Reverend Insanity
1905 Demonic Immortal Breaks Free
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1905 Demonic Immortal Breaks Free

"It is a little troublesome, I need to make deductions. Everyone, take a rest for now." Fang Yuan spoke.

The obstacle of territory Gu not only blocked Fang Yuan but also the other Gu Immortals. No matter how they activated the supplementary formation, they could not penetrate the formation anymore.

The Gu Immortals started to rest, but not without talking among themselves.

"We finally met with an obstacle."

"I thought that Chu Ying would be able to continue refining it endlessly."

"Don't joke, this is a formation that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable created personally, how in the world can this Chu Ying possibly refine such a formation?"

"But if he cannot refine it, what will happen to our mission?"

"Indeed, even though Chu Ying is a formation path grandmaster, deduction is the expertise of wisdom path. What can he deduce?"

The Gu Immortals had complex emotions.

On one hand, they could finally let out a sigh of relief after seeing Fang Yuan face an obstacle.

On the other hand, the fact that Fang Yuan was stuck meant that they were also not able to progress and gain more benefits.

The Gu Immortals wanted Fang Yuan to break through this obstacle but they were also inherently unwilling to see him succeed.

"Alright, I deduced it, let's continue." Fang Yuan said.

"What?" The immortals were stumped, his speed was too terrifying.

Fang Yuan flew out of the supplementary formation and floated in the air: "To get through this obstacle, we need to modify the supplementary formations a little, everyone, don't be anxious to take action."

Next, he willed as immortal essence got rapidly expended, supplementary formations followed his will and thought, changing locations. Some supplementary formations moved back while others moved in front, getting closer to the underwater formation.

Eventually, Miao Ming Shen's supplementary formation was closely placed beside Ren Xiu Ping's formation, they were tightly connected together.

Fang Yuan said to them: "Next, the two of you will lead the supplementary formations while the others help out."

Ren Xiu Ping and Miao Ming Shen nodded, they had complex expressions, not expecting that they of all people would actually cooperate.

After modifying the supplementary formations, Fang Yuan entered his supplementary formation again, he did not rush to activate refinement formation rain, instead he gave specific instructions to the immortals within these formations, using his own steps and methods to activate these supplementary formations in a particular manner.

The power of the supplementary formation changed, it was like a thin cluster of sand, falling through the cracks of the underwater formation and slowing down its operations bit by bit.

And this change was what Fang Yuan needed to make use of.

He quickly activated refinement formation rain and successfully refined territory Gu after a while!

After passing this obstacle, a new sense of ease was felt by the immortals as the supplementary formation's power surged like a wave and rampaged in the underwater formation. Only after it took over sixty percent of the formation did it stop at a new obstacle.

A huge wave of shock emerged in the hearts of Shen Cong Sheng and the rest.

"So powerful!"

"To think that this Chu Ying is so impressive."

"More than half of this underwater formation belongs to him now."

"The supplementary formations he designed are very profound, they can be adjusted according to situations. This is not a fixed formation, it is a transformative formation!"

Fang Yuan's performance surpassed their highest expectations, they could not help but feel deeply astonished.

Three days and two nights later, Fang Yuan refined a few more earth path Immortal Gu and a vast number of mortal Gu. At this point, the sixty percent of the formation was finally under Fang Yuan's control.

"But the remaining forty percent is the core of this underwater formation. With just the supplementary formations and myself, we cannot break through it in the short term." Fang Yuan knew his own limits. He had already reached the current limit of his abilities after reaching this point.

After all, this earth path formation was created by Paradise Earth, his earth path attainment level was supreme grandmaster!

Fang Yuan tried to use the sixty percent that he refined to interfere with the remaining forty percent.

Fang Yuan tried to use the underwater formation against itself.


A moment later, Fang Yuan suddenly coughed out blood as his soul shook, his face turned pale. Many supplementary formations including the one he was in broke apart, the Gu Immortals within fell into the water as they shouted in shock, each of them faced varying levels of backlash.

Fang Yuan's plan failed, even though he controlled sixty percent of the formation, he could not do anything to the remaining core forty percent!

"As expected of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, even after over half of it was refined, it still remained unmoved." Fang Yuan's heart shook.

He sighed to himself as he called out: "Everyone, I am sorry, I did not see the profundity of the formation and caused you to get injured."

The injured Gu Immortals shook their head, they quickly replied that they were fine.

In their opinion, it was outstanding that Chu Ying could reach this stage, he far exceeded their expectations.

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes as he thought: "It seems that we can only dismantle the formation now."

After resting for a while, he started to dismantle the formation.

Because the external sixty percent was already refined by him, the dismantling was very successful.

But this was not a normal dismantling process, Fang Yuan only took apart sixty percent of the formation, thus during this process, Gu worms were destroyed when the formation was taken apart. But Fang Yuan paid attention to the Immortal Gu and protected them, he successfully obtained them. As for the mortal Gu, even if some of them were destroyed, it was not a big deal.

Miao Ming Shen, Ren Xiu Ping, and the rest watched with wide opened eyes!

When they controlled the supplementary formation earlier, they could not sense the exact situation within the formation, there was only a faint connection.

Now that Fang Yuan dismantled the formation, they could see all of the Gu worms that he was getting.

"So many Gu worms!"

"I see so many long-lost earth path mortal Gu, they were all created when Paradise Earth was still a Gu Master."

"There are also Immortal Gu, oh heavens, there are eight Immortal Gu!"

"Most of these Immortal Gu are rank seven, there are few rank six Immortal Gu!"

"Chu Ying took them all!"

