Reverend Insanity
1913 Flame Cloud Pillar
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1913 Flame Cloud Pillar

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

The Long Hair refinement path formation buzzed continuously, the fire within the formation raged towards the sky, heat waves were pushing everywhere.

A rank six Immortal Gu was bathed in fire and light, suspended in midair, its surface gradually melting like wax.

"Hold steady!" Lang Ya land spirit controlled the formation as he shouted: "Open the inventory, let out the immortal material."

The hairy man Gu Immortals controlling the other formation cores quickly opened the inventory doors.

Thus, lumps of dog shit flew out of it slowly.

These were all immortal materials.

Some flickered with starlight, seemingly embedded with blue diamonds, they were the faeces of star desolate hounds.

Some had sharp spikes and looked dangerous, they were the faeces of remnant heavenly dogs.

And there were pure and clean ones that resembled white jade, they were the excrement of the jade statue white hound.

Star desolate hound, remnant heavenly dog, and jade statue white hound were ancient desolate beasts.

The dog shit slowly flew into the fire, melting rapidly in the flames. Some turned into smoke, and some were reduced to liquid.

The formation activated as three hairy man Gu Immortals took action at once, cooperating to process these dog shit immortal materials.

First, smoke spread out to surround the rank six Immortal Gu, before liquid started to flow and gather.

Lang Ya land spirit took charge of the refinement, it was extremely stable during the late stage processes.

Right when they were about to succeed, when the final portion of immortal material fused into it, an accident occurred. The flame changed color as the incomplete rank seven Immortal Gu within broke apart rapidly.

Lang Ya land spirit was shocked, he quickly activated the formation.

The power of regret Gu activated as the color of the flame within the formation returned to normal, not only that, the incomplete rank seven Immortal Gu was also restored to its former state.

They only lost that last portion of immortal material.

The Lang Ya hairy men calmed their emotions and continued to refine Gu.

After less than an hour, the flames inside the formation gradually dissipated, and rank six Immortal Gu within was refined into rank seven.

Rank seven — Dog Shit Luck!

The hairy man Gu Immortals were very excited while Lang Ya land spirit was also filled with emotions.

Originally, they were proud of their refinement path ability. Now with the help of regret Gu, they were simply a dragon flying through the air, their advantage expanded out of control.

At the same time, in Dragon Whale Paradise.

Fang Yuan sat on the cloud with Feng Jiang and the rest, watching Miao Ming Shen fly around the place.

The ecology of the two sea areas had almost been adjusted completely. The final difficulty was that there was still a shattered space between the two seas.

Miao Ming Shen was trying to get rid of this space, by eliminating it, the two sea areas could finally fuse into one.

Miao Ming Shen was a space path Gu Immortal, he was specialized in dealing with these shattered spaces.

Fang Yuan and the rest were free to idle and watch.

"Oh? Immortal Gu Dog Shit Luck has been advanced successfully. Progress is smooth." Fang Yuan sensed the commotion within the sovereign immortal aperture.

While his main body was doing the merit missions, three Immortal Gu had already advanced inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Their progress was really fast!

When ordinary Gu Immortals refine Immortal Gu, they would take years to do so, they would be very nervous and careful with each attempt, the risks were huge.

But Fang Yuan's situation was different.

Lang Ya land spirit, the hairy man Gu Immortals, Long Hair refinement path formation, as well as the abundance of immortal materials, it allowed him to refine Gu with ease.

The three Immortal Gu that he had refined and advanced were from luck path, he had obtained them from dismantling Cooking Luck Pot.

Luck path was his focus now.

The dog shit luck Immortal Gu that he just advanced was Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's former vital Gu, it had an incredibly powerful supplementary effect.

The only problem was that it was stuck at rank six and could not display its power. Now that it was rank seven, it could be used to some extent.

Fang Yuan had rank eight cultivation level now, his requirement for Immortal Gu also increased, he needed higher ranked Immortal Gu. Rank six was too low, while rank seven was barely good enough, rank eight suited him the most.

But if Fang Yuan wanted to refine a rank eight Immortal Gu, he would not be able to afford it. The investment needed was too high, and the risks were huge, he was likely to gain nothing.

After all, he could not ignore the outside world to cultivate, the external environment was very harsh, if he did not stop Heavenly Court from repairing fate Gu, his situation would deteriorate even further.

Currently, rank seven Immortal Gu were still barely usable to him.

Furthermore, these rank seven luck path Immortal Gu that he refined could be used to construct Cooking Luck Pot. At rank seven, Cooking Luck Pot would be able to affect rank eight.

"Hah!" Miao Ming Shen suddenly shouted, breaking Fang Yuan's chain of thoughts.

Miao Ming Shen flashed with a blue halo, it spread out around him and soothed the shattered space, uniting it until the cracks were restored entirely.

"Lord has amazing methods!" Feng Jiang and the rest praised.

At this point, the large sized mission was completed.

"Outstanding methods, yours are superior to mine." Fang Yuan did not stint on praise. He had space path Immortal Gu and space path methods too, he could even use other paths to mimic the effects of space path.

But compared to Miao Ming Shen, even if he could achieve the same effect, the cost would be higher.

After all, experts focused on their own fields, Miao Ming Shen was a space path cultivator, while Fang Yuan barely researched about space path, he made little progress in this path.

Miao Ming Shen quickly cupped his fists: "Lord is too kind, I am not worthy of such praise."

Fang Yuan replied with some praise again as everyone went back to the Merit Obelisk.

In this mission, Fang Yuan gained the most benefits, followed by Miao Ming Shen.

