Reverend Insanity
1906 He Is Actually Fang Yuan!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1906 He Is Actually Fang Yuan!

The sudden change occurred in front of all the immortals.

Shen Cong Sheng got close to the mysterious demonic immortal, he showed an agitated expression.

"Finally, I've finally found you, Ancestor Shen Shang!" Shen Cong Sheng shouted in a slightly trembling voice.

His true motive in coming here was to save his ancestor, Shen Shang.

Shen Shang was the most outstanding Gu Immortal in Shen clan, he had outstanding talent that was publicly recognized. In fact, when he was still a rank six Gu Immortal, a wisdom path rank eight great expert had said that he was the 'hundreds of years eastern immortal leader, with half of a venerable's talent', it meant that he would become the leader of Eastern Sea's immortals in hundreds of years when he reaches rank eight, his talent was so high it could compare to half a venerable.

However, Shen Shang pursued strength and gradually fell into the demonic path, he started to commit heinous deeds.

His clan treasured his talent and even though they punished him, it was not a severe punishment, they protected him continuously.

Shen Shang did not change his ways, he became more daring and as a righteous path Gu Immortal on the surface, he acted like a demon.

Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world was kept in the dark, Shen clan managed to conceal the fact but they could not hide it from Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable took action, suppressing him, but did not expose his identity publicly.

Shen clan did not dare to publicize it, they only announced that Shen Shang had died from his tribulation.

After Shen Cong Sheng captured Gu Yue Fang Zheng, Heavenly Court contacted him and told him about Shen Shang's information, in exchange for Fang Zheng.

Therefore, Shen Cong Sheng learned that Shen Shang was still alive, and that he was imprisoned within Dragon Whale Paradise.

In order to enter Dragon Whale Paradise, Shen Cong Sheng mobilized the whole of Shen clan to investigate and search in secret.

Right at this time, Ren Xiu Ping targeted Miao Ming Shen and attacked them, exposing clues leading to the blue dragon whale.

After Shen clan learned of this, Shen Cong Sheng led them to force Ren Xiu Ping to submit, they learned that Miao Ming Shen had a way to find the exact location of the blue dragon whale.

Miao Ming Shen gathered eight immortals to search for the Paradise Earth true inheritance in the blue dragon whale, Ren Xiu Ping and Shen Cong Sheng learned about it and followed them.

After that, it led to a series of events.

After Shen Cong Sheng came to Dragon Whale Paradise, he tried all the ways possible to find Shen Shang's location, after a few missions, Shen clan Gu Immortal Shen Qi got the information of regret crying sea.

Shen Cong Sheng guessed that the demonic immortal in regret crying sea was likely Shen Shang!

However, he could not be happy for long because he heard of terrifying news.

Chu Ying actually accepted the mission to kill Shen Shang!

This shocked Shen Cong Sheng, he quickly contacted Fang Yuan, lying that he was looking for response Gu and offering a large amount of immortal materials to express his goodwill.

Thus, Fang Yuan brought Shen Cong Sheng into regret crying sea.

Shen Cong Sheng waited secretly and did not make a move, only at the last moment, he acted and saved Shen Shang with one attack.

This change made everyone dumbfounded other than the Shen clan Gu Immortals.

Immediately, Miao Ming Shen and the rest had dark expressions, their hearts sank to rock bottom.

Shen Cong Sheng was a rank eight Gu Immortal to begin with, they had another Shen Shang who was a rank eight Gu Immortal now as well. Back then, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had to suppress him personally, he definitely had outstanding battle strength that was not to be underestimated.

With Shen Shang, Shen clan's strength rose greatly. Not only in Dragon Whale Paradise, but even in Eastern Sea, there would be a shocking change.

Currently, in Eastern Sea's righteous path, Shen clan would be the only super force with two rank eight Gu Immortals!

Shen clan would become the strongest force in Eastern Sea.

This would have huge impact and bring immense benefits to Shen clan.

Back then, Heavenly Court exposed this secret to them, it was no wonder that Shen Cong Sheng immediately released Fang Zheng without caring about Qi Sea Ancestor, who was hinting that he wanted to get Fang Zheng.