"Indeed, he did not even give us a single one…"

The Gu Immortals watched as Fang Yuan took his Immortal Gu, they were staring in a daze, some of them were even salivating intensely.

Most of these were earth path Immortal Gu, they were not suitable for use but Immortal Gu were unique, they could be traded for other Immortal Gu!

Tu Tou Tuo's eyes were bloodshot, he was almost spewing fire from them!

He was an earth path Gu Immortal, watching as Fang Yuan kept the earth path Immortal Gu in his immortal aperture, he felt his mouth turning dry and his heart palpitating intensely.

While dismantling the formation, he gulped several times, he wanted to speak but could only swallow his saliva in the end.

He really wanted to snatch these Immortal Gu!

But his logic told him that it would be the most stupid move to do so.

Even a rank eight like Shen Cong Sheng could not do anything, how could he?

In the end, Tu Tou Tuo heaved a deep sigh, he swallowed all of his envy and jealousy into his stomach along with his saliva.

His mind moved quickly, thinking of how to get these Immortal Gu. He knew that he was not crucial to this plan, so the only way was to deepen his cooperation and relationship with Chu Ying by displaying his value, it would help in the future when he asks Chu Ying to exchange Gu.

The only good thing was that Chu Ying cultivated transformation path and formation path, he did not cultivate earth path. Thus, there was a high possibility that Chu Ying would sell these Immortal Gu in the future.

The pitiful Tu Tou Tuo did not know that Fang Yuan's earth path attainment level was at grandmaster, it was even higher than his!

After Fang Yuan dismantled the outer part of the formation, the immortals came to congratulate him.

"Congratulations, congratulations."

"Chu Ying, you've earned a fortune this time. Even though you used so many immortal materials, you gained a large number of Immortal Gu! It is truly a huge profit."

"To speak the truth, my saliva is about to drip to the ground."

"Outstanding methods, all I feel is admiration towards you."

"Chu Ying, I am Tu Tou Tuo, I am quite interested in these earth path Immortal Gu that you obtained. If you wish to sell or exchange them, please inform me, I am sure that you will be satisfied with my offer."

Fang Yuan thanked them one by one with calm emotions.

He simply had too many Immortal Gu already!

It could scare them all to death if he said the exact number.

And this batch of Immortal Gu that he just obtained was not his biggest gain recently.

Earlier in the River of Time, Fang Yuan defeated Heavenly Court, even though he lost the stone lotus island, his gains were huge.

He dismantled six Immortal Gu House from Heavenly Court, even though many Immortal Gu died in the battle, there were many Immortal Gu left.

For example, the core Immortal Gu of the river suppression lotus sealing formation, Suppression and Bone Seal; the two time path core of Moment Stage, Instant and That Time; Immortal Gu Permanence in Eternal Yacht; the Early Autumn, Mid Autumn, and Late Autumn of Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform; and the Immortal Gu in Sun and Moon Temple, Sun Day and Moon Month.

These Immortal Gu were mostly rank seven, some were rank eight!

As for Shark Flow Lever, even though it was completely destroyed without a single one left, it had a special construction style, it used a combination of desolate beasts and Immortal Gu. While Fang Yuan took his loot and gains from the battlefield, he reverse-deduced most of the contents of Shark Flow Lever using the clues he found. This gave him a huge inspiration, currently, Fang Yuan's clone was already making deductions to try to incorporate Twelve Zodiac battle formation into his Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Right now, there was only forty percent of the underwater formation left in front of Fang Yuan and the others.

Using refinement formation rain would have little to no effect already.

The power of the supplementary formation could no longer do anything.

Even though Fang Yuan tried very hard, there was no progress. He understood that this underwater formation was like a hard tortoise shell, its defense was very tight.

"Should I wait for my clone Wu Shuai to raise my earth path attainment level or should I attack directly?" Fang Yuan thought about it, he decided to save time and attack now.

After all, he had so many people with him now, he had to make good use of them.

Immediately, he asked these Gu Immortals to attack while he and a few other Gu Immortals stayed to manipulate the supplementary formation.

Boom boom boom!

All sorts of killer moves were unleashed upon the underwater formation, causing huge ripples and waves.

The formation only had forty percent left, after being attacked by so many strong immortals, including a rank eight Gu Immortal like Shen Cong Sheng, its operations were hindered as all sorts of flaws appeared.

Fang Yuan was overjoyed, he quickly used the supplementary formation to invade the formation using these loopholes.

"I regret it!" Suddenly, from within, a loud crying voice resounded in the area.

"What was I doing? I should not have attacked the formation."

"I regret it! Why did I listen to Chu Ying?"

"I should not have come to Dragon Whale Paradise, now I am completely trapped, I truly regret everything."

The immortals quickly stopped their actions, their morale fell to rock bottom as regret Gu exerted its influence on them.

Only Fang Yuan remained unmoved, bright light shined in his eyes as he thought: "The demonic immortal within the formation is spreading the power of regret Gu to weaken its influence on him. He wants to escape!"

Bam bam bam!

Loud sounds were emitted from within the underwater formation.

The formation had flaws to begin with, right now, these gaps spread as they formed into a huge crack.

Shen Cong Sheng shouted loudly as he temporarily suppressed the effect of regret Gu, his eyes were bloodshot as he attacked the formation's crack fiercely.

Immortal killer move — Grand Collision!


The power of this move cooperated with the demon within, the formation broke apart as the sealed demonic immortal flew out like a black arrow.

Shen Cong Sheng was overjoyed, he flew closer: "Ancestor Shen Shang, I am a descendant of Shen clan, I am your junior!"


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