Reverend Insanity
1918 Crucial Person
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1918 Crucial Person

Heavenly Court.

Star Constellation Chessboard was half a foot off the ground, slowly rotating between Fairy Zi Wei and Feng Jin Huang, blossoming with brilliant starlight.

The specks of starlight were so dazzling that they resembled blue fireflies, lightly jumping, sometimes swirling around the two, sometimes burrowing into their brains and colliding.

The two sat opposite each other, both with their eyes closed and brows knitted tightly, pondering over some difficult question.

The starlight slowly disappeared, Star Constellation Chessboard flew into Fairy Zi Wei's hands.

Fairy Zi Wei slowly opened her eyes, but Feng Jin Huang did not, she fell softly to the ground as she had passed out on the spot.

"This child…" Fairy Zi Wei was not nervous, she merely sighed.

She knew Feng Jin Huang's condition like the back of her hand.

In the end, Feng Jin Huang was only a Gu Master, unlike Fairy Zi Wei who was a rank eight great expert. The original deduction speed arranged by Fairy Zi Wei was very suitable for Feng Jin Huang.

However, Feng Jin Huang insisted that she did not want to slow down the progress and waste Fairy Zi Wei's time because of her own reasons. After all, Fairy Zi Wei was a key figure in Heavenly Court.

When Feng Jin Huang slowly woke up, she found that she had already left the deduction hall and had returned to Central Great Hall.

"Well done, Huang Er!" Duke Long looked at Feng Jin Huang and was extremely pleased: "You have actually improved the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, eliminating the flaw of this physique entirely. You are indeed worthy of being the fated Great Dream Immortal Venerable."

Feng Jin Huang was a little embarrassed from the praise: "Master, to be honest, I was only able to do so by coincidence. Do you remember the killer move shatter dream I created previously? This modification was done based on its results. The entire process was thanks to Lady Zi Wei's deductions, I was only playing a minor supplementary role in modifying the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique."

Fairy Zi Wei smiled: "Little Huang Er, you're too modest. It is precisely because you provided the correct direction that we were able to make our deductions. If not for that, I'm afraid that even if I had made many calculations, I would have gained nothing."

Duke Long spoke with great solemness: "Huang Er, this perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique is extremely significant to you, it is the key to your future achievements. You must grasp it well and remember that you must undergo immortal ascension using the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique in the future."

Feng Jin Huang had never seen such solemnity from Duke Long before, she nodded her head: "Yes master, I will definitely keep that in mind."

Duke Long nodded: "You can go, I still have important matters to discuss with Fairy Zi Wei."

"This disciple takes her leave." Feng Jin Huang immediately left obediently.

"This time, Huang Er was able to obtain the perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, you deserve credit for that!" Duke Long said to Fairy Zi Wei.

It was indeed so.

Not only did Fairy Zi Wei play a major role in the deduction, but the original Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique was also obtained because she looked through the memories of Spectral Soul.

Without this foundation, no matter how much inspiration or direction Feng Jin Huang had, she would not be able to make any progress.

Fairy Zi Wei smiled: "This is my duty. If you hadn't captured Spectral Soul alive, I wouldn't have been able to soul search him. Speaking of which, the one Huang Er has to thank is you, her master."

Duke Long shook his head slightly: "This is shameful, as a master, I actually have very little to teach. I don't know anything about dream path, but fortunately, Huang Er possesses an extraordinary talent in dream path. It is also an honor for me to be able to do something for the future Great Dream Immortal Venerable. How has the practice of the killer move benevolent equality gone recently?"

Fairy Zi Wei's face turned solemn: "There is no problem with benevolence Gu, as for the killer move, I have successfully activated it several times."

"Did you find anything strange?" Duke Long pursued.

Fairy Zi Wei denied: "Not at all."

Duke Long intoned: "This means that benevolent equality is effective. But why haven't we seen any results?"

"Yes." Fairy Zi Wei's eyebrows were knitted: "Using benevolent equality to deal with Spring Autumn Cicada is a plan we have had all along. Looking at Fang Yuan's recent actions, all of them have been well planned and prepared, such as the battle in the River of Time, or the Dragon Palace fight, he had a good head start. He must have been reborn already, but why does no one on our side have memories of the previous life?"

The effect of benevolent equality was just as the name implied. Once Fairy Zi Wei used the killer move, the people that she looked at during the process would experience equivalent changes to their conditions.

For example, after Fairy Zi Wei used benevolent equality, she saw Fang Yuan's rebirth. At the same time, she looked towards Duke Long.

Then if Fang Yuan self-detonated using the killer move spring autumn success, his memories would go back to his past self. Duke Long would receive the same treatment, his memories would also go back to his former self.

"We don't know exactly what happened in Fang Yuan's last life. Previously, it was speculated that we couldn't borrow benevolence Gu, causing benevolent equality to be unusable. But now it seems we indeed gained this method."

"So was this result the effect of Fang Yuan's rebirth, and we actually did not gain benevolent equality in our previous life, or was it because something happened to me in the previous life, causing me to not use benevolent equality on him?"

Fairy Zi Wei was in a predicament.

A while after being awakened and understanding the current situation, Duke Long proposed to use benevolent equality to deal with Spring Autumn Cicada.

Spring Autumn Cicada was refined by his disciple, Red Lotus Demon Venerable, Demon Venerable knew the ways to deal with this cicada.

