Reverend Insanity
1929 Evil Dragon Escapes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1929 Evil Dragon Escapes

"To think that there would be such an amazing formation that can counter the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation!"

"To think that our Southern Border's Gu Immortal, Tao Zhu, created it…"

"It seems that we had greatly underestimated this person."

"Fang Yuan actually possesses this method, when did he get it?"

The Southern Border Gu Immortals conversed as they sighed in amazement.

Fang Yuan had extorted and blackmailed them, but now it was Fang Yuan who had stepped in to support them, which made the Southern Border Gu Immortals all feel quite complicated.

At this moment, the voice of Zhan Bu Du came from within the five regional limit formation: "Southern Border, please do not lower your guard yet. Heavenly Court will not sit around as they lose control of this battlefield, they will surely send reinforcements."

"In that case, please also open the immortal formation and let us defend within it." A Southern Border Gu Immortal replied.

Zhan Bu Du smiled lightly, not hiding his contempt in the slightest: "There is no need to say such naive words. Whether you all fight or retreat, it depends on your willingness. If you don't want to fight, just scram."

"You…" The Southern Border Gu Immortal who answered had a change of expression from anger.

At this moment, more than ten giant pillars of starlight shone down, the main force of the Heavenly Court really did come to help out!

"This is the formation! Tear it down!" Zhang Fei Xiong took the lead.

Zhan Bu Du was silent and began to activate the formation with his concentration, the five-colored smoke miasma not only defended itself but also spread incessantly to the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

Even though the latter formation was created by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, it had to dismantle the sub-formations at the moment, it was stalling for as much time as possible.

"Let's take action and do our best to protect the five regional limit formation." Wu Yong did not hesitate and immediately ordered.

"Lord, but this is Fang Yuan. Haven't you been opposing…" Someone was unwilling.

Wu Yong gave this person a fierce stare and spoke in a stern tone, "Everything is for the big picture!"

His prestige was high, Wu clan was also the number one force in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world, their leadership had become a tradition.

The Southern Alliance Gu Immortals immediately engaged in a fierce battle with the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

With their help, Zhan Bu Du was relieved internally, the pressure on his shoulders dissipated mostly, and the five-colored smoke miasma spread even more menacingly.

With the cry of a phoenix, flames dazzled and the figure of Prince Feng Xian appeared.

He had sharp eyes and a golden cloak on his back, he opened his mouth to breathe out a monstrous flame.

The flames burned in the five-colored smoke miasma, sweeping towards the immortals of Southern Border.

A rank eight Gu Immortal of Southern Border, Yi Hao Fang, immediately transformed into a sea beast and rode the water waves to stop the flames from spreading.

Jun Shen Guang transformed into a white light, moving through the battlefield, avoiding the four rank eights of Southern Border and attacking the remaining rank seven Gu Immortals.

Moving along with him were Zhou Xiong Xin, Zhu Que Er and others.

Unfixed Manor, Flying Sand Pavilion, and Bay Pavilion were all taken out as Southern Border's rank seven Gu Immortals quickly entered them.


A scream was heard as Vortex Space Boy carried the head of a Southern Border Gu Immortal in his hand.

Taking advantage of this moment, the rest of the Southern Border rank seven immortals entered the Immortal Gu Houses.

"You guys are moving too slowly." Vortex Space Boy looked at Zhou Xiong Xin and the others as he chuckled.

"Where are you going?!" Wu Yong snorted coldly and chased after him.

Vortex Space Boy retaliated with an immortal killer move, obviously prepared in advance.

Wu Yong raised his hand similarly, setting off a roaring tornado of wind blades, the two killer moves collided with a loud bang, air currents surged, the five-colored smoke miasma rumbled like a dragon.

Vortex Space Boy and Wu Yong grunted at the same time and their faces turned pale.

Immortal killer move — Sitting and Eating the Mountain Empty!

Taking advantage of this time, Zhao Shan He teamed up with Yu Zhu Zi once again to display this powerful killer move.

"Even if you have Immortal Gu Houses, so what?" Yu Zhu Zi snorted coldly.

All the Immortals in the Southern Border Immortal Gu Houses were hit by this move and their faces changed color, their Gu worms and immortal essence were all rapidly depleting out of thin air.

Wu Yong's pupils shrunk, he advanced instead of retreating: "Defend me!"

Ba De and Chi Qu You immediately moved to his side.

The Immortal Gu Houses stayed at the periphery.

"Stop him!" Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were all experienced in battle, Wu Yong immediately drew all their firepower as he looked like he was about to launch a powerful killer move.

Chi Qu You and Ba De struggled to resist them but soon lost the ability to continue holding them off.

One of them was a formation path Gu Immortal while the other had just advanced to rank eight, how could they be a match for the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals?

In terms of strength alone, Heavenly Court was clearly superior to the immortals of Southern Border. Fortunately, Southern Border had Immortal Gu Houses as well as the five-colored smoke miasma created by Zhan Bu Du, they were huge obstacles for both sides to fight with their full strength, the difference in strength between the two sides was somehow balanced.

However, even though the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals knew well that the stronger the attacks they used in this miasma, the deeper the backlash they would suffer, they were still brave enough to fight to the death, having a relentless stance as they approached the five regional limit formation without any fear of their lives.

After some time, the Southern Border immortals' battle formation started to show signs of crumbling.

Wan Zi Hong suddenly gave a delicate cry as flower petals flew, attacking the Southern Border Immortal Gu Houses in front of her and forcing them to move aside, forcefully creating a path to move on.

Zhang Fei Xiong followed, transforming into a bear-headed giant and slamming into the five regional limit formation.


There was a loud bang and the formation trembled viciously.

