brothers were filled with fighting spirit.

Hong Yi said: "I have a feeling that the eventual winner of this Refinement Path Convention will be one of us."

Shen Shang's ears twitched, he heard the entire conversation between Hong Yi and Ye Fan without missing a word.

These two were mortals, but Shen Shang kept a trace of his concentration on them at all times.

"In the future five regions chaotic war, these two youngsters likely have an opportunity to become immortal." Shen Shang was a human path quasi-supreme, he had a strong premonition when it came to humans.

Over at Heavenly Court, people's united hearts and other human path killer moves were all used already, Unfettered Scholar and Zheng Qing had been expelled.

But Shen Shang still managed to disguise himself and enter the final competition ground, he was not suspected at all.

He was after all a rank eight Gu Immortal and also a human path quasi-supreme grandmaster!

Shen Shang observed his surroundings, he became gradually excited.

"My estimations earlier were not wrong, this Emperor City is one of the main human veins of Central Continent!"

Mountains had mountain veins, the earth had earth veins, and humans had human veins.

"Emperor City was created by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, after so many years of relocation and movement, it still remained as the largest gathering spot of humans, it stayed on the trail of Central Continent's human vein all along."

"This place produces human talents, it is because of Central Continent's main human vein. Heavenly Court's generations of Immortal Venerables have left their human path methods here, hmm… I can vaguely sense their existence."

Fang Yuan used his rebirth as the reason to urge Shen Shang to take action and try to unravel the various venerable human path methods.

This was a challenging mission, it spurred on Shen Shang's morale and ambition.

Fang Yuan and the rest could not sense any of the traces of these human path killer moves. But for Shen Shang, he could trace and locate them.

Thus, he disguised himself and entered Emperor City, he finally found a chance to destroy the venerable killer moves.

"Heavenly Court is collecting human will and storing it inside Heavenly Court for use."

"That place is too tightly defended, if we cannot enter Heavenly Court, we will not be able to destroy the human will. If we cannot destroy the human will, we cannot drain them of this resource."

"However… taking action here will also have superb effects."

"Heavenly Court is collecting human will, Emperor City plays a crucial role in this process, it is the largest shipment area they have to transport the human will."

"If I destroy this place, Heavenly Court's efficiency in gathering human will would fall greatly."

But Shen Shang did not plan to cause destruction.

He had a greater objective.

He wanted to follow the traces with Emperor City as the anchor to find the venerable human path killer moves and reverse-deduce the profundities of their human path methods, to try to steal their knowledge!

Shen Shang was confident and daring.

He was not satisfied with just the reputation of unraveling a venerable killer move, he wanted to master the venerable human path methods and gain much more strength in the process.

"If my human path methods improve, it might be possible to get rid of the problem of the black fire, I will not go berserk anymore."

Hairy Foot Mountain battlefield.

Five colored smoke miasma rumbled, Southern Border's Gu Immortals and Heavenly Court's main forces had already fought for a long time.

Bay Pavilion, Flying Sand Pavilion, and Unfixed Manor were heavily damaged, they went to the second defensive line to get repaired.

At the front lines, there were four rank eights from Southern Border, as well as two rank eight Immortal Gu Houses, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and Great Space Temple.

Heavenly Court's main forces had no deaths, their morale was high.

Zhao Shan He prepared his killer move again, his aura was surging.

Zhan Bu Du quickly shouted: "Stop him! He is going to use that move again!"

Wu Yong and Yi Hao Fang gritted their teeth, they wanted to charge in but Ye Qiao Zi and Vortex Space Boy stopped them.

Zhou Xiong Xin and Flesh Whip Immortal joined hands to obstruct Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building.

Meanwhile, Zhu Que Er and Wan Zi Hong went from the right and left, bypassing the battlefield to attack the five regional limit formation directly.

Wu Yong and the rest were left with no choice, they had to return to being defensive.

They had too few people, it was hard enough to defend, they were not as agile and flexible as Heavenly Court's group.

Zhao Shan He successfully used his killer move, he opened his mouth, he sucked in all of the surrounding five colored smoke.

A large amount of smoke was sucked into his stomach, which expanded at an observable rate. At the same time, his face and muscles turned multicolored.

Zhao Shan He actually swallowed the five colored smoke, creating a temporary cleared out area.

Without the restraints of the five colored smoke, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were able to use their full power, they unleashed all sorts of killer moves with terrifying power.

Wu Yong and the rest resisted, but their defensive line was not tight, killer moves were directed to get through the cracks, after a rough filter by their defenses, the rest landed on the five regional limit formation.

The five regional limit formation shook intensely, a large number of Gu worms died, a weakened Formation Spirit quickly tried to repair it.

Zhan Bu Du's expression was ugly.

Relying on Zhao Shan He's food path method, Heavenly Court managed to make a breakthrough, each time they used this method, the five regional limit formation suffered immense damage.

Even though they were repairing it at full speed, it could not keep up with the waves of attacks that kept on coming.

As damage accumulated, the five regional limit formation started to get into a dangerous spot.

What to do?

Emperor City.

The final round of the competition was racing against the clock to start.

Shen Shang was secretly happy.

He started to refine Gu, using this as a cover, he secretly prepared his killer move.

"We finally arrived!" Fang Di Chang drove Divine Bean Palace as he charged at the front.

Behind him was Western Desert's main troops.

"To battle!"

"Force them back!"

"Defend Emperor City to the death."

Central Continent's troops cheered and shouted, they faced off against Western Desert's Immortal Gu Houses as battle erupted.

"Wonderful!" Shen Shang, who was paying attention to the outside world, cheered, with Central Continent's forces being restrained, he had no worries left.

Right at this moment!


He erupted with a strong Gu Immortal aura, he shouted as profound white light pierced through the hall, radiating in the entire Emperor City.

"The venerables have passed away, all of your human path methods should go as well!" Shen Shang's eyes shined with piercing and blinding light.


At the next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood, his body cracked as his lungs burst, his intestines blew into tiny pieces that shot out of the wounds all over his body.


"How can this be?!" Shen Shang could not believe this, he stared with wide eyes: "I had already…"

Not only did he fail to resolve the venerable methods, he even triggered them in advance.

This was human path killer move — Hope of the People!

White light flew around in the sky like a snowstorm, it gathered on the bodies of the Central Continent Gu Immortals, creating a pure white halo.

Human path killer move — Heroes Among People!

The white lights surrounding the Central Continent Gu Immortals started to shrink, while the Gu Immortals' auras started to grow.


Central Continent's army roared, their morale soared as they charged towards Western Desert's troops.

"Oh no!" Fang Di Chang's expression changed.


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