Reverend Insanity
1909 Shen Cong Sheng“s Immortal Materials
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1909 Shen Cong Sheng“s Immortal Materials

"This black fire can still transform?" Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light, he shook his head immediately after, the silver-white mist still had a strange aura, it did not belong to any path .

The silver-white mist did not seem to be fundamentally different from the black fire, and while enveloped by it, Shen Shang was still going crazy, the two immemorial year beasts were also continuing to howl.

When Fang Yuan fired his daybreak flying swords again, he discovered that the power of the daybreak flying swords actually boosted the silver-white mist, causing the latter to increase in size.

Suspicious, Fang Yuan immediately changed his mind and went on a furious rampage with wind blades instead.

The silver-white mist was weakened again, but the rate of decline was still very small.

After the attack lasted for a while, the silver-white mist suddenly turned into three large whirlwinds, covering Shen Shang and the two immemorial year beasts.

Fang Yuan's wind blades shot into the whirlwind and began to boost the latter's power again.

Fang Yuan started to experiment and wisely began to swap his tactics.

Other Gu Immortals might have to stop but Fang Yuan cultivated all paths, he had an astonishing number of Immortal Gu at his disposal, he also had attainment level in many paths, he was even more skilled at transitioning to different paths.

Under Fang Yuan's attack, the strange black fire kept transforming and getting smaller and smaller.

The two immemorial year beasts were the first to die without their corpses left, Fang Yuan was soon left with only Shen Shang as his target.

"Wait, wait! Fang Yuan, I have a huge amount of wealth to gift to you." Shen Cong Sheng could no longer watch this continue, he called out loudly.

To his joy, Fang Yuan actually stopped.

Fang Yuan looked at Shen Cong Sheng and smiled: "Do you want me to let your clan's ancestor go? You should know that this is a demonic immortal, the very demonic immortal that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable suppressed personally in the past. You've seen his current state, crazy as a beast, delirious, and consistent with what is described on the Merit Obelisk. You still want to save him?"

Shen Cong Sheng looked deeply at the imprisoned Shen Shang in the pillar of light and made up his mind: "I believe this madness is only temporary. It would be too much of a coincidence if Ancestor Shen Shang happened to fall into permanent madness right when I was about to rescue him, right?"

"And what price can you pay for that?" Fang Yuan asked.

"How about you take a look at this?" Shen Cong Sheng pulled out an immortal material.

It was a bag.

The bag was not large and seemed to be the size of a grown man's fist. However, the surface of the bag was covered with a pattern that seemed like gems or blue swirls.

If one stared closely, one would notice that these sapphire-like swirls were constantly rotating.

But when one came back to one's senses, these lines were still lines, as if the scene had just been an illusion.

Fang Yuan, however, raised his eyebrows and lightly smiled: "So it's the treasure blue beaver's stomach pouch."

Treasure blue beaver was an immemorial desolate beast, often traveling between Eastern Sea and immemorial blue heaven. Now that immemorial blue heaven had shattered, the treasure blue beaver also went extinct. In history, the Gu Immortal who slaughtered the most treasure blue beavers was Old Immortal Kong Jue.

Old Immortal Kong Jue was one of the three supreme grandmasters of refinement path, comparable to Long Hair Ancestor. The treasure blue beaver that he went after and paid attention to was naturally extraordinary.

Not to mention, this stomach pouch alone was half an immortal aperture, it contained space path and water path dao marks, there was a whole small world inside of it, which could hide countless treasures. A Gu Immortal could obtain it and merge it into his or her immortal aperture, increasing the size of their grotto-heaven.

Because of this characteristic, the treasure blue beaver had been hunted down and killed extensively by Gu Immortals. It was no surprise that treasure blue beavers went extinct.

The stomach pouch of the treasure blue beaver could be said to be the most valuable thing in its body. And in today's world where treasure blue beavers were extinct, the value of this stomach pouch was even higher than normal!

In short, this was an extremely rare and highly valuable treasure.

Fang Yuan reached out his hand and directly took this stomach pouch from Shen Cong Sheng's hands.

The stomach pouch was light and the surface was very slippery.

Fang Yuan inspected it and found that nothing was tampered, so he put it into his immortal aperture in front of Shen Cong Sheng without any concern.

Next, he smiled: "Anything else?"

Shen Cong Sheng took a deep breath and pulled out a long black rod with much difficulty: "And this one too, catch it."

He gathered strength and threw the black rod at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan stretched out his arm to catch it, the rod was very heavy, but he also had a lot of strength path dao marks on him, it was naturally easy.

Unlike Shen Cong Sheng who was a pure sound path Gu Immortal.

This black rod was taller than Fang Yuan, it had the thickness of a goose egg, the surface was also very rough, the weight was not light, as if it was a crude iron tool.

However, Fang Yuan could feel a dense aura of life from it.

This was an ancient desolate plant!

But it had no roots, no branches, nor leaves, there was only the trunk.

At the top of the trunk, there were countless star marks, some of them were five-edged, some two-edged, compactly arranged, all of them were emitting pale starlight.

"Falling star rod tree." Fang Yuan spoke.

Shen Cong Sheng nodded his head and exclaimed: "Fang Yuan, your extensive knowledge is to be admired."

The growth conditions of this tree were still a mystery as it had been extraordinarily rare and low in quantity since ancient times.

It had the unique trait of constantly attracting stars, falling into the trunk of the tree and turning into a single star mark. That was why it was called falling star.

According to rumors, one of the motives that Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable had when he traveled the world alone was to collect this tree.