"You are a descendant of my Shen clan?" Shen Shang floated in the air, looking at Shen Cong Sheng, his eyes shined with brilliance as he nodded: "Indeed, you are a member of Shen clan. What year is it now?"

Shen Shang had a hoarse voice, it was even more course than crows.

He wore a grey robe that was tattered, his face was pale and his hair was messy, his eyes were bloodshot and red. His peak rank eight aura radiated from his body with an intense force.

Shen Cong Sheng answered his question and told him that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had died long ago.

"So long has passed." Shen Shang sighed deeply: "Lord Paradise Earth died after all, sigh…"

His attitude towards Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable was a bit strange.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable suppressed him but he actually called Paradise Earth 'Lord'.

After sighing, Shen Shang looked towards Fang Yuan and the other immortals.

He gazed around and understood the situation, he cupped his fists and smiled: "Good, it seems that my Shen clan has many talented people."

Afterwards, he focused his gaze on Fang Yuan as he spoke in a gentle tone: "Friend, I was able to escape thanks to you. It was mostly due to your effort, do you wish to join Shen clan and become our external supreme elder?"

He actually wanted to recruit Fang Yuan.

Indeed, Fang Yuan had displayed sufficient value already.

Just his formation path grandmaster status was something Shen clan wanted. And looking at his attainment and age, it was possible that he could break through to formation path great grandmaster in his lifetime.

Shen Cong Sheng cupped his fists towards Fang Yuan, adding: "Chu Ying, I lied earlier but I did not have a choice. Saving our Ancestor Shen Shang is extremely important to Shen clan, I hope you can understand."

Fang Yuan nodded with a plain expression, he even had a smile on his face: "Of course I understand, if it were me, I would do the same."

"But Shen clan wants to recruit me? Hehehe…" Fang Yuan laughed as he shook his head.

Shen Cong Sheng said coldly: "Friend Chu Ying, why are you laughing?"

Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows: "On what foundation is your Shen clan trying to recruit me? You guys are simply unqualified."

Shen Cong Sheng's gaze turned cold as ice.

His Shen clan was an Eastern Sea super force, they owned seven large sea areas and thousands of middle and small sea areas, they even had two rank eights now. With such strength, they were not qualified to recruit a tiny lone immortal?"

"Hmph, Chu Ying, don't be too arrogant."

"My Shen clan is giving you a chance, this is the magnanimity of our Ancestor Shen Shang."

"Don't think too highly of yourself!"

Shen Xiao and Shen Qi quickly spoke, they flew out of the supplementary formations, gathering with Shen Cong Sheng and Shen Shang.

Shen Shang's bloodshot eyes had deep killing intent, he looked at Fang Yuan and spoke with an icy voice: "Chu Ying? I need to remind you, you were all sent here by the Merit Obelisk, Paradise Earth's method restricts you from fighting each other. But I have been trapped here for countless years, I am not restricted by the Merit Obelisk, so all of you can be attacked by me."

The expressions of Miao Ming Shen and the rest changed, their worst nightmare had come true!

What should they do now?

Right when they were helpless, they suddenly heard Fang Yuan laughing loudly as he pointed his finger at Shen Shang who was in the sky, provoking him to attack.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest were dumbfounded.

Was this courage or stupidity?

They could not tell.

Shen Shang's eyes shined with blood red light as he lowered his voice that was filled with anger: "You are courting death, then go die!"

Saying so, he opened his mouth as a blood colored sound wave in a ball shape shot towards Fang Yuan.

The sound wave was very fast, in almost an instant, it flew through the sky and landed on the supplementary formation.


The supplementary formation collapsed instantly, it did not even last for a moment.

An intense explosion occurred, a huge sea wave surged into the sky, it was tens of feet tall.

Before the wave landed, the explosion had already caused damage to the surroundings, Miao Ming Shen and the rest had to fly into the sky, away from their supplementary formations.

All of the supplementary formations were destroyed, Miao Ming Shen and the rest had ashen expressions.

Shen Shang's attack was definitely at rank eight level, it was terrifying! From their perspective, there was little chance that Chu Ying survived that.

The truth was, they did not care about Chu Ying's situation right now, they were more worried about themselves.

Because Shen Shang had proven his words from earlier with action, he could really attack Miao Ming Shen and the others!

