Reverend Insanity
1912 Refining Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1912 Refining Immortal Gu

Earlier, Fang Yuan already had a grand plan to build three Immortal Gu Houses.

Right now, he had already created Myriad Year Flying Warship and Cooking Luck Pot, the final Immortal Gu House was not created yet.

Even though he obtained Divine Bean Palace and Dragon Palace during this period of time, these Immortal Gu Houses were used by his clones, they were necessary for his plans in the future, he could not use them personally to fight enemies.

And most importantly, Divine Bean Palace and Dragon Palace were not suited for his needs.

In Fang Yuan's plan, he needed an Immortal Gu House that focused on defense.

Myriad Year Flying Warship specialized in speed, it made up for Fang Yuan's weakness in movement, it was also crucial for fighting inside the River of Time.

Cooking Luck Pot was designed before Qin Ding Ling appeared, Fang Yuan planned to use it to suppress Heavenly Court's weaker luck, to expand his own advantage.

The final third Immortal Gu House was meant for defense and healing. During the battle of fate Gu, there would definitely be intense fights and little time for recovery. Fang Yuan needed a powerful defensive Immortal Gu House in the battlefield so that he could gain precious time to heal himself.

This Immortal Gu House had to be able to resist even venerable methods to an extent!

"Earth path is sturdy, it excels in defense to begin with. I will use these earth path Immortal Gu to create my third Immortal Gu House, that will be perfect." Fang Yuan thought about it and made up his mind.

Fang Yuan had no idea now that clone Wu Shuai already obtained a method to create an earth path Immortal Gu House from his dream realm exploration.

This Immortal Gu House was called Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, it suited his requirements.

However, Fang Yuan and his clones had shared attainment but not linked memories, they needed to communicate to gain each other's memories.

Eventually, Fang Yuan accepted a large sized mission to combine two sea areas.

"Who wants to come with me?" Fang Yuan did not rush, he turned around and asked.

The immortals looked at each other.

"Me." Miao Ming Shen was the first to react and step forward.

Behind him, Gui Qi Ye and the rest also followed.

"What about you?" Fang Yuan looked at the Shen clan Gu Immortals.

The Shen clan Gu Immortals were dumbfounded.

They had just turned on Fang Yuan earlier, they could not adjust their mindsets so quickly in this period of time.

Shen clan's Gu Immortals were not like Miao Ming Shen's group, the latter had experienced the benefits of working with Fang Yuan. In their first cooperation with Fang Yuan, it ended up as a failure.

Shen Xiao shook his head: "Thank you for the offer lord, we would like to look around first."

Shen Xiao rejected Fang Yuan politely, the other Shen clan Gu Immortal did not object to his statement.

Fang Yuan did not mind it, he smiled towards the last two people, asking: "Ren Xiu Ping? Tong Hua? What about you?"

Ren Xiu Ping had a grim expression, he did not speak, only shaking his head.

Tong Hua was currently startled and did not dare to say or do anything.

Fang Yuan expected them to act like this from the start. After all, he had just taken their immortal materials.

This showed Shen Cong Sheng's political ability as well.

Shen Cong Sheng ordered Ren Xiu Ping and Tong Hua to give their immortal materials to Fang Yuan, it seemed to have ruined their relationship, but the truth was, it made them helpless to do anything but stay with Shen clan.

In fact, they would even want to stay with Shen clan after leaving Dragon Whale Paradise to replenish their loss of immortal materials.

At the same time, this was a way for Shen Cong Sheng to suppress Tong Hua and Ren Xiu Ping. It made them realize who was calling the shots. Within Dragon Whale Paradise, they had to obey Shen clan, even after they leave, they still had to listen to Shen clan! After joining my Shen clan's boat, they still wanted to leave? Hehe, life was not that easy.

Fang Yuan knew Shen Cong Sheng's scheme, but he did not say anything.

With or without Ren Xiu Ping and Tong Hua, it did not matter, Fang Yuan's core benefits were untouched.

The five regional walls were still around, but the super forces were already starting to gather members and accumulate strength. Fang clan took in Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine, Shen clan took in Ren Xiu Ping and Tong Hua, was there anything weird? Longevity Heaven was even more overbearing, it united the entire Northern Plains Gu Immortal world, using the Huang Jin super forces to take in all of Northern Plains' lone and demonic immortals.

As for Central Continent, they achieved it long ago. The ten great ancient sects of Central Continent were subsidiaries of Heavenly Court, while most Gu Immortals or super forces were attached to the ten great ancient sects, controlled and kept under their watch.

