Reverend Insanity
1916 Ultimate Mission
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1916 Ultimate Mission

Dragon Whale Paradise.

At the Merit Obelisk, Fang Yuan and Shen Cong Sheng stood as they looked at the merit board together.

The super mission regarding the black fire was still around, but tomorrow was the final day of the three hundred days they could stay here.

Fang Yuan's merit points stood at the top of the board, he had a huge amount. After he found out about the difficulty of the black fire mission, he chose only large and mid-sized missions to earn his merit points.

Miao Ming Shen and others worked alongside him and gained an abundant amount of points as well.

After realizing the difficulty of the super mission, Shen Cong Sheng and others wisely learned from Fang Yuan, now their merit points had also accumulated to a considerable amount.

"Three hundred days have passed by, it feels like we just arrived here yesterday." Shen Cong Sheng smiled bitterly.

This was a genuine land of treasures, by completing various missions, the Gu Immortals would be able to directly obtain Immortal Gu, Immortal Gu recipes, and various killer moves. Even a rank eight Gu Immortal like Shen Cong Sheng was attracted to this place and did not want to leave.

But there was no way, once the time limit was up, they would be kicked out of Dragon Whale Paradise.

"It's a pity that this time, we did not explore all the secrets of Dragon Whale Paradise." Fang Yuan sighed with pity.

There were many more strange things about this Dragon Whale Paradise.

The black fire was one of them.

Where did this black fire come from? How could it transform to so many different forms? Why could its path not be discerned? And why were human path methods so effective against it?

Apart from the black fire, where did the heavenly spine left behind by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable originate? What was the true intent of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable?

What agreement did Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable and Shen Shang make back then? Shen Shang cultivated human path in the underwater formation, yet he was somehow tainted by the troublesome black fire.

Also, apart from Shen Shang alone, Fang Yuan did not see any other Gu Immortals. Were there no Gu Immortals in Dragon Whale Paradise in the first place? And where did the Immortal Gu in the Merit Obelisk come from? If they were all naturally produced, the number was simply too large.

After a moment of silence, Shen Cong Sheng said: "We'll have to leave these secrets for the future when we can explore them again. It's good that we have all exchanged for that title already, so once the blue dragon whale appears in the future, we will be able to sense it and explore it again."

Fang Yuan nodded his head, this was indeed a good discovery.

Just as he had deduced before, the reason why Miao Ming Shen was able to discover the exact location of the blue dragon whale was because of a title.

But it was unknown who had taken this title and quietly transferred it to him.

Of all the titles provided by the Merit Obelisk, there were very few types of titles that could be transferred.

There was also another discovery about titles.

After getting a certain title, the Gu Immortal could teleport to any location within a hundred thousand li radius when they leave Dragon Whale Paradise.

This was something that Fang Yuan had lied to Miao Ming Shen's group before, but it existed in reality.

Right at this time, the words on the Merit Obelisk transformed suddenly.

Be they small sized missions, mid-sized missions, or large sized missions, even super missions were gone, only one ultimate mission was left.

Ultimate mission — Leave with the blue dragon whale and successfully return.

"This is?" Shen Cong Sheng gasped.

Fang Yuan frowned: "This means that above super missions, there are ultimate missions? This description is so vague, I'm afraid it is much harder than getting rid of the black fire!"

At this time, there was a new transformation on the Merit Obelisk.

Shen Cong Sheng stared with wide eyes as he read it: "The mission does not have a time limit, after receiving it, one can stay in the paradise indefinitely. After completing the ultimate mission, one will obtain the qualifications to become the Merit Obelisk Lord and retain their merit points."

Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light, he thought to himself: "So Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable made his arrangements already to choose the Merit Obelisk Lord. According to his arrangements, I will be able to become the owner of this rank eight Immortal Gu House. It is a pity, a real pity."

Fang Yuan felt some regret.

He had already uncovered a correct method to obtain the Merit Obelisk, but his strength was limited. He could not even complete the super mission, let alone the ultimate mission.

The ultimate mission was obviously extremely difficult, even a rank eight Gu Immortal would have little hope.

This was easy to deduce.

The Gu Immortals that had come to Dragon Whale Paradise were far more than just Fang Yuan's group. When the previous groups of people came here, some might have chosen to accept this ultimate mission, but the Merit Obelisk was still in an unowned state.

This meant that no one had ever succeeded!

There was another reason why Fang Yuan did not intend to accept the mission.

It was written on the Merit Obelisk that the time limit for this mission was indefinite.

If it took too long and he waited until he completed the mission before leaving, only to find that Heavenly Court had already completely repaired fate Gu, then what was the point of all this?

"Sigh…" Shen Cong Sheng let out a breath of air, he also regained his logic, recognizing the risks involved, he was no longer dreaming about it.

Fang Yuan stretched out his arm and pointed at the mission on the Merit Obelisk, analyzing it: "Brother Shen, this ultimate mission has given us some extra information. After choosing this mission, the Gu Immortal's personal merit points will be preserved. This means that those who haven't accepted it will have all of their remaining merit points cleared as soon as they leave Dragon Whale Paradise."

Shen Cong Sheng nodded repeatedly, his heart clenched: "I'm afraid that's it. When we first came here, the merit ranking list was empty."

As such, the Gu Immortals would have to spend as much of their accumulated merit points as possible.