Massive amounts of Gu worms perished, even Zhan Bu Du suffered backlash, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

"Ah, that hurts!" The Formation Spirit was in the main formation, it howled miserably as its body suddenly became much more illusory, no longer as solid as before.

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were no better.

They also suffered enormous backlash, but one by one, they gritted their teeth and tried their best to destroy the five regional limit formation.

"Oh no, the Southern Alliance won't be able to defend against such a fierce attack from Heavenly Court." Zhan Bu Du secretly gritted his teeth.

The main power of the five regional limit formation lay in the five-colored smoke miasma, although its defense was also strong, it would never last long under the fierce attack of these Gu Immortals.

"But even if that's the case, I'll fight to the death and try to stall for as long as possible." Zhan Bu Du was already prepared to die.

Everything was for the big picture, even if it meant sacrificing this clone, he would have no regret.

Sacrifices should be made when necessary, clones were also merely chess pieces. It was just easier to fully utilize them.

Even if the five regional limit formation was broken and destroyed, it was still valuable.

On one hand, it temporarily maintained the Heavenly Court battlefield and protected Longevity Heaven's members. On the other hand, it gave a crucial amount of time for the battlefield in Hidden Dragon Cave.

Hidden Dragon Cave.

A large amount of dream realms were eroding the battlefield, Old Man Bei Feng was livid but unable to do anything about it.

"Call for help, call for help, grandfather!" Feng Chan Zi shouted in a hurry, his face was pale and covered in cold sweat.

Old Man Bei Feng did not speak.

He had already requested for support, but Heavenly Court's reinforcements were delayed, that did not make sense.

After all, Heavenly Court had a way to use a large scale star cast method, it would only take an instant for support to come over. If they did not appear at this time, they must have been held back by something.

A bad feeling filled Old Man Bei Feng's heart.


Already sensing the weakening of its bindings, the suppressed Di Zang Sheng within the formation was also struggling at this time, adding onto the burden of the formation.

Immortal killer move — Mountain Suppression!

Immortal killer move — Broken Mirror Shard Light!

Qing Yue An and Song Qi Yuan were the first to break through the restraints, and because of their efforts, the power of the formation was greatly weakened once again. The other Gu Immortals were able to successfully break through one after another.

The eight Immortals converged, and although they were still inside the formation, they had noticed the change.

"How could there be so many dream realms!" Zhang Yin pretended not to know and looked surprised.

"Perhaps Fang Yuan is helping us." Shen Cong Sheng deliberately said, he had actually gotten a message from Fang Yuan: "Who else can control the dream realms besides him?"

"Why is Fang Yuan here!?" Hua Cai Yun frowned.

"As the saying goes, great people see eye to eye, he may also try to target Di Zang Sheng." Qing Yue An guessed as he healed his wounds.

"Then let Fang Yuan go release Di Zang Sheng, should we withdraw now?" Hua Cai Yun hesitated.

Right at this moment, there was a loud rumble as an Immortal Gu House broke the formation, charging towards the formation core.

This Immortal Gu House was a majestic palace, emitting an orange-golden glow, it was overbearingly magnificent, and the surface of the palace was filled with dragon-shaped carvings.

Hua Cai Yun, Qing Yue An and the others were stunned, although they were seeing it for the first time, they all guessed the name of this Immortal Gu House at the same time — Dragon Palace!

There was a loud rumble as Dragon Palace crashed through the core area.

Old Man Bei Feng howled and fell to the ground, he suffered a strong backlash, he was currently in a terrible state, having less than ten percent of his battle strength left.

Immortal killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

Dreamy light smoke, with a gentle movement, moved Old Man Bei Feng into the palace and sealed him with ease.

Feng Chan Zi who was beside Old Man Bei Feng also got swept into this smoke.

Seeing a rank eight Gu Immortal being suppressed so easily, the Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals could not help but show changes of expressions. Only half of them were genuine, while the other half were disguising their emotions as they knew about the truth.

Wu Shuai controlled Dragon Palace, and after capturing Old Man Bei Feng, he plunged down into the depths of the Earth Trench, ignoring the eight Eastern Sea immortals.

Qing Yue An and the others looked very pale, realizing that they were being used as cannon fodder and bait by Fang Yuan.

A moment later, they heard another deafening dragon roar, the earth shook as heaven and earth changed color, a huge Evil Dragon slowly rose up.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals panicked and retreated, looking up.

The Evil Dragon Di Zang Sheng was so huge that it was like a mountain range, flying high in the sky, enveloping heaven and earth, it could shroud the brilliance of the sun and moon!

Thankfully, Di Zang Sheng did not find trouble with the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals and flew directly to the west.

"Central Continent is in for a world of trouble, haha."

"Strange, where did Dragon Palace go?"

"What? You want to fight against Fang Yuan? Let's leave now."

"You all saw the move that Dragon Palace just used to capture Old Man Bei Feng, right? It's a dream path killer move!"

The Eastern Sea immortals stopped their conversation, they did not dare to stay longer.

Fang Yuan's demonic might had shocked rank eights, after all, Heavenly Court had been defeated by Fang Yuan several times. Now that he used the methods of Dragon Palace, he shocked these unsuspecting Gu Immortals even more.

"Di Zang Sheng has been released, it will definitely create chaos in Central Continent, creating a good opportunity for us."

"No, don't forget how the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals appeared before the war started. I don't want a dozen or so Heavenly Court rank eights suddenly appearing around me when I'm on the move."

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were also communicating while flying away, they frowned when this was brought up.

They had originally planned to release Di Zang Sheng to deplete Central Continent's foundation and attract firepower to facilitate their actions. But Heavenly Court possessed the method to use a large scale star cast, nullifying the effectiveness of this plan.


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