Eventually, Fang Yuan brought Miao Ming Shen's group to the mission's location.

Floating in the sky, they looked down.

The Immortals saw these two sea areas, one blue and one green, with the blue sea towering high and the green sea hanging low. A large amount of seawater fell from the blue sea and rolled down into the green sea.

The seawater in both seas could not mix together, at the place where they met, the blue and green seawater touched each other, emitting a sneering sound, as a huge amount of clouds rose endlessly.

At the area where the two seas intersected, fish and insects were absent, this was almost a desolate place.

It was obvious that there was a major ecological problem.

Fang Yuan sighed: "It's not simple to combine the two sea areas, it is necessary to take into account all the different aspects. We might as well explore and gather information individually. After that, we will assemble and discuss a plan."

Miao Ming Shen nodded: "That is reasonable."

Fang Yuan looked at Miao Ming Shen and smiled at him.

Although his own identity was exposed, Miao Ming Shen still cooperated with him. He was able to swiftly change his attitude and continued to follow Fang Yuan's orders, this showed that he was something with great mental fortitude.

The immortals scattered and flew around the place, doing their investigations.

Fang Yuan was the only one who remained at the same place, using investigative methods while dividing his attention to look into the sovereign immortal aperture.

His greatest gain this time was regret Gu.

In his last life, he had followed the design of Regret Pool to use regret Gu as the core and create a refinement path Gu formation.

This life, however, did not need to be so troublesome. Fang Yuan had annexed the entire Lang Ya blessed land and possessed the extremely useful Long Hair refinement path formation, all he had to do now was to add regret Gu into this formation.

The formation certainly needed to be adjusted, Fang Yuan had already deduced it in advance.

At the moment, he only had to watch as regret Gu was placed in the vacant core position.

"Lord, Fang Yuan is a current generation demon, aren't we a little too close to him?" In the process of detection, Gui Qi Ye took the initiative to fly to the side of Miao Ming Shen, looking worried.

Miao Ming Shen patted Gui Qi Ye's shoulder: "Old Gui, you want to ask me why I treated Fang Yuan in this manner, almost acting like his subordinate, right?"

Gui Qi Ye smiled in embarrassment: "Lord, you are very perceptive."

Miao Ming Shen's face was slightly solemn and he sighed: "I am left with no other choice. This is my first time entering Dragon Whale Paradise but there was a mishap. Shen clan discovered this place, do you think they will let this precious land go and allow us to come and explore it again in the future?"

"According to the nature of super forces, they will want to keep it all to themselves!" Gui Qi Ye said with certainty.

"Precisely." Miao Ming Shen's eyes shined brightly: "We will definitely be suppressed and forced to surrender by Shen clan once we go out. If we do not surrender, we will be annihilated. But now we have a choice besides submitting to Shen clan."

"You refer to… Fang Yuan? I see, lord has great foresight, I am too foolish." Gui Qi Ye suddenly realized.

As lone immortals who knew such a precious place like the Dragon Whale Paradise, Shen clan would definitely take action against them in the future. Ren Xiu Ping alone was a strong enemy, not to mention the super force Shen clan.

Miao Ming Shen chose to be close to Fang Yuan in order to use his prestige as a shield and try to preserve the freedom of being a lone immortal.

When Shen clan decides to take action against them, they would have to take Fang Yuan's feelings into account.

In the worst case, he would give up his status as a lone immortal and become the subordinate of either Fang Yuan or Shen clan.

This meant that he still had some room for planning and was not at a dead end.

Unlike Ren Xiu Ping and Tong Hua who had joined Shen clan long ago. Without external pressure, the super force would naturally take advantage of them. Could they refuse to hand over the immortal materials when Shen Cong Sheng asked them to do so? Did they dare to refuse?

By the time the group of immortals reached Fang Yuan, he had already finished arranging regret Gu.

Within the sovereign immortal aperture, the hairy man Gu Immortals were ready, they were high in morale as they prepared themselves to refine a large number of Gu.

Fang Yuan's time path clone was organizing and planning the immortal material inventory, before fine-tuning and improving the Immortal Gu recipes according to the immortal materials at hand.

Fang Yuan needed to do it himself in his previous life, but with the whole of Lang Ya Sect helping him in this life, there was almost no need for him to intervene.

Thus, he saved a great deal of time.

With the fate battle getting closer and closer, this time was extremely valuable and precious!


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