The time of Fang Yuan's rebirth was easily calculable by Fairy Zi Wei, it was at the time when Heavenly Court attacked Lang Ya blessed land.

The Fang Yuan before this and the Fang Yuan after this time had a different style of action and a completely different success rate in his plans.

Before Heavenly Court attacked Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan failed to regain the upper extreme heavenly eagle and was trapped by Lu Wei Yin.

After that, Fang Yuan had countless adequate preparations to deal with Heavenly Court's attack. Heavenly Court's side was repeatedly restrained, their advantages could not be utilized while their disadvantages were infinitely magnified, yet Fang Yuan was just the opposite.

Duke Long pondered: "Actually, there is another possibility. In the previous life, you successfully used benevolent equality, but you saw no one else but Fang Yuan. Or perhaps this person is not a Gu Immortal who is loyal to Heavenly Court."

There was a slight flicker of light in the eyes of Fairy Zi Wei: "If that's the case, then who could this crucial person be?"

Longevity Heaven.

Bzzz bzzz bzzz….

Orange-yellow light flickered endlessly, enveloping the sky of Longevity Heaven.

Next, an aura started from an extremely weak state and grew rapidly, soon filling the world and shaking people's hearts.

Such a change had already attracted the attention of Five Elements Grandmaster, Bull Demon, and Flower Lady.

Five Elements Grandmaster was a lone cultivator of Northern Plains, but after getting trapped by Longevity Heaven, he felt despair after struggling and decided to join Longevity Heaven, he was not stationed in Longevity Heaven permanently.

Bull Demon and Flower Lady were a duo that took the role of North Desolation Immortal together.

"What happened?" Five Elements Grandmaster was very uncertain.

Bull Demon and Flower Lady looked at each other, seeing the joy on each other's faces, the latter giggled: "West Desolation Immortal Bing Sai Chuan has awakened!"

"Bing Sai Chuan?" Five Elements Grandmaster's brows rose, he felt that the name was familiar.

At this moment, there was a loud roar, ripples of light flickered in the sky, rainbows extended like rivers as they pierced through the horizons.

A figure walked down from the river, he had a tall body and soft facial features, but his eyes were extremely sharp and icy, emitting a cold gaze. From his right ear to the left corner of his lips, there was an ugly scar, it was flickering with white light, while emitting the coldness of a thousand year profound ice.

Five Elements Grandmaster was deeply shocked: "I remember now, this is the Bing Sai Chuan who was born in Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's generation, he was a rank eight legend, a time path great expert, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had tried three times before subduing him. He did not die, he is actually the West Desolation Immortal of Longevity Heaven?!"

Longevity Heaven was a bit different from Heavenly Court, it had Four Desolation Immortals and Eight Extremities, a total of twelve positions. Among which, the Four Desolation Immortals were only meant for rank eight Gu Immortals, while the Eight Extremities needed at least rank seven cultivation level, and they had to be elites among rank sevens.

"Greetings, Senior West Desolation." Bull Demon and Flower Lady quickly went to greet him while Five Elements Grandmaster followed after with a reverent expression.

West Desolation Immortal Bing Sai Chuan's seniority was simply too high.

Bing Sai Chuan went up to the three, he nodded after looking around: "I am awake but I do not have much lifespan, time is limited. Give me the information of the current world, I need to know about it."

Longevity Heaven had very comprehensive information.

They had detailed information of the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the reappearance of Dragon Palace in Eastern Sea, and Heavenly Court's Central Continent Refinement Path Convention.

"Fang Yuan… he actually extorted Southern Border's righteous path using rank seven cultivation level, while causing huge problems for Heavenly Court time and again in the River of Time. He is truly a world-shaking person!"

"Qi Sea Ancestor… able to fight equally with Duke Long? This is very rare, Eastern Sea has a lot of hidden depths."

"There's also Fang Di Chang, he actually refined Divine Bean Palace. Haha, this world really has no lack of experts!"

After gaining intel, Bing Sai Chuan laughed loudly with a heroic aura.

After his laughter, Bing Sai Chuan's eyes shined with bright light: "Since Fang Yuan is the person who destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, he is the crucial person who Lord Giant Sun Immortal Venerable mentioned."

Bull Demon, Flower Lady, and Five Elements Grandmaster were stunned.

Bing Sai Chuan's words involved the deep secrets of history.

Did Giant Sun Immortal Venerable predict that Fang Yuan would destroy Eighty-Eight True Yang Building? If he could predict that, why would he let Fang Yuan succeed?

Bing Sai Chuan did not answer them, he gave his orders: "We cannot let fate Gu be repaired completely, we need to stop them during this Refinement Path Convention. We have to contact Fang Yuan now and make an alliance!"

"What?" The three immortals were shocked.

Bing Sai Chuan frowned: "Can any of you contact Fang Yuan?"

The three immortals shook their heads in a daze.

Bing Sai Chuan's brows furrowed even tighter: "Then what are you waiting for? Do I have to search for the way to contact Fang Yuan myself?"

In the last life, Lang Ya Sect had joined Longevity Heaven, so they easily obtained a way to contact Fang Yuan from Lang Ya land spirit.

But now, Fang Yuan absorbed the entire four races variant human alliance including Lang Ya blessed land, Longevity Heaven was not involved.

Bing Sai Chuan wanted to contact Fang Yuan but he was stuck at the first step.


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