Reverend Insanity
1915 Shen Shang“s Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1915 Shen Shang“s Inheritance

The black fire was not burning in the air, it was attached to giant bones.

The giant bones were milky white and had a sacred aura.

The giant bones had a main trunk that extended from east to west, it could pierce through heaven and earth, it was like a dragon of the nine heavens that stretched beyond Fang Yuan's vision. On both sides of the bone, there were countless neatly arranged branching giant bones that extended outwards, as if they were giant ivory tusks.

The entire skeleton was like the spine and ribs of a giant, singlehandedly holding up the sky!

"Heavenly spine…" Fang Yuan murmured, the sight before him was imposing, he was underneath the giant bones, being as small as a mosquito.

These bones were like gnarled trees, and the black fire gathered like clouds, covering most of the bones.

After evaluating it, Fang Yuan figured out a few details: "This heavenly spine is actually a rank nine bone path immortal material!"

That alone was incredible.

The heavenly spine should not be a human bone, which Gu Immortal had such a massive body?

Since it was not a human bone, it was a beast bone.

But how could there be such a fierce beast that could reach the level of rank nine?

It was impossible!

Rank nine was the level of a venerable, historically, they only appeared in the human race. Throughout history, there were only ten of them, while the rest of the races had rank eight existences at most, there were also immemorial desolate beasts or immemorial desolate plants as well.

Was it possible that there were rank nine desolate beasts or plants in this world?

Only such an existence would leave behind such a grade of immortal material after death.

"Other than that, is it something that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable created personally?" Fang Yuan was filled with questions.

This was very unlikely.

Because Fang Yuan had already seen through the function of the heavenly spine, its one and only use was to reinforce this Dragon Whale Paradise.

If Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable wanted to reinforce this paradise, he could have used earth path methods, or even sound path methods. These were his expertise, why would he bother to choose bone path?

"Also, why did Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable set it up like this, to specifically reinforce Dragon Whale Paradise? It's as if Dragon Whale Paradise is very unsafe and could collapse at any moment."

"But the truth is, the blue dragon whale is a legendary immemorial desolate beast, its strength is near the pinnacle of the world. There are simply very few existences that can threaten it. If something can threaten its life, would there be a point in reinforcing Dragon Whale Paradise?"

"The biggest question is, why is there such a huge black fire on the back of the heavenly spine?"

This was clearly not caused by Shen Shang.

If Shen Shang was able to leak black fire of this scale, how could he still come back alive and volunteer to seal himself?

"What kind of connection is there between the black fire here and the black fire on Shen Shang's body?" Fang Yuan kept deducing, and in the process, he saw a branching rib completely melt away in the black fire.

The black fire was fiercely corroding and constantly destroying the heavenly spine!

What would happen if the heavenly spine is completely destroyed?

Fang Yuan did not know, but it was definitely not something good.

He tried his hand as he manipulated Myriad Year Flying Warship, activating daybreak flying sword to attack the black fire.

As he expected, the black fire was like a sea, his attack was like throwing stones into the sea, unable to create any difference.

Fang Yuan tried for a while, but he had no choice but to stop. Even a character like him felt overwhelmed at the moment.

This was the difficulty of a super mission.

After pondering for a bit, Fang Yuan left the place, returned to the starting island, he went over to the underwater formation.

Shen Shang was still conscious, Fang Yuan informed him of the situation at the heavenly spine.

"Do you have any impressions of this place?" Fang Yuan inquired.

Shen Shang shook his head in distress: "No recollection of that at all. But it definitely has a connection with my black fire. If I can figure out the mystery of the black fire, I might be able to gain insight on the plan of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable back then, as well as the deepest secrets of Dragon Whale Paradise!"

At this point, Shen Shang paused: "I want to see it for myself, is that okay?"

"Of course." Fang Yuan responded immediately. Since he had told Shen Shang about this situation, he was not going to hide it.

To attempt to complete a super mission, relying on him alone seemed insufficient, he would have to gather the strength of all the Gu Immortals.

Soon, the group of immortals gathered together as one and arrived at the heavenly spine.

Seeing the sea of black fire clouds that filled the sky, the group of immortals had a change of expression as they marveled at it.

The group of immortals tried to exterminate the black fire, but the progress was extremely slight. It seemed that the larger the black fire was, the more difficult it was to eradicate it.

Among the immortals, only Shen Shang's human path methods were sufficiently effective, the others were all outmatched by him.

After the plan to remove the black fire had lasted for several days, Hua Die was the first to give up.

It was not that she could not take it mentally, but the immortal essence expenditure was too high.

"This mission is too hard, I suggest we give up." Miao Ming Shen secretly approached Fang Yuan and discussed with him in private.

Even without him having to say anything, Fang Yuan had already wanted to give up.

By now, the immortals had done their best but only managed to eliminate a small area of the black fire. And such a scale was not even one-thousandth of the entire black fire.

"If I were to truly utilize my rank eight battle strength, this would certainly be much more efficient, but the result would still be too poor. Instead, I might as well complete large sized missions one after another, after a few times, I'll be able to accumulate a large amount of merit points."

"I'm afraid only a venerable will be able to handle a super mission like this with ease."

Fang Yuan decided to give up.

Shen Cong Sheng and Shen Shang expressed their understanding.

But they were unwilling to give up, they only let the other Shen clan Gu Immortals follow him.