"Ancestor is so powerful!" Shen Cong Sheng squinted, he knew the inside details. Shen Shang did not cultivate sound path primarily, the sound path method he used earlier was not his true strength.

"Chu Ying is dead meat!"

"Good that he died, I disliked him from the start."

"Indeed, he only had rank seven cultivation level but acted so arrogantly because he knew things about the Dragon Whale Paradise, he truly had no regard for us."

"He dared to provoke a rank eight, he truly wanted to die… die…."

Shen Xiao said as he suddenly stammered.

After the huge waves crashed down, new enormous waves were formed.

Within the steam and mist, a shiny ship that was covered in silver-white light appeared in front of all of the immortals.

Chu Ying's arms were behind his back, he stood at the deck as he carried the same smile as before.

Shen Shang saw this as his pupils shrunk, he gasped with shock: "Rank eight Immortal Gu House?"

The other Gu Immortals were all stunned!

They were so familiar with this Immortal Gu House, no, in the current five regions, which Gu Immortal did not know about this Immortal Gu House?

"This is… Myriad Year Flying Warship!" Ren Xiu Ping cried out, he felt his scalp going numb.

"Chu Ying actually has Myriad Year Flying Warship, who in the world is he?" Shen Xiao was tongue-tied.

The immortals stared at Fang Yuan with fixed gazes, he gradually dispelled familiar face as he showed his true appearance.

After seeing his true appearance, all of the immortals' hearts shook, none of them could stay indifferent.

Hua Die screamed out loud: "It's Fang Yuan!"

She was too shocked, she had always felt that Fang Yuan was high and mighty, far away from people like them, to think that he was around her the entire time.

It was truly unbelievable!

"It's Fang Yuan!!" Shen clan's Gu Immortals gritted their teeth, some were breathing and gasping loudly.

"So that was it." Miao Ming Shen gulped as he swallowed his saliva. Chu Ying was a fake identity of Fang Yuan, after all, how could such a powerful lone immortal appear in Eastern Sea suddenly?

It was Fang Yuan after all!

Who was Fang Yuan?

He had inherited many venerable inheritances, he was someone who could not be assessed with common sense.

No wonder Chu Ying had such attainment in transformation path and formation path. This was just a fragment of Fang Yuan's true strength.

Now everything made sense.

Shen Cong Sheng's expression was pale as he gritted his teeth, in just a short time, sweat had gathered on his forehead already.

So it was this great demon Fang Yuan!

No wonder he had such an attitude, even against two rank eights, he showed such disdain towards Shen clan.

It was normal!

Shen Cong Sheng suddenly felt that it was a logical situation, all of his anger towards Chu Ying's arrogance vanished completely without a trace!

Fang Yuan dared to provoke even Heavenly Court and kill their members, how could Shen clan even compare?

After his anger subsided, he felt intense fear afterwards.

He actually met with Fang Yuan, this was such a problematic person!

Shen Cong Sheng sighed in his heart, his luck was really bad, why did he meet Fang Yuan of all people?

At this moment, his rank eight strength could not give him confidence, he was panicking internally.

At this moment, Shen Cong Sheng heard Shen Shang's voice: "Who is Fang Yuan?"

Shen Cong Sheng looked at Shen Shang who had a confused expression.

He felt that this was very strange!

This Gu Immortal only had rank seven cultivation level, he had only changed his appearance.

Why were they all so afraid?

Shen Shang looked at Shen Cong Sheng with a gaze that had slight questioning, it seemed to be saying: You are a great rank eight, why are you afraid of a rank seven, what is there to fear!

Even though Fang Yuan showed his appearance, he did not reveal his rank eight aura, it was still concealed.

Shen Cong Sheng blinked as he shuddered internally.

Could he remain calm?

Could he look at Fang Yuan using common sense and cultivation level?

He was a ruthless demon who dared to trample on Heavenly Court, he destroyed six Immortal Gu Houses belonging to Heavenly Court earlier, he even slaughtered a bunch of Heavenly Court Gu Immortals!

He was ruthless and scheming, even Heavenly Court was without options against him.

Now that Shen clan offended him, forget about two rank eights, even if they had a group of rank eights, Shen Cong Sheng would not feel safe at all.


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