Reverend Insanity
1922 Southern Alliance Destroys Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1922 Southern Alliance Destroys Formation

Myriad Year Flying Warship floated in the sky, Fang Yuan looked at the formation in front of him with a smile.

He arrived at Yi Tian Mountain again, this time, he would definitely take all of the dream realms away.

This timing was truly impeccable.

Firstly, Wu Yong had led the Southern Alliance experts to infiltrate Central Continent, Southern Border was at its weakest now. Secondly, the huge battle had just started, this was likely the final period of free time for Fang Yuan.

"Different from the previous life, I had all the initiative this time, I defeated Heavenly Court repeatedly. The secret of my rebirth is known to all, Heavenly Court must have ways to counter it. Their arrangements will be different from the previous life, I should let the four regions' Gu Immortals strike first while I observe their new methods."

Fang Yuan had a firm grasp of the situation.

At this point, Fang Yuan's rebirth advantage was mostly depleted. His previous life's memories were not reliable against a colossal force like Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court would not be so stupid as to not make changes.

If Fang Yuan took the lead as the vanguard, he would be stuck in endless battles, unable to get away from fighting. He might even die in the process.

After all, Heavenly Court's foundation was unfathomable, Fang Yuan could not be sure that the venerable methods in his memories were all the methods left behind.

Immortal killer move — Refinement Formation Rain.

Rain started to fall from the sky, gradually infiltrating the formation.

There were naturally defending Gu Immortals in the formation.

The Gu Immortals were in panic.

The formation could not block him, the periphery had already been refined by Fang Yuan.

Even though this formation was set up by Chi Qu You, Fang Yuan had secretly undergone dream realm transactions with him, he gained a lot of information about this formation.

Fang Yuan's formation path and wisdom path attainment, along with refinement formation rain, completely countered this formation.

"This demon Fang Yuan did not attack Central Continent, he came back to Southern Border!"

"What do I do?"

"Seek help?"

"Our rank eight Gu Immortals have all gone to Central Continent under the lead of Lord Wu Yong!"

"We still need to inform them about this!"

The Southern Border Gu Immortals conversed for a while, nobody dared to go out to fight Fang Yuan, but they had no reinforcements either. They had to use the immortal formation and add changes to it.

The immortal formation continued to change, Fang Yuan's speed of refining the formation became slower instantly.

But Fang Yuan became happy internally.

The more this formation changed, the more he could comprehend the profundity within it. With the help of the light of wisdom, he could easily understand all of these secrets.

Within Central Continent, the Southern Alliance's immortals had already entered the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

Wu Yong and the rest received this news.

"What? The dream realm was attacked?"

"That scoundrel Fang Yuan!"

"Can he see the big picture at all? He is actually attacking us at this time?!"

The Southern Alliance's immortals were furious.

Wu Yong was silent for a while before speaking: "Of course he can."

"What does Lord Wu Yong mean?" Ba De had a livid expression. Fang Yuan's actions were harming the benefits of all the Southern Border righteous path forces!

Everyone knew about the value of these dream realms, furthermore, they would get more important when the great era arrives.

Wu Yong smiled instead: "If Fang Yuan does not see the big picture, he would have attacked the dream realm long ago. He would not wait for us to go to Central Continent. Or maybe, he wants to make use of us as cannon fodder."

"Then aren't we sacrificing ourselves for him?" Someone asked in an indignant tone.

"No." Wu Yong shook his head: "If fate Gu is repaired, its threat will be far greater than the otherworldly demon Fang Yuan. He has been reborn, it seems we took the initiative to attack like now in the previous life. But there is no choice, we need to attack. This is for the sake of the five regions."

"Everyone, before we left, I already told you that our region would likely get attacked. Be they your family, friends, or our territory, all of the destruction and slaughter pale in comparison to the big picture! If Heavenly Court gains a complete fate Gu, we will all be helpless, there will be no future for anyone!"

Wu clan said this as his eyes shined like lightning, he looked around as he declared: "This is my order, let all of the defending Gu Immortals retreat from the formation, do not make unnecessary sacrifices. I know this is a risky move, but even if my Wu clan headquarters get destroyed, I will not retract my words!"

Wu Yong's determination shook the hearts of all the immortals.

They were all united now, the Southern Alliance immortals were tightly connected, they fought their way into the depths of the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

After Southern Border received Wu Yong's orders, the defending Gu Immortals sighed in relief, they brought as many Immortal Gu as they could with them as they started to teleport away.

A moment later, Fang Yuan refined the formation, not a single Southern Border Gu Immortal was in sight.

After he dismantled the formation, he received an information path Gu worm, it was a letter that Wu Yong had specially written to him.

Fang Yuan's divine sense swept through it, looking at the content.

The letter only had one sentence, it spoke of one viewpoint — The threat of Heavenly Court and Fate, Central Continent is strong, while the four regions are weak.

He did not say anything about asking Fang Yuan to stop.

"This Wu Yong…" Fang Yuan sighed to himself.