Shen Shang said to Fang Yuan: "I still want to explore it further, I will move along the main spine and see if I can find any clue or answer."

Fang Yuan looked at him deeply, nodding and leaving directly.

Soon, only Shen Shang and Shen Cong Sheng were left here at the heavenly spine.

"Take a walk with me." Shen Shang sighed.

Shen Cong Sheng followed and took the initiative to ask: "Ancestor, you purposely diverted everyone away, did you recall something?"

Shen Shang shook his head: "I am planning to hand over my human path inheritance to you."

Shen Cong Sheng was startled, he had an ominous feeling from Shen Shang's tone as he quickly said: "Ancestor, you need not be in such a hurry. I believe that there will always be a way to resolve the problem in you."

Shen Shang smiled slightly: "I have not given up hope, but I have to make considerations for our clan. Leaving behind my human path inheritance for the benefit of our clan, it can be considered as me repaying the debt I once owed the clan!"

Shen Cong Sheng was silent.

Shen Shang continued: "At the underwater formation, I was not able to pass you my inheritance, after all, it was a formation set up by Fang Yuan himself. But here, it should be safe."

"I won't pass my human path Immortal Gu to you, because I still need to use them. What I'm passing on to you is my experience in cultivation, and the various killer moves and Immortal Gu recipes I've created."

Shen Cong Sheng said solemnly: "I will definitely not fail to live up to ancestor's good intentions."

Shen Shang smiled bitterly: "My memory is fragmented, what I remember is limited. Let's start from the very beginning, I used to major in sound path, but then in an accident, I refined heal injury Immortal Gu, from which I saw that hope of human path."

"In order to convert to human path, I did many things in secret, all of which were against the rules of the righteous path. Our clan defended me and helped to cover up these incidents, but in the end, I couldn't hide it from Lord Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable."

"When Lord Paradise Earth found me, I was no match for him, I couldn't even take a single blow from him. But Lord Paradise Earth didn't kill me, nor did he imprison me, but instead, because I had spent many years saving lives and helping the injured, he gave me a chance to redeem myself. And he promised me that if I could seize this opportunity, I might even be able to achieve my goal and successfully convert to cultivating human path."

"And so I came here, I cultivated bitterly in the underwater formation that Lord Paradise Earth had set up."

"The memories of my non-stop cultivation are completely blurred, I only remember that in the process, I received the help of the undersea formation and repeatedly broke through, progressing steadily."

"With heal injury Immortal Gu as the foundation, I developed and created saving dead healing injuries, light injuries, heavy injuries, fatal injuries, sensory injuries, seven laborious injuries, and other killer moves."

"Finally, one day, I created the killer move countless injury marks. From this killer move, I deduced the Immortal Gu recipe of injury mark Immortal Gu."

"I refined it and replaced my own vital Gu. With this Immortal Gu, any attacks that cause damage to me will be converted into the respective injury marks."

"The more injury marks I have, the more I can increase the power of mutual injuries killer move. In the battle earlier, Fang Yuan was forced to retreat by me because I used the killer move mutual injuries to cause him to be covered in injury marks."

"Remember that injury mark Immortal Gu is the core of my human path inheritance, while mutual injuries is my main offensive method."

Shen Cong Sheng's heart shook as he listened, the true inheritance of human path created by Shen Shang was so profound that it shook him physically and mentally!

"Ancestor, this true inheritance that you started has great future prospects, perhaps it might be able to create an entirely new sub-path branching from human path." Shen Cong Sheng praised heartily.

"Hahaha." Shen Shang laughed proudly as he patted Shen Cong Sheng's shoulder: "I'm afraid that I won't be able to. The inheritance is left to you, if you are interested in the future, you can switch to human path. If you have no intention of doing so, just choose a suitable successor."

Southern Border.

Virtue Paradise.

A female immortal dressed in a purple silk robe, ornate and mysterious, came down the mountain step by step.

Her skin was white as snow and her black hair hung down to her waist, her eyes were like the deep pool, with a sense of sadness shrouding her face. It was Heavenly Court's leader, the person who had Star Constellation Chessboard, the number one wisdom path great expert in the current world — Fairy Zi Wei!

At the moment, however, Fairy Zi Wei was covered in a thin layer of sweat and looked haggard, but her eyes were shining and her spirit was high.

At the foot of the mountain, Lu Wei Yin had been waiting for a long time: "Lady Zi Wei, it seems you've reached your goal in this journey."

Fairy Zi Wei smiled: "This climb has benefited me a lot. I have already obtained benevolence Gu, thank you for your generosity."

Lu Wei Yin also smiled: "Lady Zi Wei, it is not to help you, this is for the sake of the world, to maintain the peace of the five regions."

"But alas, in the current world, demonic immortals are rising. Not to mention Fang Yuan, recently in Western Desert, a blood path rank eight great expert has actually appeared, purposely finding trouble with super forces and repeatedly attacking various resource points. They are acting extremely arrogantly, and the methods are extraordinarily terrifying. The chaos is coming, I only hope that this Virtue Paradise will become an actual paradise safe from the chaos of the world."

Fairy Zi Wei sighed: "I understand what you mean. In the future, there will be generous rewards for you after the changes in the five regions. Farewell."

"Goodbye." Lu Wei Yin moved aside and gave way to her departure.


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