The value of the falling star rod tree did not just lie in itself.

By planting it in the immortal aperture, the Gu Immortal could use it to create an entire system of orbiting stars. It was a unique ecology that brought incremental gains every year, and the total amount of gains over time, day after day, year after year, was almost impossible to estimate.

Like the treasure blue beaver's stomach pouch, Fang Yuan placed the falling star rod tree into the immortal aperture once again, the natural demeanor that he had almost gave Shen Cong Sheng the illusion that this rare immemorial desolate plant belonged to Fang Yuan in the first place!

"What else?" Fang Yuan smiled: "These alone can't exchange for a rank eight great expert."

Shen Cong Sheng gritted his teeth and said: "I'm sure this immortal material will be able to satisfy you."

This time, he took out a lump of water.

The water was constrained in a ball, constantly creating waves. The waves were not just on the surface of the water, but even within the water, it was rising endlessly.

Although there were countless waves, they were uncluttered.

The water waves rose and fell in unison, advancing at one moment and retreating at the next, it could be called an orderly advance and retreat.

When Fang Yuan saw this, his eyes shined with bright light and he said: "Advancing and retreating tidal water."

Indeed, this was one of the three great waters of the world, advancing and retreating tidal water.

It was a rank nine immortal material!

This point alone made it far more valuable than the treasure blue beaver stomach pouch and the falling star rod tree combined.

Not to mention that it had many wonderful uses.

"I have a total of twelve portions of the advancing and retreating tidal water here, I can give them all to you." Shen Cong Sheng gave his offer.

Fang Yuan could not help but sigh lightly: "Shen clan is worthy of being a super force of Eastern Sea, you really have impressive assets."

Shen Cong Sheng smiled: "We are flattered."

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan said: "But that's not enough."

"It's not enough?" Shen Cong Sheng's pupils shrank as he showed an awkward expression.

Fang Yuan sneered and began to use his daybreak swords again, stabbing Shen Shang one sword at a time.

Shen Shang was still insane and kept on growling.

Shen Cong Sheng gnashed his teeth as he watched his ancestor being attacked: "My ancestor is insane now, he is not the same as an intact rank eight Gu Immortal. We both know that!"

"But as you said before, there should still be times when he doesn't go crazy, shouldn't there?" Fang Yuan was still sneering.

"Fang Yuan!" Shen Cong Sheng said in a low voice.

"What?" Fang Yuan raised his hand, a large number of daybreak flying swords shot towards Shen Shang.

Shen Cong Sheng almost gritted his teeth till they shattered: "Alright, what else do you want, Immortal Gu?"

"Of course I won't be that greedy." Fang Yuan shook his head and said with ease: "I want immortal materials, but not like the three that you gave me. They are all too highly ranked, I need a large number of rank six and seven immortal materials, the larger the variety and quantity, the better it will be."

"Shen clan is one of the super forces of Eastern Sea, you own seven large sea areas and thousands of middle and small sea areas, you'll even have two rank eight existences in the future. This little request should not be hard, right?"

"Of course… not." Shen Cong Sheng's expression was heavy: "But what will our Shen clan get? A crazy rank eight? He is a hidden threat himself. And it's a hidden threat that can even force the merciful Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable to personally take action to eliminate!"

Shen Cong Sheng was definitely a qualified leader.

When it came to the clan's interests, he was logical to the point of being almost emotionless.

Undeniably, Shen Shang's insanity had caused his value to plummet immensely. And the terrifying hidden danger he was carrying further reduced this value to almost a negative number.

Shen clan wanted as many rank eights as they could. But they did not want a crazy rank eight without any reasoning!

A rank eight without sanity was just a burden, unable to differentiate enemy and friend, they were a laughing stock for others, and would even bring calamity to Shen clan because of their reckless killing.

Shen Cong Sheng saw the hidden threat within Shen Shang and kept the worry in his heart. He also did not have the slightest confidence that he would be able to solve this problem.

Therefore, when he took out these three valuable resources in exchange for Shen Shang, he showed great sincerity.

Fang Yuan laughed and pointed his finger at Shen Shang: "He is your ancestor, the person you went to great lengths to save."

At this point, he paused: "Of course, this is by no means the only thing you will get. You'll also gain… my friendship."

"Oh?" Shen Cong Sheng showed a look of sudden interest: "How so?"

"In today's world, with the earth veins frequently shifting and the five regions fusing as one, it's bound to be a chaotic world. Although Shen clan is in Eastern Sea, it is by no means a paradise. Eastern Sea has the most resources and wealth that lure people's greed, even when the five regional walls exist, there is a steady stream of Gu Immortals coming here, what do you think will happen in the future?"

Fang Yuan spoke casually: "In this situation, what is the use of the differentiating righteous path and demonic path? If Shen clan and I join forces, it will be a strong partnership. Of course, we can keep this partnership hidden as much as we want. Your esteemed clan is extremely affluent, while I am free to do anything I want without burden."

"Central Continent is far more powerful than the other four regions, so if they attack Eastern Sea in the future, will Shen clan want to surrender or remain self-reliant? Even if you surrender, will all the super forces in Eastern Sea surrender? This is why, there is never a shortage of enemies, but allies like me are extremely rare to come across."

"The fact that you and I have met here is truly a great opportunity. If we continue to fight, it will only lead to a lose-lose situation. But if we help each other, it will be a win-win situation. Currently, we are dealing with the Paradise Earth true inheritance and Shen Shang, in the future, we will cooperate to deal with Central Continent and manipulate the entire state of the world!"


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