Earlier, he was a problem for Fang Yuan, using his political skills to restrict Fang Yuan's extortion and causing him great loss. But now, Wu Yong asked the Southern Border Gu Immortals to stop defending, he made them retreat and saved Fang Yuan a lot of effort.

If these Southern Border Gu Immortals continued to defend, it would waste a lot of time.

After Fang Yuan takes the dream realm, he would save a lot of time, that meant he could find trouble with the righteous path of Southern Border. Wu Yong's orders carried lots of risk, it was a bold move.

But Wu Yong was sure that Fang Yuan knew the big picture, he would not continue causing trouble in Southern Border.

It was like how Fang Yuan knew Wu Yong would not come back from Central Continent to defend these territories if he attacked.

And the truth was, Fang Yuan had no intention to find trouble with Southern Border's righteous path at this moment.

After some effort, Fang Yuan took away all of the dream realms here.

Yi Tian Mountain saw the light of day again, the huge Gu Immortal battles engraved here could be seen all around the mountain, there was no sign of life here, everything had changed.

Fang Yuan started to head to Central Continent.

As he traveled, he transformed these dream realms into Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies.

In the following battle, these Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies would be a huge force of his. In the previous life, Feng Jin Huang was able to resist the detonation of his Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies, in this life, it was likely that she could do the same.

But Feng Jin Huang was just one single mortal Gu Master. Fang Yuan had the initiative, he had several battlefields to approach.

Heavenly Court, Central Great Hall.

Duke Long, Fairy Zi Wei, and Qin Ding Ling watched over the situation.

Old Man Zheng Yuan was also invited here.

"The latest news, Southern Border's Gu Immortals broke the first formation, they are going to the second formation. Fang Yuan appeared in Yi Tian Mountain and destroyed the formation, taking all the dream realms." Fairy Zi Wei suddenly said.

Duke Long said grimly: "Fang Yuan will not continue causing chaos in Southern Border, he will definitely go fight in Central Continent. It seems that we need to deal with these dream realms."

Fairy Zi Wei nodded: "We are very lucky that Feng Jin Huang created the perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, she can resist Fang Yuan's dream path methods."

Duke Long chuckled: "You think this is luck? No, this is the power of fate! Heavenly Court will not lose this battle, we cannot lose."

At this moment, Fairy Zi Wei gasped as she showed a surprised expression: "Southern Border's immortals have broken the second formation, they are going to the third one now."

"So fast?" Even Qin Ding Ling was shocked.

Within nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, the immortals had high morale.

"Chi Qu You, good job."

"As expected of the sole formation path great grandmaster in Southern Border!"

"With Lord Chi Qu You around, how can any formation stop us? Hahaha."

Just earlier, when the immortals went into the second sub-formation, Chi Qu You spoke: "Stop."

Next, he observed the area and led the immortals to quickly and delicately destroy the formation.

The immortals praised him but Chi Qu You shook his head: "The truth is, I did not see through this formation, I had received information from Fang Yuan."

The expressions of the Southern Border immortals froze.

Chi Qu You continued: "Using my method, I can break this formation rapidly. But that is a forbidden method that will expend my lifespan. It seems that Fang Yuan had been reborn. In the previous life, he must have broken this formation too, he knows about it clearly."

The immortals nodded, agreeing with him.

What they did not know was, Chi Qu You was the one who explained the profundity of this formation to Fang Yuan.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan rushed to Hairy Foot Mountain from Emperor City battlefield, in order to destroy the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, the immortals wanted to use the five regional limit formation. But without the complete formation chart, and having to create it within the enemy's formation, it was too difficult.

Fang Yuan used his wisdom path and formation path attainment to cooperate with Chi Qu You and Black Extremity, working together to deduce the complete formation chart.

During this process, Chi Qu You gave Fang Yuan and Black Extremity an explanation on their experiences of breaking the earlier formations so that they could understand the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

Since Wu Yong asked the Southern Border immortals to retreat, displaying greater sincerity and determination, Fang Yuan was returning the favor by guiding them now.

After learning of this situation, Wu Yong had a slightly complex expression as he sighed: "It seems that Fang Yuan has already arrived in Central Continent."

Fang Yuan understood Wu Yong, but Wu Yong also understood Fang Yuan.

The two of them had an indescribable understanding.

Even though they wanted each other to die during normal times!

The truth was, in the previous life, in order to break the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, Fang Yuan also asked the Southern Alliance for dream realms.

Wu Yong did not hesitate but agreed instantly.

Fang Yuan was transported back to Southern Border, the defensive formation was opened and he managed to take the dream realms away.

But later, when Fang Yuan converted them into Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies, Feng Jin Huang resisted them and he failed to destroy the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

Using Fang Yuan's guidance, the Southern Alliance's immortals broke through another two formations, their efficiency was out of this world.

Heavenly Court finally reacted in time, Fairy Zi Wei frowned and thought about the countermeasure when suddenly, rainbow light appeared above Heavenly Court.

Bright lights spread everywhere, rank eight Immortal Gu House Calamity Luck Altar shot out from within!

"Heavenly Court, we're here." Bing Sai Chuan called out with great morale.

"We have been waiting." Qin Ding Ling slowly stood up.


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