But exactly how they would spend it would require some consideration on the part of the Gu Immortals themselves.

The next day.

Somewhere in Eastern Sea, three white lights flashed, the three Immortals Fang Yuan, Shen Cong Sheng, and Shen Shang appeared.

All the Gu Immortals gave up on the ultimate mission and chose to leave.

However, Miao Ming Shen's group did not leave with Fang Yuan, they still had reservations towards him.

Ren Xiu Ping and Tong Hua, on the other hand, left along with the rest of Shen clan's Gu Immortals. After this, these two Eastern Sea lone immortals were considered to be completely on board and tied to Shen clan's ship.

Fang Yuan turned around and looked back, only to see the sky was empty, the sea was calm, there was nothing behind him.

He did not want to give up on this, so he, along with Shen Cong Sheng and Shen Shang, kept scouting the surroundings, but found nothing after all.

"The three of us deliberately chose the location of the blue dragon whale, but where is the blue dragon whale now?"

"We can stop looking for it, this is the method of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. Even though the scene in front of us is very realistic, it might just be an illusion for all we know."

"Come to speak of it, we have not seen the true appearance of the blue dragon whale until now."

The three immortals sighed.

There were really quite many secrets involving the blue dragon whale.

The blue dragon whale was a legendary immemorial beast that was enlightened by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, it gained an immortal aperture and could cultivate, it should have intelligence rivaling ordinary people. But the entire time the Gu Immortals explored the paradise, they had never seen the blue dragon whale initiate contact with them.

The traces of the blue dragon whale were also very mysterious. When did it appear, how did it disappear, and where did it go in the process? Nobody knew.

The three Gu Immortals here were unable to find out the truth even after they had personally explored Dragon Whale Paradise.

Fang Yuan sighed internally, his original plan was to obtain both the blue dragon whale and the Merit Obelisk.

But the truth was, he had simply been dreaming.

This was a meticulous arrangement set up by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, it had some sort of mysterious purpose. It was like the Crazed Demon Cave in Northern Plains, which was created by Limitless Demon Venerable himself and was also a huge arrangement, Fang Yuan could only stop at the eighth level and could not enter the most important core, the ninth level.

"Wait, Crazed Demon Cave… crazed demon?" Fang Yuan suddenly had a thought.

Limitless Demon Venerable created Crazed Demon Cave that had demonic sounds that would cause living beings to go insane. Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable also had a black fire in the Dragon Whale Paradise that could cause insanity.

Was there some sort of relationship?

"Thinking about it, Dragon Whale Paradise had many insane living beings. For example, the tiger king salamander that I killed…" Fang Yuan pondered.

These living beings were beyond saving, Fang Yuan could not find out the reason, he could only kill them.

Other than the absence of black fire, they had nearly the same problem as Shen Shang.

From this point, it showed how powerful Shen Shang was!

This person, even with black fire on him, had only gone insane for some time, he relied on his immense human path foundation and dao marks to suppress it and regain his clarity.

Even Fang Yuan was not confident in achieving this.

He knew that even though he had many dao marks, they were not of human path.

"Currently speaking, Shen Shang is likely the number one person in the five regions when it comes to human path! Even that Old Man Zheng Yuan in Heavenly Court cannot compare to him."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan inevitably considered the fact that the fate battle was not far away. It was likely that Shen Shang could cause some trouble to Heavenly Court in battle.

The three immortals could not detect the blue dragon whale and decided to bid each other farewell.

They all had significant gains from their expedition to the Dragon Whale Paradise. But the one who gained the most was undoubtedly Fang Yuan.

While alone, Fang Yuan transformed back into the appearance of Qi Sea Ancestor and returned to qi sea under concealment.

The large formation in the depths of qi sea was still in operation, and in the formation, he met Wu Shuai, who was guarding the place.

Wu Shuai had gone to Southern Border in order to trade dream realms with Chi clan. Chi Qu You saw the opportunity and raised the price, Wu Shuai thought of the big picture and did not want to accept Chi Qu You's price, he planned to settle the score after everything was over.

But to think that Wu Yong found out about the loss of the dream realms. He became enraged, he went to Chi Qu You for a discussion.

Chi Qu You naturally denied all accusations, he refused to admit his involvement.

But after this warning, Chi Qu You had to stop and temporarily end the dream realm transactions.

Wu Shuai had no choice but to return to Eastern Sea.

Fang Yuan met with Wu Shuai and learned about the current situation of the world.

It was quite bad.

In Southern Border, Wu Yong's influence was growing. Because of the mysterious disappearance of the dream realms, Chi Qu You faced much suspicion. Wu Yong used this chance to consolidate his influence over the entire Southern Alliance.

In Western Desert, however, the clone Fang Di Chang, who Fang Yuan was placing much hopes on, was currently facing a tough predicament.

After he allied with several super forces to repel Heavenly Court, a blood path great expert appeared in Western Desert, he caused chaos everywhere. He seemed to hate super forces, Fang clan became one of his victims.

Other than this, an immemorial desolate beast started to cause havoc in Fang clan's ice-fire desert.

This immemorial desolate beast was very crafty, Fang clan failed many attempts to capture or kill it.

As for Profound Literature grotto-heaven, Li Xiao Bai was having smooth progress.

In Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, Zhan Bu Du was facing a huge problem, his life was at risk.


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