Reverend Insanity
1926 Northern Plains“ Retaliation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1926 Northern Plains“ Retaliation

"Quickly stop them!" Fang Di Chang shouted.

Western Desert's Immortal Gu Houses tried their best to stop Zhao Shan He and Yu Zhu Zi.

But in front of them, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were putting up a tight defense.


Zhang Fei Xiong turned into a giant, obstructing an Immortal Gu House relentlessly.

Crack crack crack!

Flesh Whip Immortal turned into an immemorial walking meat tree, she waved her branches and whipped at the Immortal Gu Houses, they were knocked about and spinning around all over the place.

Bam bam bam…

All kinds of immortal killer moves erupted, as if they were large bursts of fireworks, incomparably splendid and powerful.

These were all rank eight killer moves of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals, the Immortal Gu Houses of Western Desert suffered a serious obstruction, inevitably hesitating.

Taking advantage of this time, Zhao Shan He and Yu Zhu Zi finished their preparation and unleashed their immortal killer move, sitting and eating the mountain empty.

Western Desert's Gu Immortals were hit again, they then helplessly watched as a giant pillar of starlight shot down, teleporting away the Central Continent Gu Immortals.

At the next moment, they returned to Heavenly Court.

As the Gu Immortals healed their wounds, they exchanged conversations.

"It's really getting harder and harder to use the killer move, sitting and eating the mountain empty."

"After all, the other side has elites of an entire region, so they cannot be underestimated. As the saying goes, if a fool suffers sufficient losses, he will become wiser."

"But their strength has also been weakened quite badly, so they probably won't be able to hold out after two more times."

The Gu Immortals were full of morale, and the more they fought, the higher their spirits became.


At this moment, Qin Song's face turned pale and he coughed out a small mouthful of blood.

His blood was yellowish brown, and there were countless small insects jumping around in the blood foam.

"Senior Qin, are you injured?" Zhou Xiong Xin, who was standing right next to Qin Song, asked with concern.

Zhou Xiong Xin was dressed in a white robe, he had a strong physique and a squarish face with thick eyebrows. In his last battle with Fang Yuan, he activated the fastest battlefield killer move in the world, rumor cage, and once caused Fang Yuan to fall into a dangerous battle. In the end, Fang Yuan was even more calculating and used the arrangements left by the organization Defy to plot and kill Zhou Xiong Xin.

But this time, Fang Yuan was reborn, Zhou Xiong Xin was thus alive and one of the many Gu Immortals that fought along with Heavenly Court.

Qin Song weakly shook his head: "This is an old injury, it is not from the fight earlier."

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals all gathered around to check on Qin Song's state, even Fairy Zi Wei came here.

Qin Song was the key person now.

The reason why Heavenly Court was able to display such a powerful star cast killer move was not only with the help of the related formation and Star Constellation Chessboard, but also relying on Qin Song's strength.

Qin Song was most skilled at teleportation.

In the previous life, he was the one who brought the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals on a long journey to quickly make their way to Di Zang Sheng. At that time, he did not have his complete set of Immortal Gu, he used killer moves without caring about his own condition, causing him to die prematurely.

This life, however, he had awakened earlier, the situation was much better. Not only were his Immortal Gu comprehensive, he also got to use an advanced lifespan extension method.

Qin Song's seniority was very high, he had gone into hibernation long ago. During his hibernation, Heavenly Court had many new findings and improvement in their research on lifespan extension methods.

As time passed, there were bound to be improvements.

As a result, Qin Song's lifespan was extended to a certain extent, but the repeated battles made him repeatedly exert himself, and his health declined rapidly. His lifespan was greatly reduced.

"Based on your current physical state, I'm afraid you can only use four movement killer moves at most. Beyond that number, your flesh and soul will all collapse." Fairy Zi Wei calculated for a moment and spoke.

"Four times?" Qin Song smiled and coughed out another mouthful of yellow blood with a calm demeanor: "It is enough to defeat Western Desert, and there's still room to spare, so maybe we can deal a blow to Southern Border as well! Or maybe Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals. As for after my death, it will be up to all of you."

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were silent.

Only Flesh Whip Immortal grinned: "Don't worry, Old Man Qin, I'm here."

There was nothing they could do about Qin Song's state. The cause behind all of this was his old injury, an injury that he had brought with him from exploring Reckless Savage's grave, it could not be treated in the past, and now it was still fatal.

Fairy Zi Wei, however, did not order a further attack, she was pondering in her head.

Without Qin Song, Heavenly Court would not have the ability to teleport in groups. Relying on Star Constellation Chessboard alone would be too inefficient and it would seriously reduce her own ability to deduce and calculate.

Fairy Zi Wei had experience in using star cast, this killer move consumed too many thoughts. If she had to use this killer move, she would no longer have the extra energy to look over the big picture.

This was clearly not worth it for Heavenly Court.

It would be fine if it was just one battlefield, but Heavenly Court was fighting in at least three battlefields, they were facing not only the powerful elites of the four regions, there was still Fang Yuan, the demon who had yet to do anything.

As the leader and strategist of Heavenly Court in both the previous life and this life, Fairy Zi Wei had to oversee the whole situation.

"What a pity, there is no wisdom path Gu Immortal awakening in the immortal graveyard this time."

"Fang Yuan has yet to make a move, and Qi Sea Ancestor has made no movements either. If we waste Qin Song early at this time, it will be bad if there is a sudden change in the battle in the future."

Fairy Zi Wei pondered deeply, unwilling to expend a key force like Qin Song in advance.

