Reverend Insanity
1920 Convention Begins
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1920 Convention Begins

The River of Time flowed endlessly.

Heavenly Court.

Discussion hall.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals gathered, there were few Gu Immortals who did not come, this was the largest gathering that Heavenly Court had in the last thousand years.

Duke Long sat at the highest seat, he looked around: "We have explained our plan, go ahead and execute it. Whether we can restore the glory of Heavenly Court will depend on everyone's hard work."

"We will do our best!" All of the immortals resounded, they were very motivated.

The Central Continent Refinement Path Convention that would affect all five regions and the future of the world was about to begin!

Once news got out, the world was shaken.

Thanks to Fang Yuan's intentional spread of news, all the Gu Immortals knew of the importance of this Refinement Path Convention. But mortal Gu Masters had no idea, they thought that this Central Continent Refinement Path Convention was like the usual ones in the past.

Gu Masters started to move, heading towards Central Continent.

Each Central Continent Refinement Path Convention would attract the Gu Masters of the other four regions to participate, it involved all five regions and was a huge event.

But this time was slightly different from the beginning.

Western Desert.

A huge group of Gu Masters stood in front of the regional wall.

A youngster sighed loudly: "Father, if I were not seeing this personally, I simply could not believe there is such an amazing thing in the world."

"This is the regional wall. Once we get past this, we will reach Central Continent." The middle aged Gu Master beside the youngster said: "After entering the regional wall, our vision will be restricted, by then, you need to stay by my side and not get lost. Understood?"

"Yes father, I will." The youngster nodded obediently.

"Mm." Zhang Quan looked at his son Zhang Ping, feeling very proud.

His son had strong refinement path talent, for his future development, Zhang Quan brought him on a journey to participate in the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, to train his refinement path ability and also to gain some knowledge.

"What sound is that?" At the next moment, Zhang Quan looked up in confusion.

Next, his pupils shrunk as he showed great shock.

A huge meteor that was the size of a hill crashed down towards them.

The surrounding Gu Masters screamed in fear.

"Why is this happening? We're doomed!" Instantly, Zhang Quan felt great regret. If he had decided to travel to Central Continent alone, his son would not die with him.


The meteor crashed down on the ground, causing an earthshaking explosion.

Zhang Quan and the rest died without intact corpses.

In the sky, an inkman Gu Immortal looked around coldly before leaving.

Similar scenes were happening all over the five regions.

These Gu Immortals were all Fang Yuan's subordinates, they had received his order to prevent people from joining the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention.

Next, Fang Yuan publicly announced in treasure yellow heaven: "If anyone joins the Refinement Path Convention, you will be making an enemy out of me, one day, I will find you and settle the score!"

The Gu Immortals of the five regions sighed in amazement: The Central Continent Refinement Path Convention had just started but Fang Yuan made his move already. As expected of the Little Demon Venerable, he was rampant and brutal.

Heavenly Court was enraged!

Because the assault of Fang Yuan's subordinates would cause much fewer Gu Masters to join the convention, it would be disadvantageous in repairing fate Gu.

Different from the previous life, Fang Yuan ordered his subordinates to only move around Northern Plains, Southern Border, Western Desert, and Eastern Sea. This way, Central Continent and Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals could not head to the other four regions and save these people.

During this period of time, if Central Continent and Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals head to the other four regions, they would be angering and provoking the other four regions' super forces.

Heavenly Court could only accuse Fang Yuan of his heinous crimes and communicate with the righteous paths of the other regions to get them to take revenge on this terribly demonic act.

The righteous paths of the other four regions responded loudly but they took little action, even if they did anything, they were merely doing it superficially, creating a lot of noise but little effect.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan acted in Central Continent itself and was faced with much obstruction not long after.

In this life, Fang Yuan took action in advance, he immediately gained huge results in battle.

The waves of Gu Masters rushing to Central Continent immediately ceased.

Nobody wanted to die just because of one Central Continent Refinement Path Convention.