Fang Yuan's merit ranking rose to the top again.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest were no longer surprised. They had seen Fang Yuan's ranking jump up and down like a monkey. He was often in the first and last place.

Fang Yuan's gaze focused.

At this point, the other Gu Immortals were started to accumulate merit points. If Fang Yuan's ranking fell again, he would not be able to get to the first position so easily again.

They continued accepting and completing missions.

Fang Yuan's merit points soared continuously.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest followed after him the entire time, Fang Yuan used the advantage of cultivating all paths to resolve problems, while Miao Ming Shen and the rest resolved the minor issues for him.

This cooperation ensured that Fang Yuan remained at the top of the ranking, his status was getting more unmovable.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest also benefited, they started to break away from Shen clan's group, becoming the second group on the ranking list.

The first group was naturally Fang Yuan alone.

Shen Cong Sheng did not turn to Fang Yuan for help in the end, he got back on track by completing multiple mid-sized missions within the allotted time limit.

His luck was not bad, he received one or two sound path related missions. As for other missions, even though he cultivated sound path, he had many methods to mimic the effects of other paths.

Shen Cong Sheng was a rank eight after all, his cultivation level methods were beyond the rest.

By the time Shen Cong Sheng's ranking rose to the middle, Fang Yuan's Cooking Luck Pot was reassembled already.

Rank seven Cooking Luck Pot.

A top tier Immortal Gu House that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable personally created, it had the power to affect rank eight.

The first thing that Fang Yuan did was to inspect his own luck.


As if he heard a roar that seemingly resounded in his ears, Fang Yuan looked up and saw a giant flame cloud pillar, burning brightly and rising up into the sky, as if it was trying to hold up heaven and earth.

His luck was like a giant pillar, flames that were bright-red like blood surged. On the surface of the giant pillar, the end of the many traces of the flame carried a touch of black color in it.

"My strength is rank eight, my battle strength rivals Duke Long, I also have countless Immortal Gu, Immortal Gu Houses, and killer moves, so my luck is grand and vast."

"Blood-red flame means slaughter. The black color at the ends of the flame means a deadly situation. The deadly black qi has corrupted the surface of the pillar, it is trying to get in, this means that my death threat is coming from an external source. It must be Heavenly Court."

"Heavenly Court has yet to repair fate Gu, once they succeed, the black death qi will definitely expand by several times, it will eventually corrupt my entire luck pillar."

Fang Yuan looked again, within the huge pillar, there were countless faint phantom images flickering continuously.

At times, he saw a red lotus, a white crane, a beast phantom, or a lump of soil…

Fang Yuan wanted to investigate deeper but he saw that his vision turned blur.

Immediately, his body shook and his throat felt wet, he almost spit out blood uncontrollably.

Fang Yuan rapidly healed himself and looked above him, he saw that Cooking Luck Pot was floating quietly, there was a vast amount of luck inside while a crack had formed on the surface of the pot, luck was leaking towards the outside.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly to himself internally.

His luck was too strong, even though this was rank seven Cooking Luck Pot, he could only barely see his luck.

After he looked at it for a long time, he would suffer backlash and Cooking Luck Pot would also be damaged.

The newly created Cooking Luck Pot needed to be fixed now. The crack was huge, the damage was severe, if left unattended, the crack would get larger and larger, he had to fix it immediately.

After checking his luck, Fang Yuan was both happy and worried.

He was happy that his luck was good, this was not strange, he had immense foundation, as well as methods in luck path.

The worry was that his hidden threat had started to appear, if he did not stop fate Gu from recovering, Fang Yuan's crisis would become more dangerous. And because the fire pillar was burning intensely, it also meant that he could not last too long.

These types of burning luck often meant that the Gu Immortal was unrivaled in a short period of time, but it could not last long. After the pillar stops burning, his luck would fall into a period of weakness.

But that was in the future.

Fang Yuan made some deductions, his luck would be maintained at this level at least until Central Continent's fate Gu battle, it could even be improved further.

Fang Yuan continued to receive missions, while the refinement path Gu Immortals within the sovereign immortal aperture also started to advance strength path Immortal Gu.

Missions to eliminate the black fire started to appear on the Merit Obelisk.

After Shen Shang escaped from regret crying sea, he was still in a state of madness, he unconsciously damaged the surroundings of the places he went to.

Fang Yuan was very interested in this odd black fire and immediately started to investigate it.

But he made no progress.

The black fire was very stubborn, even though it was a small lump, it could transform countless times when attacked, it could last for a long time.

As missions to clear the black fire appeared, Fang Yuan, Shen Cong Sheng, and the rest started to work together to complete them.

"Did you notice, this type of mission is getting rarer." On this day, Shen Cong Sheng talked to Fang Yuan while dealing with the black fire.

"Perhaps your Ancestor Shen Shang is about to regain his senses. With the location of these missions, we should be able to deduce his whereabouts." Fang Yuan analyzed.

"Indeed." Shen Cong Sheng had an expectant expression.

Right at this time, a rank eight Gu Immortal flew towards them in the sky.

Who else could it be but Shen Shang?

"Ancestor, this is great, you finally regained your senses. I have already negotiated with Fang Yuan, we will work together." Shen Cong Sheng was overjoyed, he quickly went over.

Shen Shang flew over and nodded towards Fang Yuan, he had a haggard expression, he frowned deeply as he said some shocking things: "The situation is quite troublesome, I have a huge problem. Before I resolve it, I need to be sealed again. Fang Yuan, you are proficient in formation path, I would like you to set up a formation to seal me if necessary."


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