She always considered one thing: Fang Yuan possessed a killer move using Fixed Immortal Travel, as well as the ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel, he could quickly appear in any place in Central Continent.

If Heavenly Court preserved the remaining uses of their star cast method, when they deal with Fang Yuan in the future, it would be much easier.

"Right now, we have four battlefields, they are in Heavenly Court, Hairy Foot Mountain, Emperor City, and Hidden Dragon Cave." Fairy Zi Wei looked around, analyzing as she spoke.

"Of these four battlefields, Heavenly Court's battlefield is the most important. Once we are breached and fate Gu gets destroyed by Longevity Heaven, all hope is lost."

"The second most important is Hairy Foot Mountain. If Infallible blessed land is destroyed and we don't refine enough success dao marks, it will have a huge impact on our ability to repair Fate. However, this is not irrevocable. Even if the Infallible blessed land is destroyed and we don't have enough success dao marks, fate Gu would still be alive. In the future, with new developments in refinement path, we might be able to find other ways to repair fate Gu."

"After that is Emperor City. The Western Desert immortals are moving with their forces aimed straight at Emperor City. But after our repeated strikes, their vigor has been lost. Emperor City itself is already heavily guarded and defended by human path methods left by venerables. Even if it is destroyed and the elites are all dead, it is not very important. In a hundred years, more elites will emerge."

"Finally, there is Hidden Dragon Cave. Although there are many Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals, they are not looking to kill and only want to seek gains. The formation and Old Man Bei Feng alone won't be able to defend against them, but delaying them for a while is more than enough. During this period of time, we only needed to support them once to stabilize the situation over there."

A Gu Immortal asked: "So, what is your decision?"

Fairy Zi Wei cast her gaze towards Calamity Luck Altar in the qi wall: "Let's take care of Longevity Heaven first! With Heavenly Court secure and fate Gu safe, even if the situation outside is completely lost, we will always be in an impregnable position."

After a pause, she continued: "In addition to that, it will also allow Senior Qin Song to preserve his health, preventing Fang Yuan and Qi Sea Ancestor from suddenly making a move ."


"These are truly the words of a great strategist."

"I'm also feeling uneasy about trapping Calamity Luck Altar in our headquarters. After all, they are the descendants of Giant Sun, so they might unleash a surprising attack anytime."

"We will listen to you!"

After listening carefully, the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals all approved of this plan.

As a result, the immortals stopped attacking at a long range, they entered the qi wall and fought Longevity Heaven fiercely.

The qi wall in Heavenly Court was left behind by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable. After so many years, except for the three paths that were opened by the three venerables, the rest of the qi wall was still strong and enduring.

And even worse was that the qi wall still retained its autonomous abilities.

Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were allowed to move freely in it, while Longevity Heaven's Gu Immortals were restricted by a strong force.

There was a hemispherical battlefield in the qi wall, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals bombarded Calamity Luck Altar with a barrage of attacks with their backs against the wall.

Once Calamity Luck Altar retaliates, these Gu Immortals would rapidly retreat, entering the qi wall and using it to block Calamity Luck Altar's attack.

Because of this, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were able to attack with their full strength, Calamity Luck Altar's surface was filled with cracks.

As an rank eight Immortal Gu House, Calamity Luck Altar itself was extremely sturdy, and it was created by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable himself, so it had a clear advantage in charging. It was simply unreasonable.

But all along, it was always obstructed by a Gu Immortal.

This person was Duke Long!

His body was slowly growing minute by minute, his face was like iron, his body was robust, and the defense of violet-gold dragon scales all over his body was extremely amazing.

Transformation path killer moves were being unleashed as he desired. The moves were domineering and fierce, blocking Calamity Luck Altar firmly.

Be they Calamity Luck Altar or killer moves of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals that he was in range of, he held firm, as if he was a pillar of heaven, all of the rank eight killer moves felt like just a light breeze.

In the previous life, Duke Long and the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals fought for Dragon Palace, and although he succeeded, he was seriously injured. By the time the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention was held, Duke Long was still injured, so his performance in battle was not so shocking at the start.

In this life, because Fang Yuan had obtained Dragon Palace in advance, Duke Long was in a fully intact state and could attack Calamity Luck Altar to the point where it could not inch forward.

"Duke Long… is actually so strong!" Bing Sai Chuan was livid.

The accompanying Bull Demon, Flower Lady, and Five Elements Grandmaster were all desperately trying their best to repair Calamity Luck Altar.

"This won't work. Without breaking through the barrier in front of us, we won't be able to get close to Heaven Overseeing Tower." In Calamity Luck Altar, Mao Li Qiu lay down on the ground, yelling out in dissatisfaction.

Bing Sai Chuan struggled for a while internally before he sighed: "There is no other way, activate the killer move call of the ancient."

Calamity Luck Altar suddenly stood still and abruptly exploded with a round of golden light.

The light was so dazzling that it caused Duke Long to squint his eyes.

Swish swish swish…

The sound of river waves surging through the battlefield resounded.

The phantom image of a segment of the grand River of Time appeared above Calamity Luck Altar.

"This is?!" Duke Long's heart was slightly shaken.

Then, following the astonished eyes of the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, Northern Plains' Gu Immortals walked out of the phantom River of Time one by one.

"Come on, eat one of my explosive lightning bolts!" The tall-bodied Nu Er Bao Xiong laughed wildly.

"To think that I can use this move to come to the future and participate in a huge battle, I am truly fortunate." Hei Fan had a slight smile.

"Wow! What a huge battle, oh heavens, I better hide somewhere." Liu Liu Liu had a delicate white face, he had a crafty look as his body vanished on the spot.


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