Furthermore, the four regions' super forces had also stopped their own Gu Masters from joining the convention, it caused this current Refinement Path Convention to be very sparse in attendants.

Central Continent, Unification Sect.

As one of the sign up locations of the Refinement Path Convention, it was filled with people and commotion as well.

"The Refinement Path Convention is about to start! Strange, why do I not see people from the other four regions?" Luo Sheng sighed.

In the previous Refinement Path Convention, he had lost to a Northern Plains Gu Master by chance, this time, he was trying to find that Northern Plains Gu Master again for a rematch.

Luo Sheng was eager to prove himself.

"But Central Continent is too large, the five regions are too broad, geniuses are everywhere."

He looked around and found that three people here were tough opponents for himself.

One was an old man that had been reputed for many years, he was also a refinement path master. Another was a young man, and the last one was a young girl. The former had performed well in the previous convention while the latter was a rising star that had emerged in the last ten years.

"This Refinement Path Convention is still going to be that intense!"

"I must make good use of this opportunity, I cannot fail anymore…"

"I will prove myself, I will let my wife and children be proud!"


At the next moment, a huge ancient year beast descended from the sky, crushing the entire hall to ruin.

All of his grand ambitions vanished into thin air.

The young Gu Master with a great future, the genius young girl who was thought of highly, they all died pitifully on the spot, their bones and flesh were mashed together, even the corpses could not be seen clearly.

In the sky, Bai Ning Bing's figure flashed rapidly.

She was in charge of moving around, every destination she reached, she released ancient year beasts. As for the result, Fang Yuan said that she did not need to be concerned with that.

Earlier, Fang Yuan sent variant human Gu Immortals to kill Gu Master participants in advance. Now, he ordered Shadow Sect's immortals to infiltrate Central Continent and use ancient year beasts to destroy the sign-up locations, to create bloodshed as countless elite Gu Masters face their end.

After learning of this situation, Heavenly Court immediately spread news of the truth.

"There really are immortals in this world…"

"The culprit behind everything is Fang Yuan!"

"Fang Yuan, you killed my father, I will definitely take revenge for this immense hatred!"

"Even rank fives are just ants if they do not become Gu Immortals."

"Immortals are high and mighty, why must I sacrifice my life for a mere Refinement Path Convention? Forget it, forget it."

"I must go! If I do not go, wouldn't I fall into that Fang Yuan's scheme?"

Some were fearful, some felt emotional, some backed out, while some became determined.

"They are trying to gather the rage of the people and accumulate human will." In the previous life, Fang Yuan did not know what Heavenly Court was doing, but now, he was deeply aware.

Fang Yuan quickly ordered his subordinates to stop.

Heavenly Court and Central Continent's Gu Immortals gathered rage and hatred, they were about to take action when they found that Fang Yuan's subordinates all vanished without a trace.

"Isn't Fang Yuan trying to destroy the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention? Why did he stop?" The four regions' super forces who were watching the show felt very perplexed.

In a secret meeting in Southern Border, Wu Yong analyzed some of Fang Yuan's thoughts: "Fang Yuan had an early advantage, if he continues, Heavenly Court will deduce the locations of his attackers, he will lose many subordinates."

"Then will Fang Yuan attack again?" Someone asked.

"Of course." Wu Yong said without doubt: "But before that, we need to move out secretly too."

In the previous life, Fang Yuan attacked personally and caused destruction, not long after, he was marked by the killer move people's accusation, he had to hide while his subordinates like Bai Ning Bing took action.

This time, Fang Yuan lurked and concealed himself while ordering his subordinates to cause destruction and bloodshed.

Others were not like Fang Yuan who could defend against Fairy Zi Wei's deductions using wisdom path methods. Thus, Fang Yuan ordered Bai Ning Bing and the rest to hide themselves after causing some level of destruction.

The Refinement Path Convention had just started.

The huge battle had not begun, these subordinates were still very useful to Fang Yuan.


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